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Die archivierten Nachrichten aus der Rubrik "Aktuelles"...

[29.12.2008] Heute um 22.15 Uhr zeigt das ZDF "Batman Begins" als deutsche Free-TV-Premiere...

[22.12.2008] Heute erscheint "The Dark Knight" auf DVD & Blu-ray !!! Und bei gibt es neue Screenshots aus dem Videospiel "Batman: Arkham Asylum" Videospiel...

[17.12.2008] CS! berichtet über den sensationellen Verkaufserfolg von "The Dark Knight" auf DVD & Blu-ray...
[...] "The Dark Knight" took the world by storm on Blu-ray and DVD, breaking records for 2008. The blockbuster hit from acclaimed director Christopher Nolan became an instant must-own classic with Blu-ray sales of over 1.7 million units and total DVD and Blu-ray sales of 13.5 million worldwide*, including consumer sales and rental sales, in one week. Brisk consumer sales - totaling over 10 million with one week of sales reported - are expected to continue through the holiday season. "The Dark Knight" is the best selling Blu-ray title in history and will become the best selling 2008 title overall this week. The response to the digital copy offering included on the Blu-ray and Special Edition DVD has been remarkable with the number of consumers activating their digital copies approaching 300,000. "The Dark Knight" is already the number one movie for the year on the iTunes 2008 Chart. [...]

[09.12.2008] USA Today sprach mit Christopher Nolan...
[...] what's stopping him from making a third installment?
For starters, most third acts in Hollywood stink. Look at the disappointing threequels for The Godfather, Superman and the original Batman. The conclusions weren't much better for the more recent Shrek, Spider-Man and Pirates of the Caribbean.
"I don't know why they're hard to do," Nolan says. "Maybe there's so much expectation to them. But I wouldn't want to do one if it weren't going to be as good as the first or second. That's not respectful to the fans." [...]
Nolan says he is jotting notes and doing some rough outlines for a third story, but he hasn't yet found anything he's willing to commit to film, despite Warner Bros.' eagerness to get a new film underway.
"It was obvious when the box office was so big ($530 million domestically) that we had underestimated how ready fans were to reboot the franchise," he says. "The worst thing you could do now that you've gotten the plane back in the air is mess up the landing."

[05.12.2008] Wie CS! meldet, wird "The Dark Knight" am 23. Januar 2009 in den US-Kinos wiederaufgeführt ...
Warner Bros. Pictures is bringing The Dark Knight back for a return engagement in theaters and IMAX on January 23, 2009, giving audiences one more chance to see the film on the big screen. The film will re-open nationwide, it was announced today by Dan Fellman, Warner Bros. Pictures President of Domestic Distribution. [...]
Originally released on July 18, 2008, The Dark Knight broke virtually every possible box office record to become the top-grossing film of 2008 and the second-highest grossing movie (domestically) of all time.

[23.11.2008] Bei gibt es neues Videomaterial zum kommenden "Batman: Arkham Asylum" Videospiel...

[14.11.2008] The Guardian zeigt ein paar Clips der kommenden "The Dark Knight" DVD...

[28.10.2008] Die LA Times sprach mit Christopher Nolan...
GB: [...] Could you see actually yourself not making the third Batman film?
NOLAN: Well ... let me think how to put this. There are two things to be said. One is the emphasis on story. What’s the story? Is there a story that’s going to keep me emotionally invested for the couple of years that it will take to make another one? That’s the overriding question. On a more superficial level, I have to ask the question: How many good third movies in a franchise can people name? [Laughs.] At the same time, in taking on the second one, we had the challenge of trying to make a great second movie, and there haven't been too many of those either. It’s all about the story really. If the story is there, everything is possible. I hope that was a suitably slippery answer.

[22.10.2008] BOF meldet...
[...] I come to you today with a name I’ve heard for Catwoman. Now, you got to keep in mind that there is no script for BATMAN 3 -- well, at least not "officially." So how in the hell can there be casting rumors for a film in which there’s no story or script? Well, methinks that people are doing their Bat-Math and figuring that this particular Batman rogue will be in the film.
The character I’m referring to is Selina Kyle, AKA Catwoman. The name of the actress I heard might be "in the mix" for the part is Rhona Mitra.
What I was told was that some "people" were impressed by her turn in DOOMSDAY and you can take that for what you will.
Let me remind you that this should be consider nothing but rumor at this point. [...]

