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Schlaubi Schlumpf "Die Schlümpfe" von Peyo schlumpfen in naher Zukunft wieder auf der grossen Leinwand, nachdem 1976 bereits ein belgisch-französischer Kinofilm namens "Die Schlümpfe und die Zauberflöte" mit den kleinen blauen Gesellen entstanden war... Der US-Fernsehsender NBC strahlte ab 1981 die erfolgreiche Zeichentrickserie aus, die mehrere Emmy-Awards gewinnen konnte...

Die Schlümpfe sind kleine blaue Wichtel mit weissen Mützen, die dank ihrer jeweiligen Vorlieben so schlumpfige Namen tragen wie Tortenschlumpf, Brillenschlumpf oder Meckerschlumpf... Sie brauen geheimnisvolle Zaubertränke und führen ihren Widersacher Gargamel ein ums andere Mal in die Irre...

Das computeranimierte 3D-Abenteuer "Die Schlümpfe" kam am 4. August 2011 in die deutschen Kinos... Teil 2 soll am 1. August 2013 in die deutschen Kinos kommen...


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[18.08.2011] THR berichtet über das Sequel...
Sony Pictures is actually closer to Smurfs 2 than you might think.
Last week, in the wake of The Smurfs surprisingly robust $35 million opening weekend, the company set a date for the sequel - Aug. 2, 2013 - and said Jordan Kerner was returning as a producer.
Not revealed was the fact the studio had been working on a script for months and in fact has a completed draft in hand.
Earlier this year, when the movie began taking the form of a viable franchise launcher, Sony went to its original writers to begin work on a sequel. In the spring, writing teams David Stem and David Weiss and Jay Scherick and David Ronn began work on a story. Stem and Weiss then took on scripting duties.
The early assignment was due to the large amount of lead-time required for live action/CG hybrids. Sony was willing to bet on the franchise, even though some questioned the appeal of a Smurfs movie.
The script was handed in a couple of weeks ago, giving the studio confidence it has a template for a sequel.
Stem and Weiss, repped by WME, are well-versed in the family film field, having worked on kid-friendly projects ranging from the Rugrats TV show to Shrek 2 to Daddy Day Camp.
ICM-repped Scherick and Ronn wrote Zookeeper and National Security.
The Smurfs has grossed nearly $250 million worldwide so far.

[15.08.2011] CS! berichtet über die US-Kinocharts...
[...] Sony Pictures' The Smurfs became the second movie of the weekend to cross the $100 million mark with the $13.5 million it grossed in its third weekend. It has earned $101.5 million domestically so far. Overseas, the Smurfs brought in $60 million from 44 markets. The film has reached $141.1 million at the foreign box office. [...]

[10.08.2011] CS! meldet...
Sony Pictures announced today the studio is moving forward with a sequel to The Smurfs and is putting Smurfs 2 on the release calendar for August 2, 2013. No other films are scheduled for that month yet.
There are no further details about the new film at this time other than the 2013 release date and Jordan Kerner will be producing.
The studio says The Smurfs has exceeded all of their expectations in these first few days of release. In addition the way the film has performed here in North America (currently $78.8 million), last weekend 23 markets overseas opened to #1 and the movie has taken in more than $135 million to date worldwide.

[04.08.2011] Heute kommen "Die Schlümpfe" (auch in 3D) in die deutschen Kinos...

[26.05.2011] Ein neuer "The Smurfs" / "Die Schlümpfe" Trailer ist online !!!

[27.03.2011] CS! meldet...
Sony Pictures has confirmed to that their upcoming CGI/live-action blend The Smurfs will now open on July 29th, five days earlier than was originally announced. [...]

[11.03.2011] Ein weiterer "The Smurfs" / "Die Schlümpfe" Trailer ist online !!!

[09.03.2011] Bei IMP Awards gibt es ein internationales Poster...

[05.03.2011] Bei CS! gibt es ein neues Szenenbild: Die Schlümpfe rocken mit Neil Patrick Harris...

