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Das PS3-Videospiel "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" wird verfilmt...

Die Geschichte beginnt in den USA mit der Dokumentationssendung "Uncharted", die von der aus einer Reality-Show bekannten Elena Fisher moderiert wird. Die Produzenten der Sendung willigen ein, eine Expedition des Schatzjägers Nathan Drake an die Küste von Panama zu finanzieren, wo er nach der letzten Ruhestätte von Sir Francis Drake suchen soll. Nach wochenlanger Suche entdeckt die Mannschaft einen Sarg - und hier wird die Geschichte interessant...

Die "Uncharted"-Verfilmung soll mit dem (neuen) Regisseur Neil Burger (u.a. "The Illusionist") realisiert werden...


"Uncharted: Golden Abyss" für PS Vita !!!
Sony Computer Entertainment veröffentlichte am 22. Februar 2012 "Uncharted: Golden Abyss" für PS Vita...
Enthüll das dunkle Geheimnis hinter einem Massaker, das vor 400 Jahren während einer spanischen Expedition nach Zentralamerika stattfand. Du kannst Nathan Drake bei seinem Debut für PlayStation Vita auf einer epischen Reise durch unbesiedeltes Land begleiten. Nutz die intuitive Steuerung von Vita, um zu springen oder zu rutschen, und beweg Dich durch ein filmreifes Abenteuer, das auf dem OLED-Bildschirm in einzigartiger Qualität angezeigt wird. Mit den zwei Analog-Sticks, diversen Tasten und der interaktiven Steuerung von PlayStation Vita stehen Dir verschiedene Optionen zur Verfügung, die Du zur Erfüllung tödlicher Missionen verwenden kannst...

[22.02.2012] Heute erscheint "Uncharted: Golden Abyss" für PS Vita...

[13.12.2011] Ein neuer Trailer zu "Uncharted: Golden Abyss" für PS Vita ist online...

[02.11.2011] Sony Computer Entertainment veröffentlichte heute "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception" für PS3... Der Titel erscheint auch als Special Edition und Explorer Edition mit tollen Beigaben !!! [29.09.2011] Eurogamer meldet...
Uncharted developer Naughty Dog has given the Uncharted movie its blessing, and said the appointment of Neil Burger as director is a "very good sign" that it will please fans of the blockbuster PlayStation 3 exclusive series.
Earlier this year Limitless and The Illusionist director Neil Burger was announced as director of the Uncharted movie after previous director David O. Russell's acrimonious exit from the project.
Burger said the new team was "starting from scratch" on the script and "going back to the video game".
Burger's comments enthused Uncharted fans who were concerned by the direction Russell was taking the film before he walked out.
Russell's vision would have seen Mark Wahlberg's Nathan Drake as a member of a family of antique traders that also included father Robert De Niro and uncle Joe Pesci.
Burger's vision, however, appears closer to video game developer Naughty Dog's virtual world.
And now the famed PS3 developer has given Burger the thumbs up.
"The producers of the movie project have a lot of integrity, and they are keen to make the kind of film fans of Uncharted want to see made," co-lead designer Richard Lemarchand told Eurogamer in a new Uncharted 3 interview conducted at Eurogamer Expo 2011.
"We've been impressed at Naughty Dog with the level of interest they've shown in talking to us and to Amy [Hennig, creative director] in particular in order to get it right. The attachment of Neil Burger to the project is a very good sign in that regard."
While the movie is being developed separately, Naughty Dog has been involved, with Hennig in regular contact with the film's producers.
"I've always been very excited about it," Lemarchand continued.
"I'm interested in this concept of transmedia, perhaps because of the kind of media environment I grew up in, that we all grew up in. I'm a big Doctor Who and Star Wars fan. You have the primary thing, which is the TV show or the movies, but then you extend your enjoyment by re-experiencing those story worlds through these other channels.
"We've set out to make the most cinematic character action games that have ever existed. Cinematic as well in the right sense, we hope, because it's all about ongoing, real-time interactive gameplay as much as we can possibly make it. We're happy with what we've been able to achieve in that regard.
"We're all big fans of film. We had to study on the techniques of cinema very diligently to be able to make these games. So yeah, I remain excited about the future of the Uncharted feature film."

