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Die archivierten Nachrichten aus der Rubrik "Aktuelles"...

[15.12.2004] Moviehole sprach mit dem SFX-Künstler Alec Gillies über "Superman" & Co....
Besides a possible AVP2, What else are you working on?
We’re working on Superman. I’m not going out of the country for it; we’re doing costume component, sort of like what we did on Spider-Man 1 and 2.
Is the costume going to be similar to the one in Dick Donner’s original?
I think that, without spilling anyone’s beans, fans of the comic book will not be disappointed.
Confident Bryan Singer is going to do a good job?
Well look at the X-Men movies, particularly the first one. I like how he roots things in reality. So I think he’s going to do a great job. [...]

[28.11.2004] berichtet über das Casting von Lois Lane...
Whilst Singer has found his Superman the search for Lois Lane is on and it is proving a little tricky. Sources inform us that many actresses are hesitant to take the role for fear of being typecast and playing second fiddle to Brandon Routh’s Superman.
Evangeline Lilly looks to be out of the running, her commitment to Lost effectively ruling her out. The studio is looking to put a more familiar face opposite Routh’s Superman. A lesser known actress may not be an option. The actress cast will be the one who has the best onscreen chemistry with Routh. Kate Bosworth, Elisha Cuthbert and Claire Danes are apparently the ones to watch.

[15.11.2004] AICN-Downunder meldet...
[...] If you're a Tamworth, NSW resident, something's coming your way that has nothing to do with country music. Well, we don't know who'll be providing the score, so that might not be entirely true. "Nate" has written in about SUPERMAN filming to let us know that the Kent Farm exteriors and interiors are being built at Fox Studios in Sydney. The exteriors will then be shipped down to Tamworth, and will be among the first scenes filmed. Work has also begun on sets for the Daily Planet offices and other mysterious sets. A tip for the filmmakers: there's a brothel in Melbourne called The Daily Planet, and it has those words in big letters across the front of the building. You could save yourself a bunch of money on building an exterior location [...]

[30.10.2004] meldet...
The Man of Steel has a new home in Culver City where Sony Pictures Imageworks has been tapped to provide the visual effects for director Bryan Singer's 2006 release "Superman Returns." Lensing is expected to begin in Australia early next year on the Warner Bros. Pictures film with Gil Adler, Jon Peters and Singer producing. Mark Stetson is supervising the visual shots for Warner Bros. production. Imageworks has yet to confirm an internal supervisor, and a digital effects shot breakdown is still pending. However, sources said the early estimate for "Superman" is about 800 shots, comparable to Columbia Pictures' "Spider-Man 2." Effects artists are likely to provide a similar emphasis on heroic live-action effects and digital doubles.

[29.10.2004] meldet, dass Brandon Routh einen Vertrag für 3 "Superman"-Filme unterschrieben hat, angeblich inkl. "Batman vs. Superman"...

[23.10.2004] Zwischenzeitlich hat auch Warner Bros. Brandon Routh als "Superman"-Darsteller bestätigt - bei IESB gibt es eine bebilderte Presseerklärung...

[21.10.2004] Bei AICN gibt es neue "Superman"-Infos von Bryan Singer...
[...] He's going to stay very true to Donner's vision of the Superman mythos, saying that the three most important aspects of the character are young Clark, the Clark facade, and Superman himself.
He asked if there was anything else and I presented him with the most important aspect I could think of. "Will you use John Williams music in the movie?"
He looked at me dead on and said very boldly, "Yes. Definitely yes." [...]
he talked about the suit and what it is going to look like. He said it will be very traditional, but that it will take advantage of the things that were learned on Spiderman. He said that spandex tends to remove definition from someone's build, and that they are going to have to shade the costume to add the effect that the actor is more toned than he really is.
He also talked about how and his writing parterns crafted a story which could be compared to Tim Burton's Batman (1989). He said that he is going to have the first two films serve as a sort of vague history, and that this next film will pick up after Superman has been gone for 6 years. He said that the story is going to approach Superman as sort of being a returning Messiah (sp). Singer also had an interesting comment that people in the movie sort of wish that Superman had never existed, because once he disappeared, the world fell into chaos.
Singer also divulged some really cool stuff about some sequences and some of the riggs that have been constructed. He said that they have created a rigg which has the capability to "fly" the actor at speeds of up to 40 mph a distance as far as 3 football fields!!! It was amazing stuff, and he said that almost all of the major sequences have already been pre-visualized.
I am not sure that he said much, else; but he pretty much confirmed that Routh has been cast.
One last thing I am remembering; he said that he really wanted to have Reeve make a cameo, and that because they are shooting in Australia (this was his idea before Reeve passed away), he was going to try to do something similar to what was done for that SuperBowl commercial a few years ago; using CGI he was going to try to have Reeve make a cameo while walking! [...]

