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Eine Verfilmung der "Villikon Chronicles" von Bryan Kinnaird & Roy Young soll kommen...

"In a distant universe, in another time, a legendary soldier will return to the planet of his greatest strife." Sentenced to life on a gothic prison world, a soldier is mistakenly identified as a prophetic leader heralded by galactic scriptures. Fate guides him on a crusade catastrophic to his soul, and poisonous to the conspirators responsible for his banishment. In a drama spanning ten years, amicable and loathsome characters personify the intricacies of military valor, ancient prophecies, criminal punishment, and unimaginable consequence. A fantastic journey culminates in a twisted conclusion, seasoned with gothic eroticism, metaphorical relationships to biblical creed, and stands to make a definitive statement about our own moral convictions and religious beliefs.

Die Verfilmung mit dem Titel "The Villikon Chronicles: Genesis of Evil" (vorher: "The Villikon Chronicles: Mystere and the Disciples of Dido") wird sicherlich nicht vor Ende 2009 veröffentlicht...

Villikon Chronicles

[16.11.2008] führte kürzlich ein Interview mit Bryan J. Kinnaird...
[...] Right now, a team of Visual FX artists scattered over four continents is working wonders on footage originally shot three years ago. I'm behind PROCLIVITY as a resurgence project for the 'VC' brand before the film finishes in 2009. I never gave up on the film, and going back to publicity and spreading the word, I'm ferocious about promoting, which is why I'm devoted to publishing an E-Zine sent out monthly to industry professionals and fans as a candid look at post production on the film and the new comic series. All issuesof the E-Zine can be downloaded FREE at
Each edition offers insight into the long journey from a film idea to comics and back to film and comics again. A 10-yr pilgrimage. [...]

[25.03.2007] Bei berichtet Bryan J. Kinnaird über die Postproduktion "The Villikon Chronicles: Genesis of Evil"...

[19.06.2006] Bei FanboyPlanet gibt es neue Bilder und Infos zum Stand der Dinge...
[...] After nearly a year and a half, principal photography finished on the long-awaited film adaptation of the cult classic graphic novel series THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES. Through travesties, tragedies, script changes, and cast additions, filming wrapped in June 2006.
Cara Fawn (a.k.a Cheyenne Silver) returned to finish the production after the near-death experience she suffered late last year. For the first time it is being announced here at Fanboy Planet that Cheyenne Silver has gone back to her real name, Cara Fawn. Previous production titles were also scrapped in favor of THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES: GENESIS OF EVIL. [...]

[10.05.2005] Bei gibt es diverse "Hinter den Kulissen"-Berichte zum Film "Mystere: Children of Dido", u.a. Test Footage...

[28.02.2005] YK Productions meldet...
Fans of the Villikon Chronicles have waited patiently for a film adaptation of their beloved comic to come to life. Finally, Executive Producer Bryan J. Kinnaird has teamed up with visionary Director Shian Storm and the special effects wizards at The Cellardoor Experiment to bring forth the first motion picture installment of The Villikon Chronicles, entitled Mystere: Children of Dido.
Set four years before the first issue of the acclaimed graphic novel, the movie chronicles the journey of the beloved Mystere character prior to her pivotal encounter with banished war hero, Kort Villikon. Set to play the young Heroine is fan favorite, Cheyenne Silver, who has embodied the character at many comic conventions throughout the country.
The project began pre-production in December 2004 and is set to begin filming in mid-March 2005 at a remote location near the Mexican border. The picture is being produced by Bassline Digital Productions and Screen Addiction.

[11.11.2003] Bei FanboyPlanet gibt es ein bebilderten Bericht von der Las Vegas Comic-Con...

[07.09.2003] Bei FanboyPlanet gibt es ein Interview mit Bryan J. Kinnaird und Roy Young...

[29.07.2003] Bei gibt es sehenswerte Bilder von der San Diego Comic Con...

[03.07.2003] YK Productions meldet...
Artist Norm Mireles has been brought on board to start working on an adaptation from Bryan Kinnaird's film script to a comic book version of Mystere's story, THE CRUCIBLES OF MYSTERE, which takes place 5 years before the VILLIKON CHRONICLES saga. Norm joins original VILLIKON series artist Roy Young in a collaboration of two styles. Both artists will appear with creator Bryan Kinnaird, "Mystere" character model Cheyenne Silver, and revamped Sentinel Soldiers from the creative costume design team at DOK ARMOR. The VILLIKON ROADSHOW sets up camp at the SAN DIEGO INTERNATIONAL COMIC-CON, Booth #2849 in California, USA...

