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"V - Die ausserirdischen Besucher kommen" (1983-84) ist eine aufwendig produzierte SF-Miniserie, die in den 80ern für Furore sorgte...

"Bürger des Planeten Erde. Wir übermitteln Ihnen Grüsse. Wir kommen in Frieden und möchten freundlich darum bitten, dass der Generalsekretär Ihrer Vereinten Nationen um 1:00 Uhr heute abend, Greenwich-Zeit, das heisst 20:00 Uhr Ortszeit, das Dach des UN-Gebäudes in New York aufsucht. Vielen Dank."

In die Erdatmosphäre treten 50 Raumschiffe ein, die alle so gross wie Manhattan sind. Sie positionieren sich über den wichtigsten Großstädten der Erde. Als der Anführer der Aliens, John, der wie ein Mensch aussieht, jedoch eine seltsame Stimme hat, auf das Dach des Hauptsitzes der Vereinigten Nationen tritt, versichert er die friedlichen Absichten der Aliens. Sie wollen die Erde nicht erobern, sondern hier nur Chemikalien produzieren, die auf ihrem Heimatplaneten benötigt werden. Dafür bieten sie ihre fortschrittliche Technologie zum Austausch. In Los Angeles beginnt Mike Donovan jedoch die friedlichen Absichten der Besucher zu bezweifeln...

"V - Die ausserirdischen Besucher kommen zurück" (1984-85) - Originaltitel "V: The Final Battle" - und wollen sich partout nicht geschlagen geben...

Und die letzte Schlacht war noch nicht geschlagen: Kenneth Johnson werkelte an einem "V"-Remake und "V: The Second Generation"... Und dann kümmerte sich Scott Peters (u.a. "The 4400") für ABC um eine neue TV-Serie - ein "Reboot" bzw. "Reinventing" wie es neuerdings so schön heisst, die allerdings nach 12 Episoden eingestellt wurde...


"V" auf DVD !!!
Am 18. Juli 2008 erschien die "V" - Superbox: The Complete Collection mit 8 DVDs !!! Am 9. September 2011 erscheint die 1. Staffel der neuen "V"-Serie auf 3 DVDs & Blu-ray !!!

[18.07.2011] Heute um 20.15 Uhr startet die neue TV-Serie "V - Die Besucher" auf Pro7...

[20.10.2010] Deadline berichtet über die Fortführung der neuen "V"-Serie...
I hear the order of ABC's sophomore sci-fi drama V is being reduced from 13 to 10 episodes. ABC last week announced that V will return January 4 and will air in Dancing with the Stars' result show slot at 9 PM on Tuesdays, following fellow sci-fi drama No Ordinary Family. That gives V a 12-episode window until the spring season premiere of Dancing on March 29, but I hear the period is expected to include 2 preemptions, leading to V's order getting trimmed. Since the series is still filming, V producers will adjust the storyline for a proper season ending.

[04.11.2009] Bei gibt es eine Kritik zur "V"-Pilotfolge...

[25.10.2009] Bei ABC kann man sich die ersten 9 Minuten aus der neuen "V"-Serie anschauen...

[20.10.2009] CS! berichtet über eine ungewöhnliche Werbemassnahme zum TV-Start beim US-Sender ABC...

[06.10.2009] IESB sprach mit Elizabeth Mitchell, Morena Baccarin und Scott Wolf...

[27.09.2009] berichtet über den Serienstart...
An ABC spokeswoman confirmed exclusively to EW that V, the network’s much anticipated reboot of the old NBC miniseries, will air for a limited, four-episode run in November and then return to the schedule after the Olympics in March. News of the show’s unique rollout comes amid rampant speculation that the Warner Bros. TV drama was undergoing a serious overhaul after news broke that it would halt production for a two-week hiatus. Now, an insider confirms, the hiatus will extend for another four weeks to prepare for the show’s previously announced Nov. 3 debut. An ABC spokeswoman says it was always the network’s intent to the run the science fiction drama in "pod" form to treat it more like event programming.
The drama about an alien race that comes to earth - purportedly in peace - stars Elizabeth Mitchell and Scott Wolf.