[17.10.2004] Latino Review meldet, dass der relativ unbekannte Darsteller Brandon Routh (Jahrgang 1979) in das Superman-Kostüm schlüpfen wird... Im Brandon Routh Message Board auf seiner Offiziellen Website wird schon fleissig diskutiert...

[13.10.2004] Capone von AICN sprach mit Bryan Singer...
Capone: [...] Where do you stand right with casting SUPERMAN? Is it really going to be called SUPERMAN RETURNS?
B.S.: That's strictly a working title. But it is a return story. It puts the first films in a kind of vague history. So what it doesn't do is tread over the 1978 Richard Donner film, it doesn't tread over "Smallville." It elaborates on the existence of Superman in the world in a history. He's out of the culture and then he returns.
Capone: Will you be using footage from the other films?
B.S.: (Long pause) It's possible. There's an introduction sequence that may or may not involve something like that, but not in the way you might be thinking.
Capone: Is there any truth to the reports that you have a deadline to lock in the main cast or Warner Bros. will step in a do it for you?
B.S.: No, that's absurd. I read that too and think it's just bizarre about James Caviezel, who's a wonderful actor. But, no, I'm committed to casting an unknown.
Capone: So asking you what that unknown might be would be pointless, because we probably would not have heard of this person, right?
B.S.: Right. [...]

[10.10.2004] Spiegel Online berichtet über den Tod von Christopher Reeve...

[27.09.2004] Bei AICN gibt es zur Abwechslung mal Infos von "Superman Returns"-Regisseur Bryan Singer: Ein Sequel soll es sein, die Dreharbeiten sollen im März 2005 beginnen, die Hauptrolle soll mit einem unbekannten, 25 bis 30-jährigen Schauspieler besetzt werden...

[01.09.2004] Laut einer Meldung bei DH sieht es ganz so aus, als würde James Caviezel (u.a. Jesus in "Die Passion Christi") die Rolle des Superman übernehmen... Trotzdem glauben wir es erst, wenn wir es sehen... *g*

[19.07.2004] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Warner fängt noch einmal von ganz vorn an, um es endlich richtig zu machen: Nach dem Ausstieg des designierten Regisseurs McG konnte sich das Studio die Dienste von "X-Men"-Regisseur Bryan Singer sichern. Das ist eine überraschende Wendung, hatte man zuletzt doch mit der Verpflichtung von Michael Bay als McG-Nachfolger spekuliert. Singers Verpflichtung bedeutet aber auch, dass das seit mehreren Jahren geplante Projekt noch einmal komplett neu aufgerollt wird. [...]

[18.07.2004] Bei AICN gibt es neue Infos zu "Superman Returns"...
[...] The confirmed details are: Bryan Singer, Michael Dougherty & Dan Harris are on board. It will not be an origin story. And something regarding the Christopher Reeve films and that universe has something to do with this. (though that last one is a shady detail... My source heard that, but when they did... there was no elaboration for the how, what, when, where or why of it.) [...]

[12.07.2004] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Nach Brett Ratner hat Warners neuer "Superman" mit "Drei Engel für Charlie"-Regisseur McG erneut einen prominenten Filmemacher verloren. Nach längeren Querelen und Streitigkeiten um die Besetzung der Titelrolle des als wichtigem Tentpole geplanten Projekts hat sich das Studio von dem Regisseur getrennt. Ausschlag gab angeblich Uneinigkeit über die Höhe des Budgets. Aber auch McGs Beharren auf einen - teuren - Dreh vor Ort in New York, während Warner die Produktion in Australien vorzog, hatte für Unstimmigkeiten gesorgt. Es ist ein erneuter Rückschlag für einen Film, der sich bereits seit knapp zehn Jahren, als Kevin Smith ein schließlich abgelehntes Drehbuch für Tim Burton schrieb, vor allem durch Rückschläge auszeichnet. Insider vermuten, Action-Ass Michael Bay ("Armageddon - Das jüngste Gericht", "Pearl Harbor") könne den vakanten Regiestuhl einnehmen [...]

[02.07.2004] Michael Bay scheint sich um "Superman" zu kümmern !!! AICN ergänzt...
[...] At one point today, Michael Bay's official site went completely offline, and now it's back, but the SUPERMAN shield that was there this morning has been removed. Did he jump the gun in cryptically announcing his involvement? Did Warner Bros. ask him to take the image off his site? Has he, in fact, not signed yet? Something's up, and it's worth digging into further. [...]

