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[09.02.2011] Wie TMZ meldet, hat Lindsay Lohan Interesse an einer Rolle im kommenden "Superman"-Film...
[...] Lindsay's people have had multiple phone conversations within the last few weeks with the people behind the new "Superman" reboot. We're told Lindsay is up for a role in the flick -- and while it isn't Lois Lane, we hear it would be a "major character."
We're told Lindsay is supposed to meet personally with the "Superman" people soon -- but she might be a little busy with that felony grand theft charge thing.
According to our sources, Lindsay is "dying to show people again how talented she is" and is worried this latest run-in with the law (for which she maintains she's innocent) could ruin her shot at the movie. [...]

[06.02.2011] CS! meldet...
Though she was, yesterday, rumored to be in competition for a part in Zack Snyder's Superman, Diane Kruger now says there's no truth to the story.
"No," the actress said today, immediately following the press conference for her latest film, Unknown , "it's not true."
Kruger was allegedly in competition against both Alice Eve and Rosamund Pike for an unknown female lead, said not to be the character of Lois Lane. While it's possible that even her denial is part of the secretive nature of the project, it does cast some doubt on the rumors currently linked to both the part and to the alleged short list.
An official cast is expected to be announced soon, though, as filming on Superman is expected to start this summer for a December, 2012 release.

[04.02.2011] CS! berichtet über die möglichen Kandidatinnen für die weibliche Hauptrolle...
With Henry Cavill set for Zack Snyder's Superman, the attention is shifting to the female lead, and Variety is reporting that three actresses are in contention for the role - though it's not Lois Lane.
Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike have emerged as the three actresses being considered for the unknown character, says the trade.
The article also mentions that the studio is currently putting a search out for its villain as well, but no names have been set in stone.
Filming is expected to start this summer for a December, 2012 release.

[31.01.2011] Bei CS! gibt es die offizielle Pressemeldung von Warner: Henry Cavill wird die Rolle des Clark Kent/Superman in Zack Snyder's "Superman"-Film spielen !!!
Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures announced today that Henry Cavill has won the coveted role of Superman, the iconic superhero.
The film will be directed by Zack Snyder, who stated, "In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time, and I am honored to be a part of his return to the big screen. I also join Warner Bros., Legendary and the producers in saying how excited we are about the casting of Henry. He is the perfect choice to don the cape and S shield."
Charles Roven, Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Deborah Snyder are the producers of the film. The screenplay is being written by David S. Goyer based on a story by Goyer and Nolan. Thomas Tull and Lloyd Phillips are serving as executive producers.
Cavill recently wrapped production on "The Cold Light of Day" and stars in the upcoming "Immortals," opening this fall.
Targeted for release in December 2012, the new Superman movie will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

[01.01.2011] CS! zitiert aus einem Interview mit Natalie Portman...
[...] Two of the many movies she's been rumored to be in line for are Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment's upcoming tentpole movies, Zack Snyder's Superman: The Man of Steel and Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises.
In an interview for this week's Oscar issue of Entertainment Weekly, Portman denied the rumors about her appearing in either (or both) films.
When asked about Superman, she told them:
"What is that? (laughs) No, I haven't heard anything."
And whether she'll appear in the finale of Christopher Nolan's Batman triptych:
"Oh, I don't know anything about that." [...]

[07.12.2010] Heat Vision sprach mit Hans Zimmer, der nach eigener Aussage den Score für Zack Snyder's "Superman" NICHT komponieren wird...

[02.12.2010] Wie toh! meldet, wird Hans Zimmer den Score für Zack Snyder's "Superman" komponieren...

[25.11.2010] Besetzungs-Gerücht gefälig !?! Laut kommt Anne Hathaway für die Rolle der Lois Lane in Frage, nebenbei gibt es noch einen Hinweis auf den Plot...
[...] In the Christopher Nolan produced reboot, Kent’s "a young journalist, traveling for the globe, who would rather solve problems and help people without resorting to using his special powers."
A character breakdown issued to casting agencies this week says that the plot involves Clark getting involved in some sort of battle between two tribes in West Africa.
"When he is compelled to use his secret powers to intervene in a crisis in West Africa, Clark returns to Smallville to learn more about his origins and the hero he was born to be". [...]

[23.11.2010] Besetzungs-Gerücht gefälig !?! Laut hätte Zack Snyder gerne Matthew Goode (u.a. Adrian Veidt in "Watchmen") für die Titelrolle...

[20.11.2010] Deadline meldet...
Warner Bros, producer Chris Nolan, and director Zack Snyder have begun to cast a "wide net" to find the next Man of Steel. Insiders tell us the studio is open to creating a star as it reboots the Superman franchise: specifically, that the actor will either be a discovery or on TV but likely someone who isn't well known yet. And he'll be in the age range of 28-to-32. The studio expects to look at hundreds of young actors before making a decision. Agents who are readying candidates note that hiring an established series regular might not even be possible. The film will likely begin production around next June, and that shooting schedule could wreak havoc with fall prime time schedules. The studio has to meet that production start date because some of the rights are in jeopardy in 2013. [...]

[09.11.2010] MovieWeb sprach mit Patrick Wilson - evtl. ein möglicher Kandidat für Snyder's "Superman" !?!

[26.10.2010] Bei gibt es einen "First Look" auf J. Michael Straczynski's Graphic-Novel "Superman: Earth One", die evtl. die Richtung des kommenden "Superman"-Films andeutet...

[23.10.2010] Wie meldet, ist Regisseur Stephen Norrington raus aus der Remake-Nummer...
Actor Arnie Hammer dropped a mention in a recent interview which seems to counter all the talk that Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder's Superman will follow the early (and presumably younger days) of Clark Kent.
In speaking with New York Magazine, the Social Network actor did admit that he's had some flirtation with the role. However he doesn't think he'll be considered for it. Why? He says he's too young.
"You know what's funny? I did talk to my people recently about that for the first time, and I think they're going a little older with Superman. I hear they're going 35, 40."
In recent interviews, Snyder has said the movie will focus on the Man of Steel's "early days". Some have interpreted this as being some teen version of Superman (although Batman Begins focused on it's subject's early days and the character wasn't a teenager). Recent rumors have also suggested that the movie will depict Clark Kent as a young reporter, witnessing the kind of inhumanity that cries out for a Superman.
So, if C2F had to guess we'd say Hammer has it wrong. It if he's right, the NY Magazine reporter rightly points out that "Jon Hamm will be excited." [...]

[16.10.2010] Latino Review liefert diese Rohübersetzung aus einem Interview mit Zack Snyder bzgl. des Plots des kommenden "Superman"-Films...
[...] "I have not really had time to work on the project. When I finish promoting Ga’Hoole, I could really harness myself. As I have already explained, the film will focus on the early days of Superman, so there will be no links with other films. This is not a remake then. Similarly, although I still cannot talk about the script - I can assure you that this new Superman will not be based on a comic book in particular." [...]

[09.10.2010] zitiert aus einem Interview mit Geoff Johns, u.a. geht es um den neuen "Superman"-Film...
[...] On the topic of the next Superman movie, "I don't think you can hope for much more than Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder," Johns said. "He'll be punching something." [...]

[06.10.2010] Bei Filmstalker gibt es Infos zum möglichen Plot von "Superman: Man of Steel"... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!

[05.10.2010] Wie CS! meldet, steht der Regisseur für die "Superman"-Neuauflage fest...
Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300) has been officially confirmed as the director of the upcoming Superman reboot, reports Heat Vision.
Snyder's name recently appeared as a rumored candidate for the position and one of several directors on the Warner Bros. short list. Snyder himself revealed in 2008 that he was originally in line to direct Superman Returns, but that he was not interested in taking the job.
"They asked me to direct a Superman movie, and I said no," was Snyder's response more than two years ago, "He's a tricky one nowadays, isn't he? He's the king daddy of all comic-book heroes, but I'm just not sure how you sell that kind of earnestness to a sophisticated audience anymore."
Whether it is Snyder's view of the project or the new tone itself that has changed remains to be seen, but what is known is that the film will move forward with a script from David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan. Christopher Nolan will "godfather" the production, aiming for a late 2012 release.
Snyder's Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole is currently playing in theaters and his next film, Sucker Punch, opens March 25th.
UPDATE: Deadline has just spoken with Snyder, who both confirmed his involvement and made the following statement:
"I've been a big fan of the character for a long time, he's definitely the king of all superheroes, he's the one. It's early yet, but I can tell you that what David [Goyer] and Chris [Nolan] have done with the story so far definitely has given me a great insight into a way to make him feel modern. I've always felt he was kind of awesome. I'll finish 'Sucker Punch' and get right at it."
UPDATE #2: Heat Vision is now reporting that the film's main villain will be General Zod, played by Terrence Stamp in Superman and Superman II.

[29.09.2010] Heatvision meldet...
Darren Aronofsky is in -- and Ben Affleck is out of -- the running to direct the new Superman movie at Warner Bros.
The derby to helm the Christopher Nolan-produced Man of Steel pic has become the talk of the town. Nolan is knee-deep in the selection process, and he and producer/wife Emma Thomas will be heavily involved in the movie, so he's looking for a director who is able to handle the elaborate production and willing to collaborate.
Word began to leak last week of directors who were meeting or will meet with Nolan and Warner brass for the relaunch of one of Hollywood's biggest franchises. Duncan Jones ("Moon"), Jonathan Liebesman ("Battle: Los Angeles"), Matt Reeves ("Cloverfield," this Friday’s "Let Me In"), Tony Scott and Zack Snyder are on the list.
And so was Affleck, who is extremely popular at Warners after making "The Town," a critical and box-office hit. But according to insiders, the actor-director -- who, ironically, once portrayed the actor who played Superman on TV in "Hollywoodland" -- met about "Superman" last week but is no longer pursuing it.
Aronofsky, riding high on buzz generated by his upcoming "Black Swan," is still in active talks, according to sources. But it's early.
If he were to get the gig, there would be some irony: A decade ago, Aronofsky was attached to direct a Batman movie loosely based on a storyline written by Frank Miller. That didn't happen, and it paved the way for Nolan to direct "Batman Begins."