[22.05.2009] Ein Trailer zum TV-Remake von "V" ist online... Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zur Pilotfolge...
[...] It isn’t perfect, since I believe the first 5 minutes of the show are a pure cheese-fest that don’t really create a sense of tension when the V’s first arrive, but once Anna’s face appears on the ships for the humans to see, the episode is intriguing and involving enough to keep me entertained and interested.
Finally, the CGI, at times, looks cheesy (some of the spaceship shots are meh), but for the most part, this is a very expensive looking pilot with some beautiful shots of the interior of the motherships. It looks like a cross between a big budget Hollywood blockbuster and a high-concept TV show; the limited budget is obvious, but far better than anything else on TV.
So, in conclusion, V works. It does what pilots are supposed to do: provide a good core of lead characters, establish the storyline, and leave the viewer wanting more. This pilot did all three of those things, and I will definitely be tuning into ABC when the series gets up and running. [...]

[20.05.2009] Bei AICN gibt es zwei sehenswerte Clips / Ausschnitte aus dem kommenden TV-Remake...

[17.05.2009] Moviehole berichtet über die kommende Neuauflage...
[...] The reboot of the classic 80s series has been picked up... but only for six episodes (at the moment). Despite the terrific cast onboard the thing, I've heard the pilot script is a tad weak, and that could be the reason why Fox were hesitant to add it to the family -in fact, I'm pretty sure it was. (If it is cancelled, Elizabeth Mitchell can always return to "Lost"). Gotta say though, despite what I've heard, I'm really looking forward to this show - it sounds like a bit of fun; love the cast (Mitchell, Morena Baccarin, Scott Wolf, Alan Tudyk) too! Nothing like a bit of nostalgia either. [...]

[13.03.2009] CS! meldet...
[...] Joel Gretsch has come aboard ABC's drama pilot "V."
On WBTV's "V," about an alien invasion, Gretsch ("The 4400") will play a Catholic priest who sees a renaissance of faith after the Visitors arrive.

[10.03.2009] CS! meldet...
Morena Baccarin (Serenity, "Firefly") will play a lead in ABC's "V," says The Hollywood Reporter.
"V," from WBTV, is a re-imagining of the 1980s miniseries about an invasion of aliens known as Visitors and the resistance against them.
Baccarin will play Anna, the leader of the Visitors who is remarkably knowledgeable about human culture and media manipulation.

[03.03.2009] CS! meldet...
Scott Wolf is set to co-star on ABC's drama pilot "V," says The Hollywood Reporter.
"V," from WBTV is set in the future, when the human race is ruled by aliens known as the Visitors. Wolf will play a career-obsessed TV newscaster who becomes the aliens' propaganda outlet.
Wolf's TV credits include "Party of Five," "Everwood" and "The Nine."

[29.01.2009] Bei AICN gibt es einen Kommentar von Kenneth Johnson zum kommenden Reboot-Pilotfilm...
[...] My involvement is zero [..] but Jason and Scott are talented, nice guys and I wish them good luck. Their series does not prevent my ongoing efforts to remake my original V as a major motion picture. Hold good thoughts. [...]

[28.01.2009] meldet...
ABC is flashing the "V" sign.
The network has given a pilot order to a new take on NBC's 1980s miniseries about an alien invasion. [...]
Written on spec by Scott Peters, the new "V" will center on a female Homeland Security agent. Peters is exec producing with HDFilms principal Jason Hall.
Two ABC pilots picked up so far this pilot season -- "V" and "The Witches of Eastwick" -- are reimaginings of 1980s titles. Both are produced by Warner Bros. TV. [...]

[10.10.2008] Wie meldet, wird "V" als TV-Serie wiederbelebt...

[08.08.2008] Bei Latino Review gibt es eine Kritik zum Drehbuch von "V: The Movie"...
[...] The story worked 25 years ago and still works today. The lead characters, the central conflict and the overall plot are extremely similar to INDEPENDENCE DAY and V FOR VENDETTA and in fact V: THE MOVIE could be pitched as those two mentioned rolled into one. Drawing upon the major Orwellian themes found in the aforementioned films, while coupling it with a blood thirsty hostile alien race looking to steal earth’s resources and enslaving mankind, the script is no doubt HUGELY commercial! [...]

[15.02.2008] Bei AICN gibt es den 2. Teil eines dreiteiligen Interviews mit Kenneth Johnson, in dem dieser u.a. über "V" und dessen Zukunft plaudert...

[13.02.2008] Bei AICN gibt es den 1. Teil eines dreiteiligen Interviews mit Kenneth Johnson, in dem dieser u.a. über "V: The Second Generation" spricht...