[26.06.2004] DH meldet...
A good man is definitely a hard thing for McG to find, so much so it appears he's given up the search.
Superman V reports that earlier this week they heard that the "Charlie's Angels" director was to be "no longer involved" with the "Superman" production (which explains his reluctance to speak about the project the other week), and after a bunch of calls, e-mails and pressure they finally got it confirmed that it's true - McG is off the project.
Seems that the recent auditions were "McG's last chance at getting the SUPERMAN movie off the ground, and landing himself the job of directing, see NO ONE has offically signed on as director of SUPERMAN since Brett Ratner left the project last year, Warner Bros. are being VERY cautious before accepting a director, and I guess McG didn't have what they were looking for, see we were told if he didn't manage to please the studio execs with his ideas he would be gone, which he now HAS, as of TUESDAY McG is no longer involved with the SUPERMAN production what so ever".
They "also heard that the latest report about ANOTHER suit being introduced - a BLACK kryptonian suit - was accurate, this was an addition to the latest Abrams draft, we are told that after this the studio asked for re-writes of the script, and McG brought on board Josh Schwartz to touch it up, we are lead to believe, that McG may not have even handed in the latest revised draft (he was giving the boot before he had the chance)...We are lead to believe that Abrams is no longer connected to the project, that his work is complete with it, so expect a NEW writer to come on board and start from scratch".
As for casting, "It's back to square one, no one has signed as Superman, and no one will be Superman with no director". However the studio 'Did like a few of the screen tests and thought they went really well' so a favourites list is expected to be handed over to a new director who could be selected as early as the end of this year. The production is still aiming to begin filming sometime next year for a release in 2006.

[20.06.2004] Bei IGN FilmForce gibt es neue Infos zu "Superman"...
According to Variety, Warner Brothers has slated the next Superman movie for a fall 2004 start date in Australia. Neal Moritz (S.W.A.T.) and Gilbert Adler (Constantine) are in talks to produce. Original producer Jon Peters will remain onboard but not play a major role.
Superman will carry a $200 million budget. It has not yet been green-lit, and McG has not yet signed to direct. Location scouting Down Under gets underway soon.
Variety claims "Moritz's negotiations have been ticklish. Sony Pictures Entertainment staked him and his Original Films banner to a five-year renewal deal late last year, and sources said Col execs were aghast that he wanted to work for a rival studio on a time-consuming tentpole. Those hurdles appear to have been cleared."
J.J. Abrams' script "revolves around Superman's battle with Lex Luthor and a mysterious killer from Krypton who has come to hunt down the Man of Steel."
The trade also confirms that Warner Brothers wants to cast an unknown. Six actors screen-tested for the title role last week. The candidates include Jason Behr, Henry Cavill, Jared Padalecki and Michael Cassidy. "It is not a certainty one of them will be chosen," Variety cautioned.

[27.05.2004] Bei DH gibt es weitere Insider-Infos zum wiederbelebten "Superman"-Projekt, u.a. zum Plot...
[...] New script draft is more action focused while the main storyline features promptly on Clark/Superman/Lois romance. A good portion of the screenplay is action, think of "Tomb Raider". No story, all action. The origins are displayed, but downplayed, and this is indeed set as a more trendier and more fashionable update rather than a classic return to the comics roots one (ala "Batman Begins"). Expect official announcements this Summer. Brendan Fraser is still involved, but not as Supes, rather Ty-Zor [...]

[26.05.2004] Wenn man der Insider-Meldung bei DH Glauben schenken kann, dann wird Henry Cavill für McG in das "Superman"-Dress schlüpfen... Währenddessen meldete SHH!...
Studio has tapped ESC Entertainment to serve as the lead visual effects house for the film, being targeted for a summer 2006 release.
"Superman" is expected to be an effects-heavy tentpole, but because the pic has yet to be greenlit, it is unclear just how many shots ESC will be creating. Kim Libreri will oversee the company's work on the film as visual effects supervisor.
Warner Bros. has also brought on board effects vet Stan Winston to design a prototype of Superman's suit. Winston currently serves as a consultant on the project.
Studio is hoping to begin production on "Superman" sometime before the end of the year, with McG directing from a script by J.J. Abrams.