[24.12.2010] Bei CS! kann man gleich mehrere 3D-Schlümpfe bestaunen...

[19.12.2010] Bei CS! gibt es ein neues Poster...

[04.12.2010] Via kommen zwei italienische Poster...

[08.11.2010] Bei CS! gibt es ein neues Promo-Bild, inkl. Schlumpfine...

[18.06.2010] Zwischenzeitlich ist der "The Smurfs" / "Die Schlümpfe" Teaser-Trailer online...

[17.06.2010] USA Today zeigt ein erstes Szenenbild und weiss mehr über den Plot... SPOILER !!! Der erste Trailer folgt im Laufe des Tages...

[06.05.2010] meldet...
Tim Gunn is ready to make it work on the bigscreen.
The straight-shooting "Project Runway" mentor has landed a live-action role in Columbia Pictures' "The Smurfs Movie."
Gunn, who is known for the catchphrase "Make it work," will play an exec assistant at a major cosmetic company.
He joins a cast that includes Neil Patrick Harris, Hank Azaria and Sofia Vergara in live-action roles as well as Katy Perry, Fred Armisen, George Lopez, Anton Yelchin, Alan Cumming, Jeff Foxworthy, Wolfgang Puck and Jonathan Winters lending their voices.
Raja Gosnell is helming the pic, which is shooting in New York. [...]

[01.05.2010] Bei CS! gibt es ein Bild von Hank Azaria als Gargamel !!!

[30.04.2010] Bei gibt es Infos zu den US-Synchronstimmen...
Thanks to us, you won’t have to spend any time racking your brain in the middle of next summer’s Smurfs movie thinking "Who’s voice is that?" We’ve got you covered. Joining the cast that already includes Katy Perry, Hank Azaria, George Lopez, and Alan Cumming are Daily Show’s John Oliver, playing Vanity Smurf; Saturday Night Live‘s Kenan Thompson and Fred Armisen as Greedy Smurf and Brainy Smurf, respectively; The Office’s B.J. Novak as Baker Smurf; and comedian Jeff Foxworthy as Handy Smurf. They join Pee-wee Herman himself, Paul Reubens, who, as previously reported by, will play Jokey Smurf. Also lending their voices to the little blue creatures are Wolfgang Puck - playing none other than Chef Smurf - and veteran character actor Gary Basaraba as Hefty Smurf. Star Trek's Anton Yelchin will voice Clumsy Smurf. The rumors that Quentin Tarantino and Michael Cera are joining the cast are not true.
Neil Patrick Harris and Glee‘s Jayma Mays play the expectant couple who run into the blue creatures in the middle of Central Park. Raja Gosnell (Beverly Hills Chihuahua) has started shooting Smurfs in New York City.

[18.03.2010] meldet...
This Smurfs movie is coming together quickly - and with some top-notch voice talent to boot. Sources tell that Hank Azaria - best known for the numerous hilarious characters he voices on The Simpsons, like Moe the bartender and Apu the Kwik-E-Mart owner - will lend his voice to the character of Gargamel, the evil sorcerer and arch-nemesis of the Smurfs.
Furthermore, pop star Katy Perry will voice Smurfette, while George Lopez and Alan Cumming will play two of the other little blue guys. has also learned that Jayma Mays, who plays guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury on Glee, will play the pregnant wife to Neil Patrick Harris’ character. Sony Pictures declined to comment. The film, directed by Raja Gosnell (Beverly Hills Chihuahua), centers on the happy expectant couple’s lives being turned upside-down upon meeting these blue creatures. The movie will take place in New York City’s Central Park and is set to begin production next month.

[06.03.2010] meldet...
Jonathan Winters, George Lopez, Katy Perry and Alan Cumming are seeing blue.
The foursome is in various stages of talks to lend their voices to Sony's live-action/animated "Smurfs" movie.
The 84-year-old Winters, who voiced multiple characters on the long-running Hanna-Barbera cartoon version of "Smurfs," will play Papa Smurf. Pop singer Perry is in talks to portray Smurfette, Alan Cumming is taking on Gutsy Smurf and George Lopez is onboard as Grouchy Smurf.
Neil Patrick Harris has already signed on as the project's live-action character. [...]