[25.09.2010] Deadline meldet...
Warner Brothers film execs are telling Deadline there will be major announcements involving DC characters coming in 4 weeks. But I can tell you now that Superman producers Chris Nolan and Emma Thomas are getting closer to resuscitating the Man of Steel. I'm told they have begun meeting with a short list of directors for the job of directing Superman, the picture which will be financed by Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures. On the list: Unstoppable's Tony Scott, Let Me In director Matt Reeves, Battle: Los Angeles helmer Jonathan Liebesman (who just got the Warner Bros/Legendary job of directing Clash of the Titans 2), Duncan Jones, who just directed Source Code, and Sucker Punch helmer Zack Snyder. As Deadline first revealed back in February (Chris Nolan Will Mentor Superman 3.0), Nolan came up with an idea that put the Batman director in a godfather position on Superman, which besides from the Batfranchise is the linchpin of DC Comics franchise characters. David Goyer wrote a script. Several of these directors have movie commitments like Liebesman, which make then unlikely. Nolan has already started meeting with candidates and will submit his choice to the studio within the next few weeks. Warner Bros and Legendary have to get the picture made by 2012, because the studio stands to lose certain rights to the iconic character in 2013 after a judge ruled favorably on behalf of the heirs of Superman creator Jerry Siegel. As I've reported previously, the studio at one point wanted Guillermo del Toro to resurrect Superman [...]

[22.03.2010] Wie Variety meldet, ist Warner Bros. gerade dabei "Supergirl" als Marke zu etablieren, eventuell könnte dadurch auch ein neuer "Supergirl"-Film folgen...
Warner Bros. is turning to Supergirl to battle Disney for a piece of the girls market the Mouse House dominates with its Princess franchise.
The studio has teamed with JCPenney to launch Supergirl as a lifestyle brand aimed at 8- to 12-year-old girls with clothing that prominently features the S-shield. [...]

[11.03.2010] Hero Complex sprach mit Christopher Nolan, u.a. über seine Pläne bzgl. "Superman"...

[25.02.2010] Latino Review meldet...
[...] The talented David Stephen Goyer, the man who made sure Nolan stuck to the legend of El Dark Knight, has been hired to write the next chapter. Here is what El Taco can tell all you ninos....
1.Thomas Tull, the head of Legendary, got tired of all the discussion and decided chingate, let's do it. So he went to Goyer and Goyer had an idea that actually takes the movies back to the John Byrne incarnation. Modern. Believable. FUN! So Tull got Goyer hired.
2.The film will not be called Superman and will be called THE MAN OF STEEL.
3.Brandon Routh will not star in the film.
4.Nic Cage will NOT star in the fllm (lol)
5.Bryan Singer is not expected to direct.
Conoces como Mark Millar walks around acting like he was going to write it? El Taco discovered that this was always BULLSHIT. Paul Levitz hated the guy and he was never even discussed to write it. He made all that "almost" stuff up.
I can tell you that Goyer's story involves Luthor and Brainiac. It is NOT an origin and assumes audiences already know about Lois, Clark, Jimmy and Perry. I know the Daily Planet is struggling due to the internet. And I know it sets up a huge Kryptonian mythology. [...]

[10.02.2010] meldet...
Warner Bros is trying to ready its DC Comics stalwart Superman to soar again on the Big Screen, and the studio has turned to Chris Nolan to mentor development of the movie. Our insiders say that the brains behind rebooted Batman has been asked to play a "godfather" role and ensure The Man Of Steel gets off the ground after a 3 1/2-year hiatus. Nolan's leadership of the project can set it in the right direction with the critics and the fans, not to mention at the box office. [...]
Legendary Pictures will partner with Warner Bros on the next installment of Superman. Legendary also co-produced/co-financed Superman Returns in 2006. Legendary was partnered with Warner Bros as a co-producer/co-financier on the recent Batman films including Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and will be involved in Nolan’s 3rd Batman film.
Let us emphasize that Superman 3.0 is in the early stages of development. And we doubt Nolan would direct. This wouldn't be a sequel to Superman Returns but a completely fresh franchise. As one of our insiders reassures: "It would definitely not be a followup to Superman Returns." [...]

[16.09.2009] MTV sprach mit Diane Nelson, der neuen Chefin von DC Entertainment, über das angedachte "Superman"-Reboot...
[...] "We actually don't have any current plans for Superman," said Nelson when asked if the new environment (and the recent legal decision regarding the character) made a "Superman" movie more or less likely in the near future.
We recently ranked Superman as one of the most important properties for WB to prioritize in their new, movie-friendly arrangement regarding DC, so it was interesting to hear that the company currently has no plans for the Man of Steel.
Nelson then reiterated her stance on the lack of action on the Superman front, while acknowledging the character's importance in the DC universe.
"We've obviously done a lot of great things behind the property in our history, and it's a key part of the family, but we don't have current plans behind Superman," she said.
With rumored "Superman" director James McTeigue recently offering his own take on what he'd do with the Man of Steel if given the chance, Nelson's comments certainly call into question how far along any plans might be... and whether we'll believe a man can fly again any time soon. [...]

[23.08.2009] MTV sprach mit dem Regisseur James McTeigue über sein "Superman"-Reboot, gesetz dem Fall er würde sich darum kümmern dürfen...
[...] "I think if I ever was going to go near 'Superman,' I would do a complete and utter reboot - take it in a direction that you would absolutely not expect," he said, citing other cinematic iterations that have come before him, as well as comics and cartoons. "That would be my thinking on it if I were ever going to go near 'Superman.' " [...]
"There was a court case where basically if you make another 'Superman' movie, you can't touch Superman growing up," McTeigue said. "That's part of the story that you can't touch anymore, and that wouldn't be a bad thing. I think everybody's a bit sick of seeing the origin stories."
It's not just the examples of recent origin-story reboots like "Batman Begins" and "Star Trek" that have McTeigue thinking he would take "Superman" in an unexpected direction. He also pointed out that much has changed in the world since the superhero first appeared in the late 1930s.
"The culture has changed a little as well around Superman," he said. "I think if you do something with Superman, I think people would probably like something a little darker. I know that sounds like a bit of a cliché. But you need to take it and retool it - make it something that appeals to audiences now a little more."

[14.08.2009] Variety berichtet über einen neuerlichen Rechtsstreit...
Warner Bros. and DC Comics have lost a little more control over the Man of Steel.
In an ongoing Federal court battle over Superman, Judge Stephen Larson ruled Wednesday that the family of the superhero's co-creator, Jerry Siegel, has "successfully recaptured" rights to additional works, including the first two weeks of the daily Superman newspaper comic-strips, as well as portions of early Action Comics and Superman comic-books.
The ruling is based on the court's finding that these were not "works-made-for-hire" under the Copyright Act.
This means the Siegels -- repped by Marc Toberoff of Toberoff & Associates -- now control depictions of Superman's origins from the planet Krypton, his parents Jor-El and Lora, Superman as the infant Kal-El, the launching of the infant Superman into space by his parents as Krypton explodes and his landing on Earth in a fiery crash. [...]

[06.07.2009] Think McFly Think liefert die Übersetzung aus einem Omelete-Interview mit Brandon Routh...
[...] The key parts are:
* Routh still does not know what's going on with the Superman series
* The terms of his contract to play Superman have expired
* He still wants to play the role, and would return without thinking twice
* Routh admits the movie needed more action [...]

[27.03.2009] zum Stand der Dinge...
[...] In a recent post on his message board, Millar wrote that the WB’s "Superman" plans "seem to be in stasis right now."
"Warner’s talked to us and a few other writer/director teams, but things seem to be in stasis right now," wrote Millar. "As far as I understand, nothing is happening with Superman at the moment and so the director and I are just working on another project. If it happens, great. If it doesn’t, no biggie." [...]

[21.02.2009] sorgt für neue Gerüchte... ;-)
[...] Alex L just sent me a link to a password protected page from the official Legendary Pictures website that lists "Superman Unleashed" as one of their upcoming films in development. The temporary plot synopsis included follows:
"Ramping up the action of its esteemed predecessor, the sequel to ‘Superman Returns’ promises to raise the stakes and take the audience to heights of action that no other superhero movie can achieve." So there you have it... Legendary Pictures, Warner Bros and DC are still working on a Superman Returns sequel, and not a complete reboot. The film will not be titled The Man of Steel, but instead Superman Unleashed.
One of my other sources claims that the title is just a working title and they are still hearing pitches from different writers.

[20.02.2009] beseitigt Gerüchte... ;-)
Remember that report that showed up on AICN last week claiming that The Wachowski Brothers had been offered a reboot of Superman? Sorry to get you guys all excited but I have just gotten confirmation from two independent sources that the report was completely false. I don’t know if an interview with James McTeigue actually aired on RTL1 or not (I’m guessing not) but The Wachowski Brothers have definitely never had any talks with DC or Warner Bros to helm a Superman film. This is confirmed.

[13.02.2009] AICN zitiert den "Ninja Assassin"-Regisseur James McTeigue...
[...] McTeigue confirmed that Plastic Man was the next project in the pipeline for the Wachowski's and he had been signed on to provide Second Unit support. Says the movie has been delayed indefinitely due to a major shake up of projects at WB.
- Bryan Singer has refused to undertake a re-boot of the Superman franchise and has left the Executives at WB with no choice but to take a fresh creative direction.
This is it....
- He stated the Wachowski Brothers had been approached to re-boot the franchise as a trilogy and they are currently reviewing their options as its like being asked to take the final play in a superbowl final. Says if they do agree, he will likely either succumb to providing second unit support on the movie or will champion the directorship of Plastic Man - He started to giggle as he stated its like a young child for the Brothers and they wont give that up easily.
- Says, the very thought of the brothers making a superman movie is unbelievable as they have grown up in the world of comic books and they would be ideal for the project.
- Stated that Bryan Singer is looking to move on to Logan's Run a movie to be produced by Joel Silver. [...]

[13.12.2008] AICN sprach mit Bryan Singer, u.a. über das "Superman Returns" Sequel...
[...] I’ve heard that there might be some re-interest in SUPERMAN with Warner Bros. Is that true?
Bryan Singer: I couldn’t... you know.. I couldn’t tell you or talk about that at this point. I honestly... I’m just so... at least as far as my role in it is concerned I just need... I just have... this one because we had to drop and pick up on this has been a longer process so... yeah I wouldn’t be able to give you a clear... any clarity on that. (laughs) [...]

[31.10.2008] IESB sprach mit Brandon Routh, u.a. über einen "düsteren Superman"...