[11.05.2004] Bei AICN gibt es neue Insider-Gerüchte bzgl. der "Superman"-Besetzung !!! In Focus sprach mit Wolfgang Petersen...
[...] Is there any chance we'll ever see your "Batman vs. Superman"?
I ask the question myself quite often. I was just talking to Alan Horn about it and he said, "I always liked that concept so much." I think it's on the back-burner because Warner Brothers decided to go with single "Batman" and "Superman" movies. "Superman" is, at the moment, shelved; I think if they successfully launch it again, then at some point it will be "Batman vs. Superman" again. I'll definitely be attached to that project whenever". [...]

[10.05.2004] titelt "The Problem with Superman"...

[08.02.2004] Extra sprach mit Beyoncé Knowles...
[...] The superstar is up for a big role in a superhero franchise - Lois Lane in "Superman." Beyoncé says, "I hope so. Everyone pray that happens for me."

[29.01.2004] AICN berichtet... Beyonce Knowles als Lois Lane !?! Johnny Depp als Lex Luthor !?!

[22.01.2004] Moviehole meldet...
[...] "Torque" star Martin Henderson hinted that he is indeed in talks to star as "Superman" for Director McG.
Asked whether or not his ‘in’ with the studio [Warner] has given him an opportunity to test for the role of Superman in the film, Henderson clammed up admitting "Ah, Ah, we’ll see... we’re talking about it. We’ll see."
Although Henderson admits he may want to do something a little less commercial for his next picture, the fact that it’s set to film in Australia - where he cut his teeth in the industry - and the fact that he doesn’t mind a bit of the old green screen trickery, might aid in his ultimate decision - should he get the gig. [...]

[27.12.2003] DH meldet...
Tom Welling, the young hunk-a-spunk whose served as the teen Clark Kent for three years on "Smallville" has been doing the promo rounds in NYC for his comedy flick "Cheaper by the Dozen". With the "Superman" movie in development and no-one cast as yet, he was understandably asked whether he would slip on the spandex tights and 'Agent Smith' heard his answer on two major shows:
"He told Carson Daly on TRL that he had talked to Brett Ratner about doing the "Superman" film. He said that if he were to do it, 'Smallville' would have to stop.
Later, he told radio jock Howard Stern that, "its not totally out of the question. at the moment, that decision lies more with the producers of the show, than it does with me. I woudn't knock back the offer. Basically, if they think this might be the last season of Smallville, than it would be the perfect opportunity. We could continue Clark's story on the big screen, and that's something the studio and the new director [he didnt say who it was] are considering".
Welling also said they've had trouble finding someone that acts and looks like Superman, because they've either been too old or scared of being tied down to the role. He said he's already got that problem, which is probably why he was asked. But said it would be an honor if it worked out that way.
Stern asked Welling who he think would be a good Lois Lane, and Welling said he THINKS THEY'VE ALREADY GOT THEIR LOIS LANE, but thinks Piper Perabo from his latest movie would be a good choice.

[27.10.2003] Moviehole meldet...
Frontrunner -apparently- for "Superman", Brendan Fraser finally talked about the offer to USA Weekend, but funnily enough he doesn’t even sound confident that the movie will go ahead. "I'm not sure that film is going to get made, so stay tuned," he says. But he might like the role if the timing is right. The problem? "The actor who plays that role is forevermore identified as that character. Is it right for me? I don't know." [...]

[24.10.2003] DH meldet...
Whether it be Gene Hackman's ego-maniacal buffoon, John Shea's insidiously charmer or Michael Rosenbaum's slightly tragic interpretation of the role - the part of archnemesis Lex Luthor in "Superman" is always going to be one carefully watched by fans and a plum gig for any actor. Yet despite all the brou-ha-ha over the casting of the hero in the new incarnation, little attention has been paid as to who'll be up for the darker half of the new franchise. 'Turncoat' reveals one potential today: "Heard that Vin Diesel - as Luthor - has met with McG and Jon Peters about Superman. Diesel turned down a couple of films lately - "xXx 2" for one - and someone I know seems to think it's because he'll be booked out for a good year or so on Superman LSOK. BUT...there's another stumbling block, McG has plans to do another movie first. I don't think he or anyone else associated is very interested in it anymore - yes THAT many people have met for Superman. It's been ongoing. The only difference now is that they might have an idea where they'll film, they've got a script, they've got a director and they've got a potential Lois [Selma Blair and Drew Barrymore fighting for it]. You really think Vin Diesel's going to put up with all the delays?"

