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"Sahara" ist die Verfilmung des Romanerfolges "Operation Sahara" von Clive Cussler...

Der Abenteurer Dirk Pitt (Matthew McConaughey, u.a. "Die Herrschaft des Feuers") sucht in der Sahara nach einem sagenumwobenen Schatz. Dabei rettet er auch der hübschen Wissenschaftlerin Dr. Eva Rojas (Penélope Cruz, u.a. "Vanilla Sky", "Blow") das Leben, die eine rätselhafte Krankheit untersucht, die die Einwohner in den Wahnsinn treibt. Gemeinsam mit Pitts Kumpel Al Giordino (Steve Zahn) versuchen sie, den Schatz zu finden und dabei auch noch die Welt vor einer Umweltkatastrophe zu bewahren.

"Sahara" startete am 8. April 2005 recht erfolgreich in den US-Kinos und kam am 2. Juni 2005 in die deutschen Kinos... Sequel(s) waren/sind angedacht...


"Sahara" auf DVD !!!
Am 7. November 2005 erschien
"Sahara" auf DVD... Jetzt bei Amazon bestellen !!! [17.02.2008] Der TV-Sender RTL zeigt heute um 20.15 Uhr "Sahara - Abenteuer in der Wüste"...

[13.02.2006] CS! meldet...
[...] "Well, I'd love to return to do Dirk Pitt," McConaughey told "It would be easier to do another Dirk Pitt novel, if we'd have made just even another $10 million dollars. Obviously, in business, you have a budget, and then before it comes out, you have numbers you hope to meet, where you can say, 'We'll do another one if it makes this.' It did well, and it came out in the green, but it was a very expensive movie, as well. It's doing very well on DVD. and it did well internationally, but did it do well enough to make it absolute that we're doing another one? No. Did it do well enough for us to be going 'We might be doing another one, so just be ready'? Yeah, it did."
The big question is whether they can get the rights to do another one of Clive Cussler's novels. "I'm not exactly sure about where it all stands right now," McConaughey responded. "There's some legal stuff going on, but I think you can all depend on it." He wouldn't say which novel that they would want to adapt, but confirmed that they do have one in mind.
Ironically, at the same junket, McConaughey's co-star Justin Bartha, who stole so many scenes in Jerry Bruckheimer's similarly-minded action film National Treasure, wasn't sure whether he'd be returning for the planned sequel. "I think they're definitely going to make it, and if I'm available, then hopefully, it will all come together," he told us. [...]

[03.08.2005] sprach mit Breck Eisner, u.a. über das Sequel...
[...] What are the plans for a sequel? Is there one in the works right now?
"Well, yes, we sure hope to be doing one and I think a lot of that depends on actually how we do on DVD. You know, we’ve done well box office and we want to continue to do well on DVD. And if all things do go well, because it’s an expensive movie, then we will do another one. There are 18 books so we have a lot of source material to pull from."
Which book would be next?
"I know they have two or three of the books under contract. But I’m not supposed to tell anyone which ones they are yet, sadly."
Is the script done?
"No, the script is being written as we speak."
Have all the stars from "Sahara" signed on to a sequel?
"Yeah. Matthew [McConaughey], Steve Zahn, Bill Macy, and Rainn Wilson are all under three-picture deals."
And you’ll definitely be directing the sequel?
"Yes, I would love to direct the next one. So if it goes, I’ll be doing it, for sure."
Will the sequel be the next thing you direct?
"It depends on the timing. I’m taking another movie fairly soon while we finish developing this movie. Hopefully the plan will be I do another movie while we continue writing and developing and scouting this, and I go into the next Sahara after that." [...]

[02.06.2005] Heute startet "Sahara" in den deutschen Kinos...

[25.04.2005] Blickpunkt:Film berichtet über die US-Kinocharts...
[...] Auf dem dritten Platz hält sich "Sahara" beachtlich, der 9,0 Mio. Dollar einspielte und abermals nur 31 Prozent abbaute. Gesamt steht der Abenteuerfilm kurz vor dem Knacken der 50-Mio.-Dollar-Marke. [...]