[20.10.2008] CS! berichtet über die Gewinner von Spike TV's "SCREAM" Awards...
[...] Box office hit and critically acclaimed film, The Dark Knight dominated the competition collecting twelve awards including the nights' most prestigious award, The Ultimate Scream, accepted by the films' producers, Charles Roven, Emma Thomas and Christopher Nolan. The Dark Knight co-stars Christian Bale, Heath Ledger and Gary Oldman each scored awards, as Bale took home Best Superhero and Oldman Best Supporting Actor, while Ledger was named both Best Fantasy Actor and Best Villain for his portrayal of the Joker. Director Christopher Nolan scored the Best Director trophy and the Best Screamplay, along with Jonathon Nolan and David S. Goyer. [...]

[11.10.2008] Latino Review sprach mit Paul Levitz, dem Präsidenten von DC Comics...
[...] "What about Batman 3? You guys must be going crazy over the success of that film." Paul pulls the cocktail shrimp from his mouth just enough to see him smile. I asked when were they going to get this Superman reboot done and he gave me a look like he was about to tell me the answers to the mysteries of the world. "Everyone is waiting for Nolan to sign on for another Batman, once that happens, the release date for Superman and all other future projects will follow." [...]

[03.10.2008] IESB meldet...
[...] There have been rumors making the internet rounds this week basically saying that the third Chris Nolan Batman film had entered into pre-production and was looking for crew members. A WB exec told me directly that another Batman film is not in pre-production and is not getting ready to shoot. Not at all. We were told this rumor is total BS and that Nolan just got back from vacation and while WB is keen (duh) to make a third film, there has been no immediate conversations with Nolan and that the rumor is totally bogus. [...]

[11.09.2008] sprach mit Philip Seymour Hoffman über das Gerücht er würde den Pinguin in "Batman 3" spielen...
[...] "No one has talked to me about it ever - never," replied Hoffman. "It happened, like, five years ago, too. It was a rumor back then and it’s still a rumor. [laughs] It’s just in the press. It’s funny."
To further cement this issue, Hoffman added that he’d never met Nolan ("Maybe I did or met him in passing?"), and that his interest in comic book movies is purely on a fan level, and he intended to keep it that way.
"I’m such a fan of those movies," related Hoffman. "Comic book movies in general I look forward to - I am a real cheerleader for them. I want them to do well because those are terrific stories. As a kid I was a big comic book collector. What [Nolan]’s doing is taking it in a whole other exciting great place. I’m more a fan, so the interest of being in it isn’t that great. It’s more the interest in wanting to see the next one. It’s probably better that way."
When further pressed for his level of interest if Warner Bros. approached him about the role, Hoffman said, "I don’t know. I think I’m more interested in seeing someone else do it. I don’t know if I’d be a good Penguin to be quite honest. [laughs]" [...]

[10.09.2008] meldet...
[...] In an interview with MTV News conducted just hours ago at the Toronto Film Festival, Michael Caine [..] seemed to confirm rumors that the next installment of the "Batman" film franchise will feature two very well-known names playing the roles of The Riddler and the Bumbershoot Bandit, The Penguin. "They’ve already got them in mind," said Caine, when asked who he’d like to see take up arms against the Caped Crusader. "It’s Johnny Depp as The Riddler. And The Penguin is Philip Seymour Hoffman. I read it in the paper."
So Caine is like the rest of us, reading gossip in the tabloids, right? Except for one thing - according to the actor, he confirmed the news through the studio itself.
"When Christopher [Nolan] said we were going to do ‘The Dark Knight’ next, I didn’t what that meant in Batman terms," related Caine, who plays Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth. "I said, ‘What’s the story?’ and he said The Joker. I said, ‘Oh, s**t! How are you going to top Jack [Nicholson]?’ He said, ‘Well, I’ve cast Heath Ledger. And I went ‘Ha! I couldn’t top Jack, but if anyone could, maybe Heath could.’ And he did.
"I was with [a Warner Bros.] executive and I said, ‘Are we going to make another one?’ They said yeah. I said, ‘How the hell are we going to top Heath? And he says ‘I’ll tell you how you top Heath - Johnny Depp as The Riddler and Philip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin.’ I said, ‘S**t, they’ve done it again!’" [Laughs] [...]

