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"Surrogates" (2009) basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Comic von Robert Venditti & Brett Weldle...

Schöne, neue Welt 2054.
Neue Entwicklungen in der virtueller Realität und Robotik haben zu einer Revolution in der Verbraucher-Technologie geführt: Die Surrogaten, menschenähnliche Roboter, durch die ihre Besitzer mit der Außenwelt interagieren können, ohne jemals die Sicherheit der eigenen vier Wände verlassen zu müssen. Es ist eine perfekte, alterslose Welt, in der alle Arten von Gewalt und Verbrechen mit Hilfe einer synthetischen Stellvertreter-Gesellschaft eliminiert worden sind. Dem Polizeibeamten Harvey Greer Bruce Willis, u.a. "Stirb Langsam") obliegt die Aufgabe über diese schöne, neue Welt zu wachen. Denn ein Technoterrorist, der den Menschen die digitalen Scheuklappen von den Augen nehmen möchte, macht sich daran, die Surrogat-Technologie zu zerstören...

"Surrogates - Mein zweites Ich" kam am 21. Januar 2010 in die deutschen Kinos...


"Surrogates - Mein zweites Ich" auf DVD & Blu-ray Disc !!!
Am 20. Mai 2010 erscheint
"Surrogates - Mein zweites Ich" auf DVD & Blu-ray Disc...

[21.01.2010] Heute startet "Surrogates - Mein zweites Ich" in den deutschen Kinos...

[05.10.2009] CS! berichtet über die US-Kinocharts...
[...] Bruce Willis' action movie Surrogates (Disney/Touchstone), which dropped 51% to fifth place after a less than spectacular debut last week. It added $7.3 million to its current total of $26.4 million. [...]

[28.09.2009] CS! berichtet über die US-Kinocharts...
[...] The main competition came from Surrogates (Disney/Touchstone), Bruce Willis' first action movie since 2007's Live Free or Die Hard, but it opened with an estimated $15 million in nearly 3,000 theaters, way below all expectations, for second place. [...]

[26.09.2009] Bei Corona Coming Attractions gibt es eine Kritik zum Film (55/100), sowie bei Film Junk (1.5/4)...
[...] At an 88-minute running time, Surrogates is short and breezy, but considering all the potential that was there, I would have much rather seen them take an extra half-hour to add some depth (or more action). Hardcore sci-fi geeks will probably be willing to forgive a lot of the artifice in this movie just to explore some of the ideas, and I have to admit that it does spark some cool discussions about what the future may hold. Still, beyond this fascinating future world, the characters and the plot are just so tired, and the action is not nearly exciting enough to offset all the eye rolling [...]

[23.09.2009] Der "Surrogates" Clip / Ausschnitt ist online... Und bei CS! gibt es eine weitere Featurette...

[21.09.2009] Bei SHH! gibt es ein Interview mit Radha Mitchell...

[12.09.2009] Der "Surrogates" Trailer #2 ist online...

[04.09.2009] Bei CS! gibt es eine neue Video-Featurette... Ausserdem sind ein paar "Surrogates" TV-Spots online...

[31.08.2009] Bei CS! gibt es einen Bericht aus dem Schneideraum, inkl. Interview mit dem Regisseur Jonathan Mostow...

[28.08.2009] Bei CS! gibt es neue Szenenbilder... Ausserdem gibt es bei CS! ein Musikvideo, welches neue Filmszenen enthält...

[19.08.2009] Bei IGN gibt es eine neue Video-Featurette...

[07.08.2009] Bei kann man einen Blick auf ein russisches Poster werfen...

[06.08.2009] Bei Wired gibt es ein Video mit wissenschaftlichem Hintergrund: "The Science-Fact Behind 'Surrogates'"...

[02.07.2009] Bei CS! kann man einen Blick auf das Poster werfen...

[06.06.2009] Bei gibt es Szenenbild mit Bruce Willis & Radha Mitchell...
[...] playing a machine in Surrogates, out Sept. 25, proved a bit trickier for Mitchell than she expected. ''They rarely blink,'' she says. ''We were given a list of robot behavior before we started shooting, but [director] Jonathan Mostow was always reminding me not to walk around with my mouth open.'' [...]

[22.05.2009] Der "Surrogates" Trailer ist online...