[24.04.2005] Bei gibt es eine Kritik (4/6)...
[...] Der Film lebt natürlich von der Chemie zwischen den Buddys Pitt und Al, die sich schon seit der Kindheit kennen, und jedes Abenteuer zusammen gemeistert haben. In jeder brenzligen Situation merkt man dem Duo an, dass sie sich nicht zum ersten Mal in so einem Schlamassel befinden, wobei Pitt immer die nötigen Ideen zum Überleben hat, während Al jedesmal sein Kopf dafür riskieren muss. Was der Zuschauer davon hat, sind handfeste Actioneinlagen, halsbrecherische Verfolgungsjagden gepaart mit witzigen Onelinern. [...]

[15.04.2005] USA Today meldet...
[...] Matthew McConaughey began romancing Penelope Cruz after working with her on Sahara, but the action-adventure introduced him to someone else he'd like to spend time with: character Dirk Pitt.
The actor, 35, says he hopes the fist-fighting scientist and treasure hunter from Clive Cussler's series of best-selling novels will become his definitive role.
"I'd been looking for that renaissance guy," McConaughey says in the kitchen of his Hollywood Hills home. "Everything I'd read that was a possible franchise character in the action-adventure genre was either too roadhouse, just fighting and running around, or they were too prim and proper, never getting their hands dirty."
Dirk Pitt is "a senator's son, but a scavenger of the deep," McConaughey says. "He can talk marine biology with you at noon and then at one o'clock be dealing gold bullion with smugglers and pirates." [...]
If he wants to return as Dirk Pitt, McConaughey will have to hope that Sahara warms a frosty relationship with Cussler.
The author, who also was displeased with Hollywood's 1980 adaptation of his Raise the Titanic, went along with plans to make Sahara but filed suit in January to block production of future Dirk Pitt movies after he was unhappy with script changes to his story.
"It's well known it's not the most amiable of relationships right now," McConaughey says. "But what I hope is that he's able to look at it objectively. I really think he's going to be happy."
Cussler's lawyer, Bert Fields, says Cussler is moving forward with the lawsuit even though he hasn't seen the movie. "It's very painful for him," Fields said.
Regardless, Sahara is a critical project for McConaughey, who also was a producer.
He has had hits with romantic comedies (The Wedding Planner, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days), but he also has had misfires (EdTV, the dragon thriller Reign of Fire).
Sahara's debut at the top of the box office means the actor has a shot at reprising his role, if Cussler backs off his complaint. [...]
During filming, McConaughey also was prone to wandering. Sahara director Breck Eisner says his star would spend his off-nights with "a bonfire in the desert, some drums, some tequila and an impromptu party." [...]

[11.04.2005] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
[...] Mit einem bestenfalls soliden Einspiel von 18,5 Mio. Dollar setzte sich "Sahara " an die Spitze der US-Kinocharts. Das Actionabenteuer ist damit die umsatzschwächste Nummer eins seit dem (traditionell schwachen) ersten Dezember-Wochenende 2004, als "Das Vermächtnis der Tempelritter " mit lediglich 17,0 Mio. Dollar die Spitzenposition belegte - das sich damals am dritten Wochenende der Auswertung befand. [...]

[10.04.2005] Bei Latino Review gibt es eine Kritik...
[...] "Sahara" bursts with high-octane stunts, such as a frantic a boat chase that culminates in - surprise! - a big explosion. Cliché or no, it’s well done. In fact, the action sequences are all decent cheap thrills, well-paced, sharp, and not too obviously spun from CGI. Kudos to director Breck Eisner for sustaining, even over some boring expository patches, the relatively high energy level. [...]

[01.04.2005] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik von Harry...
[...] The film is greatly entertaining in a clean good old fashioned way, while having a beat and coolness that at times feels totally James Bond or The Incredibles - this is mainly due to Clint Mansell’s wonderful score and the scope and grandeur that Breck captured in the film. The big evil thing at the end is so James Bond-y, but just cooler than any recent attempts at "the big bad thing."
The highest complement is that they completely captured the spirit and feel of Cussler’s finest character. If you’re a fan, you’ll squeal with delight - if you have never read them, you’ll enjoy your time discovering a new character. And the best news we have is that we have a new director to be watching. Cool! [...]

