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[07.04.2007] Der TV-Sender Sat1 zeigt heute um 20.15 Uhr "Die Legende des Zorro" als deutsche Free-TV-Premiere... Die Wiederholung läuft um 0.55 Uhr...

[01.01.2007] Das ZDF zeigt heute um 16.50 Uhr "Die Maske des Zorro" (1998) - ohne Werbeunterbrechung(en)... Die Wiederholung läuft um 1.40 Uhr...

[10.02.2006] Moviehole meldet...
Zorro is returning - but it won’t be Antonio Banderas under the Mask.
According to Video Business, a new direct-to-DVD "Zorro" movie, as well as a new TV series, is in the works.
European distributor BKN has licensed the global TV and film rights to the classic character from Zorro Productions. They’ll be working on an $8.4 million dollar cartoon series and a DVD premiere film called "Zorro Generation Z". BKN hopes to produce at least 26 episodes of the TV show.
The film, envisioned as modern day spins on Zorro’s crusading adventures, has no start date as yet.
"While we all love and respect the many incarnations of Zorro, we think a timely update would be an interesting addition to the history of this most famous of legends," Generation Z executive producer Rick Ungar said.
Zorro Productions president John Gertz added, "Zorro is a classic character that deserves that type of commitment, and we believe that this new version will be every successful."

[27.10.2005] Heute startet "Die Legende des Zorro" in den deutschen Kinos.. Und bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik...
[...] this is just like the first one. Not a rehash, but the exact same tone and pacing. The same kind of action, the same kind of humor, the same kind of melodramatic romance. The one thing they tried to improve was the opening and closing credits. This time the text at the beginning is bigger, so you can read it, and the end credits don't have a horrible ballad over them. But otherwise it's the same. If you saw the first one and didn't like it, move along. This is private Zorro business, you're not wanted here. The audience I saw it with seemed to really enjoy it, but still, I'm gonna have to guess that alot of people won't. Because it's so defiantly corny and old fashioned. There might be one or two minor historical inaccuracies I would guess, and there's some jokes, and explosions. But there is no attempt to make this any more modern than they did in part 1, and it wasn't like it was up to date then. For once, there is no way to tell this movie was made after THE MATRIX. If there's many more digital shots this time around I didn't notice them (I thought maybe the train but it turns out even that was a model). [...]

[22.10.2005] Bei Blickpunkt:Film gibt es eine Kritik zum Sequel...

[08.10.2005] Bei Moviehole gibt es ein Interview mit Catherine Zeta-Jones...

[08.10.2005] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere Kritik zu einer Testvorführung...
[...] This film does have its flaws and mistake that the studio should have taken more time with its run of the mill sequel script and the trailer snafu, but as far as going to the movies for a good time, The Legend of Zorro won't disappoint. [...]

[20.09.2005] Die Offizielle "The Legend of Zorro" Website hat ihre Pforten geöffnet...

[24.06.2005] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere Kritik zu einer Testvorführung...
[...] The opening was the best action of the movie, probably because it was most reminiscent of the first movie. The humor in this movie was more broad than the original and that didn't help it. Many of the bits with Antonio and his horse were terrible. The contrivance to split Antonio and Catherine was so horrible that I thought most of the audience had to agree that Catherine had no faith in her hubby as Zorro even though he has been saving people's asses for years now. The movie was about a half-hour too long and really felt it too. [...]

[22.06.2005] Bei AICN gibt es Kritiken zu einer Testvorführung der Rohfassung (126 Min.)...
[...] For the most part, the movie is entertaining. However, the first hour and Rufus Sewell almost kill the flick. If they fix the first hour before final release, it has the potential to be one of the bigger hits of the year. [...]

[22.05.2005] Pro7 zeigt heute um 16.30 Uhr "Die Maske des Zorro"...

[06.05.2005] Bei CS! gibt es 2 Poster...

[04.05.2005] Bei Yahoo! Movies gibt es den "The Legend of Zorro" Teaser-Trailer !!!

[01.04.2005] Ananova meldet...
Catherine Zeta Jones says she agreed to reprise her role as Elena in The Legend Of Zorro - because she loves fencing.
She said she became interested in the sport while she made The Mask Of Zorro in 1998 - and couldn't wait to pick up a sword again to film the sequel in Mexico last year.
According to The Sun quoting Empire magazine she said: "I forgot how much I enjoyed it. Every time I got the sword in my hand, I'd get a little glint in my eye, 'Come on, bring it on'.
"Even though it is hard to do it in corsets and petticoats." [...]