[08.07.2011] CS! meldet...
After the recent departure of David O. Russell from the project, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune has now found a replacement director. has confirmed that Neil Burger is now attached to take over the film adaptation.
Uncharted, based on the popular video game series, was formerly working from a script by Russell, Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer. After creative differences were cited as the reason for Russell's departure, a new screenwriter was being sought and it is possible (but not yet confirmed) that the accomplished Burger (who both wrote and directed his first three projects) will fill that role as well.
There is also still no confirmation yet as to whether or not Mark Wahlberg, who was previously attached to play the lead, is still involved with the film. [...]

[28.05.2011] CS! meldet...
[...] Variety reports that David O. Russell will no longer direct Uncharted: Drake's Fortune [..].
Uncharted, based on the popular video game series, is still in development at Columbia Pictures and was formerly working from a script by Russell, Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer. Creative differences have been cited as the reason for Russell's departure and a new screenwriter is being sought. Though there is no specific word yet, it is very likely that Mark Wahlberg, who was previously attached to play the lead, is also no longer involved in the adaptation. [...]

[09.03.2011] Bei CS! kann man einen Blick auf die Nathan Drake's Gegenspielerin in "Uncharted 3" werfen...

[22.02.2011] DH zitiert den Regisseur David O. Russell...
[...] Asked about the negative feedback recently by /Film, Russell said "I’m very respectful as far as the core content and spirit of the game, but beyond that it’s my job as a filmmaker to make what I think is going to be an amazing movie. People have to trust that and let that go, I think. There’s not a bunch of movies you can point to that are made from games that are amazing movies, that stand up to time as a franchise or as [individual films]."
He goes on to cite another acclaimed filmmaker's upcoming action movie effort - "I personally think it’s really cool when you see that someone like Darren Aronofsky is going to make an X-Men movie or to get someone such as myself to make this picture. You can be guaranteed that it’s going to be real, it’s going to be raw, it’s going to be intense, it’s going to be original, and it’s going to be propulsive."

[10.02.2011] IGN sprach mit dem Regisseur David O. Russell...

[02.02.2011] Empire sprach mit dem Regisseur David O. Russell, u.a. über mögliche Darstellerinnen für die Rolle der Elena...
[...] What is the situation with your Uncharted movie script? It seems such a natural game to turn into a movie...
The game is very cinematic; there’s no question about it. That’s what I’m working on real hard and I’m writing it as we speak and I’m really excited to make it. I’d love Mark to be in it, I’d love Bob De Niro to be in it; I love the idea of growing them into a cinematic family; I think that’s a really cool idea, but... I guess you’ll have to wait until you see the script.
What thoughts do you have about the love interest, Elena?
Ah, Elena. I’ve cultivated her quite a bit and I think I’ve added a lot of dimension to her so that’s all I’m going to say. I love the woman characters and the more robust they are, the more robust the movie.
From watching The Fighter, we would love Amy Adams to play Elena...
Oh I would love that too, I love Amy. I also love Scarlett Johansson; there’s a lot of great actors I think might suit. Hopefully, we’ll see how it works out with everybody who are being scoped to do that role [...]

[08.01.2011] Mark Wahlberg meldet...
[...] Wahlberg is indeed - despite the incessant requests to see Nathan Fillion cast instead - set to play Nathan Drake in the feature film version of Playstation game series "Uncharted".
There’s suggestion’s Wahlberg’s not a lock, even talk that the film’s nowhere near happening, but according to the actor it’s happening... and sometime mid-year.
"David O’Russell is writing right now and hopes to direct", Wahlberg says. "It’s myself, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro".
The musician cum actor says they’re "hopefully going to shoot it in the Summer time". [...]