[31.03.2005] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik...
[...] I can’t express how much fun this movie was. It’s one of those rare, perfect, matinee popcorn films that never stops entertaining you, not for one second. Don’t let the lousy trailers or the mediocre TV spot that’s trying to convince you its ‘National Treasure’ scare you away. This movie is solid and is gonna catch a lot of people off guard. [...]

[27.03.2005] Bei Yahoo! Movies gibt es einen Filmausschnitt...

[09.02.2005] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere Kritik...

[08.02.2005] Bei gibt es den "Super Bowl" TV-Spot...

[27.01.2005] Bei CS! gibt es eine Kritik...
[...] All in all a fun movie, but still very safe with a running time just shy of two hours. Maybe it was me and my equally as cynical friend in attendance, but the audience was eating up the jokes like crazy. I mean they were chuckle funny but not ha ha funny. I attribute that to Steve Zahn who probably worked more into the movie than was actually written. [...]

[18.01.2005] Bei CS! gibt es neue Szenenbilder...

[07.01.2005] Bei CS! gibt es das Filmposter...

[05.01.2005] Bei CS! gibt es Szenenbilder...

[25.12.2004] Endlich gibt es den "Sahara" Trailer auch im Quicktime-Format...

[11.09.2004] Bei gibt es den "Sahara" Trailer...

[08.09.2004] Im Clive Cussler Forum gibt es seit ein paar Tagen den Trailer, sowie eine Kritik zu einem Screening... Allerdings muss man sich erst registrieren...

[07.07.2004] Bei ET gibt es einen Set-Bericht...

[12.06.2004] Bei AICN gibt es u.a. Promomaterial von der New Yorker Licensing Show !!!

[29.04.2004] DH meldet...
[...] adventure novelist Clive Cussler's displeasure with how his "Sahara" is being adapted into a movie has turned legal. The IMDb reports that Cussler has sued Philip Anschutz's Crusader Entertainment in an effort to halt the shooting of the movie, maintaining that "his deal with Crusader gave him unqualified script approval and that the screenplays that have been submitted to him have been unacceptable". Cussler revealed to The Denver Post that "They've sent me seven scripts, and I've inserted each one in the trash can".
Crusader has now counter-sued, accusing Cussler of delaying production of the film. In its complaint the company said, "To option the rights to the entire [Dirk Pitt] series, Crusader paid Cussler an extremely handsome price -- even by Hollywood standards." Crusader also accuses Cussler of attempting to "foment opposition to the film among his fans, and to organize a fan campaign to coerce Crusader into letting Cussler write the screenplay.

[02.04.2004] Bei IGN FilmForce gibt es ein Bild von Matthew McConaughey als Dirk Pitt !!!

[01.04.2004] DH meldet...
Delroy Lindo has joined the cast of the Clive Cussler bestseller.

[17.01.2004] CS! meldet...
Bestselling novelist Clive Cussler has sued Crusader Entertainment for allegedly changing the Sahara screenplay without Cussler's consent in spite of Cussler's script approval rights.
The complaint, filed in L.A. Superior Court on Thursday, seeks to prevent Crusader from releasing Sahara and to end or limit Cussler's relationship with Crusader, which is controlled by Philip Anschutz; money damages are also sought.
According to the suit, Cussler and Crusader entered into an option agreement in 2001 giving Crusader the right to purchase film rights to some Cussler novels with Cussler retaining an unqualified right of approval over the screenplays. The action alleges Cussler approved the Sahara screenplay, which was altered subsequently without Cussler's consent.
Sahara stars Matthew McConaughey, Penelope Cruz and Steve Zahn with McConaughey playing secret agent, treasure hunter and explorer Dirk Pitt. Breck Eisner is directing; production began late last year.
Cussler seeks a declaration that Crusader has no further rights under the agreement, including the right to purchase film rights for $10 million in a third Cussler novel.