[20.09.2003] DH zitiert einen Insider...
"Warners is trying to get Superman off the ground fast, so that it and Batman will be shooting, and consequently released at the same time. There's apparently an excellent new script with all the stinky elements removed. They haven't got a Superman yet, but Matthew Bomer and Brendan Fraser are most likely going to get the nod. No guesses for which one the studio is pushing for. Was also told that Chris Reeve has been asked if he'd like to do an appearance in the film. Also, Supergirl is showing signs of movement. Alicia Silverstone is back in the good books at WB because of an apparent whiz-bang job in "Scooby Too", and they want her. Sounds like she's already committed. They'll get a big name villain believe me.When I was working there I heard that they want the same director of SuperMAN to do SuperGIRL". In related news to the male Supes project, both "Signs" Director M. Night Shyamalan and "Ocean's 11" producer Jerry Weintraub have suddenly become linked to the film according to Superman Homepage, however since the item broke IGN Filmforce contacted Jerry Weintraub's office who neither confirmed or denied the report.

[08.09.2003] CS! meldet...
[...] the long-delayed Superman is showing new signs of life. [...]
Meanwhile, the studio has just received a new draft of the Superman script and is going through the budgeting process with helmer McG, following the departure of Brett Ratner.
Though no deals are in place with McG and the film does not have a greenlight, if the studio can get to a budget that works, the next step could be casting. If all goes well, it could see a 2005 or spring 2006 release.
Even the much-talked about Batman vs. Superman is still possible, but the studio is determined first to breath life into the characters as separate entities.

[09.08.2003] AICN zitiert einen WB-Insider...
[...] Today I was walking by a stage on the lot and noticed an empty stage with the elephant doors open(those 30 foot doors on the soundstages). When I took a closer look I noticed that the stage had different colored tape stuck to the ground throughout the stage looking kind of like a race track of some sort. The stage also had about twenty 1"x 3"/30ft boards standing upright and tied off at the ceiling with rope. I thought it was kind of odd looking so I went to one of the two workers posted on the stage to ask him what the hell this was that they were building. Well, I was quite excited when the guy told me that it was markers for a set that they were building for "Superman". HOLY SHIT!!!
I then said, "I thought that WB put that on hold until they nailed down a director. He then said, "Well it's a go and McG is coming over later today to approve the design of the stage". WHAT!!! The only unfortunate thing about this story is that the poor sap had no idea what set it was that he was building. DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!! He did say though that he thought it was some garden or something. I don't know? [...]

[21.06.2003] E! Online meldet...
With Warner Bros. getting close to signing Charlie's Angels' McG to Superman directing duties, we caught up with the loooong delayed flick's scribe, Alias creator JJ Abrams, for a little wisdom and sanity. [...]
Is a director soon to be hired? "We are closer," Abrams admitted. "My guess is we'll announce in a couple of weeks." Do you like the guy? "Yeah. I'm really happy about the way things are moving. It's been a roller coaster, but I think this movie is going to get made in the right way."
Finally, he replied with telling diplomacy when asked if he thought a big-name star or an unknown should play Supes: "Someone was born to play Superman, and I think they'll end up getting the job."

[15.04.2003] Moviehole meldet...
The much-troubled "Superman" will be heading to Fox Studios, Sydney it seems. That's once it gets off the ground. According to The Sunday Herald Sun, Warner Bros are in final negotiations to split filming of the film between Sydney and Los Angeles. Filming is set to start later this year at the Fox Studios lot in Sydney on the movie that will focus on Superman's origin. The paper also says "Warner Bros will be shooting a new instalment in the Batman movies, to be released around the same time as the new Superman, early next year". The report continues, "The final Superman movie, Superman vs Batman, will have the two superheroes pitched in combat against each other". It is not yet known whether Superman 2 and 3 will be made in Australia.

[22.03.2003] Bei DH gibt es eine weitere Insider-Meldung zum Stand der Dinge...
"This project is still very much a go-picture. There should be a new director within days. It's been known that Brett was leaving the picture for quite a while, so other directors have been on stand-by per se. The problem between the studio and Brett was that Brett likened a young actor named Matthew Bomer for the role, believing an unknown might work. Unfortunately, the studio didn't see this way and were determined to cast Brendan Fraser in the role. At the end of the day, it was an unwinnable fight - and both parties caved in. Another actor was bought in named David Boreanaz, who stars in television's "Angel". Both quite liked David, and believing that his series mightn't be coming back for another season - was eager to do it. But at the 11th hour, word was through that his series would be continuing and he wouldn't have time to do the film. There are rumours that they liked David though, so are considering him for the next "Batman" movie which "Memento" genius, Chris Nolan is doing. An official announcement should be through on that shortly. As it stands there are a couple of contenders, a young man named Henry Cavill is in talks this week, and seems to be going well there. Unfortunately it's not certain whether Anthony Hopkins will play the role of Jor-El, he was merely doing that as a favour to Brett, and with Brett not involved it's all a bit up in the air".

