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"Sunshine" ist ein SF-Film von Danny Boyle (u.a. "Trainspotting", "The Beach")...

Die Sonne stirbt... Ein Team aus 8 Männern und Frauen macht sich auf den Weg dem roten Riesen neues Leben einzuhauchen... Aber zu welchem Preis !?!

Es wirken mit...
Rose Byrne (u.a. "Troja"), Cliff Curtis (u.a. "Whale Rider"), Chris Evans (u.a. "Fantastic Four"), Troy Garity (u.a. "After the Sunset"), Cillian Murphy (u.a. "28 Days Later"), Hiroyuki Sanada (u.a. "The Last Samurai"), Benedict Wong (u.a. "Dirty Pretty Things"), Michelle Yeoh (u.a. "Tiger & Dragon")...

Die Dreharbeiten begannen am 22. August 2005... "Sunshine" startete - nach diversen Terminverschiebungen - am 19. April 2007 in den deutschen Kinos...


"Sunshine" auf DVD !!!
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Danny Boyle's "Sunshine" auf DVD... Jetzt bei Amazon bestellen !!!

[24.04.2007] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit Danny Boyle...

[19.04.2007] Heute startet "Sunshine"in den deutschen Kinos... Und bei gibt es eine Kritik...

[04.04.2007] Bei AICN-D gibt es eine positive Kritik...

[29.03.2007] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere Kritik...
[...] All in all a noble effort and a hit rather than a miss, but this is such well-worn territory that it would take something really really special to make the kind of mark that the hard work and good intentions of the cast and crew deserved. [...]

[20.03.2007] Bei Moviehole gibt es ein Interview mit Danny Boyle... Und bei AICN gibt es Kritiken...
[...] A hugely enjoyable if not totally original film Sunshine would not exist if it were not for those that have gone before it. Boyle has borrowed from the best sci-fi of the last 40 years and brought it bang up to date. I personally can’t wait to watch it again! [...]

[12.03.2007] Moviehole meldet...
‘Matthew’ attended the ‘Popcorn Taxi’ Q&A with Danny Boyle ("Sunshine") last night - following a screening of the film - and summarised the revelations revealed in the Question and Answer session. [...]
Even though I thought it sounded like THE CORE II, I really enjoyed it. The Q and A was interesting. There were a lot of kiss ass comments coming from the audience but there were some good questions also. Here's some of the stuff I remember (I tried to take my mp3 recorder in but security was tight). Not sure if any of it would be of interest or not.
* budget was $40 million
* spent 1 year in post production
* over 35 rewrites of the script
* the studio where the film was shot was only 10 minutes from where Boyle lived
* wanted Rose Byrne after seeing her in Troy
* thought Cillian Murphy was too "attractive" to play a biologist, but then met a biologist who was helping out on the film and he was more "attractive" than Murphy, so it justified his casting.
* the final scene was originally shot on DV to convince the studio to give them more money to shoot it properly.
* he would rather be in music than film but has no musical skill.
* put 3 Asians in the ship when he found out over 80% of Americans wouldn't have agreed to the first moon landing if they knew how much it was going to cost. (wanted universal casting).
* after the film was shot, the studio paid for him and 35 journalist to experience a zero gravity flight.
* had the cast live in student amenities for awhile where they had to cook for themselves, to create a feel of solitude and being confined together.
* test screenings went "shit" cause the visual effects were not completed and he doesn't think the audience could look past the incomplete effects. [...]
* turned down Alien:Resurrection because at the time he was too scared to handle the amount of effects involved in making the film.

[09.03.2007] Bei CS! gibt es ein Interview mit Cillian Murphy...

[05.03.2007] Bei MSN UK gibt es einen weiteren "Sunshine" Trailer...

[02.03.2007] Bei kann man einen Blick auf das UK-Poster werfen...

[28.02.2007] zeigt einen Ausschnitt aus dem Film...

[18.01.2007] Nun gibt es den "Sunshine" Trailer auch im Quicktime-Format...

[18.01.2007] Der erste "Sunshine" Trailer ist online !!!

[21.11.2006] Bei gibt es ein Video, dass ein paar kurze Sequenzen aus dem Film enthält... Ausserdem gibt es im Bereich Downloads Desktop-Hintergründe mit den Hauptcharakteren...

[15.09.2005] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zu einer Testvorführung...
[...] Overall, this movie had a lot of potential. If it stuck to the philosophical side more instead of the typical hollywood contrivances, I would have enjoyed it much more. [...] This movie aimed a lot higher than it reached. I suppose Danny Boyle had a chance to look into the sun, and what he found was a mediocre movie trying to be something more. [...]

[07.09.2006] Unter gibt es ein Bild von Michelle Yeoh in ihrem "Ripley"-Outfit... ;-)

[22.06.2006] Unter gibt es ein sehenswertes "Sunshine" Danny Boyle Intro, das einige Szenen aus dem Film zeigt...