[29.12.2010] CS! meldet...
Joystiq has posted an interesting interview with "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception" game director Justin Richmond, who denies that Uncharted: Drake's Fortune movie director David O. Russell previously said the adaptation would feature a "family dynamic."
Russell was quoted by the Los Angeles Times that the movie would expand from the game to include Nate Drake's extended family. "This idea really turns me on that there's a family that's a force to be reckoned with in the world of international art and antiquities... [a family] that deals with heads of state and heads of museums and metes out justice," he reportedly said, adding, "We'll have the family dynamic, which we've done in a couple of movies now... And then you take that and put it on the bigger, more muscular stage of an international action picture, but also put all the character stuff in it. That's a really cool idea to me."
Richmond, however, said Russell denied saying this: "First of all, all that stuff was denied by David O. Russell... He actually called us up and was like, 'I don't know what these guys are talking about.'"
We're not sure how the Los Angeles Times could have gotten direct quotes from Russell wrong, so we'll have to wait and see how this turns out.
Richmond also said that Mark Wahlberg is not confirmed for the role of Nathan Drake yet. It was believed that Wahlberg was set for the role and that Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci were in early talks for roles. [...]

[12.12.2010] Der VGA Awards 2010 Debut-Trailer zu Naughty Dogs' "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception" ist online !!!

[10.12.2010] Bei PopWatch gibt es einen First Look auf , inkl. Screenshots... Weitere Screenshots und das Spiele-Cover gibt es bei CS! !!!
[...] According to Naughty Dog’s creative director Amy Hennig, the theme of deception plays out in multiple ways throughout the threequel, from Drake doing the deceiving to Drake being deceived to some mysterious deception about Drake’s very identity. The story focuses on the hero’s relationship with his mentor and father figure, fan fave Victor “Sully” Sullivan, and has him searching for a legendary lost city that will ultimately take him to the Arabian Peninsula and the vast wasteland of the Rub’ al Khali Desert, also known as the Empty Quarter. [...]
Uncharted 3 - which aspires to be an "interactive cinematic experience," says Hennig, marked with character-driven storytelling - will also make more expansive use of motion-capture filmmaking techniques (think: the way James Cameron shot Avatar) that will enhance the quality of character performance. (In fact, Naughty Dog’s new Santa Monica digs includes its own mo-cap studio.) The execs at Naughty Dog walked us through one of the game’s levels, and while we can’t tell you anything about the locale (it actually wasn’t the desert), we can tell you that it was quintessential Uncharted, marked by dynamic camera work and gameplay that requires you to jump and climb through treacherous spaces that are in an almost constant state of change - or in this case, catastrophic collapse. Innovations? Several, including enhanced backward climbing and the ability to fight multiple baddies at once. Finally, Wells stressed that much time and effort is being lavished upon expanding Uncharted’s online multiplayer and co-op capabilities, too [...]
Naughty Dog is remaining cagey about the release date for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, but expect it to drop around the same time that the first Nathan Drake novel, Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth, hits next fall. [...]

[02.12.2010] 24 Frames sprach mit dem Regisseur David O. Russell über die Verfilmung...
[...] "Drake's" is apparently rolling along. When we talked with Russell [..], he said he's already about halfway done with the script, which dovetails nicely with Sony's and fans' hope for a finished movie pretty quickly. "It's a locomotive," he said of the movie's progress.
While the video game centers on Nate Drake (a descendant of Sir Francis Drake) and his quest to find lost treasure on an island far from civilization, Russell plans on expanding the movie to include Drake's extended family -- and put them in fraught, globetrotting situations with some of the world's most influential people.
"This idea really turns me on that there's a family that's a force to be reckoned with in the world of international art and antiquities ... [a family] that deals with heads of state and heads of museums and metes out justice," he said.
Meanwhile, Mark Wahlberg, the "Fighter" star who will take on the Nate Drake role in this new film, told 24 Frames that he hasn't read what Russell's written yet but had been told extensively about the idea and believes it's a world away from most video-game adaptations. "To me what a lot of those other movies lack is the level of character and heart," he said. (Wahlberg is, of course, no stranger to video game-based movies, having starred in the less-than-well-received "Max Payne.")
Russell has plenty of experience in the character and dysfunctional-family department, notably chronicling the adventures of an unconventional unit in his 1996 hit "Flirting with Disaster," among other pictures. He sees movies like that influencing him on "Drake's."
"We'll have the family dynamic, which we've done in a couple of movies now," he said. "And then you take that and put it on the bigger, more muscular stage of an international action picture, but also put all the character stuff in it. That's a really cool idea to me."

