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"Spawn" (1998) ist die Verfilmung des erfolgreichen Kult-Comics...

Der amerikanische Topagent Al Simmons, gespielt von Michael Jai White (u.a. "City of Crime", "Batman: The Dark Knight"), verendet grausam bei einem blutigen Einsatz durch die Hand seines machthungrigen Vorgesetzten. Auf der Suche nach Rache schließt der tote Al einen Pakt mit dem Teufel und kehrt fünf Jahre später als Superheld Spawn auf die Welt zurück. Von nun an buhlen Himmel wie Hölle um die Gunst des Rächers, da für den Ausgang der bevorstehenden Apokalypse Männer mit Superkräften die entscheidende Rolle spielen sollen...

Der Kinostart für das lange geplante Sequel bzw. die "Spawn"-Neuauflage ist noch offen...


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[24.08.2009] CS! meldet...
"Spawn" creator Todd McFarlane has announced that he has officially begun writing the screenplay for a new movie based on the character.
"The story has been in my head for 7 or 8 years," McFarlane said. "The movie idea is neither a recap or continuation. It is a standalone story that will be R-rated. Creepy and scary."
He added that "the tone of this 'Spawn' movie will be for a more older audience. Like the film 'Departed.'"
In August of 1997, New Line released a Spawn movie that grossed $87.8 million worldwide. It starred Michael Jai White, John Leguizamo and Martin Sheen.

[31.05.2007] Moviehole meldet...
Todd McFarlane tells Home Media Magazine he’ll be financing the script for "Spawn 2" - or simply "Spawn" as it may be called, since it’s a re-invention or whatever - and that it’ll be a much different beast to the film New Line pushed out a couple of years back.
McFarlane, currently writing the script, says the new film won’t have any ties with the first film and will be darker and creepier.
"I can make a spooky, suspenseful thriller that will scare the crap out of you," the toyman promises. [...]

[27.02.2006] Sneak Peek meldet...
At the New York Comic-Con "Spawn" panel, Canadian Todd McFarlane said he is planning a second "Spawn" feature, to be in theatres by 2007.
"I'm in the middle of the script and will have to do some rewrites, but I'm hoping by the end of the year, I'll be behind the camera," he said.
"You can do wonderful movies for under $10 million...I've got the money, so I'm going to write it, produce it and direct it."
McFarlane said that the film will be focused on the character 'Twitch'.
"Spawn doesn't utter a word in this film...the guy with all the speaking parts is Twitch...
"I can't do a Spider-Man. I don't have the money. But I can do a gritty, dark, scary, creepy movie.".

[20.01.2006] Moviehole meldet...
[...] As well as "Torso", McFarlane hopes to get going on the long-awaited sequel to the comic-book fave "Spawn" soon.
"I am currently writing that script, and then once I get it done and rewrite it 3 or 4 more times then I can get it to a place that I like", he says, adding that he’ll probably finance and direct the film himself.
"If someone wanted to give me 65 million dollars I'd put a different head on it. I'm not going to be able to go there so I have to bring it down into a non cg movie which means that it has to be very character driven, which means the movie then isn't about Spawn quote unquote. Over the years I have sort of explained it to people, it's sort of like Jaws in that although the movie is called Jaws and it's about the shark, the shark isn't the lead in the movie. It's about the people that are hunting the shark. Now the shark has a big place in it, but it's more about the people that are hunting the shark. That's sort of what the genesis of the movie will be because I don't have the money to just run around and do Spiderman and X-Men special effects. It's going to be an R-rated, very gritty, very urban and the only thing that is going to be out of the ordinary will be this thing called Spawn. There isn't going to be any super villain, there's not going to be any bazookas and ray guns it's just going to be one element that is out of the ordinary and people won't even believe that it actually exists... it's a boogeyman story, which is a lot different then what we did the first time".
McFarlane also confirmed that original "Spawn" star Michael Jai White is unlikely to reprise his role, if only because "You're never gonna really see Spawn in this movie so again even if I did get Michael you would never see him, so I don't need an actor to sort of do Spawns speaking lines cause he's never gonna speak".