[14.10.2008] Die LA Times sprach mit dem Regisseur Richard Donner, u.a. über "Superman"...
[...] There's been a lot of talk lately about the future cinema life of the first and greatest superhero, so I had to ask Donner what he thought of the talk that Warner Bros. would like to take the Man of Steel into darker terrain.
"I do think you could probably take Superman into some other areas today. I think maybe it's ready to break the mold slightly and bring a little greater sense of reality into it. Not contemporizing it to like today. Just making the heavies -- and the situation that is the tension piece -- a little more broken away from the comic-book character. It would take some tricky writing, some good acting and some good directing."
Bryan Singer's 2006 film, "Superman Returns," felt like a valentine to the Donner work on Superman and the older director received it with fondness. "I totally enjoyed it. I saw it just that once. I went to the theater not knowing anything. Bryan and I had spoken many times before but I didn't want to know anything about the film. I went as the audience. And I thought, 'Wow, he really nailed it.' There's that one scene, when that piano slid across the floor on the boat? I was startled. It was great."
What would Donner like to see next for the Last Son of Krypton? He didn't hesitate. "I'd like to see Geoff Johns take a crack at the Superman...I think he would be startling. Did you read his comics? There it is. It's there on paper." Johns is a star writer in comics, of course, but before that, the Detroit native worked in Donner's office as an assistant to the filmmaker. Once again, Donner thinks the smart way to do business is to put a premium on loyalty and good ideas. "The studio hasn't gone to him and said, 'Give us a screenplay.' That would be the smart thing to do, but that's show biz. Right? Show biz, that's our life."

[11.10.2008] Latino Review sprach mit Paul Levitz, dem Präsidenten von DC Comics...
[...] "So Paul, what the fuck is happening with Superman?" Well not in those words actually. Paul looked over both shoulders like he was about to score some basura and said that things are still brewing.
In fact, he told me that "Last week Brandon Routh has come around the offices in New York and Los Angeles as of late to talk about Superman and what we want to do"...blah blah blah! [...]
At that point my instincts kicked in and I continued with the questions. "What about Batman 3? You guys must be going crazy over the success of that film." Paul pulls the cocktail shrimp from his mouth just enough to see him smile. I asked when were they going to get this Superman reboot done and he gave me a look like he was about to tell me the answers to the mysteries of the world. "Everyone is waiting for Nolan to sign on for another Batman, once that happens, the release date for Superman and all other future projects will follow." [...]

[03.10.2008] IESB meldet...
[...] the Superman sequel Man of Steel. The WB insider recognizes there has been a lot of buzz on the internet following the success of Iron Man and The Dark Knight, for a Superman sequel, but they really just don't know what's going on at this time. I asked him if Bryan Singer was still attached. He said he didn't know where it stands right now at the studio level since Singer has been busy on Valkyrie.
But he also said one thing is for certain, WB has a lot of properties available and they plan on mining them. [...]

[03.09.2008] Bei gibt es ein Video-Interview mit Mark Millar...
[...] comic book author Mark Millar said he’d like to make a trilogy of films for a re-booted Superman series, and it might happen. Millar's vision for a new Superman:
"I've had this plan for like 10 years for a big three-picture Superman thing, like a Lord of the Rings epic, starting over from scratch again with a seven-hour Superman story. One to be released each year." Millar said.
Millar says there's nothing firm yet, but he hopes to get word over the next few weeks. If everything goes perfectly, they'll be shooting next summer. [...]

[23.08.2008] CS! meldet...
[...] Warner Bros. Pictures Group President Jeff Robinov has told The Wall Street Journal that the studio is going to be reintroducing Superman. We assume this will be similar to how Louis Leterrier's The Incredible Hulk was a reboot of Ang Lee's Hulk. Here is what the article says:
Warner Bros. also put on hold plans for another movie starring multiple superheroes -- known as "Batman vs. Superman" -- after the $215 million "Superman Returns," which had disappointing box-office returns, didn't please executives. "'Superman' didn't quite work as a film in the way that we wanted it to," says Mr. Robinov. "It didn't position the character the way he needed to be positioned." "Had 'Superman' worked in 2006, we would have had a movie for Christmas of this year or 2009," he adds. "But now the plan is just to reintroduce Superman without regard to a Batman and Superman movie at all."
The article also talks about Warner Bros. adapting other DC properties over the new few years. "By 2011, Mr. Robinov plans for DC Comics to supply the material for up to two of the six to eight tent-pole films he hopes Warner Bros. will have in the pipeline by then," it says. Those projects will likely be about single characters at first, and will be darker much like The Dark Knight:
With "Batman vs. Superman" and "Justice League" stalled, Warner Bros. has quietly adopted Marvel's model of releasing a single film for each character, and then using those movies and their sequels to build up to a multicharacter film. "Along those lines, we have been developing every DC character that we own," Mr. Robinov says.
Like the recent Batman sequel -- which has become the highest-grossing film of the year thus far -- Mr. Robinov wants his next pack of superhero movies to be bathed in the same brooding tone as "The Dark Knight." Creatively, he sees exploring the evil side to characters as the key to unlocking some of Warner Bros.' DC properties. "We're going to try to go dark to the extent that the characters allow it," he says. That goes for the company's Superman franchise as well.
The studio is set to announce its plans for future DC movies in the next month. For now, though, it is focused on releasing four comic-book films in the next three years, including a third Batman film, a new film reintroducing Superman, and two movies focusing on other DC Comics characters. Movies featuring Green Lantern, Flash, Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman are all in active development. [...]

[20.08.2008] meldet...
The debate continues to rage about what Warner Bros. should do with Superman. The last movie, Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, paid homage to the Richard Donner Superman movies without completely updating the franchise the way Christopher Nolan did with Batman Begins.
Fans have been clamoring all over the web--and on this blog--for a complete reboot. And within the halls of Warner Bros. the same debate rages on. They too believe that the last movie didn't break the mold and wound up in some kind of middle limbo. Today I was told that it is a priority at the studio to find the right direction and if Bryan Singer is willing to do that, fine, but if he gets in the way, he may not stay on the project. There are no writers working on a Superman script now. The studio wants to figure it out. "It might be better to start from scratch," one exec admitted.

[03.07.2008] CS! meldet...
Back in October of 2007, Mark Millar (Wanted) said he was going to pitch Warner Bros. Pictures his vision of the "Superman" franchise. Now, just a few days ago, he told the Daily Record he is taking it a step further:
But Mark's big dream is making a Superman movie.
He said: "Since I was a kid I've always wanted to reinvent Superman for the 21st century.
"I've been planning this my entire life. I've got my director and producer set up, and it'll be 2011. This is how far ahead you have to think.
"The Superman brand is toxic after that last movie lost $200 million, but in 2011 we're hoping to restart it.
"Sadly I can't say who the director is, but we may make it official by Christmas.
"But fingers crossed it could work out, that would be my lifetime's dream."
Millar later clarified on his message boards:
That Superman news is interesting, isn't it? In the interests of clarity (because I'm sure this will be picked up somewhere) a very well known American action director heard about my love of Superman, approached my and asked me to team up with he and his producer to make a pitch for this. We've been talking for several weeks now and, if this is going to happen, we'll know by Christmas. He has huge pull at WB so fingers crossed. But this is nothing more than a huge US name pulling me into his fold and making me part of a package."
Back in March, Bryan Singer said he was still developing the sequel and in April, Legendary Pictures' Thomas Tull described a sequel in which we'd see "Superman as more of an angry god." We'll have to wait and see how this all turns out.

[31.05.2008] Zee News meldet...
Looks like Priyanaka Chopra’s career is going great guns as Hollywood comes calling. The sultry beauty is the latest Indian sensation after Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to have caught foreign attention as she prepares to romance none other than Superman.
And no we aren’t joking. Priyanka Chopra is likely to play Superman’s love interest in the flick’s upcoming sequel.
According to our sources, Priyanka has been offered the role of Superman’s leading lady in the latest sequel and she has almost given her final nod though the official statement is yet to be released.
Speaking to Spicezee, a source said, "The filmmakers had been looking for an Indian face for quite long as the role is of an Indian scientist. When they came to know of Priyanka shooting in the US for Dostana, the director of Superman went to the shoot to judge her work." [...]

[30.04.2008] CS! sprach mit Brandon Routh, u.a. über das Sequel zu "Superman Returns"...
CS: [...] Do you have any expectation as to when you might go to work on "Man of Steel"?
I expect that we'll be working early next year. I know that Bryan [Singer] has pretty much finished out "Valkyrie" and is back in the states and is zeroing in on the story that he wants to tell. Once that arrives it's going to move pretty quickly. I think that everybody is getting excited. It's been three years now, really. It's hard to believe that it's been long, but everyone is getting jazzed and ready to go again. I certainly am.
CS: What sides of Superman and Clark Kent are you excited about exploring in the sequel?
Well, I think that something that audiences are looking for - and I certainly am, too - is for Superman to actually be able to lay a punch on someone or something. I was filming and I thought, "I haven't really hit anything. I feel like I'm going to need to let some of this anger out." So I'm happy that I think that's going to be a central part of the sequel, getting a good villain that we can actually have physical altercations with. Certainly also, I'd like more humor from Clark or just more of Clark and Jimmy. A little bit more of Lois and Clark, how we used to see them, a bit more of buddies. Perhaps things will be smoothed over with Superman and Lois and she can afford to be a little bit nicer to Clark. I think that's something that people want to see and those are some of the great moments from previous "Superman" films. Also, Superman and Lois getting together, that's always my end goal. I want that to happen. The romantic in me wants that to happen eventually whether they're finally together in this movie or in whatever future films there might be. I kind of want to see that happen. [...]

[01.04.2008] M&C meldet...
Kevin Spacey wants to star in the next 'Superman' movie.
The 48-year-old actor - who played villain Lex Luthor in 2006 movie 'Superman Returns' - is very keen to reprise his role in the sequel.
He said: "I believe they are in talks at the moment. I have actually already signed up to do it. So if they decide to go ahead with it and they still want me, then I will definitely be in it." [...]

[31.03.2008] Harry Knowles von AICN berichtet über den aktuellen "Superman"-Rechtsstreit...
[...] my take on an article in the New York Times regarding a monumental court ruling over the goldmine known as SUPERMAN.
You see Siegel and Shuster sold the rights to Superman "to have and hold forever," for a grand prize of $130 - which must've felt like a kingly sum in 1937 - bet it must've felt like untold riches at that time. However, the money generating power quickly dwarfed that sum and if SUPERMAN has a power beyond all his other alien abilities - it's his ability to create sums of money that even he couldn't leap in a single bound.
Now DC wasn't evil... forever. For 30 years - the creators of Superman got ass. But then received pay-outs of $20k and then later that was raised to $30k a year. Meanwhile - SUPERMAN's profits soared faster than a speeding bullet.
The relatives of Mr. Siegel are now part owners of the character of SUPERMAN - and owed a cut from all SUPERMAN properties created post-1999. This could complicate the sequel to SUPERMAN RETURNS as well as JUSTICE LEAGUE... but honestly - Warners isn't stupid - they know the financial power of the character and will continue to exploit the man of steel as only a bald mastermind would. It's just that justice and fairness is being brought to the family of Siegel. [...]