[09.09.2008] Moviehole meldet...
A few weeks back graphic novelist Frank Miller, author of "The Dark Knight Returns", mentioned he'd like to see his ‘decrepit Batman' tale get the big screen treatment one day. And while it is only a pipe dream of his - ya never know though, Batman is pretty darn hot right now - the speculation as to who would get to play Batman-in-retirement has already started up.
Many seem to favour Clint Eastwood as the ripened superhero - and when a film version of ‘'The Dark Knight Returns'' was rumoured about five years ago, Eastwood was tipped to take the role; not sure whether that was just BS or there was actually progress on a film - but Miller has another idea.... One that just led to Ab King having to change from his Rambo undies into his Rocky boxers.
Sylvester Stallone.
‘'Just that mouth of his, the scowl and the way it would look in a mask," Miller told a reporter from The LA Times. "I loved 'Rocky Balboa.' This wounded warrior, that's what Batman is in 'Dark Knight Returns.' " [...]

[04.09.2008] Via CS! spricht Aaron Eckhart über die Zukunft von Two-Face... SPOILER !!!

[01.09.2008] berichtet über die internationalen Einspielergebnisse...
The summer season concluded on the international circuit with more whimper than bang as Warner’s latest Batman adventure, "The Dark Knight," finished No. 1 with an estimated $19 million - a 45% drop from the prior stanza - from 6,580 screens in 62 markets.
In taking the top spot for the third consecutive frame (fourth weekend overall), "Dark Knight" pushed its international gross total past the $400-million mark ($416.7) and rallied its worldwide take to near $1 billion boxoffice territory ($919.1 million).
Ranking No.3 on the weekend domestically, "Dark Knight" finished No. 2 in Germany in its second market weekend with an estimated $4.4 million from 955 sites. In France it finished No. 1 for the third weekend in a row with an estimated $3.3 million from 820 screens. [...]

[30.08.2008] CS! berichtet über die Einspielergebnisse...
Counting inflation, Warner Bros. Pictures' The Dark Knight has now officially surpassed Spider-Man to become the biggest comic book movie of all time. The Christopher Nolan sequel has reached $492.689 million domestically while Spider-Man hit a total of $491.952 when you look at the inflated number ($403.7 million without inflation).
Looking at the worldwide numbers, Variety says The Dark Knight will reach $900 million this weekend [...]

[28.08.2008] widmet sich der Erfolgsgeschichte "The Dark Knight" und kommt auch auf die DVD und Teil 3 zu sprechen...
[...] A DVD release of the film is said to be planned for the holidays (the studio won't confirm a date). And Warners and Legendary are both interested in doing a third in the series, but all involved say it will be up to Nolan to come to them with a story and a plan.
"There are a lot of us who emotionally would love to do it," Roven says. "But it's really Chris' call. Chris is the kind of filmmaker who just doesn't think about the next movie before he has completely finished the movie he is working on."
For now, Nolan is taking a well-earned vacation.
Says Roven, "When he comes back, we will see how he feels."

[26.08.2008] Wie berichtet, wünscht sich Nolan angeblich Cher als Catwoman für "Batman 3"... ;-)
[...] the 62-year-old Cher has become Nolan's prime choice for the character whose alter ego is known as Selina Kyle. "Cher is Nolan's first choice to play Catwoman. He wants to her to portray her like a vamp in her twilight years," claimed a studio executive. "The new Catwoman will be the absolute opposite of Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry's purring creations." [...]

[25.08.2008] CS! berichtet über die US-Kinocharts...
[...] Christopher Nolan's mega-blockbuster The Dark Knight (Warner Bros.) continues to thrive with $10.3 million in its sixth weekend, the first time since since opening where it's not in the Top 5 for its respective weekend compared to other movies. (See the corresponding comparisons here.) Even so, its running total domestically is up to $489 million, which means it could hit that elusive $500 million mark by Labor Day. That amount has only been seen once before domestically, by James Cameron's Titanic, which made more than twice Dark Knight's weekend gross in its own sixth weekend. [...]

[17.08.2008] berichtet über die geplanten DC-Comicverfilmungen von WB...
[...] When it comes to Batman, the future of the franchise is in Christopher Nolan's hands. That's what a successful reboot with "Batman Begins" and breaking records with "The Dark Knight" will do.
There's a deal for the director to helm a third pic, but he has yet to decide on whether to tackle it yet.
"We have no idea where Chris is going with this," Horn says. "We haven't had any conversations with him about it." [...]

[15.08.2008] Bei gibt es ein sehenswertes Fanposter zu "Batman 3"...

[14.08.2008] Bei gibt es erste Infos zum Videospiel "Batman: Arkham Asylum", welches momentan von den Rocksteady Studios entwickelt wird....