[05.02.2008] IESB sprach mit Kenneth Johnson über "V: The Second Generation"...
[...] I own the motion picture rights to not only the original miniseries but Warner has worked out to let me have the rights to V: The Second Generation as well. So now there’s some very serious talk in town about bringing V to the motion picture world and doing, perhaps, a remake of my original miniseries first and then following it up with one or two movies. Certainly in V: The Second Generation I’ve got enough material for at least two sequels. So we’re in serious conversations with that. Or we were right up until the writers strike. Now we’re sort of stalled until that passes. But there’s a lot of very interesting things happening with V, particularly in the motion picture world, because people have to come to realize the enormous fanbase that V has around the world. [...]

[09.09.2007] THN meldet...
We were at the London Film and Comic Con over the past weekend and we managed to sit in on the last few minutes of a talk that Robert Englund was giving. We not only heard the guy repeat that John Carpenter was 'talking' about having some sort of role in the FREDDY VS. JASON VS. MICHAEL movie (he's been at New Line discussing the project according to Englund), but also that a new re-imagining of his hit 1980's TV series V may be in the works.
Englund did add however, that it was unlikely that he would be involved in the new project, and that a whole new bunch of new, younger actors would be brought on board for the new show. It's an interesting little rumour, and we'll see how it develops, but we love the idea of a new V series. Even if it is without Englund (the man did say that he would love to return to the series, and said that he'd like to have seen the new show based around the original characters, twenty to thirty years on).

[13.05.2005] sprach mit Robert Englund, u.a. über "V: The Next Generation"...

[27.10.2004] DH meldet...
[...] the latest issue of Dreamwatch magazine has a big interview with Kenneth Johnson, who reveals for the first time that he's agreed to write a new remake of alien invasion drama "V". He also says he hasn't given up on the sequel mini-series he wrote & hopes it'll be produced AFTER the remake.

[16.07.2004] DH meldet...
A while back NBC planned to develop a three hour TV movie sequel to the classic 80's alien invasion series "V", plans which changed to a four hour mini-series to be penned by creator Kenneth Johnson.
Now, The Post Gazette reports that Jeff Gaspin, NBC's miniseries and movies chieftain, said there was not enough newness to the most recent miniseries draft to green light it - "I just don't think it was different enough from the original, frankly. It wasn't as innovative as the original. It felt like a good sequel if we'd done it immediately after [the original], but in the 20 years that other space operas have come and gone, it doesn't feel as fresh as it did 20 years ago".
Gaspin tried to shop the project over to The Sci-Fi Channel, but executives there were not interested in the "V" revival in its current script form either. Gaspin's not giving up yet, hoping Johnson will develop a whole new story.

[27.03.2004] Illana's V Page zitiert Ken Johnson...
[...] Our NBC development exec has responded favorably yesterday, and has sent my new two-night, four-hour mini-series screenplay to his boss... [He] oversees not only NBC long-form, but all their reality and alternative programming, plus manages the Bravo Network...Plus NBC is in the midst of reorganizing for the Universal takeover.
Plus it's pilot hopefully someone will actually read the script -- and hopefully push the go button -- before we're all in our rockers at the Motion Picture Country Home.
Not one to sit still, I have this week prepared a detailed video pre-visualization of all the Visual Effects shots (some 264 and counting) which we'll need for the budgeting process. Even though it was only shot on my little lipstick camera with my toy collection standing in for the people, cars, and Visitor fighters, you really can see how cool it will all look when we do the real thing. [...]

[22.03.2004] Illana's V Page zitiert Jane Badler...
[...] Still waiting on V. I think they are working out last script things and then Budget. So it is getting closer. [...]

[24.06.2003] Music from the Movies meldet...
Joe Harnell, the composer who wrote the music for the original V miniseries for NBC in 1983, has been asked to score the follow-up miniseries currently in development. [...]

[11.06.2003] Bei MSNBC gibt es weitere Infos zu "V: The Second Generation"...

[09.06.2003] Hollywood Reporter meldet...
Twenty years after NBC's hit sci-fi miniseries "V" invaded the small screen, the network is bringing the aliens back with "V: The Second Generation," a three-hour telefilm from the original creator Kenneth Johnson. Johnson, who penned, directed and produced the mini, is set to write, direct and executive produce the sequel, which has been given a script commitment.
The 1983 "V" (short for Visitors), which spawned a short-lived weekly series on NBC, was a sci-fi allegory of the Nazi takeover of Germany in the 1930s. It centered on the Visitors, aliens from a distant planet who'd come to Earth with the promise to solve the world's problems through their high technology, but after gaining control of the planet through subterfuge and media manipulation, began to methodically kill their enemies. A small group of humans, who discovered the Visitors' true plan -- to conquer the Earth and eat its population -- form a resistance and lead the fight against the invaders.