[04.03.2010] Deadline meldet...
Neil Patrick Harris has a TV-heavy resume. Now he's just landed the lead in Smurfs: The Movie for Sony. Harris won’t have to walk around as a blue-tinted Avatar, either. The Raja Gosnell-directed film is a mix of live action and animation, and Harris is the lead live action character. Filming begins in April, when he’ll be on hiatus from CBS' How I Met Your Mother.

[01.09.2009] Bei gibt es ein Werbeposter zu "The Smurfs"...

[09.07.2009] meldet...
Raja Gosnell has signed on to direct the live action/animated hybrid "Smurfs" movie for Columbia Pictures and Sony Animation.
Those involved with the movie are already experienced with the medium. Jordan Kerner ("Charlotte's Web") is producing while J. David Stem and David N. Weiss ("Shrek 2" and "Shrek the Third") and Audrey Wells ("George of the Jungle") wrote the script.
Gosnell's addition only complements the team. The editor-turned-director is best known for helming "Scooby-Doo" and "Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed," as well as last year's Beverly Hills Chihuahua." The movies combined live actors and settings with photorealistic animated talking animals such as dogs and rats. Turning his attention to the small blue characters created by Belgian cartoonist Peyo was the next step.
Kerner, who has been developing the project for the past seven years, said: "With Raja coming aboard, we now have a brilliant director who has proven time and again that he has a deft touch in blending the worlds of physical comedy and honest emotion with both live action and photo-real animated characters. Our three-apple-high heroes are in good hands, and we feel absolutely positively Smurfy to be working with him."
The film will be released in 3D and 2D formats on Dec. 17, 2010.
The logline is being kept under wraps, but the story is expected to feature well-loved characters such as Papa Smurf, Smurfette and the villainous Gargamel.
Gosnell, repped by CAA, also directed the romantic comedy "Never Been Kissed" as well as comedies "Big Momma's House" and "Yours Mine and Ours."

[01.06.2009] Bei CS! kann man einen Blick auf das "The Smurfs Movie"-Logo werfen...

[10.06.2008] meldet...
Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation are bringing a live-action/animated "Smurfs" project to the bigscreen.
Sony obtained film rights to the blue-colored characters from Lafig Belgium via Jordan Kerner ("Charlotte's Web"), who is producing. David Stem and David Weiss, who wrote the second and third installments in the "Shrek" franchise, are in negotiations to pen the screenplay.
Kerner secured film rights to the Smurfs property in 2002 and had been developing a 3-D CGI feature at Paramount/Nickelodeon, which has an option to co-finance the Columbia/SPA incarnation and distribute internationally. The Melrose studio has yet to make a decision on its role in the film. [...]
Kerner said the genesis of the current project began during a holiday conversation with Sony Pictures Entertainment chairman-CEO Michael Lynton, who grew up with "Les Schtroumpfs" in the Netherlands. "He relished them as I do and suggested that it should be a live-action/CG film," he said. "(Studio topper) Amy (Pascal) felt equally that there was potentially a series of films in the making."
Kerner has been working closely on the project with Lafig CEO Hendrik Coysman and Veronique Culliford, the daughter of Peyo.
"Smurfs" marks SPA's first hybrid film -- a subgenre that proved popular given the success of 20th Century Fox's "Alvin and the Chipmunks" -- and is the first project to go into development since Hannah Minghella was named prexy of production for the division in April. SPE digital production prexy Bob Osher said the studio plans to rely on SPA for the film's character animation, and Imageworks -- which was recently taken off the sale block -- for its visual effects.
"The Smurfs are one of the best-known franchises, and among the most beloved collection of characters in the world," Columbia co-president Doug Belgrad said. "We're very excited to introduce a new generation to Papa Smurf, Smurfette and the other smurftastic Smurfs in all of their 'three-apple-tall' glory."
Sony will launch a licensing effort around the classic Smurfs characters at this year's Licensing Show beginning today in New York.
Ben Haber will oversee the development of the script for Kerner Entertainment. Haber and Paul Neesan are exec producing the film.
Stem and Weiss' credits also include "The Rugrats Movie" and "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius."