[29.04.2003] Bryan Kinnaird schrieb uns, dass die Band JARRA - nach aktuellem Stand - nicht länger am Soundtrack mitarbeiten wird... Bei Placebo Productions gibt es ein Interview mit Bryan Kinnaird...
[...] Cheyenne Silver will be playing the role of Mystere [...] many studios are interested in picking up the film rights but nothing has been set in stone yet. [...]
Bryan's main concern right now is getting the trailer made and the film going. Filming for the trailer will begin in 2 months. [...]

[02.02.2003] Placebo Productions zeigt neue Bilder der Modelle... Und auch die Phoenix Cactus Comicon 2003 hat interessante Gäste...
[...] While studios are involved with licensing rights to produce THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES and its spin-off THE CRUCIBLES OF MYSTERE, creator Bryan Kinnaird debuts Cheyenne as the ultra-sexy Mystere to promote the Villikon franchise. She makes her exclusive public convention appearance as Mystere at this year’s Phoenix Comicon. [...]

[04.01.2003] YK Productions meldet...
Has Mystere been cast? While several studios are involved with licensing the rights to THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES and THE CRUCIBLES OF MYSTERE, a trailer is being lensed to debut this year and adult screen siren CHEYENNE SILVER may have snagged the coveted role. Visit for a first look. It's not clear whether the trailer is for THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES or the spin-off film featuring the ultra-sexy MYSTERE. Compare the CHEYENNE SILVER look to the comic book. This project is definately showing signs of "sizzle!

[12.12.2002] Villikon Universe ist eine neue Fan-Site...
[...] featuring a fantastic photo gallery and links. See sexy pics of models Amanda Ruiz, Dantzelle Pettit, and Rachel Portillo... also, story reviews of issues 1,2,3 and a glimpse of VILLIKON 2 poster art!

[28.11.2002] Bryan Kinnaird schrieb uns...
I want to make a statement regarding [...] the SOUNDTRACK section of this Website. [...] Ms. Jarra is a solo artist now and two songs she produced with JARRA that closely mirror the mood of THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES are titled TWO EVILS and ALWAYS, ALL WAYS, from her TEST OF FAITH album. With film negotiations pending, those two songs would still be very appropriate to a score. [...]

[26.11.2002] Placebo Productions zeigt Bilder der Modelle und räumt mit den Gerüchten auf...
[...] Now the first and biggest rumor has to be the Sony adaptation. It was reported on that Sony pictures had picked up the rights to the script. The rumor even went as far as to cast Selma Hayek and Shakira. "As much as I'd like to substantiate that this is isn't! But I'm pleased VILLIKON has been elevated to the ranks of Hollywood's elite rumor mill. There we are with scoops on X-MEN 2, SPIDERMAN 2, and TERMINATOR 3!" says creator Bryan Kinnaird. Hopefully that will put an end to that rumor. [...]

[24.11.2002] Exklusiv bei MOVIEFANS.DE: Das vorläufige Script zum "Villikon Chronicles" Spin-Off "Crucibles of Mystere" !!!

[21.11.2002] Latino Review meldet...
The greenlight has been given by Sony Pictures to produce the first in a planned franchise of films based on last year's hit underground graphic novel series THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES. Additionally, the studio is in a bidding war for rights to THE CRUCIBLES OF MYSTERE, a spin off film based on the popular femme fetalle in the VC series.
The studio is talking about latin sensations to play the roles of MYSTERE and SHA'LESTE. Shakira as Mystere and Salma Hayek as sultry Sha'leste. [...]

[01.09.2002] AAC berichtet über die San Diego Comic-Con 2002...
Do any of you remember the gang from Villikon Chronicles? They did a signing at our store on Free Comic Book Day and brought some of the armor and models and were hoping to get their comic, which was their movie script, made into a movie. Well I ran into them at the San Diego Con and they had some good news. They had a very positive meeting with Warner Brothers and had several Role Playing Game developers had contacted them about their property. The Monday after the con, they were expecting some good news which I will pass on as soon as I get it. [...]

[01.12.2001] The Midnight Sun Online meldet...
Al Rosenberg (1981) has been made into a cartoon character in books 2 & 3 of "The Villikon Chronicles," the hot new sci-fi series by Young-Kinnaird Productions. The graphic novels (i.e. super comic book) is based upon an award-winning screen play, written by Bryan Kinnaird. The story was adapted to comic form (very high tech) by award winning artist Roy Young ("Spawn," "Purgatory," "Ladydeath," "Evil Ernie," the WWF Series, and many more). The big screen live action version is expected to begin filming during the summer of 2002. [...]

Villikon Chronicles
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