[26.10.2005] Moviehole sprach mit Todd McFarlane...
[...] Todd McFarlane updated the Internet peeps today with a progress report on the long-planned "Spawn 2".
"In a perfect world, I'd like to put it out next year", McFarlane tells IGN. "I'm in the middle of writing it now. It depends how many times I go over the script. I might be quite pleased with it and get some notes from people I trust, but my guess is I'm probably gonna grind this thing over three or four or five times. I'd love to do production in the first half of the year and that means I could get it out in time Halloween of next year. It shouldn't be a long shoot. It's not an overly complicated story. It's fairly contained. Why? I don't have a big budget. I've got to keep the story consistent with the budget. I think we could shoot this thing in two months."
What can we expect from the sequel then?
"Spawn has always been something in my mind that, even though I started it as a superhero comic book, it was always like way more than that. There was always a lot more spiritual and again with some of the religious overtones in there and the ghostly aspects, and I like dark and gritty horror stuff too. To me it's like, there's plenty of superhero stuff. No one's going to give me a $70 million budget to do Spider-Man anyway, so forget it. Don't even go there. So how can I get it into a realm that makes sense to me, especially as I get older. The answer is to ground it, as weird as it is, eliminate the fantastic as much as possible, which may seem like an odd thing. And when I say that, it means that Spawn becomes the only fantastic element in the story."
He adds, "This is where people sometimes misinterpret what I say, 'cause I've talked about the movie before, where's they're like, "There's not gonna be any Violent, not gonna be any Clown in it?" No, there's not. But the movies I grew up with when I was a kid, there was Frankenstein and that was it. There was King Kong and that was it. There wasn't Doctor Doom, there wasn't Magneto, there wasn't sidekicks, there wasn't any of that. There were humans, that were the villagers trying to kill Frankenstein, and then there was the mad scientist -- who was a human -- and his crazy sidekick Igor, but he was human too. The only thing that was fantastic was the monstrosity in the middle. Jaws scared the s--- out of me. It's sort of a fantastic idea of a giant man-eating shark, but everything else was grounded in that movie. It wasn't like, "Okay, now we're gonna bring in the special task force of the government that has these special bazookas." There wasn't any of that."
McFarlane says that’s "the only way I'm gonna get Spawn made at a reasonable price and still make it interesting. The brand name's been there, I believe that the character's been around long enough now that the majority of the fans are old anyways. And I'm saying old in that they can get into an r-rated movie, if need be, without anybody holding their hand".

[23.03.2005] sprach mit Todd McFarlane...
[...] we're currently working on the return of Spawn in animation form, and this summer I'll be writing the screenplay for a movie that I'll be directing that I hope I can get started in December or January.
So a sequel to the movie?
No, I wouldn't use that word. A reinvention. If everything goes good there'll be a movie next year, and the animation is definitely coming next year. And then all of a sudden we've reinvigorated the direction of the comic book, I mean each will happen of their own voice, but all of sudden it's like, "oh cool, Spawn is back to sort of being to the forefront of comic books and comic book pop culture like Spider-Man, Superman and Batman have taken their rightful place there. [...]

[23.03.2005] Moviehole meldet...
"Spawn" creator Todd McFarlane tells UGO that plans for another film version are still bubbling away.
McFarlane says the new movie will be about as close to the first one - which starred Michael Jai White and Martin Sheen - as Melbourne is to Mumbai.
"That one is sort of devoid of all comic book stuff. It's a true spook movie in the vein of The Exorcist, or more recently with a movie like The Grudge or something like that. It's not like anyone is running around in costumes, there are no superpowers or villains but more of a scarefest. There is only one scary thing in those movies and this case it would just be Spawn. There is no Clown and there is no Violator. None that stuff. There is a boogeyman in the midst of a movie like LA Confidential. How would LA Confidential be different if shadows are moving", he says.
Will he look the same though? "Not really. Ultimately, you never get a big giant look at him because he's a ghost. All of sudden you turn and there is nothing there. I use Jaws as inspiration in a weird way. You don't really see him in the first attack or the next couple of attacks. It wasn't until a little later you see his mouth and some of the other stuff. The more I show him the less scary he will be so he will be more like a force of nature. There was this movie a few years ago called Jacob's Ladder, so it will have creepy elements like that. We'll see if anyone wants any of that. Part of it is that no one wants to give us $70 million for the second movie. I can't think big extravaganza so I have to go down low and keep the budget under $20 million. Which means no special effects, which is ok, because then it becomes a scary suspense movie that hopefully I can get you to jump out of your seat a few times".
Steve Niles and Hans Rodionoff had each written a draft for a "Spawn 2", but at the moment, they're not involved - just McFarlane.
"Hans did a couple of drafts did a couple of drafts of the movie Tortured Souls that was based on some toys that Clive Barker and I came up with. When we moved Spawn from New Line to Sony, Steve Niles and I did a script there. But as it stands right now Sony doesn't want to let it up because they want some stupid number to buy it because they say they spent all this money. Like whatever. So I have to take a step away from that and do what I need to do. The stuff that Steve and I were doing was closer to some of these same elements where again there were no supervillains or any of that stuff. It was taking a very serious look at voodoo and witchcraft", he says. "The deal that we were trying to make with one of the studios last week was that I would be writing, directing and producing it. We got the creative part set but we couldn't get the co-financing aspect nailed down. Right now my intent is to just finance it myself and find a distributor later". [...]

[13.05.2004] CS! meldet...
IDT Entertainment and Todd McFarlane Productions (TMP) today jointly announced a multi-faceted development, production, and distribution agreement to produce animated programming and merchandise based on Spawn [...]
According to the terms of the agreement, the initial project is the return of Todd McFarlane's Spawn: The Animated Series. Spawn is the story of a highly decorated U.S. soldier, brutally executed by his own men. Reborn as a creature from hell, he fights a constant battle between the forces of good and evil. The first Spawn series aired on HBO from 1997 through 1999 and won two Emmy awards. Spawn, one of the world's best-selling comic books with hundreds of millions sold worldwide, has also been the subject of a live action feature film released in 1997. Distributed by New Line Cinema, the movie version of Spawn has grossed over $100 million internationally.
"This agreement is better than Marvelous," said Jim Courter, IDT's CEO. "Worldwide, the demand for a new Spawn series continues to grow. The first series broke new creative ground for an animated series and was its generation's most popular comic franchise. With IDT Entertainment as the animation partner the new series will be even better." [...]