[11.05.2009] Eine Video-Preview ist online: "Surrogates" Trailer & Footage !!!

[09.02.2009] Unter ist eine Website zum Film online gegangen... Und CS! berichtet über die Präsentation auf der NY Comic-Con...

[20.12.2008] Bei gibt es ein erstes Szenenbild mit Bruce Willis...

[26.09.2008] IESB berichtet über eine Präsentation...
[...] The Surrogates is a live action adaptation of Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele's very popular graphic novel published by Top Shelf Productions.
The footage we saw was not completed and some of the special effects weren't entirely done but boy, oh boy, this movie looks great!
The basic synopsis is as follows: Set in a futuristic world where humans live in isolation and interact through surrogate robots (remote-controlled artificial bodies), a cop (Willis) is forced to leave his home for the first time in years in order to investigate the murders of others’ surrogates.
The Surrogates world that Jonathan Mostow brings to life is very relatable and appears to be maybe just a few decades away. The graphic novel takes place in 2054 but I am not sure if the movie does the same.
There are regular cars on the road but you still get some of that Minority Report-like tech throughout the city.
Bruce Willis as Agent Greer, in comparison to his "surrogate" is pretty amazing. His robot self easily looks 20 years + younger than his real self. Agent Greer is a bit overweight, balding and scruffy looking. His surrogate has a full head of hair, thin and good looking.
From the footage shown, we learned that the majority of population has a surrogate robot of him/herself. Each person connects to a Matrix- like computer system that controls your surrogate self to do all of your daily chores, errands and everyday activities including partying and having sex.
I know, whats the point, right? Well it appears that there is group of people who are not too thrilled with the robotic lifestyle and starts hacking into and killing the robots/surrogates. The problem is, if you kill the robot, the person could also potentially die.
Agent Greer is sent to investigate via his robotic twin. We realize that the surrogates have superhuman power and can take quite a beating but they are not indestructible. When he gets close to finding out who is responsible his robot is destroyed.
The real Agent Greer narrowly escapes with his own life along with some minor injuries. He is now forced to investigate the old fashion way. He has to leave his apartment and do it in the real world.
The footage shown was full of explosions, chases and suspense. I'm sold. [...]

[14.03.2007] meldet...
Disney has acquired rights to the graphic novel "The Surrogates" and will develop it into a sci-fi thriller that Jonathan Mostow will direct.
Michael Ferris and John Brancato will write. The trio last teamed on "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines."
Published by Top Shelf Comix, graphic novel "The Surrogate," written by Robert Venditti and illustrated by Brett Weldele, is set in a futuristic world where humans live in isolation. They interact vicariously, through surrogate robots.
Mandeville's David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman will produce, along with Max Handelman and Elizabeth Banks.
"This is a Philip K. Dick-like futuristic universe, but people who live a second life already on the Internet can relate to some of the themes here," said Brancato, who with Ferris is adapting the Robert Ludlum novel "Sigma Protocol" for Strike Entertainment.
Subject matter is edgy for Disney, and Oren Aviv is eyeing Touchstone as a home for it.
"This is a grounded sci-fi premise, but there are big effects, and it's clear from '300' that people want to see different kinds of things, and this falls into that category," Hoberman said.
Project was hatched by husband-wife team of Handelman and Banks; the latter is an actress most recently seen in "Invincible" and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin." They found "Surrogates" and enlisted Lieberman, with whom they attended college.
Mostow will develop the project while he continues to write "Sub-Mariner," an adaptation of the Marvel Comics character for Universal.

[28.04.2005] Bei IGN gibt es eine Preview zur Comic-Serie...

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DVDSurrogates - Mein zweites Ich
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Erscheinungstermin: 20. Mai 2010


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Der Titel erscheint hierzulande bei Cross-Cult als edle Hardcover-Ausgabe...

Robert Venditti & Brett Weldle
The Surrogates
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208 Seiten (April 2009)

Hier die englischsprachigen Ausgaben...

Robert Venditti & Brett Weldle
The Surrogates Vol. 1
Englischsprachiges Taschenbuch
208 Seiten (August 2006)

Robert Venditti & Brett Weldle
The Surrogates Vol. 2: Flesh & Bone
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144 Seiten (Juli 2009)


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