[25.11.2010] In einem Video-Interview mit MTV meinte Mark Wahlberg, dass er die Rolle von Nathan Drake in der Verfilmung spielen wird und Robert DeNiro und Joe Pesci seien im Gespräch für weitere Rollen...
[...] On the subject of how the "Uncharted" movie is progressing, Wahlberg confirmed that David O. Russell has started writing. "David is one of the best writer/directors I've ever worked with," said Wahlberg. "The idea that he has is just insane. So hopefully we'll be making that movie this summer."
Recently there have been rumors that O. Russell was interested in casting Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro in the film, and Wahlberg confirmed those, as well. "That's who he wants to write the parts for. I talked to Pesci about it and I know David's people have talked to [Robert De Niro]."
And now for the juicy bit: How would Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro fit into the storyline?
"I'm obviously in whatever David wants to do but the idea of it is so off the charts: De Niro being my father, Pesci being my uncle. It's not going to be the watered-down version, that's for sure." [...]

[10.10.2010] CS! meldet...
David O. Russell (Three Kings, The Fighter) has been set to write and direct Columbia Pictures' Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, an action-adventure based upon the best-selling PlayStation 3 game, it was announced today by Doug Belgrad and Matt Tolmach, presidents of Columbia Pictures. The film will be produced by Avi Arad, Charles Roven, Ari Arad, and Alex Gartner.
The story follows the adventures of treasure hunter Nathan Drake.
Commenting on the announcement, Tolmach said, "David is a tremendous choice to take on this film. He's equally adept at combining all the classic elements involved in this property: great character development, strong comedy, and amazing action sequences. He has a brilliant vision for this material and we know he will bring his original, unique voice to this adaptation."
The game, developed by the acclaimed team at Naughty Dog, was one of Sony Computer Entertainment's best-selling and most critically acclaimed games for the PS3. Named IGN's Best Action Game and Best PS3 Game, "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" sold one million copies in the first 10 weeks of its release at the end of 2007 on its way to moving more than 2.6 million copies and spawning a sequel. That sequel, "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves," was a major commercial and critical success, winning Game of the Year honors from several influential critics, being named the most critically acclaimed game of the year by Metacritic, and selling more than 3.8 million copies worldwide. Both games are among the all-time best-selling games for the platform.
The project will be overseen at Columbia Pictures by Tolmach and Jonathan Kadin. Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer wrote the first draft of the screenplay.

[06.08.2010] 24 Frames meldet...
Video game junkies and fans of throwback adventures might have been at the very least amused, if not intrigued, by the idea of David. O. Russell taking on "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune."
As we wrote in May, the auteur was being considered for the director's chair on the Sony video game adaptation, which would have offered the prospect of the man who gave us the dark comedy of "Spanking the Monkey" and "Flirting with Disaster" rolling his sleeves up on material that had a lot in common with "Romancing the Stone" and the Indiana Jones franchise. [...]
In the last few weeks, Russell, the studio and producers (Charles Roven of "The Dark Knight" fame is one) had been negotiating for Russell to come aboard. But the parties haven't been able to come to terms so they're going their separate ways, sources say. Producers and the studio are going back to the drawing board. They'll look for a new director -- and first they may even look for a star or two to join the project. (With the male and female co-leads, it's essentially a two-hander, so expect the casting process to be involved.)
What all this means is that even the faintest hopes that "Fortune" could be a 2011 movie -- Sony at one point had even thought about fast-tracking it for a release next summer --- have been extinguished. The studio wasn't immediately available for comment.
Russell, who recently walked away from the stop-and-start production drama of indie dark comedy "Nailed," has no hard greenlight for a new movie but does have a few projects in the hopper, including a dramedy with Vince Vaughn about a traveling salesman and his daughter, "Old St. Louis," that he's eager to get made and which could soon move forward. As for those trying to make a movie about treasure-seeking adventurers, they'll need to keep looking.