[27.11.2003] AICN meldet...
[...] Michael Jai White says he's going to be doing the sequel next year and that they've finally got a script they are all happy with. Its going to be a very dark, batman-like sequel, one that will please comic fans he says. martin sheen isnt in it this time, but the villain might be a guy called brimstone he said, and said sly stallone was the man for the job last he heard. [...]

[15.11.2003] DH meldet...
On the strength of Namco Hometek's new vid-game release "Spawn: Armageddon", Todd McFarlane has apparently indicated a new "Spawn" theatrical feature will be produced towards the end of 2004.

[13.07.2003] CBR News sprach kürzlich mit dem Produzenten Don Murphy, u.a. über "Spawn 2"...
[...] Hans Rodionoff wrote the latest script that one. "Sam and Twitch are prominent characters. This movie is smaller and have perhaps even a cooler and scarier."
However, in spite of the current heat on superhero fare, things are not moving quickly with the studio.
"We turned in the draft to Sony. Sony's a mess. I'm not sure where that stands at the moment," Murphy lamented. "If Sony doesn't make it I'm sure that New Line would want their franchise back." [...]

[04.12.2002] Comics2Film meldet, dass Hans Rodionoff (u.a. "Man-Thing", "Werewolf By Night" & "Grendel") das Drehbuch überarbeitet...
"The way that I see these two characters is not so much like a fat guy with a donut stuck on his ass and a nerdy guy with big coke-bottle glasses," Rodionoff said. "These guys are more like Riggs and Murtaugh [from Lethal Weapon]. If you dropped Blade into Lethal Weapon, you've got sort of what I'm going for." [...]

[27.11.2002] In einem Forum-Beitrag von steht zu lesen...
I heard on Todd's radio show that the movie was being re-written to make it more action-oriented and PG13 [...]

[07.05.2002] CGX sprach mit Todd McFarlane...
[...] A little while ago, Todd began writing the screenplay for the sequel to the first Spawn movie. It was different this time around though. The formula needed to be changed. Todd had his reasons for making a change, "The first movie did okay, and so to repeat the formula of a movie that did okay doesn’t really seem to be the way to go. It needs to be different, within the confines of different, I wanted to create a movie that if you’re not necessarily a Spawn fan, it won’t matter that much, so you don’t need any pre-information but you’d go just because you saw a cool trailer." So what’s the big change!?
It’s a move away from the action/horror, that the first movie so vividly portrayed, and a move towards a more urban drama. "If you like moody, suspense thrillers then there’s potentially a different audience that can be added to the existing ones. I’m hoping that the Spawn fans will come, and they’re the ones that are actually gonna go. They’re loyal, they’re gonna come anyways and I’m not gonna take advantage of that, I’m here to present Spawn in a different light and see whether they go ‘I hate it’ or ‘it’s not bad.’" The change to a more dramatized version of Spawn also makes it a lot easier for McFarlane to get funded. [...]

[02.04.2002] CBR sprach mit Steve Niles, u.a. über "Spawn 2"...
"What SPAWN 2 is about is here's this guy who's been dead and gone for over 10 years. It was five years from [the time he died up till the first movie] and then add another five or six years to that... He's been dead and sitting in an alley for a long time! He's been forgotten. He's a supernatural force. What we're doing in SPAWN 2 is we're telling three or four separate stories; Sam and Twitch and a case they're on about a ritual murder, a criminal conspiracy with the Police that involves the area around Rat City and basically all these story lines intersect at Spawn and he affects each one of them."

[08.03.2002] meldet...
The second full-length Spawn feature film took another significant step toward reality with the recent completion of the script by Todd McFarlane and Steve Niles. The script was approved by co-producer Don Murphy (From Hell, Natural Born Killers) and has been forwarded to executives at Columbia for their approval, which could come as soon as next week.
Todd and Steve have been hard at work in recent weeks, hammering out the script at a breakneck pace. Niles was in Phoenix working directly with Todd to complete what they hope is the script's final draft.
As has reported for some time, the new film will be a radical departure from the original Spawn movie. It will have a more mature theme and likely an R rating. No hints on plot yet, but the script itself is very dark and entertaining. Stay tuned to for more details as they become available. [...]

[27.02.2002] Comics Continuum sprach mit Steve Niles über "Spawn 2"...
Niles is working with Spawn creator Todd McFarlane on the script for Spawn 2, which is set up at Columbia Pictures.
"Spawn 2 is coming along great," Niles told The Continuum. "The script has gone through several polishes and we're working closely with Don Murphy to make it something special."
Murphy is set up as producer. He produced last fall's From Hell and has been connected to several comics-to-film projects.
"I think the biggest surprise will be how different this film will be from the first," Niles said. "I think Spawn 2 will be much more accessible to all types of movie fans because it will cross the lines between the superhero, horror and crime genres."

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