[12.03.2008] Empire Online sprach mit Bryan Singer über das Sequel...
[...] I’m just getting back with writers after the strike. We’re just in the development phase. I’m starting to develop a sequel...with the intention of directing it." [...]
"The first one was a romantic film and a nostalgic film," he says. "I’ll be the first person to own up to that without making any apologies for it. I knew it was going to be that from the outset. And now that the characters are established, there’s really an opportunity to up the threat levels...Clearly there’ll be a body count [laughs]. From frame one, it will be unrelenting terror! All those teenage girls who found the movie and mooned over James Marsden or Brandon? Well, I’m going to wake them up!" [...]

[11.03.2008] Bei IESB gibt es Neuigkeiten zur Fortsetzung...
[...] Robert has informed me that he has confirmed that yes, Bryan Singer is 100% on the sequel to his 2004 revamp Superman Returns. He has since confirmed this with studio sources so take this one to the bank.
But, with Superman Returns writers Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris out, who will be penning the film?
Word is Transformers/Star Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are considering being behind the project. This gives Superman fans hope after Returns' mild disappointment amongst fan boys. The pair are apparently in talks and have had "several meetings" regarding the film. No need to worry about a lack of action from these two! [...]

[06.01.2008] Wie AICN meldet, soll Brandon Routh - wie geplant - auch in der Fortsetzung wieder in die Rolle des Clark Kent/Superman schlüpfen...

[04.01.2008] CS! meldet...
Not long after we mentioned this article from Variety stating that Bryan Singer is highly unlikely to direct the Superman Returns sequel, Latino Review posted more possible bad news for the second film -- Brandon Routh may not return either as Clark Kent/Superman.
According to the site, the actor that lands the Superman role in George Miller's Justice League will go on to star in a separate Superman movie as well.
Again, none of this is official until the studio actually confirms or denies these rumors (about both Singer and Routh), so it will be a wait-and-see game for now.

[16.12.2007] Der TV-Sender Kabel1 zeigt heute um 16.55 Uhr "Superman III - Der stählerne Blitz"...

[23.10.2007] Wie IESB meldet, scheint der Comic- und Drehbuchautor Mark Millar (u.a. "Wanted") grosses Interesse daran zu haben das Drehbuch zum Sequel zu schreiben...

[22.10.2007] CS! meldet...
Superman Returns screenwriters Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris have opted not to come back and pen a sequel to the 2006 summer film that would have reunited them with helmer Bryan Singer, reports Variety. The three also worked together on X2: X-Men United.
As a result, Warner Bros. is now taking pitches for The Man of Steel's next outing from other writers -- just as the studio is trying to figure out which actor will don the character's tights in Justice League.
Brandon Routh will likely wear the "S" on his chest again. Legendary Pictures is co-developing and co-financing the project, which is expected to up the action quotient.

[19.09.2007] Bei AICN gibt es eine enttäuschende Kritik zum animierten "Superman Doomsday"...

[12.07.2007] Variety meldet...
Kevin Spacey will return as Lex Luthor in "Superman: Man of Steel" and appear in "Telstar," Nick Moran's film version of Moran and James Hicks' 2005 darkly comic West End play about flamboyant '60s record mogul Joe Meek.
"Superman" director Bryan Singer met with Spacey in New York while the latter was appearing on Broadway in Eugene O'Neill's recently wrapped "Moon for the Misbegotten." Singer was about to pitch his "Man of Steel" sequel to Warner Bros.; "Superman Returns" scripter Michael Dougherty is now writing the screenplay.
After Singer completes "Valkyrie" and "The Mayor of Castro Street," he plans to start production on "Man of Steel" next year for a 2009 release.
Spacey hopes to shoot his Luthor role in a six-week block, as he did on "Superman Returns," after he completes his run in David Mamet's "Speed the Plow" in April. [...]

[10.07.2007] IESB meldet...
Superman Fans you can take a deep breath and relax, The Man of Steel is still slated to start production first quarter of 2008!
A few days ago, one of our colleagues spoke with the producers of Mayor of Castro Street Neil Meron and Craig Zadan and they stated that their film would be in production right after Bryan Singer is done with Valkyrie over in Germany. If that is accurate that would delay the Superman Returns sequel that has been scheduled to start early ‘08.
So is it true? Is Bryan Singer going to direct The Mayor of Castro Street before The Man of Steel?
The IESB called sources in the Singer camp to see if there where any truth to the producers’ statements. Here’s what they had to say, "That’s total horse shit, I would say the same thing if I was producing that film but don’t you realize that most of the Superman producers are working with Bryan on Valkyrie? Gil Adler and Chris Lee both are in Germany with Bryan and I can guarantee you that there is some work being done with Superman right now."
I was reminded what Bryan Singer told the IESB and other members of the press during the Saturn Awards just before he headed to Germany, his plans are to start shooting The Man of the Steel by summer of ’08. [...]

[04.07.2007] SHH! meldet...
Rotten Tomatoes reports that Bryan Singer will likely direct The Mayor of Castro Street after Valkyrie, which would push back the Superman Returns sequel:
"Bryan Singer had previously told us that the "Superman Returns" sequel "Superman: The Man of Steel" would be his next film after "Valkyrie." His producers tell another story. Neil Meron and Craig Zadan have Singer lined up to direct "The Mayor of Castro Street," a story of gay rights activist Harvey Milk, within a year.
"The next Superman, that's a ways off," claimed Meron, with Zadan adding. "Don't worry about it. Trust me. We may even start preproduction on Harvey Milk while he's on post production on the Tom Cruise movie." [...]

[13.06.2007] Via Moviehole gibt es Neuigkeiten zum "Superman Returns"-Sequel...
Parker Posey tells Moviehole that she hopes she gets to reprise her role as the ditzy Kitty Kowalski for the "Superman Returns" sequel.
"Oh I hope I’m in it", Posey said in an interview for her new film "Broken English". "Yeah, we’ll see if I’m in it. I don’t know if I am. I just talked to one of the writers last night and I meant to ask him."
Rumours have it that "Superman: The Man of Steel", due for release in 2009, will feature General Zod, Doomsday or Braniac in the scoundrel position. No word on Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) yet.

[12.04.2007] Bei Just Jared gibt es neue Gerüchte zum "Superman Returns"-Sequel...
Can you imagine Orlando Bloom slipping into a pair tights for the next Superman film?
No? Well, imagine harder!
Orlando, 30, was spotted discussing roles in the upcoming Superman at the Tower Bar restaurant in Hollywood with Superman Returns producers Mindy and Jon Peters and the movie’s director, Bryan Singer.
Orlando playing the new love interest for Lois Lane would be perfect! (Ex-girlfriend Kate Bosworth portrayed Lois Lane in Superman Returns.)

[21.03.2007] Wie Moviehole meldet, besteht die Möglichkeit, dass Superman in einem "Justice League"-Film wiederkehren wird...
[...] Warner were apparently in two minds about whether to continue the "Superman" series or not - right away, anyway. One idea that came up was to make their long-planned "Justice League" movie, and possibly just incorporate ‘Superman’ into that.
Cut to a month or so ago, and the trades announce that the studio is in the early stages of developing a "Justice League" movie.
Interestingly enough, a couple of weeks later, those some publications announce that the next "Superman" sequel could be delayed- because director Bryan Singer has gone and got himself involved in another film; a thriller for United Artists.
Interesting hey? Well, the plot thickens - I heard from a pretty reliable source this weekend who essentially confirmed that the WB are considering putting the next "Superman" movie into turnaround, and instead will just use the character in the new "Justice League" movie. [...]

[21.02.2007] CS! meldet...
The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror films has announced the nominations for the 33rd Annual Saturn Awards. Leading the pack is Bryan Singer's homage to the superhero mythos Superman Returns with 10 nominations. [...]

[06.11.2006] Rotten Tomatoes zitiert Brandon Routh bzgl. dem Sequel zu "Superman Returns"...
[...] "Bryan [Singer] said at Comic-Con they were going to add some more fighting elements and stuff like that," said Routh. "That might be kind of interesting to throw some punches or throw something, I don't know, a little more active."
Routh is going to have to hit the gym again to get back into fighting shape, but not just yet. "I think I've got a while. We probably won't start for another at least six months. They've got to get things written so I'm still in the gym. I still work out a little bit but certainly not as much as I had been."
Simply as a fan, Routh is eager to get that first draft. "I'm extremely excited, even though I don't know what the story's going to be, to find out what the story's going to be and excited for them, Bryan, Dan [Harris] and Mike [Dougherty] to go start writing and continue the story. I'm excited to see what happens, where the characters are going to go."" [...]

[31.10.2006] CS! berichtet über das Sequel zu "Superman Returns"...
Variety has confirmed that Bryan Singer has signed a deal with Warner Bros. Pictures to direct and produce a sequel to Superman Returns, with Legendary Pictures expected to co-finance.
The film is tentatively intended for release in summer 2009, although the studio stressed that there's not even a script or budget yet.
The sequel is apparently at the very beginning of the development process and, as with any other project, there are any number of factors that must be addressed before it is greenlit.
While Superman Returns wasn't the performer the studio had hoped for, it has earned more than $390 million worldwide and WB and Legendary say they will still turn a profit from the film.
The two companies are sure to insist that the sequel's production budget comes in under $200 million, adds the trade.
In terms of casting, Warner Bros. has an option on Superman Returns star Brandon Routh.