[24.11.2009] Latino Review meldet...
[...] Remember when it was announced over the summer that Kyle Ward was set to write the script for megahit PS3 game "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" for Sony?
Guess what?
Not happening.
Kyle's deal fell apart at the last minute mainly because Sony didn't want to wait around for a draft (from what I was hearing up to a year) while Ward was tied down and contractually obligated to deliver drafts for his other commitments - mainly "Hitman 2."
Apparently, "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" is a high priority project for Sony and producer Avi Arad which is good news for fans.
Not surprinsgly considering Uncharted and the critically acclaimed sequel Uncharted 2 are a megahit for Sony selling a combined 3 million copies and counting.
Sony wants writers that are available and it looks like they found them.
If everything goes through, it looks like writing team Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, the duo who wrote the upcoming "CONAN" reboot, will get the Uncharted writing gig.
At press time, negotiations are underway and it looks like a deal is imminent.
Expect to hear it officially in the trades. [...]

[30.10.2009] meldet...
[...] In einem Podcast der OPM UK hat die offizielle Stimme von Uncharted-Held Nathan Drake, Nolan North, verraten, dass kein geringerer als Hugh "Wolverine" Jackman ganz oben auf der Liste der möglichen Anwärter für die Verkörperung des Spielhelden in einer bereits bestätigten Verfilmung steht.
Für North selbst würde irgendeine Rolle im Film völlig ausreichen: "Ich würde liebend gerne den Film machen, natürlich würde ich auch gerne Nathan Drake spielen, aber ich habe bereits Filme gemacht und verstehe die Realität des Business."
"Jackman ist derjenige, den ich gerne sehen würde. Ich denke die Produzenten sehen das genauso, weil er diese harte Schale hat, aber dahinter auch noch mehr als genug. Jede Menge Emotionen und Sensibilität hinter dieser schroffen Schale und er hat ein großartiges Timing, was Komik angeht. Er ist ein phänomenaler Schauspieler." [...]

[27.10.2009] zitiert Naughty Dog´s Amy Hennig bzgl. der geplanten "Uncharted"-Verfilmung...
[...] "Der Film ist definitiv in Arbeit, das darf ich verraten. Wir haben mit Columbia Pictures die bestmöglichen Partner für das Projekt. Wenn irgendjemand Angst haben sollte, dass sie das Material nicht verstehen oder nicht so sehr lieben wie wir, dann darf er beruhigt sein. Diese Jungs verstehen, worum es geht. In den Meetings, welche ich bisher mit ihnen hatte, konnte ich sehen, dass ihre Herzen und Köpfe absolut am rechten Fleck sind." [...]

[24.10.2009] meldet...
In einem Interview mit dem PSN Magazin "PULSE", hat Voice Actor Nolan North, die Stimme hinter Nathan Drake, geäußert, dass man es kaum erwarten kann, den dritten Teil von Uncharted zu machen.
"Wir sind äußert entschlossen einen dritten Teil zu machen", so North.
Bisher steht nicht fest, was das nächste Projekt von Naughty Dog sein wird. Zur Auswahl stehen natürlich "Uncharted 3", ein neues "Jak & Daxter" oder was ganz anderes. Laut Naughty Dog hat man sich bis jetzt aber nicht festgelegt.
Nolan North steht übrigens auch zur Auswahl bei denen, die die Rolle von Nathan im Uncharted Film übernehmen sollen. Gewisse Ähnlichkeiten sind auf jeden Fall schon einmal vorhanden.

[16.10.2009] Heute erscheint der lang ersehnte Nachfolger "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves" für PlayStation 3 !!!

