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[27.10.2006] CS! meldet...
In Rush Hour 3, Roman Polanski will play a French police officer who harasses Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan's characters in several scenes while the stars battle a wing of a Chinese organized-crime family. The film is currently shooting in Paris.
Director Brett Ratner told Variety that he persuaded Polanski to appear after a chance encounter while in pre-production in Paris. "Roman is my favorite director and my favorite actor, so I asked Jeff Nathanson to write him into the movie," he said. [...]

[25.09.2006] CS! meldet...
Noemie Lenoir has joined the previously-added Max von Sydow and Hiroyuki Sanada in director Brett Ratner's Rush Hour 3, featuring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan.
The four-month shoot is set to start Sunday in Paris, where Tucker's and Chan's characters will battle a wing of a Chinese organized crime family. In a rare appearance in a comedy, von Sydow will portray the head of the World Criminal Court, while French actress Lenoir will be the love interest for Tucker's character.
New Line has set an Aug. 10 release date. The original Rush Hour launched in September 1998, and Rush Hour 2 opened in August 2001; the duo combined for nearly $600 million in worldwide grosses.

[23.09.2006] USA Today meldet...
[...] After the first two Rush Hour films took place on the lead characters' respective home turf, Rush Hour 3 naturally heads to ... Paris? The film again stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, who track a villain to the City of Light.
"In the first movie Jackie was a fish out of water (in L.A), then Chris was one in the second movie (in Hong Kong). Now they are both fish out of water," says director Brett Ratner (X-Men: The Last Stand). Targeted for an August 2007 release, Rush Hour 3's villains include one played by Hiroyuki Sanada (The Last Samurai). "He's a brilliant actor with a martial arts background who has done some incredible films," Ratner says. Also in the cast: Max Von Sydow and Roman Polanski. [...]

[28.08.2006] hat Bilder vom "Rush Hour 3"-Set veröffentlicht...

[06.07.2006] AICN meldet...
[...] Jean Claude Van Damme has signed on to play the main villain in "Rush Hour 3"(set to film in August). It involves Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker getting mixed up with Triads in Paris. Van Damme spoke on a recent British TV Show about it and was looking forward to working with Jackie Chan. Also rumored to be in the film is Michael "Kramer" Richards in either a big or bit role. [...]

[26.05.2006] Moviehole meldet...
In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, "X-Men 3" director Brett Ratner announced that he’s hoping to get Ian McKellen, who plays the baleful Magneto in the latter film, to play the nasty piece of work in "Rush Hour 3".
McKellen, whose also reprising his "X-Men" role for a spin-off, would play "the very bad French villain, who is inspired by Max Von Sydow in Three Days of the Condor", says the director.
Meantime, according to IESB, hot-as-a-microwaved-muffin Roselyn Sanchez ("Dragnet") has signed to reprise her role as Isabella Molina - the character she played in 2001’s "Rush Hour 2" - for the forthcoming film.
According to director Brett Ratner, Sanchez’s role will only be a "cameo" this time around. She’s back as the secret customs agent that fell for Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan), in the last film.

[15.05.2006] CS! sprach mit Brett Ratner...
[...] On August 16, he's scheduled to go to Paris to start filming the third installment of the action-comedy on which he cut his teeth, Rush Hour 3. The plot of the movie starts with the duo in New York before moving to Paris, although Ratner is shooting the locations in reverse.
Obviously, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are back, but Ratner talked with about some of the actors he'd love to bring in for the third installment. "I'll tell you who I'm going after," he said with a burst of excitement. "I want Yao Ming, the basketball player, to be in it. I want to recreate the fight sequence from the Bruce Lee movie where he fights Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, but I want to do the reverse; I want Chris Tucker to fight Yao Ming. I want that to happen. I want Aishwarya Rai [the biggest female star in Bollywood] and I would love Gong Li [last seen in Memoirs of a Geisha] to be in the movie. There's some people that I want, but I don't know if I'll be able to get them. Tony Jaa [star of last year's Ong Bak: Thai Warrior] I want, too. I love him."
"These guys have great chemistry and they love each other," Ratner replied when asked whether he thinks the dynamics between the stars might be the same after almost five years, before joking, "They both don't speak a word of English though." [...]