[21.03.2003] DH meldet...
With the project teetering on the edge of being scrapped yet again, the gossip still keeps flowing on the superhero adventure. Yesterday, The Westmeath Examiner indicated Steve Martin is in talks to play Daily Planet editor Perry White and met last week with the film's producers to discuss the role. Director Brett Ratner has officially left the project in favour of "Rush Hour 3", but before doing so talked with MTV and indicated he would've liked Christopher Walken in the role of Perry White, Anthony Hopkins as Lex Luthor, and Ralph Fiennes as Jor-El. Also today, Australian actor Joel Edgerton ("Ned Kelly", "Star Wars: Episode II") confirmed to Moviehole that he's up for a role in the superhero franchise - but NOT one of the main parts. Edgerton said he was asked to test for a villainous role on the planet Krypton - "They're going back in time to observe a bit of life on Krypton, which is weird because when Superman was sent off in the pod, Krypton blew up. So I think they're rewriting history a bit". Edgerton also confirmed he's got one day of work on "Star Wars: Episode III" - reprising his role of the young Owen Lars.

[20.03.2003] CS! meldet...
According to Variety, Brett Ratner will no longer direct Superman for Warner Bros. Pictures. Ratner had previously agreed to make Rush Hour 3 at sister studio New Line Cinema who have just hired Bad Company scribe Jason Richman to write the script. New Line hopes to have a first draft from Richman in eight weeks and then to move forward with Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan returning to the franchise.
The trade says Ratner released a statement late Wednesday. "I have chosen to withdraw as director of 'Superman.' The difficulty of casting the role of Superman has contributed to my decision. I appreciate the efforts of Warner Bros. and the entire production team during this process."
Warner Bros. has every interntion of moving forward with Superman, the studio says.
The final straw for Ratner appears to have been the unwillingness of studio executives to approve Ratner's choice as the Man of Steel, soap star Matthew Bomer. Among the actors who tested for the role were Brendan Fraser, Paul Walker and Josh Hartnett. [...]

[18.03.2003] Der Hollywood Reporter meldet...
It's back to the drawing board for Warner Bros. Pictures' "Superman" project as both Brendan Fraser and Matthew Bomer are now out of contention for the title role, sources confirmed. Insiders said both sides parted amicably, but the project could be starting over from scratch. Today is the day the studio is expected to decide the fate of director Brett Ratner's option, which expired Saturday.

[08.03.2003] E! Online titelt "Who Is Superman This Week?" und zitiert Jerry O'Connell... ;-)
[...] "Yeah, I'm definitely right in there... There is some stiff competition, but I guarantee you I can do more push-ups than all those other guys." (As anyone who has seen Kangaroo Jack can testify.) O'Connell, who has already screen-tested for the Man of Steel, may also have an in with director Brett Ratner. You see, back at NYU, Ratner served as O'Connell's senior advisor when he was a freshman. At the very least, it makes good copy, and sometimes that matters more than you know.
However, there are at least two other actors in the running ahead of O'Connell, but their identities are top secret.
"There are guys in front of me that have nominations," O'Connell says. "The only thing I've been nominated for is best attendance for physical education in junior high. Whether it happens or not, I'm in this business for the long haul. I know for a fact that I look good in blue Spandex. If it doesn't happen, Space Ghost is always an option."

[07.03.2003] DH meldet...
E News Live reports that Jerry O'Connell is being considered for the role of Supes right now, whilst Rob Lowe is possibly being considered for Lex Luthor according to The Z Review. Due to the delays in regards to finding a Superman, shooting has been delayed which works out for Lowe whose headed to Australia next month to shoot the new "Salem's Lot" mini-series. Meanwhile Victor Webster talked about his screen test to Zap2It.

[14.02.2003] Laut Latino Review wird Josh Hartnett (u.a. "Pearl Harbor", "Black Hawk Down") zu 99% die Rolle von Superman spielen... Derweil gibt es bei ZENtertainment die neuesten Gerüchte zur Besetzung von Lois Lane...
[...] They have composed a list of potentials including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, Lara Flynn Boyle, and Julianna Margulies. As it stands right now, Boyle is the strongest candidate to get the part.

[10.02.2003] AICN kommentiert das Gerücht (!?), laut dem Victor Webster als Superman gecastet wurde...