[01.03.2005] Bei Latino Review gibt es ein neue Szenenbilder !!!

[22.01.2005] meldet...
A miniature Mexico - complete with tiny cactus plants and replica sand - has been created in Wellington for the filming of big-budget Hollywood movie The Legend of Zorro.
But it took a bit of work convincing Hollywood movie executives the project would be possible, Kiwi-born director Martin Campbell said during filming at a secret location yesterday.
He and producer Lloyd Phillips, also a New Zealander, have enlisted the help of local special-effects studio Weta Workshop and four-times Oscar-winner Richard Taylor for the film's climax.
Pursuading movie executives the final scene - which includes a sword fight atop a train and ends in an explosion - would be possible, took some work. "But we explained how Richard could help us. He was our solution."
Most of the Legend, which is the sequel to The Mask of Zorro, was filmed in Mexico. Stars Antonio Banderas, who plays Alejandro "Zorro" Murrieta, and Catherine Zeta-Jones (wife Elena) were not needed here.
Campbell and Phillips have both lived abroad for decades but said it was a pleasure to be back. Working with Taylor was a dream come true.
Taylor and a team of 12 technicians spent six months building a miniature 1850s steam train, tracks and Mexican set. Getting every detail right had been a huge job, with more than 1000 e-mails sent between Wellington and Mexico.
"We have even taken New Zealand sands from Golden Bay and blended them to get the Mexican sand colour."
The US$80 million (NZ$114 million) film will be released in the United States in November and will reach local screens next year.

[17.12.2004] meldet...
Wellington's Weta Workshop has landed a top project on big-budget Hollywood movie The Legend of Zorro, but the film's leading stars are staying home.
The Miramar special effects studio, responsible for special effects in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, will start work on The Legend, the sequel to The Mask of Zorro, next month.
Four-time Oscar winner Richard Taylor will guide the work on the multimillion-dollar film, which already has a Kiwi connection. Director Martin Campbell and producer Lloyd Phillips both come from New Zealand. Steven Spielberg is the executive producer.
"We will be making the final elements of the film, like action sequence and scenic shots. It's very exciting work," Taylor said yesterday.
A team of 12 Weta technicians have spent the past seven months creating miniature sets where most of the filming would be done, and the project had been a closely guarded secret. [...]

[12.11.2004] Bei gibt es einen Set-Bericht...

[16.10.2004] USA Today präsentiert das erste offizielle Bild aus dem Sequel...

[25.09.2004] Bei Latino Review gibt es ein neues Bild von Banderas...

[09.09.2004] Bei Diario gibt es das erste Bild des kostümierten Banderas...

[26.07.2004] meldet...
British actor Rufus Sewell is joining the cast of Columbia Pictures' "Legend of Zorro," the sequel to "Mask of Zorro," in which original cast members Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are reuniting with director Martin Campbell. Sewell portrays Armand, Zorro's rival for the affection of Elena (Zeta-Jones). Sewell's credits include "A Knight's Tale" and "Tristan and Isolde." [...]

[27.05.2004] DH meldet...
Filming is scheduled to take place from July 26th until December 6th, nearly five months - ouch!. Long time friend of the Director Martin Campbell, Phil Meheux will be again Director of Photography

[25.05.2004] CS! meldet...
[...] Here in Mexico, it was announced on TV Azteca [Channel 13 nationwide] that filming on the sequel to The Mask of Zorro will begin on June 22nd. This was announced by San Luis Potosi's Governor, based on a discussion with producers. [...]

[11.05.2004] sprach mit Antonio Banderas...
Will there be another Zorro? It is. We start the 26th of July.
Is everyone back? Catherine is in the movie. Hopkins, no, because he got killed. We have a bunch of new bad guys, but we don’t know names yet. Last night I had actually a dinner with Martin Campbell and they’re putting together the whole thing now. But it’s green lit, we are going, and on the 26th of July, principal photography starts.
Who did the script? The same guys who did the first one and did Pirates of the Caribbean and Godzilla, [Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot].
And Campbell’s directing? Martin Campbell is directing the movie, Steven Spielberg producing.
Will you have to get back into Zorro shape? Actually, I’m in pretty good shape now, but what I have to do obviously is just to go back to the sword and to the horse.
How different will this one be? It’s a little bit more mature. It still keeps the adventure feeling and it keeps us with a hero, which is I think fundamental for Zorro. But it’s a little bit more mature. It’s more based in jealousy and concepts that are more for us than for kids. [...]