[04.05.2006] Moviehole meldet...
Most of it is stuff we already know - it starts filming in the Summer, will be directed by Brett Ratner, will reunite Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker with their big paydays - but Variety added a new bit to the accustomed trickle of news about "Rush Hour 3".
Apparently, the story will be set in Paris where Tucker and Chan's characters will battle a wing of the Chinese organized crime family, the Triads. First bit of a synopsis right there. [...]

[21.03.2006] IESB sprach mit Brett Ratner, u.a. über "Rush Hour 3"...
BR: [...] I am going to do Rush Hour 3 next.
Q: Where are you shooting?
New York and Paris
Q: You mentioned that you are looking for an Indian actress, a really hot Indian actress to be in Rush Hour 3.
I love her, Aishwarya Rai, the most beautiful woman in the world.
Q: Would you cast her?
I am trying to right now. She's the most beautiful woman in the world and it's my dream to put her in the movie, Aishwarya Rai is considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world.
Q: Everything is lined up and everything is ready to go, you are in pre production?
Jeff Nathansen, who wrote the first and second [Rush Hours films], Catch Me If You Can and is currently writing Indiana Jones 4 right now, wrote Rush Hour 3. I'm so excited, When I read the first 50 pages and it's was some of the funniest shit that I have ever read in my life. I cannot fucking wait to shoot this movie.
Q: What can we expect from Rush Hour 3?
Bigger, it's just funnier, everything. Rush Hour even has heart, they have emotion, you care about these characters. You know these characters. So it's just gonna go another level, the stakes are going to be raised. Hopefully Chris Tuckers' character is going to grow and learn something from this experience and Jackie Chan as well. Prepare to laugh from beginning to end. [...]

[15.01.2006] SHH! zitiert Vinnie Jones, der gerade "X3" abgedreht hat...
[...] He also said that he will be working with Brett Ratner again on Rush Hour 3. [...]

[21.11.2005] CS! meldet...
Variety reports that New Line Cinema has finally gotten Rush Hour 3 on the fast track. The studio has at long last signed Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, director Brett Ratner and screenwriter Jeff Nathanson to return for the sequel.
Tucker will earn $20 million against 20% of gross, and his deal comes with a second-picture commitment for the same salary on a film to be determined later. The actor has given up script approval as long as the final draft matches what Nathanson pitched, adds the trade.
Chan will get around $15 million against 15% of gross, but he will also own the film's distribution rights in China and Hong Kong.
Ratner will get an increase in the upfront part of the $5 million-against-5% gross deal he had on Rush Hour 2.
Nathanson, who scripted the last film, will be paid seven figures to write the third installment.
New Line has the option to greenlight the film by May, based on script approval and a budget the studio hopes won't exceed $120 million. That greenlight would trigger pay-or-play deals for the helmer and the two stars.
The film will begin shooting next summer in the U.S. and Paris and anchor the studio's summer 2007 schedule.
Arthur Sarkissian will produce with Roger Birnbaum, Jon Glickman and Jay Stern, the latter of whom is Ratner's Rat Entertainment partner.
The film had been expected to begin production this fall for release next summer. While the movie was on hold, Nathanson rewrote the Indiana Jones 4 script for George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, and Ratner took on directing duties for X-Men 3.
Released in 2001, Rush Hour 2 was an international hit that grossed $226 million domestically and $329 million worldwide. Tucker hasn't made a movie since.

[11.07.2005] CS! meldet...
The Associated Press caught up with Jackie Chan, who says that Rush Hour 3 is not moving forward because his co-star of the first two films, Chris Tucker, is making too many demands.
"He wants too much power. [New Line Cinema] hasn't obliged. He wants final editing rights and the final look at the movie and so on," Chan said.
Chan called Tucker a "good friend" but questioned whether he had the stature to be so demanding.
"He's still a new actor," Chan added. "How many movies has he made? Two movies have already made him very famous and made him a lot of money."
"He needs to learn slowly," he added.

[30.05.2005] Laut Moviehole wird Teil 3 wohl doch nicht gedreht...
The next "Rush Hour" sequel is one overrated funnyman short.
Chris Tucker, who the trades reported would be most likely signing on for "Rush Hour 3", has nixed the idea of a second sequel to the action-comedy hit.
Variety doesn't state why Tucker - who was said to be pocketing a cool $20 million from the deal - has walked.
No word on what will happen to the film now, but as Jackie Chan's about as excited to return to Hollywood as a kid is to school, we're guessing it's as dead as restaurant snail.

