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"A Sound of Thunder" (2005) basiert auf der Kurzgeschichte "A Sound of Thunder" von Ray Bradbury (u.a. "Die Mars-Chroniken")...

In der Zukunft boomt das Geschäft mit der Vergangenheit. Für betuchte Abenteurer bietet die Firma Time Safari Inc. einen ganz besonderen Nervenkitzel: prähistorische Dinosaurier-Jagden. Damit jedoch der Verlauf der Geschichte nicht beeinflusst wird, müssen sich die Zeitreisenden an strenge Regeln halten. Eines Tages kommt es bei einem der Ausflüge trotzdem zu einem folgenschweren Fehler. Zurück in der Zukunft ist plötzlich nichts mehr so, wie es war. Um die Menschheit vor einer Katastrophe zu bewahren, begibt sich der Leiter der Expeditionen, Dr. Travis Ryer (Edward Burns, "15 Minutes"), gemeinsam mit der Erfinderin der Zeitmaschine, Sonia Rand (Catherine McCormack, "28 Weeks later"), erneut auf die Reise in die Vergangenheit. Ein Wettlauf gegen die Zeit beginnt...

Gedreht wurde bereits im Sommer 2002 in Prag - unter der Regie von Peter Hyams (u.a. "2010", "Das Relikt" und "End of Days")... Der Film startete am 2. September 2005 in den US-Kinos... Der deutsche Kinostart wurde aufgrund schlechter Einspielergebnisse gecancelt... Am 4. September 2006 erschien "A Sound of Thunder" als UK-DVD... Am 11. Januar 2007 folgt die deutsche Kauf-DVD...

A Sound of Thunder

"A Sound of Thunder" auf DVD !!!
Paramount Home Entertainment veröffentlichte am 4. Januar 2007 "A Sound of Thunder" auf DVD... Jetzt bei Amazon bestellen !!!

[16.01.2006] Bei Hyperion-Film gibt es eine Kritik (4/6)...
[...] Mit billigen Effekten überladener Film, der auch gleich langweilige bis schlechte Schauspieler aufweisen kann, eine oft unlogische Story, aber dennoch mit großem Unterhaltungswert punkten kann. Vorausgesetzt, man weiß, was einem erwartet.

[02.09.2005] Bei Moviehole gibt es eine Kritik von Quint...
[...] While I would say that it wasn't a painful shitty movie, it is still a very shitty movie. At least the pacing is fast so you don't have time to wallow in the shit before new shit assaults your senses. [...]

[01.09.2005] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik...
[...] All in all, this is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen in a theater. The short story clearly wasn’t designed to be dragged out for 103 minutes, and as I said before, it plays out like a bad videogame. Hyams filmography is loaded with wasted potential, and this is the worst of the lot.

[22.07.2005] Ein Jahr nach dem ersten Trailer gibt es nun den zweiten "A Sound of Thunder" Trailer !!!

[20.05.2005] Bei Moviehole gibt es eine Kritik...
[...] this movie captured my interest some time ago when Pierce Brosnan and Renny Harlin were involved. Then somewhere down the line the Franchise pictures people got hold of Ben Kingsley, Peter Hyams and Ed Burns. Good talent, but.. how can I put this? "I gottan idea, 'Back to The Future','Time Cop' and 'Jurassic Park'. Doncha think that'd make a cool movie if you mix those together?"
Well, it was entertaining in a stumble home from the pub and pic up a DVD from your local Block Buster kinda way and I'm sure it'll make it's cash back. Hunting dinosaurs in a time travel scenario, with Ben Kinglsey heading this major corp and Ed Burns being his lead tour guide and rich business types buying into something 'new' and something going wrong somewhere down the line that subsequently begins to distort 'our' time.. sounds kinda cool. Would be pretty if Renny and perhaps Pierce were still on board and if the producers spent that little bit more on their CGI. [...]

[24.07.2004] Endlich... Bei SF Wire gibt es den ersten "A Sound of Thunder" Trailer !!!

[08.01.2004] Bei DH gibt es Infos zu Änderungen der Story...

[04.01.2004] Bei AICN gibt es ein erstes Szenenbild...

[13.10.2003] Bei Guy Hendrix Dyas gibt es sehenswertes Artwork, u.a. zu "Sound of Thunder" !!!

