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"Voltron" (2008) ist die Verfilmung der gleichnamigen Zeichentrickserie aus den 80er-Jahren...

Die Menschheit expandiert in den Weltraum. Sie will die Weiten des Universums friedlich erforschen und nutzbar machen. Doch eine feindliche Rasse stellt sich ihr dabei in den Weg. Die Menschheit hat keine Wahl. Um ihre eigenen Interessen zu verteidigen, schickt sie ihre Eliteeinheit, die Voltron-Force gegen den unbarmherzigen Feind aus. Die Glieder dieser Einheit haben die Fähigkeit, sich zur ultimativen Waffe, Voltron, zusammenzuschliessen. Nur Voltron garantiert die sichere Expansion der Menschen...

Der "Voltron"-Kinofilm wird nicht vor 2013 in die Kinos kommen...


Vulture meldet...
[...] World Events has both a Voltron TV series and a feature film in the works: Voltron Force will air on the Viacom-owned Nicktoons channel this May.
World Events executive VP Robert Koplar (son of Ted) declined to comment on whether Relativity Media would release the Voltron film itself (entirely possible, given its absorption of two-thirds of the staff of Overture Films last year) or if World Events's recent deal with Viacom’s Nicktoons means that sister company Paramount Pictures could handle it, but he did note that development is proceeding apace, and that regardless, the film will likely be ready to hit theaters by 2013 or by 2014 at the latest - just in time for its 30th birthday.

[16.02.2011] Via CS! kommt die Pressemeldung, dass THQ an "Voltron"-Videospielen arbeitet... Möglicherweise ein Hinweis, dass die Verfilmung in greifbare Nähe rückt !?!

[17.09.2010] zeigt Concept Art und ergänzt...
[...] It appears that Atlas Entertainment has taken the reins on the project and is gearing up a pretty impressive pitch. Apparently, they've hired the currently hot screenwriting tag-team of Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer. The names may not sound familiar to you, but they might soon. The duo wrote the upcoming CONAN flick, and are currently scribing the DR. STRANGE and UNCHARTED: DRAKE'S FORTUNE adaptations. [...]

[12.04.2010] Corona Coming Attractions berichtet von der "Voltron"-Front, u.a. gibt es Infos in Sachen Verfilmung...
Neither the Justin Marks script nor the more recent Jeff Davis rewrite will be the shooting script; the production is officially in "reboot mode."
Max Makowski is no longer attached to direct.
Despite longstanding legal rumors and online rumblings, the Voltron property belongs solely to WEP.
WEP is working closely with Atlas Entertainment on the movie’s direction.
No actors are currently attached.
The likelihood of young children confusing Voltron with Transformers and/or Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is something being addressed; it is WEP’s intention that Voltron be distinctive enough to stand out on his own. [...]

[07.10.2009] meldet...
[...] Earlier this summer, the classic 80’s animated series "Voltron" moved ever closer to a live action adaptation when it was picked up by "The Dark Knight" producer Charles Roven's Atlas Entertainment and Jason Netter's Kickstart Entertainment. And now "Voltron" appears to have taken the next crucial step towards its silver screen debut.
The United Talent Agency has picked up "Voltron" and its U.S. rights holder World Events Productions as clients, according to The Hollywood Reporter. UTA is expected to help Roven and Netter find a screenwriter for "Voltron" before shopping it around to the major film studios. The announcement also hints at a new "Voltron" animated series that may be close to a deal, in addition to possible new "Voltron" video games and toys. [...]