[05.10.2009] Bei gibt es eine 10-minütige Video-Review zu "Uncharted 2"... Vorsicht SPOILER !!! Derweil bietet die Offizielle Website ein nettes Onlinespiel für zwischendurch...

[27.06.2009] meldet...
Columbia has found "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune."
The studio is developing the action-adventure video game for a feature film, setting Kyle Ward to pen the adaptation that would be produced by Avi Arad, Charles Roven, Ari Arad and Alex Gartner.
The story follows a descendent of explorer Sir Francis Drake, a treasure hunter named Nate Drake who believes he has learned the whereabouts of El Dorado, the fabled South American golden city, from a cursed golden statue. The search becomes competitive when a rival hunter joins the fray, then is racheted up several notches when creatures -- actually mutated descendants of Spaniards and Nazis -- begin attacking those hoping to learn the treasure's true secrets.
The game, from Sony Computer Entertainment, sold 1 million copies in the first 10 weeks of its release at the end of 2007.
Ward, repped by CAA and Benderspink, is making a name for himself in the game-to-film world, having written "Kane & Lynch" for Lionsgate (Bruce Willis is attached to star) and getting hired to work on "Hitman 2" for 20th Century Fox. [...]

[29.05.2009] Bei gibt es ein neues Video zum "Uncharted 2"-Multiplayer...

[16.05.2009] Bei gibt es ein Ingame-Video zu "Uncharted 2"...

[05.05.2009] Bei Joystiq gibt es ein Video-Interview mit dem "Uncharted 2" Lead Designer Neil Druckmann, der u.a. über die Locations, die diversen Play-Modi und Download-Content plaudert...

[24.04.2009] ThePlaystatioNetwork verbreitet das Gerücht (!!!), dass Matthew McConaughey in der "Uncharted"-Verfilmung die Rolle des Nathan Drake übernehmen soll...

[11.02.2009] Bei geht Produzent Sam Thompson auf die (wenigen) Schwächen des Vorgängers ein, die man in "Uncharted 2" beheben will...

[05.02.2009] Bei Kotaku gibt es neue Screenshots aus "Uncharted 2"...

[03.02.2009] Bei gibt es ein Video-Interview mit Bruce Straley, dem Regisseur von "Uncharted 2"...

[01.01.2009] Bei gibt es ein "Uncharted 2"-Infos aus dem Magazin "Edge", inkl. Scans...

[16.12.2008] Bei gibt es Ingame-Screenshots zu "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves"...

[02.12.2008] Der "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves" VGA 2008 Trailer ist online !!!

[14.12.2008] Bei gibt es weitere Scans zu "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves"...

[12.12.2008] Bei gibt es Infos und Bilder zu "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves" aus dem US-Magazin GameInformer...

[02.12.2008] Der "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves" Debut-Trailer ist online !!!

[03.10.2008] meldet...
Mr. Marvel hat sich zuletzt die Filmrechte an Mass Effect gesichert, auch zu Lost Planet macht er eine Leinwandadaption. Nun lesen wir passend zu unserer Halo Movienews von vor ein paar Minuten, dass Avi Arad auch bei einer Verfilmung von Uncharted: Drake's Fortune seine Finger mit im Spiel hat. Interssant dabei: Das Projekt existierte bis jetzt eigentlich nur als Hirngespinst einschlägiger Gerüchteköche.
"Wenn es um das Abenteuer auf der großen Leinwand geht,", heißt es in einem größeren Artikel bei Kotaku, "plant Arad die Dinge etwas durchzumischen. Im Spiel springt die Action ziemlich schnell auf die Insel, doch der Film wird die Sache etwas mehr öffnen, ihr etwas Tiefe vor dem Inselabenteuer einhauchen." Nathan Drake soll dabei keine Indiana Jones Kopie sein, da dieser "immer ein Guter war der stets schonungslos das Richtige tat." Bei Drake dagegen handele es sich um jemanden, der "das Spiel über erst zur Rechtschaffenheit gezogen wird." - Nun, aus einem Game das sich bereits sehr wie ein Film anfühlte und auch wie ein solcher inszeniert war, dürfte es ja nicht unbedingt so superschwer sein einen guten Popcornstreifen zu machen.