[05.09.2003] SF Wire sprach mit kürzlich mit dem Regisseur Peter Hyams... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!
[...] the movie will greatly expand the slim premise of Bradbury's original time-travel tale, with the legendary writer's blessing. "We took it a great deal farther, actually," Hyams said in an interview at Bradbury's 83rd birthday celebration at the Planetary Society in Pasadena, Calif.
Hyams (Timecop, 2010) said that the script, by Clement Enlatarne, takes off from Bradbury's story, about a big-game hunter who goes back in time to hunt a dinosaur and inadvertently changes the future. Hyams, who is no fan of hunting, has changed the character (played by Edward Burns) into a genetic researcher who is going back in time to take DNA readings in an effort to reconstitute wildlife that has vanished from the Earth in the future. "And when they come back from one of these [time trips], things begin to change, and they don't know why things begin to change," Hyams said. "And the changes escalate." After a number of subsequent time trips, Hyams said, "the city is actually turned into a primordial jungle. What you're basically seeing is evolution gone berserk, so the few people that are left are in fact the prey. And what is hunting them are things that no one's ever seen before."
Hyams added that he has been a big fan of Bradbury's since the director was a boy, and that he consulted with Bradbury throughout the development of the script. "He was involved in the sense that I kept on saying, 'Is this OK with you? Is this OK with you? Is this OK with you?'" Hyams said. "He's Ray Bradbury. If he didn't like something, I wouldn't do it." Hyams added, "He's been unhappy with a lot of things that have been done based on his work. And I did not feel like joining that group. I want to be the founding member of the other club. I want to make a film that he adores." [...]

[28.03.2003] SF Wire sprach mit Edward Burns... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!
[...] "The short story ends when the group comes back and realizes they've screwed with evolution," Burns said. "So now 2038 Chicago is something of a rain forest. Basically, that's the end of the movie's first act, and the next hour is spent trying to fix the wrongs that we've done."
Burns said he spent four months acting in front of a blue screen. "It was a very, very different experience for me," he said. "It was one of those things where I can't wait to see the movie in order to see the environment they've created around us." [...]

[17.01.2003] Die BBC sprach mit dem Taucher Guy Drayton...
[...] Guy has just returned from Prague where his skills were enlisted for the forthcoming dinosaur time travel movie - A Sound of Thunder starring Ben Kingsley and Ed Burns.
He said: "Most of my stuff involved a scene in a flooded subway where Ed Burns and Catherine McCormack's characters are attacked by a dinosaur. That is going to be a good film." [...]

[15.11.2002] ApolloMedia meldet...
Nachdem die Dreharbeiten für die ApolloMedia-Mega-Produktion "A Sound Of Thunder" (ApolloMedia 5. KG) Anfang Oktober in Prag planmäßig beendet wurden, geht der Film nun in seine wohl wichtigste Phase, die Postproduction. Digitale Spezialeffekte, vom Dinosaurier bis zur visualisierten Zeitreise werden hierfür in den weltweit führenden Special-Effects-Studios kreiert um den Zuschauern im Spätherbst 2003 ein unvergleichliches Kinoerlebnis zu bieten.

[19.08.2002] Die Produktionsfirma Crusader Entertainment verrät mehr über den Plot des Films...
In the not too distant future, scientist Travis Ryer finances his research in the potentials of time travel technology by leading expeditions of burned-out billionaires who pay thousands of dollars for the opportunity to hunt extinct creatures of the past.
These hunts are fairly routine, however, one afternoon their guns malfunction, and the team barely makes it back alive. When Travis returns to the past the following day, the time portal computer, TAMI, is gong haywire - volcanoes are exploding, and dinosaurs are dying. Then when Travis returns to the present, he discovers other more ominous signs that something is amiss: Files are missing from his computer, the weather has turned strange, and strange plant life is sprouting up around New York City. Travis suspects that somehow he and his team must have corrupted the timeline.
This belief is confirmed when Travis tracks down Allison, the inventor of modern time travel, just as a ‘Time Wave’ rolls through New York city. Instantly, swarms of bugs overwhelm New York. Whole buildings disappear. People cease to exist. Enlisting Allison’s help, Travis deduces that one of the self-indulgent billionaires must have brought a butterfly back from the past, despite dire warnings against this.
This butterfly must have been an ecological hinge point, Travis surmises, and now the current ecosystem is in jeopardy. Humanity may cease to exist. Travis, Allison and their team set out across a New York landscape now rife with thick jungle and dangerous, never-before-seen predators, determined to track down the stolen butterfly. Once found, they must bring it back to the cretaceous period before the last time wave hits, and man’s mark is forever swept from the face of the Earth.

[13.07.2002] CA meldet...
A new scooper wrote in to CA to share some inside dish about the production. According to our new pal, A Sound of Thunder is currently set to begin filming next Monday, July 15, in Prague and will continue shooting until sometime in October. And the source is bullish about what they've seen so far. "Good actors, very amazing script, exellent sets," they tell us.