[31.01.2003] Laut SHH! ist Brett Ratner immer noch Regisseur... Und er plant drei "Superman"-Filme innerhalb von 10 Jahren zu drehen... Scheinbar will Josh Hartnett aber nicht sooo langfristig gebunden sein...

[30.01.2003] meldet...
Offenbar definitiv ist nun, dass weder Michael Bay noch Ratner die Regie bei "Superman V" uebernehmen werden. Laut "Dark Horizons" sind derzeit u.a. Tom Guiry und Joel Schumacher als Regisseur im Gespraech. Geruechte besagen, dass Ratner die Regie nicht uebernehmen wollte, nachdem Josh Hartnett gemeint haette, er wuerde nur die Hauptrolle uebernehmen, wenn Ratner nicht die Regie uebernehmen wuerde.

[16.01.2003] Laut AICN besteht die Möglichkeit, dass Michael Bay (u.a. "Armageddon", "Pearl Harbor", "Bad Boys I+II",) den Regiestuhl übernimmt...

[15.01.2003] Laut AICN werden die Besetzungsgerüchte konkreter... Die Preproduction scheint auf Eis zu liegen... Und der (gegenwärtige) Regisseur Brett Ratner (u.a. "Rush Hour", "Roter Drache") ist unzufrieden...
[...] Superman has been 'Temporarily' shut down for approximately 2 months. According to this person the reasons are that there are MAJOR problems with the script and the budget and they are trying to get things down to reasonable size. Apparently there really is no budget as they are in preproduction and moving superfast to make a release for next summer. I don't know how true this next part is but he said the budget is currently running at nearly 8 MILLION DOLLARS PER PAGE!
Another interesting note is that apparently the director (Ratner) isn't happy at all with the preproduction going on (and mention that he's either leaving the project or being asked to leave), on the 5-6 stages at Warner Bros. and that there's also a possibility of the movie being filmed in CANADA! [...]

[24.11.2002] meldet...
Geruechteweise soll Jim Caviezel ("Frequency") im kommenden "Superman"-Kinofilm von Brett Ratner auftreten berichtet "Aint it cool News". Laut "Moviehole" wird derzeit darueber verhandelt, ob der Film in Australien gedreht wird - und zwar in den Studios, wo auch "Episode III" gedreht werden wird.

[22.11.2002] DH meldet...
The Australian reports that the Brett Ratner-helmed live action version of Supes may be landing in Queensland next year as talks are underway to bring the production to the Gold Coast Warner Bros. studios. Negotiations began yesterday to use the facility which has opened two new sound stages to cope with increasing demand. At present the $200 million live action "Peter Pan" production is underway till March with "Superman" likely to move in soon after should the deal be successful ("Star Wars: Episode III" shooting will occupy the Sydney Fox Studios omplex throughout most of next year).

[22.10.2002] DH meldet...
I spoke with Brett Ratner today and the topic of his involvement in directing "Superman" came up. Hopkins is confirmed - "He did such a good Brando impression for me, I said I gotta get this guy to play the father of Superman". Despite the rumours linking him for months now, he officially only got hired two weeks ago and has yet to consider anyone for the Supes role despite all the speculation. When asked to comment on the scathing Net reviews of the script, Ratner says "I trust my instincts...a script is a script, its not a movie - its my interpretation of it and I think they're reading like old drafts or something - I just got the new draft yesterday that was hand-delivered by like a guy with a gun". Ratner also confirmed he's going for the big buff guy style mold rather than the smaller Tobey Maguire-esque build. [...]

[02.10.2002] Ananova meldet...
Anthony Hopkins says he's been offered the part of Superman's father in the new movie about the super hero. [...]
Hopkins told The Howard Stern Show he is expecting to get a copy of the script for the film this weekend and will be playing the part of Jor-El.
According to, Stern asked if he could have a role in the film.
"You can play my sister with your long hair," Hopkins told him. [...]

[28.09.2002] Harry von AICN sprach mit J.J. Abrams über "Superman"... Soviel zum News-Boykott... ;-)
[...] J.J. Abrams has been hard at work for quite some time now on the 2nd Draft, which will be the first real draft that the production will be using [...]

[27.09.2002] Harry von AICN ruft zum Warner Bros.' "Superman"-Boykott auf !!! Hier geht es zur Petition !!!

