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"Spaceballs - Mel Brooks´ verrückte Raumfahrt" (1987)...

Als Prinzessin Vespa (Daphne Zuniga) vom Planeten Druidia mit dem einschläfernden Prinzen Valium verheiratet werden soll, flieht sie, gerät jedoch in die Hände der bösen Bewohner des Planeten Spaceball, allen voran Präsident Skroob (Mel Brooks) und seinem dunklen, leicht tolpatschigen Erfüllungsgehilfen Lord Helmchen (Rick Moranis). Darauf beauftragt ihr Vater, König Roland, den Weltraumstrolch Lone Star (Bill Pullman) und seinen Kumpel Waldi (John Candy), Vespa zu befreien. Das Unternehmen gelingt, doch die Spaceballs geben nicht auf, weswegen das Geheimnis des Saftes, um das der geheimnisvolle Yogurt (Mel Brooks) weiss, von grosser Bedeutung ist...

Die ultimative SF-Parodie auf Filme wie "Alien", "Star Wars", "Star Trek" und "Planet der Affen"...

Yogurt prophezeite es am Ende von "Spaceballs": Wir sehen uns alle in "Spaceballs 2 - Auf der Suche nach noch mehr Geld"... Ein paar Fans begannen 1999 an einem Prequel zu arbeiten "Spaceballs - Chapter 1"... Die Fortsetzung kam aber dann in Form der Trickserie "Spaceballs: The Animated Series", die ab 21. September 2008 über die TV-Bildschirme flimmert...


"Spaceballs" - Special Edition im Steelbook !!!
Am 27. Dezember 2006 erschien "Spaceballs" als Special Edition - 2 DVDs im Steelbook... Jetzt bei Amazon bestellen !!!

[14.09.2008] Ein "Spaceballs: The Animated Series" Teaser-Trailer ist online !!!

[12.09.2007] Der TV-Sender Kabel 1 zeigt heute um 20.15 Uhr "Spaceballs"...

[07.09.2007] Ein Promo-Clip zu "Spaceballs: The Animated Series" ist online !!! Bei Moviehole gibt es Neuigkeiten zur Trickserie...
Details have been released for the upcoming Spaceballs : The Animated Series... and it sounds like a hoot.
According to the press materials, the toon "will specialize in what the theatrical film did best: spoofing movies and television shows, including such names as The Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Terminator and The Apprentice."
In the pilot, written by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan, Dark Helmet kidnaps Princess Vespa so he can blackmail her father, King Roland, into giving up the planet’s air. Dark Helmet wants to steal the air to save his own planet, Planet Spaceball, run by the fiendish President Skroob. This leads Princess Vespa’s dad to hire Lone Starr and Barf the Mawg to rescue the princess. After a battle with Dark Helmet, they successfully save the princess and get the air back to Planet Druidia.
The pilot for the series will run for an hour to be followed by 13 half-hour episodes.

[22.09.2006] Variety meldet...
MGM TV has commissioned an animated series based on Mel Brooks' 1987 "Spaceballs" movie and sold exclusive rights in the U.S. to Comcast's G4 cable network.
Encompassing a one-hour pilot and 13 half-hour episodes, project represents the first scripted series greenlit by the new TV division at MGM, led by Jim Packer, president of the worldwide TV distribution group. Series kicks off on G4 in fall 2007.
Although the movie grossed only $38.1 million in U.S. multiplexes, Packer said "Spaceballs" has become "a successful franchise for our library" through sale in video and DVD and to cable and pay TV nets.
Brooks and Thomas Meehan, who co-wrote the movie with Ronnie Graham, have penned the one-hour pilot, and Meehan will supervise the writing of the 13 half-hours. Brooks will do two of the voices, President Skroob and Yogurt.
Germany's Berliner Film Companie will provide the animation.
Packer said he expects brisk international sales of the show at next month's Mipcom festival in Cannes.
G4, which has 59 million subscribers, will become involved in the making of "Spaceballs," which is a joint production of MGM Studios, Brooksfilms Ltd. and Berliner.

[17.05.2006] Moviehole meldet...
Remember a few months back, that there was a report that Mel Brooks was working on a new "Spaceballs" series? There have also been whispers that a live-action sequel to the 1987 sci-fi spoof might be in the works.
So anyway, TV Guide asked Mel Brooks what the deal is. Seems there’s some good news.
"There is a shot at Spaceballs becoming a half-hour animated TV series. I wouldn't mind doing the voice for President Skroob or Yoghurt, if they wanted me to. So I'm hoping that will happen with Spaceballs", he says. [...]