[18.02.2008] Bei CS! gibt es erstes Bildmaterial die CGI-Schlümpfe - leider noch nicht sonderlich aussagekräftig...

[04.12.2006] CS! meldet...
At the New York junket for Paramount and Nickelodeon Films' upcoming film based on E.B. White's Charlotte's Web, the film's producer Jordan Kerner told why he decided to pursue a movie based on the TV cartoon creatures The Smurfs, also for Nickelodeon Films.
Kerner, who produced films such as Inspector Gadget and George of the Jungle, told us that a "Smurfs" movie is just one of 22 projects he's currently developing. "It's being written now so we're way away from it."
Of course, we wanted to know if there really was demand for a movie based on characters who were a bit of a joke even back when the cartoon was airing. "This is coming out of Australia. [Note: Where Charlotte's Web was film.] They were all over me for that. Everybody was reading me in terms of Smurf movies, but we're not anywhere near that yet. We're just writing the script. There's a big Smurf demand [there], they love the blue fellas and the one blue girl." [...]

[27.11.2006] Moviehole sprach mit dem Produzenten Jordan Kerner (u.a. "Schweinchen Wilbur und seine Freunde"...
[...] "It's a 3-D/CG Smurfs", said Kerner. "You just can’t make those guys live - it’d be a little weird, but a 3D Shrek world of them - that’s fantastic."
Kerner says he has been researching the popular 80s cartoon extensively. "Having seen all 234 episodes of the show, numerous times, Herb Ratner and I have been working really hard at looking where all the holes were in the episodes - ya’know, like all of a sudden another woman appears, it’s not just smurfette - and what we’ve done is we’ve plugged all those holes in a trilogy of three movies, and we reveal things as we go along".
"They’re all so very protective of [The Smurfs], so it took me five years of negotiation to get the rights. And then, they were very uncertain about what story we wanted to tell - we weren’t going to tell them until we had the rights, either. Then we got the rights on everyone’s faith that they also had an ability to veto, and presented them with the treatment. They just loved it. To be told that they loved it - not just liked it - and to be told that [creator] Peyo would’ve loved it, is a huge blessing and a great thing to have happen".
The "Smurfs" trilogy will be "the animated Lord of the Rings - through the world of these idiots. Because they’re sweet characters but they’re goofs. It’s a comic version, but still very heartfelt, version of Lord of the Rings - though not literally Lord of the Rings, but an epic story like that."
The fan favourite to voice the character of Gargamel seems to be John Lithgow. "Very interesting", smiles Kerner. "I love John Lithgow".
Gargamel's back-story is going to be fully examined in the film trilogy. We'll learn "[more] about Gargamel and Smurf Soup and how all that began and what really goes on in that castle. What his backstory really was. There’s an all-powerful wizard… there’s all sorts of things that get revealed as we go along". [...]

[19.07.2005] CS! meldet...
Paramount Pictures has acquired film rights to cartoon characters The Smurfs and set up development of a 3-D CG feature with producer Jordan Kerner and Nickelodeon Movies, reports Variety.
Producers have conceived the project as a trilogy and are aiming to release the first film in 2008 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of The Smurfs.
The studio has hired Herb Ratner to script. He recently wrote Mr. Lucky for Revolution and co-wrote Focus' Clean Break with Trevor Sands.
The Smurfs originated in 1958 as a Belgian comic strip from Peyo (Pierre) Culliford. NBC launched The Smurfs in 1981, spawning 256 episodes and multiple Emmy awards.

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