[09.01.2004] CS! meldet...
'Hooks' wrote in with possible news on the title for The Mask of Zorro sequel. The first film's director Martin Campbell and stars Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Anthony Hopkins will be back.
I have it on good authority from a worker at Sony Studios that Zorro 2 will be titled 'The Return of Zorro' which director Martin Campbell is working hard on at the moment with the screenwriters on pre-production, ready for a April 2004 production start in Mexico.
Banderas recently said that "The script is fantastic. Way better than the first one. Everyone will be back." Explaining how Hopkins' character Don Diego will appear, he added that the film "has a supernatural element. He has a lot more to tell me."

[27.10.2003] Die Calgary Sun meldet...
[...] "We're in the final stages of negotiations with Antonio and Catherine Zeta-Jones. If they are both available and everything goes as planned, we could begin shooting in Mexico in April or May for a 2005 release," says Martin Campbell, who directed the 1998 hit The Mask of Zorro.
"We've rejected several scripts over the past four years, but have a great one now, which is why the project has been green-lit."
He says that "it's a great role for Catherine. Her character will definitely be on a par with Antonio's this time."
He also promises "this one is much more than your typical sequel. It's a full-out new film that uses the same two central characters." [...]

[10.10.2003] Latino Review meldet...
BEYOND BORDERS director Martin Campbell talked briefly with me about his next project, "We're going to be doing The Mask of Zorro 2. Antonio (Banderas) is already on board."
Campbell directed the original 1998 blockbuster that brought together Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins and then relative newcomer Cathrenie Zeta-Jones. "We're in talks at the moment to bring Catherine back," Campbell says, adding with a smile. "We'll see."
Also in talks to return is Hopkins. Though his character Don Diego de la Vega died in the first film, his character would return possibly in Mask of Zorro 2 in a flashback sequence.
The Mask of Zorro 2 will begin filming in 2004. [...]

[29.08.2003] DH meldet...
We known that a sequel has been planned to the hit 1998 film for some time now, with loose production dates being thrown about here and there in various trades. Now whilst promoting "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" and talking with LatinoReview, Antonio Banderas got specific about the story and shooting times for the action/adventure epic: "Steven Spielberg came to the theater [his Broadway play "Nine"] like several weeks ago and said to me "We want to do a different approach to Zorro this time, we want to make more of an adult movie, and we are going to talk about more of the human stuff, there’s going to be a big issue with General in the second part, and more of the relationship between you and your wife" and of course there’s going to be stunts and all that stuff but they are going to make the film a little bit more deeper than the first one was, and I thought that was an interesting approach instead of going for the popcorn straight forward, they wanted to something a little more complex than that. I thought that was interesting too...If everything goes as planned we will begin filming at the end of March beginning of April. We will probably start shooting in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico. [Laughs] I practically live there now, going back and forth from the states to San Miguel all the time".

[16.07.2003] CS! meldet...
While talking to the press about his upcoming HBO movie, And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself, about the Mexican revolutionary, Antonio Banderas revealed that he will begin filming on the sequel to 1998's The Mask of Zorro in February.
It is unclear whether Catherine Zeta-Jones will reprise her role or not. The Columbia Pictures sequel has been referred as Zorro Unmasked, though it seems that title is still up in the air.
Director Martin Campbell is reportedly aboard the sequel written by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, co-writers of the first film.

[10.06.2003] Bei gibt es Bilder von der WizardWorld...

[30.01.2003] CS! meldet...
[...] Martin Campbell [...] He's overseeing development of Zorro 2, with plans to reunite Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins. Campbell also has come aboard a remake of El Cid.

[18.10.2002] DH meldet...
Despite Antonio's reluctance, a March 2004 start of shooting date is already rumoured.

[23.09.2002] Ananova meldet...
Antonio Banderas says he won't star in a sequel to Zorro.
He says he has been offered $20million to co-star with Catherine Zeta Jones in a sequel to the 1998 film.
Banderas says he would rather concentrate on "other things".
"I could have been rich," he tells Czech newspaper Mlada fronta Dnes. "It would have been $20million for each sequel. But I would prefer to concentrate on other things, theatre maybe."
Banderas also revealed a wish to direct a film starring his wife Melanie Griffith: "I'd love to direct my wife in a film. I know that very rarely does it work out when a husband directs his wife, but I like such challenges and maybe it would be successful."

[16.07.2002] DH meldet...
The Mask of Zorro 2: Director Martin Campbell ("Goldeneye") is back from completing his latest movie Beyond Borders and is working with writer Dan Gilroy over the summer. Pre-production is aiming to begin in September.

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