[03.06.2003] Illana's V Page zitiert Ken Johnson...
[...] TV Guide will break the story about the project being in development in their June 14 issue. BUT -- There is absolutely no shooting date planned at this time. I have only just delivered the first story treatment to Warners and NBC. They must approve it, I must write the screenplay, go through as many drafts as they want, determine what the budget will be, have NBC order it to production, and Warners elect to pay the necessary cost in concert with NBC. Many many many many many many many bridges yet to cross. [...]

[09.05.2003] meldet...
Jane Badler ("Diana" in "V") hat bestätigt, dass sie für eine Fortsetzung der SF-Serie "V - Die ausserirdischen Besucher kommen" einen Vertrag unterschrieben hat! Auch Robert Englund hat bestätigt, dass Regisseur Ken Johnson ihn gefragt habe, ob er für eine Mini-Serie zur Verfügung stände. Laut "Dark Horizons" sei jetzt nur noch ein vernünftiges Drehbuch nötig um die Sache in Gang zu setzen.

[31.01.2003] Bei DH gibt es Neuigkeiten zu "V: The Second Generation"...
Kenneth Johnson's most recent email concerning his talks with NBC about doing a sequel mini-series sounds promising: "At this point I am talking to NBC and Warners about a 3 or 4 hour sequel. No deal is in place, but I'm hopeful".

[14.01.2003] Laut DH tut sich was in Sachen "V: The Second Generation"...
Kenneth Johnson sent along this quote in an e-mail recently to 'Colin' who passed it on to us: "I've talked to Warners a couple of times over the years, and recently to NBC as well, about doing a sort of V: The Second Generation, and just this week things have begun to sound interesting. Knock on wood"

[01.11.2001] Robert Englund erzählte Quint von AICN einiges über "V"...
[...] It was originally about the occupation of Europe by Nazis, but he couldn't sell that script, so he just turned it into the occupation of America by aliens. All those stories, all those subplots are really true stories, things that happened in the Warsaw Ghetto somewhere. [...]

[21.08.2001] Die Community BRING BACK "V" bemüht sich um eine Fortsetzung der Serie... Unterstützung von allen Seiten ist notwendig... Mach' mit !!!

[29.05.2001] Rechtzeitig zum Independence Day ist es soweit... "Die ausserirdischen Besucher kommen" auf DVD (Regionalcode 1) !!! Siehe !!!

[23.05.2001] Dark Horizons berichtet über "V2"...
"Interesting (but questionable) piece of news. Swedish newspaper Kvällsposten reports that Kenneth Johnsson, creator of the cult hit "V" mini-series has said another one may be in the works with this time the humans visiting the alien homeworld."

[19.05.2001] berichtet über eine mögliche Fortsetzung...

DVD & Video

DVDV - Die Besucher (Neue Serie)
Staffel 1 (3 DVDs)

Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren
Darsteller: Elizabeth Mitchell, Morris Chestnut, Joel Gretsch
Regie: Yves Simoneau
Erscheinungstermin: 9. September 2011

DVDV - Superbox
The Complete Collection (8 DVDs)

Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren
Darsteller: Marc Singer, Jane Badler, Faye Grant
Regie: Kenneth Johnson
Erscheinungstermin: 18. Juli 2008

Die komplette Serie (5 DVDs)

Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren
Erscheinungstermin: 25. Januar 2008

Enthält 19 ungekürzte Episoden...

Die außerirdischen Besucher kommen 1+2 (Box Set)

Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren
Erscheinungstermin: 8. Mai 2003

Die außerirdischen Besucher kommen

Regionalcode 2
Bildformat: 16:9 (1.85:1)
Laufzeit: ca. 189 min
Erscheinungstermin: 24. Januar 2002

Die außerirdischen Besucher kommen 2

Regionalcode 2
FSK: Ab 16 Jahren
Erscheinungstermin: 26. September 2002


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"V - Die Besucher"
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18.07.2011 (D)

V: The Second Generation (Englischsprachiger Roman)

V - Die außerirdischen Besucher kommen 1+2 (Box Set)

Marc Singer als Mike Donovan

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