[22.12.2005] Bei CS! gibt es Szenenbilder...

[22.11.2005] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit Michelle Yeoh...

[17.10.2005] Unter gibt es - bereits seit August - ein Blog mit unterhaltsamen Infos zur Produktion... Regelmässig reinschauen !!!

[10.06.2005] CS! weiss mehr über die "Sunshine"-Besetzung...
Fox Searchlight Pictures has hired Michelle Yeoh, Cillian Murphy and Chris Evans to star in the space travel sci-fi thriller Sunshine for director Danny Boyle (28 Days Later), reports Variety.
The film, about a team of astronauts sent to discover what became of a space mission crew gone AWOL, will begin shooting this summer in the U.K., and will be produced by Andrew Macdonald through DNA Films. Fox Searchlight will distribute in the U.S.
Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Tomorrow Never Dies) just wrapped the Rob Marshall-directed Memoirs of a Geisha for Columbia Pictures.
Murphy, who starred for Boyle in 28 Days Later, will next be seen in Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins and recently wrapped the Wes Craven-directed Red-Eye for DreamWorks.
Evans, who starred in Cellular, will next be seen playing the Human Torch in 20th Century Fox's Fantastic Four.
The film has been scripted by Alex Garland, who wrote the screen adaptation of the Microsoft computer game Halo that is being shopped for $10 million to studios.

[15.04.2005] Latino Review meldet, dass Cillian Murphy (u.a. "28 Days Later") eine Hauptrolle spielen wird...

[17.03.2005] sprach mit Danny Boyle, u.a. über "Sunshine"...
[...] "It’s set in space on a spacecraft," he reveals. "It's on a journey to the sun and on this mission they’re taking a huge bomb to reignite a section of the sun which is failing and the bomb is like the size of Manhattan. It's absolutely vast, this bomb. It's staggering and it's been built in space where size doesn't matter and weight doesn't matter, but there's been another mission that's gone before them seven years earlier and that's failed and they don't know why. No one knows why. So it's a kind of mystery."
While Boyle is currently in the casting process on the film, whether it shoots in the U.K. is still to be determined.
"We're trying to," says Boyle. "The value of the pound is a factor in it, but we're trying to shoot it in London. It's obscenely expensive. We'd like the pound to come down. It's scarily expensive to make a film there. The dollar goes nowhere because the pound is so high. It's a space movie and so it's all shot in a studio of course. So it can be shot anywhere in the world, so it doesn't really matter."
However, don’t be expecting Boyle to turn into a U.K. Michael Bay with SUNSHINE.
"It's big for us, but miniscule comparatively," Boyle admits. "Well, you're going to meet the sun, and that's going to be tough for us, and it's going to cost about $40 million to make which is big for us, but quite small in comparison."

[07.03.2005] Twitch Film sprach mit Danny Boyle...
DAVE: So, to close, what’s next for Danny Boyle?
DB: We’re doing a science fiction film called Sunshine written by Alex Garland who also wrote 28 Days Later. It’s the story of a mission to the sun. This crew is transporting a bomb the size of Kansas there to use in hopefully re-igniting part of it that has gone out. But part of the story is that seven years earlier another crew had tried the same thing and failed and that noone knows what happened to them. I can tell you that the crew does get to the source of all life in the universe. It’s a real page-turner but it moves from being a thriller into quite a spiritual film. We start shooting on July 11.
DAVE: Cast?
DB: We haven’t got any (laughing). Actually we’re still trying to decide whether we’re going ensemble or star. Space movies tend to work better as ensemble pieces but the budget for this is pretty large. [...]

[24.10.2004] sprach mit Danny Boyle...
Counting ourselves among the many who loved the novel, The Beach and its author's first screenplay, 28 Days Later, we were more than excited to learn that Alex Garland will re-team with director Danny Boyle to make a new sci-fi movie, Sunshine.
Boyle spoke to us last night at the premiere for his new film, Millions, confirming that work had already begun on the film, 'It's set in deep space, and it's about a mission to the sun,' he told us, 'we're designing it at the moment as we work on the script. We've got an art department set up in London and we hope to start casting in the new year and to shoot in July.'
So how does one prepare to write a sci-fi film? By watching loads of them, of course, on the biggest screens they can find, 'We've been watching films the last couple of weeks,' he told us, 'some of the cinemas in London have been kind enough to screen us The Abyss, Star Wars and loads that we haven't looked at before. We watched Star Wars on the big screen at the Empire the other day so we could get a closer look at the models, that was fantastic.'
There are no cast to announce yet, but with Danny Boyle in charge you can bet he has some names in mind. As Millions is his first kid's film, so he'll have another genre under his belt with Sunshine, which will be released in 2006.

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