[27.10.2006] Moviehole meldet...
Recent reports suggested that "Superman Returns" didn’t make enough bank to spur Warner Bros’ interest in a sequel, and as a consequence they were going to put the franchise on hold again. Not so, according to IESB.
The site reports that Bryan Singer has just carved a deal to get going on the next "Superman" movie. The ink is literally still wet, with the director having just signed the deal last weekend. It’s believed the movie will be underway next Fall (around September).
The compromise apparently exists with the budget - Warner isn’t giving Singer another $260 million to play with, but a significantly less $140-175 million. Still enough to entice Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth and Frank Langella back to the Daily Planet.
Even with its lesser budget, the "Returns" sequel is said to be more action-packed than the first film, with IESB reporting that it will centre on Superman going nose to nose with one of the most popular villains in the comic’s history (rumoured to be Zod).
At the San Diego Comic Con in July, Singer promised fans an even better sequel to its predecessor, comparing it to "Star Trek II : The Wrath of Kahn".
"What I was referring to was the fact that, when you do a first film like X-Men, for example, you're introducing a world and a set of characters", he later today USA Today. "Once those characters are introduced, once we've lived with them for awhile and we know them, when you get into a second film like an Empire Strikes Back (sequel to Star Wars: A New Hope) or a Wrath of Khan, you can make an action-adventure film and you don't have to bank all that time getting to know the characters. Now you can raise the stakes, raise the jeopardy and make a leaner, meaner movie."

[01.09.2006] Neil Sean schreibt für Sky Showbiz...
Thanks to her starring role as Lois Lane in the recent Superman movie, Kate Bosworth is much in demand. And the lucky girl, who is also dating the lovely Orlando Bloom, is already planning her portrayal of Lois in the next Superman film.
She said: "Lois will be back bigger and better in the next movie, and with more of her own storyline."
Not only that, but I can reveal there are plans to give Lois Lane her very own investigation spin off. [...]

[19.08.2006] CS! meldet...
Warner Bros. Pictures President Alan Horn talked to the Los Angeles Times about the performance of Superman Returns and echoed director Bryan Singer's comments from Comic-Con that they are hoping for a sequel in 2009:
Horn expects "Superman Returns" to eventually gross about $400 million worldwide, more than last year's hit "Batman Begins." Nonetheless, "Superman" fell at least $100 million short of his expectations.
"I thought it was a very successful movie, but I think it should have done $500 million worldwide," Horn said. "We should have had perhaps a little more action to satisfy the young male crowd."
Still, he's betting Warner has firmly reestablished the "Superman" franchise and is planning another installment for summer 2009. [...]

[17.08.2006] Heute startet "Superman Returns" in den deutschen Kinos...

[23.07.2006] Bei AICN gibt es "Superman"-Infos von der San Diego Comic-Con 2006, u.a. "Superman Returns" Gag-Reel...

[17.07.2006] Bei gibt es ein kurzes Video, das die Entstehung der "Shuttle"-Szene näher beleuchtet... Und Blickpunkt:Film berichtet über die US-Kinocharts...
[...] "Superman Returns " baute auf Platz vier um 47 Prozent ab und spielte an seinem dritten Wochenende nur noch 11,6 Mio. Dollar ein. Ein Gesamtergebnis von mittlerweile 163,6 Mio. Dollar lässt vermuten, dass es womöglich ein Kampf für den Mann aus Stahl werden könnte, die 200-Mio.-Dollar-Marke zu nehmen. [...]

[10.07.2006] Blickpunkt:Film berichtet über die US-Kinocharts...
[...] Platz zwei ging an "Superman Returns", der erwartungsgemäß 58 Prozent einbüßte und auf 21,8 Mio. Dollar kam. Nach zwölf Tagen hält der teuerste Film der Sommersaison bei 141,7 Mio. Dollar. Ein Gesamtergebnis von 200 Mio. Dollar ist greifbar. [...]

[08.07.2006] Moviehole meldet...
[...] Now that "Superman Returns" has made quite a bit of cabbage, and everyone’s interested in knowing where Kal-El goes from here, Singer said he might like a shot at directing the long-gestating "Batman Vs. Superman" project. I stress ‘might’.
Initially, director Wolfgang Peterson had planned to make the film - based on a script by "Se7en" writer Andrew Kevin Walker - but he eventually pulled out (because of numerous reasons, including the inability to find a fitting Superman and Batman) to make swords ‘n’ sandals epic, "Troy". This was long before Warner decided to greenlight "Batman Begins" and "Superman Returns".
Today, Singer tells MTV that he’s considering the "Batman Vs. Superman" film - but not before The Man of Steel has a couple more singly adventures.
"I've thought about it for a long time - even a longer time ago, actually," the director revealed. "But I don't know who would be the villain. I guess Batman would be the villain, but then he can't be too bad, because he is Batman".
In Andrew Kevin Walker’s script for "Batman Vs. Superman", Lex Luthor and The Joker are the villains. In the story, the crooks team up. Batman’s lover is killed. Channels of communication are mixed. Fingers are pointed. Bam! Suddenly Batman and Superman are duking it out.
Wolfgang Peterson said at the time that the "plot is structured in a way that these two very different sides basically of the same coin have to clash at some point because they handle situations totally differently. ... For a large portion of the thing they are at each other's throats. But then, of course, because they are both crime fighters, they join forces again and fight evil."
The script wasn’t too bad - but I don’t know that it would quite fit the current incarnations of Batman and Superman. And, judging from his comments, Singer doesn’t plan on using that script.
But anyway, as Singer stresses, it’s - "not quite yet. ... I think Superman needs to have his own movies for a little while before that happens."
Brandon Routh, the new Man of Steel, actually once tested for the planned "Batman Vs. Superman" movie. He tells the site that he’s not real keen to do the team-up movie.
"I don't think we should go toe-to-toe, unless one of us is deranged somehow by some mind-altering drug," he laughed. "We shouldn't be fighting each other; we should be combining forces."
And Routh had this word of warning for Bale: "I don't think Batman really, really wants to go and mess with Superman."...
Personally, I don’t see the film happening anytime soon - if at all. It’s been stirring in it’s cinematic juices for too long... and Warner has no real reason to do it at the moment, especially with both "Superman Returns" and "Batman Begins" making enough money on their own. Teaming the characters up might see their profits split - no, it would see the profits split. After all, there would only be the one movie. [...]

[05.07.2006] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit Bryan Singer...

[04.07.2006] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
In elf Territorien in Asien und Australien ist "Superman Returns" mit 1750 Kopien gestartet und hat 19,8 Mio. Dollar eingespielt. Damit bringt er das weltweite Einspiel des Sequels auf 104 Mio. Dollar und platziert sich in allen elf Territorien an der Spitze der Charts. "Batmans Rückkehr" schaffte dies lediglich in zehn Territorien, bei "X-Men: Der letzte Widerstand" waren es sieben.
In Südkorea spielte der Film fünf Mio. Dollar ein (274 Kopien), während in Australien 3,9 Mio. Dollar (409 Kopien) mit dem Superheldenepos eingenommen wurden - 29 Prozent mehr als bei "Batmans Rückkehr". Auf den Philippinen ist "Superman" mit 2,58 Mio. Dollar und 81 Kopien der zweitbeste Start aller Zeiten (nach "Spider-Man 2"). Er erreichte einen Marktanteil von 90 Prozent. In Taiwan spielte der Film 1,58 Mio. Dollar ein (151 Kopien), in Thailand waren es 1,5 Mio. Dollar (204) und in Indien 1,49 Mio. Dollar (274 Kopien).

[03.07.2006] Blickpunkt:Film berichtet über die US-Einspielergebnisse...
"Superman Returns" hat sich am Independence-Day-Wochenende souverän an die Spitze der US-Charts gesetzt. Aber einen Rekord konnte Warners sündhaft teures Flaggschiff mit 84,2 Mio. Dollar nach fünf Tagen nicht aufstellen. Von Freitag bis Sonntag konnte der am Freitag auf 4065 Kinos aufgestockte Superhelden-Film, dessen Budget von Warner-nahen Quellen auf 263 Mio. Dollar beziffert wird, vergleichsweise moderate 52,1 Mio. Dollar einspielen. Das ist der drittbeste Independence-Day-Wochenend-Start nach "Spider-Man 2" (88,2 Mio. Dollar) und "Krieg der Welten" (64,9 Mio. Dollar) und der lediglich dreißigstbeste Fünf-Tage-Start überhaupt. Aber immerhin war "Superman Returns" an den ersten fünf Tagen besser als Warners "Batman Begins", der vor einem Jahr mit 72,9 Mio. Dollar angelaufen war. [...]

[02.07.2006] CS! berichtet über die US-Einspielergebnisse...
After grossing roughly $32 million in its first two days, Bryan Singer's Superman Returns made another $16.2 million (estimated) in its first Friday, up slightly from Thursday but down from its opening day, including Tuesday previews. Although many thought that the second superhero revival from Warner Bros. would do significantly better than last year's Batman Begins, its Friday number is pointing to an opening weekend around $50 milion. That's in a similar range as Peter Jackson's 2005 remake of King Kong, another movie which cost more than $200 million and didn't deliver opening weekend. [...]

[30.06.2006] Bei AICN gibt es zahlreiche Stimmen zum Film... Und CS! berichtet über die US-Einspielergebnisse...
Warner Bros. Pictures' Superman Returns, directed by Bryan Singer, opened with $21 million on Wednesday. The figure, which includes early Tuesday night screenings, marks the 8th biggest opening for a Wednesday, just behind last year's War of the Worlds, which collected $21.3 million before moving on to earn $121.2 million its first seven days. [...]

[29.06.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik von Quint...
[...] I was pumped for this movie and really walked away happy, but I see some rough edges in the story and some of the development. Some stuff that doesn't make a lot of sense, some stuff that makes sense, but didn't quite work for me. But on the whole, the movie rocked. [...]

[28.06.2006] AICN sprach mit John Ottman über den "Superman Returns" Score und mehr... Und bei FDM gibt es eine Kritik (6/10)...
[...] In the end, the Caped Crusader’s return is worth seeing, certainly, but it’s not the explosive kickoff to a new series that I - and perhaps Warner - was hoping for.

[27.06.2006] Bei TcH gibt es den "Superman Returns" TV-Spot #20 !!! Und bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik von Capone...
[...] Superman Returns is the finest and most well-rounded film about superheroes ever made. This is a film that doesn't skimp on the action, but also bothers to take the time to develop and grow its characters. To those who say the film is flawed or that they were disappointed, I say that you need to remind yourself what made the original Superman so important. It wasn't just the behavior and actions of the super-powered beings, it was the way the rest of the world incorporated them into the culture. [...]
Superman Returns isn't simply good, it's damn near perfect, and it gets better with repeated viewings.

[24.06.2006] Bei TcH gibt es den "Superman Returns" TV-Spot #18, der etliche neue Szenen zeigt...

[22.06.2006] Bei TcH kann man den 144 MB grossen "Superman Returns" HBO's First Look downloaden !!!

[21.06.2006] Bei AICN gibt es ein sehenswertes Video, das zeigt wie Marlon Brando in "Superman Returns" integriert wurde...