[29.06.2002] DH meldet...
"A SOUND OF THUNDER is a sci-fi action adventure based on a short story by Ray Bradbury. The film is set in the future where a travel agency, Time Safari Inc. (run by Sir Ben Kingsley's character), is in the business of hunting trips for wealthy customers...back in time. All clients travel to the Jurassic Age to hunt dinosaurs with seasoned scout Dr. Travis Ryer (Ed Burns). The one rule the travelers must obey is they cannot step off the Time Safari catwalk for fear of destroying the natural habitat and, in turn, changing the course of evolution. However, in one time-altering jump a nervous hunter steps off the trail, killing a butterfly. The death of a single butterfly, compounded by millions of years of effects, leaves the hunters to return to a future that is not quite the one they came from. Now, Travis must team up with the inventor (Catherine McCormack) of the time machine technology to stop the "time waves" that are rippling up from this event, threatening to erase humanity. A SOUND OF THUNDER is expected to be rated PG-13"

[13.11.2001] meldet...
Peter Hyams ("Relic") soll die Regie bei der Ray-Bradbury-Verfilmung "A Sound of Thunder" uebernehmen. Darin wird Pierce Brosnan eine Zeitreise unternehmen und Dinosaurier jagen berichtet "Hollywood Reporter". Das Projekt liegt schon laengere Zeit auf Halde, sollte urspruenglich bereits bis Sommer diesen Jahres im Kasten sein.

[19.12.2000] IGN FilmForce meldet...
According to a story in the Hollywood Reporter, director Renny Harlin (Deep Blue Sea and the upcoming Sylvester Stallone racing epic Driven) and Pierce Brosnan "are teaming on a big-screen adaptation of Ray Bradbury's short story A Sound of Thunder" for Franchise Pictures. The piece states that screenwriters Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer penned the adaptation, which the filmmakers hope to bring "before cameras during the first quarter, before a possible actors strike."
The original short story appeared in legendary science fiction author Bradbury's 1952 collection R Is For Rocket. It details the adventures of a big-game hunter named Eckels who, in the future, goes on a dinosaur hunting trip to the past courtesy of "TIME SAFARI INC." which promises "Safaris to any year in the past. You name the animal. We take you there. You shoot it."
[...] The story was previously filmed as an episode of Ray Bradbury's Theater, starring Kiel Martin as Eckels (thanks to sharp-eyed reader Ed Novak for clueing us in), and its influence can be seen everywhere - from splatterpunk author David J. Schow's short story Kamikaze Butterflies to James Cameron's Terminator pictures; TV's The Simpsons even did an elaborate parody of it on its "Treehouse of Horror V" (recently released on video) under the title "Time and Punishment," in which Homer gets his hand stuck in a toaster, is whisked back in time to the age of the dinosaurs, and promptly starts to alter history with every step he takes.

A Sound of Thunder
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DVD Erscheinungstermin: 4. Januar 2007

DVDA Sound of Thunder [UK-Import]
Regionalcode 2
BBFC: Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren
Ton: Englisch
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 4. September 2006

A Sound of Thunder

A Sound of Thunder
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A Sound of Thunder
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A Sound of Thunder

Ray Bradbury
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A Sound of Thunder

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A Sound of Thunder

VIDEOSPIELE - Hardware, Spiele & Zubehör Das Videospiel "A Sound of Thunder" für den GameBoy Advance bietet interessante Features...
"Time Wave": die Umgebung der Levels ändert sich vor den Augen des Spielers und zwingt ihn, seine Aktionen und Taktiken unmittelbar zu ändern
Furchteinflössender Single-Player Storymodus. Löse Rätsel, manipuliere Gegenstände, interagiere mit neuen Charakteren und schicke mutierte Kreaturen dorthin, wo sie herkamen... in die Hölle
Co-op Multiplayer Modus - zwei Spieler lösen zusammen Rätsel und kämpfen gegen Horden von Bestien
Deathmatch-Action für bis zu 4 Spieler - mit nur einem Cartridge (Single Pack)
Entdecke detaillierte Indoor und Outdoor-Levels, die nach und nach von mutierten Lebewesen vereinnahmt werden
Benutzen Sie All Terrain Vehicles zur Erkundung schwer zugänglicher Areale, Im Co-op Modus steuert ein Spieler das Fahrzeug und der andere Spieler die Bordkanone.

A Sound of Thunder

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A Sound of Thunder

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A Sound of Thunder (DVD)

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A Sound of Thunder
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