[05.05.2005] CS! meldet...
Chris Tucker, who has made only "Rush Hour" films since 1998, is expected to sign a two-picture, $40 million contract at New Line, reports Variety.
Tucker's signature, to be delivered after a meeting today with director Brett Ratner and screenwriter Jeff Nathanson, will put Rush Hour 3 on track for a late fall start in Los Angeles and Paris.
Tucker's involvement also activates a near-$20 million payday for Jackie Chan and a $7.5 million payday for director Ratner, adds the trade. It essentially greenlights a film that will cost around $100 million and will anchor New Line's 2006 summer.
Nathanson, who wrote Rush Hour 2 and just finished Indiana Jones 4, will begin writing the sequel script as soon as Tucker signs. Nathanson pitched his vision to all of the principals weeks ago.

[14.01.2005] CS! meldet...
Simon Thompson from UK's Capital FM tells exclusively that director Brett Ratner has revealed the new location for New Line's Rush Hour 3, which is expected to cost up to $115 million.
The original Rush Hour, made for just $33 million, earned $244.4 million worldwide in 1998, while 2001 follow-up Rush Hour 2, with a budget of $90 million, pulled in an impressive $347.3 million around the world.
We've learned that Chris Tucker's Detective James Carter and Jackie Chan's Chief Inspector Lee will be heading for France, where both heroes will be "fish out of water".
It was recently reported that New Line is waiting for Tucker to sign off on a script for the film. The actor hasn't starred in a film since Rush Hour 2. Ratner directed After the Sunset, with Pierce Brosnan, Woody Harrelson, and Salma Hayek, last year.

[25.11.2004] Empire Online sprach mit Brett Ratner...
"[...] Rush Hour 3 seems to be coming together pretty fast. We all want to do it. We had fun together. Chris only works with me. He doesn't work with anybody else, so I want to do it to keep his career going." [...]
"We would do it in New York and Paris. Just because the French give great moments - and both of them would be a fish out of water there," he explained. "In the first one, Jackie was in LA and he's the fish out of water; in the second one, Chris was in Hong Kong, he doesn't speak the language. In France both of them don't speak the language so it would be perfect."[...]

[13.11.2004] MSNBC sprach mit Brett Ratner...
[...] Ratner shot down recent rumors that "Rush Hour 3" is flailing because the talent deals for Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are too expensive.
"No, we have deals," Ratner says. "The deals are done from what I understand. It doesn’t mean I’m going to make the movie next. I always have three or four movies in development, so when I’m done I can just jump into the one that’s closest." Ratner suggested that "Josiah’s Canon" is still cooking behind the scenes, too.
Whichever project he ends up directing next, the populist voice inside Ratner’s head appears to be speaking to him more loudly than the voice in pursuit of Oscar glory. [...]

[28.08.2004] meldet...
Just when it looked like Jackie Chan was going to suck it up and do Rush Hour 3, and Brett Ratner had shifted his project schedule to do it and Chris Tucker was going to come out of "retirement" for it, now comes word that the project is in trouble again. Series screenwriter Jeff Nathanson is in talks to pen the third installment but doubts it will come together.
"I think that it’s unlikely because of the budget stuff," Nathanson said. "They’re having trouble figuring out how to afford that movie."
Since Chan, Tucker and Ratner all got gross points on Rush Hour 2 in addition to Tucker’s $20 million payday, a deal for the third is likely to be even higher, thus making it cost prohibitive to produce. New Line at one point wanted to film Rush Hour 3 and 4 simultaneously, but Ratner nixed that prospect. Now, Nathanson is simply in the middle of talks.
"We’re just talking now with Brett Ratner and the studio and trying to figure out ways to make it all work."
Pressed for any further details about the script, Nathanson dodged. "I don’t want to talk about Rush Hour 3 because it’s a non project. It doesn’t exist. If it ever exists we can talk about it but right now it’s just floating out there."

[25.06.2004] meldet...
Fans in the UK and Singapore have heard rumblings on the radio, and from the man himself on UK TV, that Rush Hour 3 has been postponed indefinitely!
Kwong Loong, heard a radio report in Singapore on June 21st that Jackie will not be doing any Hollywood movies for the next 3 years. The news report said the "reason" was because Jackie’s co-star in the previous "Rush Hours", Chris Tucker, has injured himself. The report also said that Jackie will now concentrate his efforts on the Hong Kong film industry.
Angie also heard Jackie the next day (June 22nd) on BBC TV talk about his next movie, "The Myth / Legend" and also, again, state the consequence of "Rush Hour 3" and its postponement.