[20.06.2006] Bei SHH! kann man in den kompletten "Superman Returns" Soundtrack reinhören... Bei AICN gibt es weitere Filmkritiken...

[19.06.2006] Bei TcH gibt es den "Superman Returns" TV-Spot #12... Und bei AICN gibt es eine überaus positive "Superman Returns"-Kritik von Harry Knowles...

[17.06.2006] Bei AICN gibt es Kritiken zu "Superman Returns"...

[16.06.2006] Bei TcH gibt es den "Superman Returns" TV-Spot #8 und #9... Und bei IESB gibt es 11 Ausschnitte !!!

[13.06.2006] Bei gibt es Infos zur geschnittenen "Superman Returns to Krypton"-Szene, die vermutlich auf der DVD enthalten sein wird... Und bei DH gibt es eine Kritik von Paul Fischer...
[...] This is a monumental classic of the genre, a true successor to the Richard Donner classic of the original. This time, audiences will once again believe a man can fly. Director Bryan Singer has crafted a visual tour-de-force, a movie that succeeds in balancing eye popping 21st century visuals, with the heart and soul of a story-driven epic.
Brandon Routh is the perfect successor to Chris Reeve, and shows us a character that has both strength and vulnerability, while Kate Bosworth's Lois Lane is beautifully realised. Spacey is pure genus as Lex Luthor and Frank Langella is a wonderful Perry White. This is one Superman for the ages, a soaring, wondrous adventure that will leave audiences breathless, and a truly breathtaking ride of a movie. [...]

[12.06.2006] Bei TcH gibt es einen exklusiven "Superman Returns" MTV-Clip, der fast die komplette Flugzeug-Rettungsaktion zeigt... Und Harry von AICN sprach mit Bryan Singer...
Harry Knowles - I saw that Warner Brothers has announced that they were heading into development on a SUPERMAN RETURNS sequel, and mentioned that you were attached. Have you really fallen that in love with the Superman world?
Bryan Singer - I love it very much, I can’t say that I’m officially attached yet, we’ve just begun those discussions, but there is certainly an interest in moving forward and the relationship to the experience, though very difficult, of making the film, logistically, at Warners was a really really really good one at Warner Brothers. So the side point is, if they decide they want me, after they’ve seen the film, to do a sequel. We all got along so wonderfully, that the logic says that it makes sense to move forward together on a sequel. Plus there are things that have been layered into the film that would lend themselves to a sequel, much as I did on the X-MEN series. Not saying it won’t be satisfying in the end, it’s not a two parter. But the business part about inking a deal or figuring out a schedule, we haven’t done that specifically yet, nor is there a script. [...]

[11.06.2006] Bei TcH gibt es einen Schwung neuer Bilder... Und AICN liefert diverse Kritiken...
[...] The people I’ve (personally) heard from thus far were remarkably consistent in their assessment of this movie: SUPERMAN RETURNS is good, even very good, but not "great". [...]

[09.06.2006] Bei TcH gibt es den "Superman Returns" TV-Spot #6 !!!

[08.06.2006] Bei AICN gibt es Infos zur "Superman"-Dokumentation "Look, up in the sky!", die am 20. Juni 2006 in den USA auf DVD erscheint...

[02.06.2006] Bei Yahoo! Movies gibt es den "Superman Returns" Trailer #2 auch in der deutschen Synchronfassung...
Mit Dank an Jörg-Rene

[01.06.2006] Bei kann man in den "Superman Returns" Soundtrack reinhören... Bei Empire Online und AICN gibt es neue "Superman Returns"-Poster... Und SHH! meldet...
[...] theaters will start screening Superman Returns on 10:00pm on Tuesday, June 27th ahead of the official June 28th release date! Oh, and this isn't just conventional theaters, it includes IMAX theaters as well. [...] the running time is estimated at 150 minutes, or 2 1/2 hours.

[31.05.2006] Bei gibt es ein Video-Interview mit John Ottman, der für den "Superman Returns" Soundtrack verantwortlich zeichnet... Bei TcH gibt es den neuen "Superman Returns" Trailer in HiRes... Und CS! meldet...
[...] Warner Bros. Pictures will release Superman Returns two days earlier on June 28, a Wednesday. It gives the Bryan Singer-directed comic book adaptation two more days to collect box office before Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest opens on July 7. [...]

[27.05.2006] Der neue "Superman Returns" Trailer ist online !!!

[25.05.2006] Bei TcH gibt es den "Superman Returns" TV-Spot #5 !!!

[23.05.2006] Bei TcH kann man einen Blick auf das japanische Filmplakat werfen...

[22.05.2006] Bei TcH gibt es den neuen "Superman Returns" International-Trailer & TV-Spot #4 !!!

[20.05.2006] Bei TcH gibt es den "Superman Returns" TV-Spot #3 und Infos zu schönen Sammlerstücken von WETA !!!

[19.05.2006] Bei TcH gibt es den "Superman Returns" TV-Spot #2 !!!

[18.05.2006] Bei IGNFF und AICN gibt es das neue "Superman Returns"-Poster...

[13.05.2006] Bei Yahoo! Movies gibt es zwischenzeitlich auch den deutschsprachigen "Superman Returns" Trailer...

[12.05.2006] Bei AICN gibt es den ersten "Superman Returns" TV-Spot !!!

[09.05.2006] Bei TcH gibt es ein "Superman Returns" Video-Interview mit neuen Filmszenen !!!

[06.05.2006] Bei TcH gibt es den "Superman Returns" Trailer für Sony PSP... Und bei AICN gibt es eine erste Filmkritik...
[...] To sum up, this will surprise you. It’s a way more mature film then a lot of people will realize. In case you haven’t realized it from reading what happens, this is a big, big film that will be very entertaining and it’s also very good. This is not wall-to-wall action which is why I think Moriaty was bummed. But it is action mixed with drama mixed with comedy. Theres nothing to worry about, and no reason to have so much negative buzz. [...]

[05.05.2006] Bei SHH! gibt es Teil 1 eines umfangreichen Setberichts...

[04.05.2006] GameFront meldet...
Electronic Arts gibt bekannt, dass Superman Returns (aktuelle und Next Generation Konsolen) von Juni 2006 auf Herbst 2006 verschoben wurde. Die Auslieferung soll jetzt mit der DVD-Veröffentlichung in den USA zusammenfallen.

[03.05.2006] Der "Superman Returns" Trailer ist online !!!

[02.05.2006] Bei CS! gibt es ein Interview mit Brandon Routh und Kate Bosworth...

[01.05.2006] Bei TcH gibt es einen kleinen Vorgeschmack auf den kommenden der "Superman Returns" Trailer...

[30.04.2006] meldet, dass der "Superman Returns" Trailer am 2. Mai 2006 online durchstarten wird...

[29.04.2006] Wie SHH! meldet, wird der "Superman Returns" Trailer im Vorprogramm von "Mission:Impossible-3" zu sehen sein und eine Laufzeit von 2:28 Minuten haben...

[13.04.2006] Bei CS! gibt es ein paar neue Bilder...

[12.04.2006] Die NZ berichtet über Brandon "Superman" Routh...

[05.04.2006] Bei AICN gibt es ein Interview mit Brandon "Superman" Routh...

[21.03.2006] In einem IESB-Interview bestätigte Wolfgang Petersen, dass er noch immer Interesse an einem "Batman vs. Superman"-Film habe... Moviehole schreibt hierzu...
It was all set to go a couple of years ago, it just never, excuse the pun, took off. Talking of course about the much talked-about "Batman vs. Superman" - the script of which, has been widely available on the internet longer than Frank Castle’s been The Punisher - which director Wolfgang Peterson was set to steer into production, before he got a woody for swords and swords and went and done "Troy" instead.
You remember the one? In it, Batman and Superman have a bit of a skirmish. Capes fly, as they say. Everyone from Jude Law to John Travolta (priceless!) to Colin Farrell was apparently in talks to take part in the production. At the end of the day, Warner decided to ditch the idea - for the meantime anyway - and relaunch the solo adventures of Clark and Brucie, respectively.
There are rumblings that the Superhero teaming will happen at one stage, but not until after a couple of solo efforts for the new "Batman" and "Superman", which would make sense. Having said that, it’s a shoe-in that both Brandon ‘Superman’ Routh and Christian ‘Batman’ Bale will reprise their roles for the two-hander.
IESB caught up with Peterson and asked him whether he was still interested in bringing "Batman Vs.Superman" to the big screen still - even if it is in twenty years time - and though he reminds that it’s "on the shelf right now", he did confirm that "at one point" he might do it.
The script for "Batman Vs.Superman", by "Se7en" writer Andrew Kevin Walker, sees an aged Bruce Wayne - who lost Robin, the boy wonder, some five years before - retired from Batman duties and retiring with new fiancee Elizabeth. Unfortunately, Batman's old foes return just after their wedding - namely, The Joker - and Elizabeth is murdered. Hell-bent on getting revenge, Bruce dons the cape again in a mission to destroy the clown prince of crime. Superman, fearing Batman is about to cross the line and become a murderer like the criminals he chases, ends up clashing with the Caped Crusader over his motives - and the heroes are set on a violent collission against each other. Unbeknownst to the heroes, their actions are falling in line with a villainous plot by Lex Luthor, who is responsible for the resurrection of the Joker. [...]

[18.03.2006] Auf der diesjähren ShoWest gab es mehr von "Superman Returns" zu sehen, und Quint von AICN beschreibt alles was er gesehen bis ins kleinste Detail !!!

[16.03.2006] Bei AICN gibt es Bilder von sehenswerten "Superman Returns"-Sammlerfiguren von WETA !!! Und TcH präsentiert einen neuen Gegner, dem man in der "Superman Returns"-Videospielumsetzung begegnen wird...

[06.03.2006] CS! meldet...
Kevin Spacey appeared on the ITV1's Parkinson on Saturday in the UK and talked about starring as Lex Luthor in director Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, coming to theaters and IMAX on June 30.
Spacey confirmed to Michael Parkinson that he'll appear in the sequel to "Returns" and will possibly do a third film as well. He added that he spent six weeks filming the role and that he expects "the franchise to look after him." [...]

[04.03.2006] Bei TcH gibt es neue Bilder in der grossen "Superman Returns"-Galerie...