[03.10.2008] meldet...
Die Verfilmung und der Nachfolger von Uncharted - Drakes Schicksal werden im Laufe des kommenden Jahres erscheinen. Wie die Kollegen vom Spielemagazin PSM3 berichten, arbeite man bei den Entwicklern von Naughty Dog bereits ausgiebig an der Fortsetzung des Dschungel-Action-Adventures.
Laut dem Bericht wird Uncharted 2 ebenso wie der Vorgänger exklusiv für die Playstation 3 erscheinen und an die Suche nach dem Gold von El Dorado anknüpfen. Folglich wird Nathan Drake wieder eure Spielfigur sein.
Außerdem haben die Kollegen von Kotaku erfahren, dass die Arbeiten an der Verfilmung des ersten Teiles ebenfalls zügig vorangehen. Ihren Quellen zufolge werde der Produzent Avi Arad, der bereits für zahlreiche Marvel-Verfilmungen wie die X-Men-Reihe verantwortlich war, die Leitung übernehmen. In Sachen Story wolle man sich Drakes Erlebnissen vor dem Insel-Abenteuer widmen. Einen genaueren Termin für die Uraufführung konnte oder wollte man noch nicht nennen.

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VIDEOSPIELE - Hardware, Spiele & Zubehör Am 22. Februar 2012 erscheint "Uncharted: Golden Abyss" für PS Vita...

Sony Computer Entertainment veröffentlichte am 2. November 2011 "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception" für PS3 !!! Der Titel erscheint auch als Special Edition und Explorer Edition mit tollen Beigaben !!!

Am 11. Juni 2010 erschien "Uncharted 2" als Platinum-Version für PS3...

Sony Computer Entertainment veröffentlichte am 16. Oktober 2009 den Nachfolger "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves" für PlayStation 3, in dem der Glücksritter Nathan Drake nach seinem ersten Einsatz zu einem weiteren packenden Abenteuer antritt...
Drake, vom Glück nicht gerade begünstigt, wird von seiner Vergangenheit eingeholt, die ihn in eine Welt voller Diebe und zwielichtiger Schatzsucher versetzt.
Den Hinweisen eines geheimnisvollen Artefakts folgend findet sich Drake schon bald auf einer Expedition in den Himalaya wieder mit dem Ziel, das sagenumwobene Shambhala-Tal aufzuspüren. Es entwickelt sich ein gefährliches Katz-und-Maus-Spiel, in dessen Mittelpunkt ein flüchtiger Kriegsverbrecher viel mehr im Sinn hat, als nur die sagenhaften Reichtümer der verschwundenen Stadt...

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Am 6. August 2008 erschien "Uncharted" als Platinum-Version für PS3...

Am 4. Dezember 2007 erschien "Uncharted: Drakes Schicksal" exklusiv für PlayStation 3...
Gehen Sie zu Land und zu Wasser auf die Jagd nach einem Schatz, der seit der Zeit der Konquistadoren verschollen ist und folgen Sie der Geschichte von Sir Francis Drakes letztem großen Abenteuer. Nutzen Sie Karten und uralte Artefakte, um Hinweise zu entdecken und Rätsel zu lösen und erforschen Sie einen lebendigen Dschungel und spektakuläre 400 Jahre alte Ruinen! Setzen Sie sich in realistischen Kämpfen mit Drop-Kicks, Box-Schwingern und Gegenständen aus Ihrer Umgebung zur Wehr. Die fortschrittliche Charakteranimation sorgt für beispiellos realistische Figuren und dank der außergewöhnlichen K.I. ändern Ihre Feinde die Taktiken und reagieren realitätsgetreu...
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Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
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Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
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Evtl. 2013 !?!

Wenn überhaupt ;-)

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS3)

Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PS Vita)

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3)

Uncharted: Drakes Schicksal (PS3)

Uncharted: Drakes Schicksal (Screenshot)

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