[06.12.2003] Bei Raise the Titanic gibt es Infos zur Eröffnungssequenz, die derzeit in Hawley Lake (England) gedreht wird...

[24.10.2003] Raise the Titanic meldet...
[...] on KGO-AM 810 San Francisco, Dr. Cussler was interviewed [...]
[...] he talked about how bad "Raise the Titanic" went. He also mentioned about how he had casting and script approval for this film and the films that follow after this one. Now here is where history could repeat itself. Apparently, Dr. Cussler has already turned down 4 scripts and Paramount and Crusader Entertainment are going with a script that he really DOES NOT like and adding story lines that are not even in the book and taking away some parts from the book that they think isn't dramatic enough. Dr. Cussler also added hey are going to have big trouble if they continue with this script which is what appears to be what they are going to do.
One of the original story lines in the book that they think isn't dramatic enough takes place close to the beginning of the book. It starts off as a group of tourists visit a village. Before anyone realizes what's happening the villagers attack and end up cannibalizing the tourists. The tour guide survives.
Dr. Cussler stated he could not believe a scene like this wasn't dramatic enough for them. He also stated that their replacement was very dull. [...]

[14.10.2003] Raise the Titanic meldet...
It has been confirmed by publicist Carole Bartholomeaux that Dayna Cussler, Dr. Cussler's daughter , has been casted as the Australian aviator, Kitty Mannock.

[10.09.2003] Hollywood Reporter meldet...
Penelope Cruz is in negotiations to star opposite Matthew McConaughey in Crusader Entertainment's big-screen adaptation of Clive Cussler's 1992 novel "Sahara" for director Breck Eisner. The project will begin production in the fall, with Paramount Pictures distributing. "Sahara" is the first installment of the author's best-selling Dirk Pitt series, about an intrepid adventurer and explorer. The book centers on Pitt (McConaughey) searching the Sahara for a toxin that is killing marine life. Cruz will play a Latina neurologist who falls for Pitt. McConaughey will executive produce the project with Gus Gustawes, his producing partner in their j.k. livin prods. Cruz, repped by CAA and Katrina Bayonas of Kuranda Films, next stars opposite Halle Berry in "Gothika."

[27.08.2003] DH meldet...
Novelist Clive Cussler's PR representative recently spoke about the casting of Steve Zahn as sidekick Al Giordino in Paramount's upcoming major adaptation - "Zahn came to Arizona and lobbied for the role and convinced Clive Cussler that he could do it. More power to him! He promised Clive that he would not only continue to bulk up, cut and dye his hair but that he would learn to take apart and put back together automatic weapons in record time...Zahn's knowledge of Civil War history and antique fire arms along with his acting skills honed at Harvard and on and off Broadway, convinced a skeptical Cussler that Zahn could pull off the pivotal role".

[25.07.2003] CS! meldet...
Steve Zahn is in talks to star in Crusader Entertainment's Sahara with Matthew McConaughey.
Zahn will play Al Giordino, the wisecracking sidekick to McConaughey's Dirk Pitt character. The film, based on the Clive Cussler action-adventure novels, will be directed by Breck Eisner and shoot in the U.K. and Morocco.
Crusader announced last year that it had greenlit an adaptation as the first film to be based on the Pitt character in Cussler's bestselling novels. The story focuses on McConaughey's character thwarting an attempted assassination of a U.N. scientist investigating a raging epidemic in North Africa that threatens to extinguish life in the world's seas.
Paramount will distribute Sahara in North America and in the U.K., Italy, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

[14.04.2003] Hollywood Reporter meldet...
Matthew McConaughey is in final negotiations to star in and executive produce Crusader Entertainment's big-screen adaptation of Clive Cussler's 1992 novel "Sahara" for director Breck Eisner. The project will begin production in the fall, with Paramount Pictures distributing. "Sahara" is the first installment of the author's best-selling Dirk Pitt series, about an intrepid adventurer and explorer. The book centers on Pitt (McConaughey) searching the Sahara for a toxin that is killing marine life. McConaughey will executive produce the project with Gus Gustawes, his producing partner in their j.k. livin prods. There are 13 Pitt books in Cussler's series, and Crusader hopes that "Sahara" will be the beginning of a franchise with McConaughey at the center. [...]