[12.06.2004] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit Jackie Chan...
So, you always say you don’t like Rush Hour, but you’re doing Rush Hour 3? I don’t like them, but the audience likes it. Yeah, I have to do like Rush Hour 3 [after] Around the World in 80 Days. See the difference. That’s a more serious, a little bit serious, but this one is totally for a family movie. Then I go back to Hong Kong. [...]

[02.06.2004] Bei DH gibt es wilde Gerüchte zur RH3-Besetzung...
Kung Fu Cinema reports that according to Japanese local newspaper Yomiuri, producers of the film, which is currently in development, are after Steven Seagal to play the lead villain. Writer Jeff Eastin, who is also working on a "True Lies" sequel apparently had Seagal in mind when he penned the character. Ekin Cheng ("Twins Effect") is also reportedly being sought out for a role in the film. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are both returning for "Rush Hour 3", likely to be the last in the popular action comedy series that made Jackie a Hollywood star.

[30.04.2004] Moviehole meldet...
There’s been a few rumours about where Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are going to going to in "Rush Hour 3". An insider says the latest draft is set in Hawaii.

[16.03.2004] DH meldet...
"Chris Tucker, the highest-paid actor who never works, is poised for back-to-back sequel duty. New Line has begun to develop "Money Talks 2," the sequel to the action comedy that helped make Tucker a star. Money will do the talking if Tucker does that film and "Rush Hour 3:" his sequel price is $20 million against 20% of gross for each film..."

[02.02.2004] DH meldet...
In an interview with Jackie Chan, who came out in support of Asian nations hit by bird flu, the action star mentioned that he'll start shooting Rush Hour 3 this August in France, Germany and Russia. He is also starring in the June 16 remake of the Jules Verne classic Around The World In 80 Days.
Chris Tucker and director Brett Ratner are expected to return for the third installment.
New Line's 1998 Rush Hour and its 2001 follow-up grossed a combined total of $367 million domestically. The script for the third film has been written by Jeff Eastin, Ross LaManna and Jason Richman.

[07.01.2004] DH meldet...
[...] Chan said he's coming back to HK to work after the failure of his American pics. Vin Diesel is replacing him in the comedy "The Pacifer", he's opting to leave "Joe's Last Chance" and now Chow Yun Fat has been mentioned as a possibility to replace Chan for "Rush Hour 3", which he recently told Brett Ratner he didn't want to do. In fact Ratner apparenly flew to the set of 'Around the World in 80 days' to try and re-convince him".

[26.06.2003] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Die Rolle des undisziplinierten Detectives James Carter bleibt Chris Tucker wohl erhalten: Mit New Line steht der Schauspieler derzeit in Verhandlungen, diese Rolle auch im zweiten Sequel des mega-erfolgreichen Buddy-Movies "Rush Hour" zu übernehmen. Ob Kollege Jackie Chan ebenso wieder an Bord kommen wird, ist noch offen; Gespräche mit dem Studio stehen noch aus. Wie schon Teil eins und zwei inszeniert Brett Ratner auch "Rush Hour 3" nach dem Drehbuch von Jeff Eastin, Ross Lamanna und Jason Richman. Ob der US-Kinostart auf 2004 oder 2005 fällt, hängt u. a. davon ab, ob Ratner das Angebot von MGM annimmt, John Travolta im "Schnappt Shorty"-Sequel zu inszenieren.

[14.08.2002] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit Brett Ratner...
What about Rush Hour 3? Yeah, January 2004 we're going to start.
Will you really be making two sequels simultaneously with a cliffhanger? I don't think that's going to happen. It's a lot of work for me.
Where will you take Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker? New York and then somewhere where they're both fish out of water.
Do you have a script yet? No, we're just working on a treatment.

[12.06.2002] Cinecon meldet...
While talking with USA Today, director Brett Ratner revealed that now that "Red Dragon", the prequel to "Silence of the Lambs," has completed shooting, he's looking forward to do potentially not one, but two, more sequels to "Rush Hour" and "Rush Hour 2."
"When I did the first 'Rush Hour,' I ended it so the plane was headed for Hong Kong. If it worked, the plane would land in Hong Kong [at the start of the second]... I would love it if we could make 'Rush Hour 3' and 4 back to back. When you’re on a roll, it’s easier to keep going instead of starting up again."
Ratner went on to reveal that "Rush Hour 3" may be prepped for a 2004 release date.