[21.04.2005] Bei Contact Music gibt es ein Interview mit Mel Brooks über die geplante Zeichentrick-Serie...
Film-maker MEL BROOKS is in talks to turn his classic movie SPACEBALLS into a cartoon series.
Brooks starred in, wrote, produced and directed the 1987 film, and he's thrilled to see a renewed interest in the comedy.
He tells America's MAXIM magazine, "There's an animated Spaceballs TV concept in the works. I told them I'll be happy to look over the scripts and do some voices.
"I'd love to play PRESIDENT SKROOB - he's the perfect president - or YOGURT, the sweet little spiritual, magical man.
"I'm crazy. I'm liable to get into that make-up again when I record the voice - just to get back into the character. Okay, now that would be stupid."

[20.01.2005] CS! meldet...
Mel Brooks' wacky 1987 "Star Wars" spoof Spaceballs is being retooled for television via a three-way project involving the producer, MGM TV and German company BFC, reports Variety.
Brooks is partnering with Berliner Film Co., whose principal pitched the idea to the producer some months ago, and with MGM, which owns the rights to the original movie. Variety says the idea is to deliver an animated TV series that takes on the latest wave of sci-fi and fantasy icons, including the "Star Wars" prequels and "The Lord of the Rings."
Brooks will be working with his Producers collaborator Thomas Meehan, who co-wrote the Spaceballs movie, to produce the pilot and supervise the writing of the other episodes.
Brooks will again voice two of the returning characters, President Skroob and Yogurt. He's also voicing a character in 20th Century Fox's upcoming Robots.
Under the agreement with Brooks, BFC and MGM will produce an hourlong pilot and 13 half-hour episodes.

[29.09.2004] AICN meldet...
[...] There's a small Q and A with Mel Brooks in Playbill magazine, which is all about theatre shows, in which he says there are more movies on the way that he's doing..have a great day.
Playbill : What's the secret to The Producers longevity?
MB: I think it's just a matter of right time, right place. There was a thing called video and then there was a thing called DVDs, then it became more successful, and so the time was right for it, ripe for it actually, to go to Broadway. Now, it's the right time for it to be made back into a movie.
Playbill : With Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane?
MB: Most definitely. There might be a few changes, for instance an Australian chap named Bert Newton plays Franz Leibkind in the show down under and he gives the performance of that role I've ever seen frankly. I'd love Newton to be involved. I'd also like Nicole Kidman to be involved, and apparently she's keen.
Playbill : Will you have a role in it?
MB : It's doubtful, but I'm writing myself back into the Spaceballs sequel that I'm now writing, so you haven't seen the last of my face. Why another Spaceballs? It wouldn't feel right have anyone else play Yoghurt and the first one was the best experience I've had making a movie since Blazing Saddles.
Playbill : When can we expect that?
MB : Best case scenario : a week before the new Star Wars opens. Worst Case Scenario : a year after the new star wars opens. [...]

[26.07.2001] Heute erscheint "Spaceballs" auf DVD...

"Spaceballs" - Kritiken
Mel Brooks interpretiert George Lucas’ Weltraumoper "Star Wars" als kosmisches Duell netter Schwachköpfe und idiotischer Space-Nazis...

DVD & Video

Special Edition (2 DVDs) - Steelbook

Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 27. Dezember 2006

Gold Edition (2 DVDs)

Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren
Musik: John Morris
Format: Dolby, Surround Sound, PAL
Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch und Italienisch (DD 5.1)
Bildformat: 16:9, 1.85:1
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 17. Mai 2005

DVD Features: Spaceballs: Eine Dokumentation; John Candy: Comic Spirit; Mel Brooks Featurette; Storyboard to Film Comparison; Film Flubs; Spacequotes; Fotogalerie; Kinotrailer; Audiokommentar mit Mel Brooks

Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren
Musik: John Morris
Format: Dolby, Surround Sound, PAL
Sprachen: Deutsch, Französisch & Italienische (Stereo) & Englisch (DD 5.1)
Bildformat: 1.85:1
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 26. Juli 2001


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