[01.03.2006] TcH hat einen Trailer zum "Superman Returns"-Videospiel veröffentlicht... Und Moviehole meldet...
Actress Mischa Barton ("The OC") could be pulling on some blue tights over her bloomers soon, according to Cinemablend and The Post Chronicle.
Warner Bros are apparently hot to cast the young actress in "Supergirl", playing the prevailing kryptonian cousin of Kal-El herself.
The new film, the first big-screen venture for the superheroine since the poorly received 1984 film of the same name, would be released on the back of this Summer’s "Superman Returns". Of course, if that tanks - and, well, it won’t - then you can kiss the spin-off goodnight.
Helen Slater was "Supergirl" in the previous film version, playing a young college student by day/superhero by night, who must protect her new community from a villainous Faye Dunaway.
Funnily enough, Barton was also being considered for the lead role in the forthcoming "Wonder Woman".

[27.02.2006] The Star Online eCentral beschreibt ein paar Szenen aus "Superman Returns"...

[19.02.2006] hat mehrere Screenshots der "Superman Returns"-Videospielumsetzung veröffentlicht...
[...] Am 28. Februar soll laut Electronic Arts vorab ein offizieller Trailer zum Spiel veröffentlicht werden. Einiger Gerüchte zuvolge soll der Trailer auch neue Szenen des Films beinhalten. [...]

[06.02.2006] AICN widmet sich dem "Superman II - Richard Donner Cut"...

[21.01.2006] Bei CS! gibt es neue Bilder...

[18.01.2006] Moviehole meldet...
It’s long been the plan to team Superman and Batman up on the big-screen, and just a few short years ago - with Wolfgang Peterson set to take the rudder - it was nearly a reality. The film, "Batman Vs.Superman" would see the Caped Crusader actually going up against the Metropolis good-guy.
It's still the plan to do the film, but after both series' have done a couple of solo efforts. So "Batman" star Christian Bale is up for it, what about the new "Superman", Brandon Routh?
"It’s a tough thing to think about... because I don’t think Superman should be fighting Batman", the new Man of Steel tells
"I’d have to read the script to see if there was a backbone behind it, besides them just fighting - they should save the world, not [fight]."

[01.01.2006] Bei CS! gibt es einen Setbericht...

[24.12.2005] Bei AICN gibt es ein Bild von Superman in Action...

[15.12.2005] widmet sich den Problemen bei ausgebeulten Kostümen... ;-)
[...] Hollywood executives have ordered the makers of Superman Returns to cover up the rookie actor’s blockbuster bulge.
An insider said last night: "It’s a major issue for the studio. Brandon is extremely well endowed and they don’t want it up on the big screen. We may be forced to erase his package with digital effects." [...]

[02.12.2005] iF Magazine sprach mit Bryan Singer über den Stand der Dinge...

[18.11.2005] Der "Superman Returns" Teaser-Trailer ist online !!! Und sprach mit Bryan Singer über die Gastauftritte von Jack Larson und Noel Neill...

[17.11.2005] DH meldet...
Reshoots wrapped at 1:45pm of the morning of Tuesday November 15th. Second unit will continue on until the end of the month. The trailer is set to debut over satellite networks (and online shortly after) this Thursday and on this week's episode of "Smallville" which airs at 8pm EST.

[12.11.2005] bietet ein "Journal"-Video mit Lex Luthor & Co.

[10.11.2005] Die Offizielle "Superman Returns" Website hat die Pforten geöffnet... Und CS! meldet...
[...] the teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated film will be attached to Warner Bros. Pictures' Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, opening in theaters on Friday, November 18. The teaser runs one minute and thirty-three seconds. [...]

[03.11.2005] Guardian Unlimited meldet...
Christmas has come early for Superman film buffs: according to the latest issue of the sci-fi film magazine Dreamwatch, Warner Bros has given Richard Donner the green light to restore and release a director's cut of 1980's Superman II. In addition, Superman I, III and IV are also set for release as special edition DVDs.
Superman II is the episode of the franchise where the hero faces off against three escaped criminals from his home planet of Krypton, just at the point where he has renounced his superpowers to be with Lois Lane.
Fans of the celluloid Man of Steel will know that the first two Christopher Reeve-starring Superman films were more or less conceived as one film by Donner, and that he had more than two-thirds of the second film in the can before he was himself canned over creative differences and replaced by Richard Lester, leading to charges that Superman II became an uneven, campy mess because of it. Super-philes have always known that a better version of Superman II exists somewhere - Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane in the first four Superman films, claimed in 2004 that Donner had filmed enough to make his own cut, prompting a lobbying effort for Warner Bros to release a full cut of Donner's version. It looks like fan power has won out.
Some of the Donner-shot sequences, those featuring Marlon Brando, are already to be inserted in Bryan Singer's forthcoming Superman Returns. But with a restored Superman II and the soaring original to enjoy, fans will surely be up, up and away with joy.

[18.10.2005] DH meldet...
'S' was on a project with some guys who are returning to work on "Superman Returns" and talk of the reshoots about to happen in Sydney came up:
"The main reason for the hiatus in shooting: Rewrites due to recent films with similar action scenes. Same situation as Fantastic Four, basically. They're also doing a bank robbery sequence that wasn't completed and some elaborate flying sequences. No-one is in a panic or anything, but this definitely the biggest thing done in Sydney so far".

[01.10.2005] Die Offizielle "Superman Returns" Website ist online...
Mit Dank an Jörg-Rene

[08.09.2005] Bei Latino Review gibt Bilder, u.a. Kevin Spacey als Lex Luthor...

[05.09.2005] Die Newsweek liefert einen Set-Bericht, inkl. 2 Bilder... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!

[04.09.2005] bietet ein weiteres "Journal"-Video...

[30.07.2005] Bei gibt es ein "Journal"-Video über die Animatics...

[26.07.2005] liefert exklusive Bilder vom Set, u.a. Kevin Spacey als Lex Luthor und Parker Posey als Kitty Koslowski...

[24.07.2005] Bei DH gibt es das neue "Superman"-Logo...

[21.07.2005] Bei gibt es ein Video zur "Superman Returns"-Präsentation auf der Comic-Con...

[18.07.2005] AICN und CS! berichten über die "Superman Returns"-Präsentation auf der Comic-Con...

[15.07.2005] CS! berichtet über die Comic-Con...
[...] Also shown was a greeting by Bryan Singer from the set of Superman Returns. Singer showed the set for the Daily Planet Plaza. We also saw Clark Kent jumping high in the air and running next to a corn field. There were various other shots of Clark Kent. They also showed a helicopter being shot against a blue screen and Singer teased that they were going to show Lex Luthor on the set. The scene blipped away as a joke before we saw him. Singer spoke about the Superman character and why he was a fan. [...]

[27.06.2005] meldet...
Peta will be in the new Superman Returns which is scheduled to be released in June 2006. Be sure to watch here for more news on her new role!

[24.06.2005] Bei gibt es ein neues sehenswertes "Journal"-Video...

[20.06.2005] meldet...
Warner Bros. Pictures' "Superman Returns" is taking a historic flight as the first movie to shoot with the Panavision Genesis digital cinematography cameras. Director Bryan Singer is filming with a fleet of the latest digital cinema cameras developed over a three-year period as a collaborative effort between Panavision and Sony. In creating the Genesis, Panavision, the storied Hollywood camera house, took some of the best attributes of its professional film cameras and adapted them for the digital world. At the heart of the Genesis is a Sony high-definition digital imaging device that allows use of all existing Panavision 35mm lenses with which most Hollywood motion picture film crews are very familiar.

[10.06.2005] sprach mit James Marsden über seine Rolle als Richard White in "Superman Returns"... SPOILER !!!
[...] Superman’s gone for a while. He comes back to find, in Bryan Singer’s words, Lois Lane with somebody who’s very Superman-esque. There’s a lot of similarities, so Lois Lane is engaged to this guy. They have a child together. It is emotionally a challenge for Superman to come back and see, I think because Lois has moved on with her life and she’s with somebody else. [...]

[09.06.2005] DH berichtet über Zusammenhänge von "Superman Returns" und "Smallville"... SPOILER !!!
Krypton Knight has received new rumours regarding the upcoming "Superman Returns" film which has connections to the "Smallville" Season 5 premiere:
"Apparently, Clark is going to take the ship that landed in Commencement to the Fortress during this season and that is what he will use later in life when he leaves Earth after Superman II. He will then make his return to Earth in a similar ship of the one from Superman the Movie, the "crystal" ship.
Also, I have heard of plans of having what emerges from the "Smallville" ship wear a "black" Superman suit. This is the same suit Clark will use in the movies. In Smallville he will not wear it but what comes out of the ship will have it on."
Meanwhile, "Smallville" executive producers Al Gough and Miles Millar were sited on the set of "Superman Returns" recently according to Krypton Site.

[05.06.2005] Bei IESB gibt es den letzten Stand in Sachen "Batman vs. Superman"...
Will we ever get to see Superman square off against Batman in a live action movie? According to Producer Charles Roven "it all depends on the success of Batman Begins and Superman Returns". He also did say that the current script for the project is excellent.
So will Christian Bale and Brandon Routh team up for this "clash of the titans?" Rumors have persisted that both actors contracts have a clause for such option if both franchises end up being successful.
When will this film happen? Christian Bale told the IESB today during the Batman Begins press junket that Superman vs Batman could happen down the line but not as an immediate sequel but instead after a few more Batman solo successes.
This is an early synopsis of Superman vs Batman:
When Bruce Wayne goes out seeking bloody vengeance on the murderer of his new bride, Jennifer. Superman opposes him, fights him to the near death - then it's discovered that the guy behind Jennifer's murder is also this big baddie in Superman's circle and they unite to fight. Warner Bros. has commissioned a script from Andrew Kevin Walker ('Seven') with Wolfgang Petersen ('The Perfect Storm') directing. This is a different project from either Batman 5 or Superman 5.

[06.05.2005] Bei gibt es das "Journal #10"-Video mit Probeaufnahmen der Flugszenen...

[28.04.2005] Bei AICN gibt es einen Set-Bericht...

[22.04.2005] Bei CS! gibt es Brandon Routh im "Superman"-Kostüm !!!

[21.04.2005] Bei kann man sich anschauen, wie der neue "Superman"-Anzug aussehen soll...

[20.04.2005] Bei DH gibt es einen Set-Bericht... Darüberhinaus bietet DH Gerüchte zu einem Cameo-Auftritt von Hugh Jackman... The Sunday Telegraph und The Sunday Mail haben ebenfalls Bilder von Brandon Routh als Clark Kent veröffentlicht...

[17.04.2005] Bei AICN gibt es das erste Bild von Brandon Routh als Clark Kent... Und bei 7news gibt es sogar bewegte Bilder...