[31.05.2002] AICN meldet, dass Jackie Chan gegenüber Access Hollywood gesagt hätte, dass "Rush Hour 3 & 4" produziert werden...

[25.04.2002] Hollywood Reporter meldet...
"Rush Hour 2" leads the list of nominees for the second World Stunt Awards, set up to recognize stunt professionals in film. The action-comedy garnered nine noms, including best stunt coordination in a feature film and best fight. Other multiple nominees for the awards, which will be handed out by the World Stunt Academy at a ceremony May 19 at Santa Monica Airport's Barker Hangar, include "Apocalypse Now Redux" and "The Fast and the Furious" with seven mentions each. The award show will be broadcast May 31 on ABC.

[02.04.2002] Dark Horizons meldet...
New Line head Bob Shaye has a very interesting idea for further adventures in the Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker franchise. Shaye told About.Com that "What we would like to do if we could and if we could get economies of scale (ie. Chan, Tucker, Ratner) involved is to actually do a Rush Hour 3 and 4 together and have the third one be a cliffhanger". What about Tucker's desire to see the movie set in New York? "Chris is obviously an incredibly important part of the production. Even if you set it in New York, it wouldn't all be set in New York. The interiors are going to be elsewhere. There is a budget number that we will do it for and there's a budget number that we won't, because it is a business after all".

[25.02.2002] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Chris Tucker wird auf der diesjährigen ShoWest (4. bis 7. März) als Comedy Star of the Year ausgezeichnet. ShoWest-Organisator Robert Sunshine begründete die Auswahl damit, dass Tucker "eines der humorvollsten und unterhaltendsten Talente seiner Generation" sei. Derzeit ist Tucker in Deutschland in "Rush Hour 2", dem vierterfolgreichsten Film in den USA im vergangenen Jahr nach "Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen", "Shrek" und "Die Monster AG", zu sehen. Die Preisverleihung findet im Rahmen der Abschlussgala am 7. März statt.

[12.02.2002] Spiegel Online meldet...
In Deutschland konnte sich Disneys "Monster AG" nur eine Woche lang an der Spitze der Kinocharts behaupten. Der Animationsfilm von Pixar wurde am Wochenende von der neu gestarteten Action-Komödie "Rush Hour 2" abgelöst. Der Klamauk um das erfolgreiche Polizisten-Duo Jackie Chan und Chris Tucker, das sich in Hongkong mit einem Triaden-Boss herumschlägt, rangierte in der Publikumsgunst höher als die erfolgreichen Trick-Monster. [...]

[09.02.2002] Bei Moovienet gibt es eine eher negative Kritik...
[...] "Rush Hour 2" ist ein solide gemachtes Action-Buddy-Movie, das aber nur selten richtig witzig ist (z. B. im Abspann bei den Outtakes) und von seiner Story her nur wenig zu bieten hat. Es verläßt sich vielmehr voll und ganz auf das sympathischen Hauptdarsteller-Duo, das aber auch nicht mehr zu seiner Form aus Teil 1 zurückfindet bzw. im Falle von Chris Tucker sogar weit über sein Ziel hinausschießt und nur noch nervt.

[07.02.2002] Heute startet "Rush Hour 2" in den deutschen Kinos...

[14.01.2002] Bei Coming Soon! gibt es ein Interview mit Brett Ratner, in dem er sich u.a. zu "Rush Hour 3" äussert...
[...] Ratner says that no script has been written but he believes that the film will start in New York and then take the two characters off to some exotic location where they are both "fishes-out-of-water". He says that it could be anywhere from Africa to Europe but he says its will be fun regardless of where they end up. [...]

[02.01.2002] weiss mehr über "Rush Hour 3"...
Word out of New Line has it that the third part has been gaining momentum in recent weeks. Having enjoyed their biggest year ever, the former New York indie house is said to be pushing on all the major players to get number three going this year. We hear various scenarios are already being farmed out to writers. Execs are trying to make room on Brett Ratner and Jackie Chan's schedules, and Chris Tucker is sitting around, waiting for the man to say "Yessum" to his $25M plus 15% dollar one gross points demands.

[26.09.2001] Coming Attractions berichtet bereits über "Rush Hour 3"...

[03.08.2001] Heute startet "Rush Hour 2" in den US-Kinos...

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