[26.09.2002] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Brett Ratner ("Rush Hour"), der soeben die Dreharbeiten zu "Roter Drache" abgeschlossen hat, wird für Warner "Superman" inszenieren. Das Filmprojekt, geskriptet von Jeffrey Abrams ("Armageddon"), ist der erste Teil einer als Trilogie geplanten Neuverfilmung der auf den Comics von Jerry Siegel und Joe Shuster basierenden Geschichte des berühmten amerikanischen Superhelden. Nachdem Warner die Produktion "Batman vs. Superman" zurückgestellt hat, dürfte das Studio mit "Superman" einen nicht geringeren Blockbuster-Garant aufgetan haben, für den zunächst "Charlie's Angels"-Regisseur McG im Gespräch war. Dieser musste jedoch aufgrund der noch andauernden Dreharbeiten zu "Charlie's Angels 2" absagen. Jon Peters ("Ali") wird als Produzent fungieren und möglicherweise auch beim nächsten geplanten Projekt, dem Dreh von "Rush Hour 3", mit Brett Ratner zusammenarbeiten. Im Sommer 2004 soll "Superman" in die Kinos fliegen.

[24.09.2002] Moriarty von AICN hat ein äusserst detailliertes und überaus negatives Script-Review veröffentlicht...
[...] it’s a disaster of nearly epic proportions. [...]

[18.09.2002] meldet...
Brett Ratner hat in einem Interview gemeint, dass wegen seinem "Superman"-Projekt das "Superman vs. Batman"-Projekt abgesagt wurde! "Cinescape" meldet, Ratner wolle einen unbekannten Darsteller fuer die Hauptrolle und er wolle den Teenagern von heute den Kultcomic naeherbringen.

[26.08.2002] Coming Attractions weiss erneut mehr über "Superman 5"...
A new source contacted CA today to inform us that tomorrow's edition of Variety will confirm that not only is Warner Bros. now suddenly very anxious to get a new Superman movie going, but that they are actively considering different directors besides McG to helm the project. Variety's Dana Harris will reveal a new name to add to the list possible Superman directors: Brett Ratner, the director of both Rush Hour films and the upcoming Red Dragon.

[18.08.2002] Coming Attractions weiss mehr über "Superman 5"...
Recent Warner Bros. plans to greenlight the Superman vs. Batman movie (to be directed by The Perfect Storm's Wolfgang Petersen) had to be placed on the backburner: Petersen has intead opted to make a film about the Trojan War, titled Troy, his next project. Various websites had reported that deals to ink actors to the roles of Superman and Batman were apparently this close to being done...
And then something happened.
Why did Petersen, who had been hot to make Superman vs. Batman a reality, suddenly veer away from the film and instead wish to pick it up a couple of years down the road, especially when casting announcements were said to be imminent?
Coming Attractions has been handed a previously unknown piece of the puzzle, something that explains what happened behind closed doors and changed the plan of action: J.J. Abrams screenplay for Superman 5 has been handed into Warner Bros. execs -- and it has apparently knocked the socks off of everyone there.
Late Friday night we were contacted by a source who wished to be known as "Rusty Ryan". He told us that Abrams has handed in his draft of the Superman movie and -- get this -- it's damn near 200 pages in length.
"It's good. I mean, it is REALLY good," writes our pal Rusty. "It's so good they want to go as soon as they have an actor. It's so good that it bumped the half-assed Superman vs. Batman project right out of the way." [...]

[13.08.2002] AICN weiss mehr über die Besetzungsproblematik von "BvsS"... Jude Law hatte die Rolle bereits so gut wie in der Tasche, war aber nicht bereit für etwaige Sequels zu unterzeichnen... Nun gibt es einen neuen Kandidaten für die Rolle des Superman: Josh Hartnett (u.a. "Pearl Harbor")...

[25.07.2002] Coming Attractions weiss mehr über die Besetzung von "Batman vs. Superman"...
According to a story appearing today on Ain't It Cool News, Jude Law (A.I.) has been cast in the role of Superman/Clark Kent and Colin Farrell (Minority Report) has landed the part of Batman/Bruce Wayne. [...]
Straight from Warner Bros. itself Coming Attractions has been told that neither Jude Law nor Colin Farrell have been cast in Batman vs. Superman. Auditions continue to take place and more actors will be seen next week. While Farrell and Law are in the running, they have not been signed. They are being considered and nothing more.

[10.07.2002] Bei AICN gibt es interessante Infos... Und auch Spiegel Online schreibt über "Batman vs. Superman"...

[09.07.2002] CS! meldet...
Wolfgang Petersen will direct Batman vs. Superman for Warner Bros., with the tentpole project targeted for a 2004 release, reports Variety.
In a script penned by Andrew Kevin Walker (Seven), the two superheroes are allies who come to mighty blows over what Petersen describes as differing philosophies. [...]

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