[16.04.2005] Bei Moviehole gibt es neue Gerüchte rund um "Superman Returns"... SPOILER !!!
[...] "This weekend (Saturday) more filming will take place in the city of the same sequence from last weekend....with a lot less 200...not 1000 like they had last time. Singer needs reshoots and better coverage I'm being told", he says. "Did you see that new S? It's exactly the same silver one that was used in the doomsday death of superman black superman suit...and what would you like to bet, considering the last scene being filmed was superman 'dying'.... hmmm...sure looks possible to me, considering Latino Review spoke of Superman having a kid and a black suit months ago". [...]

[14.04.2005] Herald Sun meldet...
SYDNEY'S business district was invaded by New York cabs and transformed into the mythical Metropolis yesterday as filming for the new Superman movie began.
Kate Bosworth, who plays Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane, was looking a tad try-hard in her I'm-a-serious-journalist camel overcoat and brunette locks. But the fans seemed to love her, the fake American props and the 1000- strong extras cast.
No sight of the man of steel yet, and it could be a long wait.
Word is the star, Brandon Routh, could film all his scenes in the US.

[11.04.2005] Bei Moviehole gibt es einen lesenswerten Rundumschlag in Sachen "Superman Returns", u.a. Bilder vom Set...

[07.04.2005] Bei AICN gibt es paar Hinweise auf die Art, wie Superman zurückkehrt... SPOILER !!!

[06.04.2005] meldet...
Frank Langella has stepped into the role of Perry White in Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns" for Warner Bros. Pictures. Hugh Laurie originally was cast in the role but bowed out because of a scheduling conflict with his TV series, "House." The series, on which Singer is executive producer, has proved a surprise hit and was just picked up for a second season. Laurie had not yet shot any scenes on the movie, which began production March 21 in Australia. In the Superman canon, White is the editor of the Daily Planet, the newspaper where Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent, works as a journalist. In Singer's version, White has a son named Richard, played by James Marsden, who is Lois Lane's love interest. Langella played Count Dracula in Universal Pictures' 1979 "Dracula." [...]

[02.04.2005] Moviehole berichtet über den Stand der Dinge...
[...] Scenes for the uber-priced blockbuster were being filmed outside the NSW township of Tamworth, and it apparently went beaut. "We were really lucky with the weather," "Superman Returns" unit publicist Joe Everett told local newspaper The Northern Daily Leader.
"Everyone is really pleased with filming. It has been a major operation and everyone is very pleased how things have turned out. It has been pretty hectic with most of the cast and crew working extremely long hours. We've had a number of night shoots so that has required a lot of planning. Overall everyone is pleased with how the shoot has gone", he adds.
Brandon Routh, who plays Superman, and Eva Marie Saint, who plays on-screen mother Martha Kent, have flown back to Sydney, after shooting their scenes at the 'Kent Farm'.
The cast and crew will enjoy a four-day long weekend before filming begins in Sydney next Tuesday. Most filming will take place at Fox Studios but it is believed some inner-city streets will be closed off next week for production.
Meantime, Moviehole can confirm that the studio will not - contrary to rumours - be shooting a sequel to "Superman" back-to-back with the first one. "Not true", says an insider. "Not only has the first one cost the studio enough, but they'll want to make sure they recoup their investment first".
The scooper was unable to confirm whether the lavish sets built for the film will stay up for the sequel. "I don't know - possible. Wouldn't expect the Farm in the country to be demolished or anything".
One thing's for sure, there are sequels in the early development stages. "Definitely a rough flat-plan, yes, couple of Superman's, a Batman vs Superman, something else...anyone's guess when the next film will happen though". [...]

[19.03.2005] meldet...
Parker Posey has joined the cast of Bryan Singer's Superman movie for Warner Bros. Pictures. Posey will play Kitty Koslowski, Lex Luthor's villainous henchwoman. Parker joins a cast that includes Brandon Routh as Superman, Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane, Hugh Laurie as Perry White, James Marsden as Richard White and Sam Huntington as Jimmy Olsen. Kevin Spacey is playing Lex Luthor. Kal Penn will portray Stanford, Luthor's right-hand man. Jon Peters, Singer and Gilbert Adler are producing. Chris Lee is executive producing and Stephen Jones is co-producing. Polly Cohen is overseeing for the studio. Posey was most recently seen in "Blade: Trinity" and "Laws of Attraction." [...]

[15.03.2005] begleitet die Produktion von "Superman Returns", u.a. gibt es ein "Welcome to Sydney"-Quicktime-Video mit Bryan Singer... Und bei CS! gibt es ein paar sehenswerte Bilder vom Set...

[10.03.2005] Wie Latino Review meldet, wird der verstorbene Marlon Brando Jor-El in "Superman Returns" verkörpern...
[...] Singer plans to use stock footage of Marlon Brando that was originally shot by "Superman" director Richard Donner. Considering that Jor-El's role in Superman Returns is very minor this might just work.
Brando and Christopher Reeve were once filmed interacting with one another to be used in Superman II, but due to a lawsuit against the Salkinds for a percentage of the sequel, the scenes were deleted and re-shot using the mother (Susannah York) instead. [...]

[19.02.2005] Moviehole meldet...
The ever-changing "Superman" subtitle machine just got cranked back into action.
Something interesting from a reliable chap at Sydney's Fox Studios this weekend.
"Everything slapped about saying 'Superman Returns' has been taken down, and in it's place, the new title 'Superman : The Red Sun'. You've probably heard it before, but it looks like this could be the title. We're being told that anyway".
I recall the 'Red Sun' title being tossed about before, so that's interesting. Still, wouldn't put much stock in the title until the studio has their final post-edit say.

[09.02.2005] sprach mit Mira Nair, die enthüllte, dass Kal Penn (u.a. "Harold & Kumar") in "Superman Returns" mitwirken wird...
[...] "Kal's film Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle was a hit and all the 13-year-olds in America know and love him," she said. "Namesake will be his first dramatic role. He is an extraordinary actor. He has just signed on as Superman's best friend in the new movie called Superman Returns. As soon as he finishes shooting for Namesake, he will shoot for that. [...]"

[04.02.2005] meldet, dass Eva Marie Saint die Rolle von Supermans Adoptivmutter Martha Kent spielen wird... Die Rolle des Adoptivvaters wurde noch nicht offiziell bestätigt...

[02.02.2005] Moviehole meldet...
Krytponsite may have discovered who's playing Superman's Pop in Bryan Singer's redo.
According to the site, Michael Gambon ["Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"] will be playing the role of Jor-El, Kal-El's Kryptonian nappy-changer.
The site also stumbled upon a synopsis for the film, but it sounds like it's the Kevin Smith's take on the pic from a few years back : "From Bryan Singer, director of the X-Men films, comes a new chapter in the Superman saga. Metropolis' villainous Lex Luthor (Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey - American Beauty, The Usual Suspects) allies himself with a malevolent alien, a demonic brainiac from Krypton, who's out to kill Superman. Superman is overmatched and dies . . . until he's resurrected by an ally from Krypton. Thanks to the love he shares with Lois Lane, he's given his super strength back in the action-filled thriller Superman Returns".

[31.01.2005] meldet...
Superman has found his sidekick. Sam Huntington has been cast as Daily Planet cub reporter Jimmy Olsen in Bryan Singer's Superman movie. The cast includes Brandon Routh as Clark Kent/Superman, Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, Hugh Laurie as Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White and James Marsden as Richard White. Kate Bosworth is in negotiations to play Lois Lane. Olsen was a wide-eyed photographer who even had a watch with a Superman signal. Olsen had his own comic in the 1960s and '70s titled "Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen." Since the late '80s, the comics have portrayed Olsen in a more serious light.

[14.01.2005] meldet...
Bryan Singer is going with some familiar faces in his Superman movie for Warner Bros. Pictures. James Marsden, who played Cyclops in Singer's two "X-Men" movies, and Hugh Laurie, who stars in the Singer-executive produced Fox series "House," are joining the Superman cast. Marsden will play Lois Lane's love interest, Richard White. Laurie is in final negotiations to play Perry White, editor in chief of the Daily Planet. The two characters are related, though the studio declined comment on if they are father and son.

[12.01.2005] IESB sprach mit Kevin Spacey über seine Rolle als Lex Luthor...
Q: Are you looking at any of the previous Superman films for inspiration for "Returns"?
KS: You have to look at the work the Chris Reeve did on his films and of course the great work that Gene Hackman also did.
Q: Singer has said that this new film will resemble Superman 1 and 2, can you see that?
KS: I think that it will resemble those films but at the same time it won’t. From what I have been told fans of the first films will recognize plenty but this film will also stand alone. [...]

[07.01.2005] Moviehole meldet...
Kevin Spacey is a lock to play Lex Luthor in WB's big-banked "Superman" retool.
Spacey's been long linked to the role of Superman's bald-headed enemy, but it was all dependent on scheduling. [...]
Blonde Beauty Kate Bosworth is close to signing on as Lois Lane too. The casting of Lane was a long process that ultimately rested on a chemistry test between the actress and Brandon Routh, who is playing Superman, sources said. Bosworth reportedly beat out the likes of Claire Danes, Linda Cardellini and Michelle Monaghan.
Spacey and Bosworth just worked together on the Bobby Darin biopic "Beyond the Sea". Bryan Singer previously worked with Spacey on "The Usual Suspects".

[02.01.2005] Wie berichtet, wird Kate Bosworth (u.a. "Blue Crush") in die Rolle der Lois Lane schlüpfen...
After several screentests WB look like they have found their Lois Lane. Reliable sources inform us that Kate Bosworth has won the role of Daily Planet's feisty yet incident prone reporter. After many young actresses screentested alongside Bradon Routh - with Elisha Cuthbert, Claire Danes and Keri Russell all believed to have come close it was Bosworth who Singer decided on. Kate who recently starred in Beyond The Sea now joins an impressive looking cast believed to be Shaun Ashmore as Jimmy Olsen, Spacey as Lex Luthor and Brandon Routh as Superman. [...]
We have heard rumours of a cast get together in January and a possible photo shoot to go with an announcement of the full cast but take that with a pinch of supersalt. There have also been some more mumurings ofJude Law joining the cast with General Zod and John 'Metallo' Corben mentioned as possible roles. Again take a rather large pinch on that one.
Some suit details are also leaking through - expect to see some more darker colours for the costume and a 3D Superman symbol. [...]

Weitere ältere Meldungen gibt es im "Archiv 2004"...

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