[23.09.2009] berichtet über einen Rechtsstreit, der die Verfilmung aber nicht verhindern soll...
Japanese animation property "Voltron: Defender of the Universe" has become the subject of a legal battle between a group of indie producers and a family company that controls the property.
In a suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, indie producers James Young, Ford Oelman and Mark Costa of banners Animus Films and NHO Entertainment allege that St. Louis-based World Events, which holds rights to the television property, and its partner Kickstart Prods. negotiated illegally with other producers during what the producers say was an exclusive period.
"World Events secretly conspired with Jason Netter and Kickstart Entertainment to find investors and make the movie without NHO and Animus during the terms of the exclusive deal," the suit says.
The plaintiffs are suing for breach of contract, fraud and interference with contractual relations, and are seeking various forms of damages.
World Events and Kickstart volleyed back on Tuesday, with a spokesperson for the defendants saying "this lawsuit is frivolous and without merit, and we will defend ourselves vigorously," adding "fortunately, these baseless claims do not in any way encumber the film or any other Voltron project, and we are excited to proceed on the long-awaited Voltron feature film with our partner Atlas."
The producers, who were working to develop the property with Mark Gordon (who is not part of the suit), say they began work on the project in 2004, bringing on writers, seeking financing and clearing a chain of title for the property.
But while they were doing that, they claim, World Events and Kickstart were peddling the project to others behind their backs. The producers also say they have not been sufficiently compensated for the work they did for World Events.
In July, Charles Roven's Atlas Entertainment acquired rights to develop a "Voltron" feature. The plaintiffs are not contesting the right of World Events or Kickstart to sell the property at that point, and a suit probably won't threaten a feature.
But the suit does higlights the work indie producers do on a project, and the way that work is recognized when and if that project comes to fruition. "We want the movie to get made," Young said. "We just want to make sure we're involved in some way and are compensated."
Credits have become a popular battleground for producers who say they are disenfranchised, particularly in the indie and specialty world, where many cooks can work on a project before it reaches the screen. In 2006, Bob Yari famously battled producers of "Crash" over credit on the eventual Oscar winner for best picture.
"Voltron" has been on Hollywood's radar for years, but the project has taken a long path through development, with potential deals for Lionsgate, New Regency and Relativity all falling through before Atlas boarded it this summer.

[29.08.2008] Latino Review meldet...
[...] last week we got the official word that VOLTRON was put into turnaround, that Relativity picked it up to make it on the cheap ala 300, and that a director was going to be announced within a week.
Well, guess what?
Here he is...
"Huh? Who the fuck is that?!" you just said? So did I.
[...] sources tell me he's actually a great choice. I honestly hope so and I at least give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I’m told he's on every studio's hot list these days because of some Sundance movie he made a few years ago about warring assassins called ONE LAST DANCE. [...]

[18.08.2008] meldet...
Fox-based New Regency has put robot project "Voltron: Defender of the Universe" into turnaround.
Ryan Kavanaugh's financing and production venture Relativity Media is in negotiations to back the property, though on a more moderate budget, utilizing the type of cost-effective technology employed in films including "300."
The Mark Gordon Co. still is attached to produce "Voltron," which is based on the popular Japanese animated TV series of the 1980s.
Mark Gordon and Jordan Wynn are producers. Bryan Zuriff is exec producing. Producers expect to attach a director within the next week.
Relativity would finance and produce the project as part of its one-off picture business and shop it to distributors. In the past, Relativity films have been released by Lionsgate ("3:10 to Yuma") and Universal ("Mr. Brooks").
Last summer, New Regency picked up the rights to the property, adapted by scribe Justin Marks, who's behind Warner Bros.' bigscreen versions of "He-Man" and "Green Arrow."
Marks' take is described as a post-apocalyptic tale set in New York City and Mexico, where five survivors of an alien attack band together and end up piloting the five lion-shaped robots that combine and form the massive sword-wielding Voltron that helps battle Earth's invaders.
Technically, New Regency never had the rights to the project, insiders close to the project said. The shingle couldn't wrap up a deal with "Voltron's" Japanese rights holders, delaying any further development of the pic.
Talks for "Voltron" were under way before DreamWorks and Paramount successfully launched "Transformers," but Hollywood's interest in robot pics based on popular toys or toons grew after "Transformers" hit it big at the B.O., with Warner Bros. snatching up the rights to "Robotech."

[10.08.2007] CS! meldet...
20th Century Fox-based production company New Regency has partnered with the Mark Gordon Company to adapt Voltron: Defender of the Universe into a possible franchise.
Producer Mark Gordon has been developing the film, based on the popular 1980s Japanese animated TV series, comic books and toy line, for some time with Justin Marks writing the script.
But interest in the property hit a high after Transformers turned into a box office juggernaut, raking in nearly $300 million to date.
Marks' take is described as a post-apocalyptic tale of survival set in New York City and Mexico.
In the animated series, five Galaxy Alliance pilots control vehicles shaped like lions that combine and form the massive sword-wielding Voltron robot in order to battle an evil menace.
Gordon is producing with Lawrence Inglee and Jordan Wynn shepherding the project. Mark Costa and Ford Oelman are executive producers.
Marks is also adapting He-Man and the Masters of the Universe for Joel Silver at Warner Bros., as well as the Green Arrow pic Supermax, also at the studio. Marks also has Street Fighter in the works at Hyde Park and Fox.

[16.06.2007] Bei Latino Review gibt es eine überaus positive Kritik zu einem "Voltron"-Drehbuchentwurf (A+)...

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DVDVoltron - Defender Of The Universe
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Dan Jolley, Marie Croall
Voltron: Defender of the Universe
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