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Offizielle Website
Offizielle Infos zur Verfilmung...

Raise the Titanic
Englischsprachige Fan-Infos, u.a. auch zur "Sahara"-Verfilmung...

Englischsprachige Fan-Infos...


Clive Cussler, geboren 1931, kam auf Umwegen zum Schriftstellerberuf. Nach dem Schulabschluss war er längere Zeit Flugzeugingenieur in der Air Force. Danach setzte er seine Kreativität in der Werbung ein und war als Art Director bei zwei der größten Werbeagenturen der USA tätig. Erst 1973, als er seinen Helden Dirk Pitt erfand, begann seine Karriere als Schriftsteller. Mit Romanen wie "Hebt die Titanic" und "Die Ajima-Verschwörung" hat er sich einen der obersten Ränge unter den großen internationalen Bestellerautoren gesichert...

Clive Cussler
Operation Sahara
575 Seiten (Dezember 1994)

Clive Cussler
(August 1997)

Mehr als vierhundert Jahre sind vergangen, seit spanische Eroberer die Goldschätze Südamerikas plünderten. Aus Angst vor den räuberischen Spaniern verbargen die Inka - alten Überlieferungen zufolge - im Jahr 1533 ihren größten Schatz jenseits der Grenzen von Peru tief in einem Inselberg. Wenige Jahre später hatte der Seeheld Sir Francis Drake gerade wieder einmal Jagd auf eine der prallgefüllten spanischen Galeonen gemacht und dabei das kostbare Quipu erbeutet - den verschlüsselten Wegweiser zum Schatz der Inka -, als ein gigantisches Seebeben Drakes Schiff an Land schleuderte, mittenhinein in den Dschungel.
Doch der Mythos vom verschwundenen Inka-Gold überlebte: als Herausforderung für Anthropologen, Archäologen und Abenteurer aller Länder - und für eine der skrupellosesten Kunsträuberbandnen unserer Zeit: die Solpemachaco. Eine Bande, deren blutige Spur Dirk Pitt durch Zufall an einem heiligen Opferteich in den Anden kreuzt.
Dort nämlich forscht Pitt im Auftrag der NUMA, des US-Marineinstituts für Unterwasserforschung, nach dem verschollenen Schiff Drakes, das er auch tatsächlich birgt - und mit ihm das sagenumwobene Quipu. Mittels modernster Computertechnologie kann Pitt denn auch das Rätsel um den Fundort des Inka-Goldes entschlüsseln. Doch auch die Solpemachaco verfügen über Mittel und Wege, das Geheimnis zu lüften. Und so beginnt eine gnadenlose Jagd nach dem sagenhaften Gold der Inka - ein Wettlauf um Leben und Tod...

Clive Cussler
(August 1990)

Der steinreiche amerikanische Verleger Raymond LeBaron macht sich mit dem Luftschiff "Prosperteer" auf die Suche nach dem gesunkenen Wrack der "Cyclop", denn an Bord soll sich angeblich die Statue einer Indianergöttin von unschätzbarem Wert befinden. Eine Woche später treibt die "Prosperteer" mit drei unbekannten Leichen an Bord auf die Küste Miamis zu. Ein Fall für Dirk Pitt, Major der Meeresbehörde NUMA...

Clive Cussler
(Juli 2001)

Ein rätselhaftes Gift tötet vor der Küste Alaskas jegliches Leben. Als man begreift, dass sich eine Katastrophe unvorstellbaren Ausmaßes anbahnt, kann nur noch einer das Schlimmste verhindern: Dirk Pitt, Major der Meeresbehörde NUMA. Doch ihm stellt sich eine weltweit operierende kriminelle Organisation entgegen, die keinerlei Skrupel kennt...


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