[11.08.2008] CS! berichtet über die US-Kinocharts...
[...] Despite two more wide releases having entered theaters on Wednesday, The Dark Knight topped the box office for a fourth straight weekend, adding an estimated $26 million for a massive domestic total of $441.5 million. If the estimate holds, then the Christopher Nolan-directed film has surpassed Shrek 2 ($441.226 million) to climb to the third spot on the all-time domestic blockbuster list, trailing just Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope ($460.998 million) and Titanic ($600.788 million). Warner Bros. Pictures said it expects "Dark Knight" to end up with about $520 million domestically. The movie cost $185 million to make.
Internationally, The Dark Knight added $35.1 million at 7,000 theaters and has pushed its overseas total to $263 million for a worldwide total of $704.5 million. [...]

[08.08.2008] Moriarty von AICN kommentiert die "Batman 3"-Gerüchte...
[...] let’s talk about BATMAN 3.
Or better yet, let’s not. For about a year. Since that’s the earliest you’ll hear anything that could remotely be called news about characters or casting or the script or anything. A year from now. Not next week. Not next month. It will be a while.
Christopher Nolan’s next film will not be about Batman. I think you can pretty much count on that. And until Christopher Nolan officially says, "I’m not making another Batman film," no one else is going to. He is absolutely, 100% going to be given first refusal on the next film, and right now, that’s it. That’s all the news there is.
I repeat... so we’re clear... Christopher Nolan has not decided what to do next. And he is not signed to make another Batman film yet.
So that means no script. No story. No anything. No creative choices have been made about what to do with the next film. Right now, Warner Bros. is busy making party hats out of $1000 bills, counting all the silly, silly, silly DARK KNIGHT money they’re making, and that’s it.
When someone tells you Johnny Depp is "signed" to play The Riddler, feel free to laugh in their face.
When someone tells you Philip Seymour Hoffman is "signed" to play The Penguin, ask them if it’s just as true this time as it was when it was a DARK KNIGHT rumor two years ago. Then laugh in their face.
When someone tells you anything about Catwoman or recasting The Joker or Clayface or Man-Bat or Killer Croc or ANYTHING... just brush it off.
Because it’s not true. It’s just not. No matter how much you want it to be. No matter how many times it gets reprinted for no reason. No matter how many photoshopped "costume tests" start floating around.
It’s just not happening. Yet. [...]

[06.08.2008] CS! berichtet über das Rekordeinspielergebnis...
Warner Bros. Pictures' juggernaut The Dark Knight added yet another record on Monday as it passed up the $400 million in just 18 days. The previous record was held by Shrek 2, which needed 43 days to reach the mark, followed by Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, which took 45 days.
The Dark Knight earned $6.28 million in 4,266 theaters on Monday, pushing the Christopher Nolan-directed Batman Begins follow-up to $400,038,494. The movie has climbed up to the 8th spot on the all-time domestic blockbuster list and will surpass Spider-Man ($403.7 million) on Tuesday for the 7th spot.
Internationally, the film has already earned $202.5 million while it has yet to open in some major markets. The worldwide total so far is $602.5 million.

[04.08.2008] CS! berichtet über die US-Kinocharts...
[...] Racking up its third weekend at #1, The Dark Knight added an estimated $43.8 million to its staggering $395 million take after just seventeen days, putting it in line to cross the $400 million mark tomorrow, the first movie to ever make that amount in just 18 days. (Shrek 2 was previously the fastest movie to hit $400 million, which it grossed in 43 days, so Dark Knight did the same two and a half times faster.) Currently, The Dark Knight is the eighth highest grossing movie of all time and Warner Bros' top grossing movie, but by this time next weekend, it's likely to be the fifth or sixth highest grossing movie domestically as it starts targeting Star Wars: Episode I and E. T.: The Extraterrestrial. From there, it's only $70 million away from becoming only the second movie in over 80 years of filmmaking to gross $500 million domestically, not accounting for inflation. [...]

[29.07.2008] CS! berichtet über die Einspielergebnisse...
[...] Warner Bros. Pictures' The Dark Knight earned an estimated $75.6 million from 4,366 theaters in its second weekend, surpassing Shrek 2's $72.2 million for biggest second weekend ever. Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins follow-up has reached $314.2 million in just 10 days, another record. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest held the previous record in the amount of days it took to cross the $300 million mark - it needed 16 days to do so. On Monday, The Dark Knight will surpass Iron Man and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to become the biggest movie of 2008 domestically. It is already up to #23 on the all-time domestic blockbuster list and has a good shot at surpassing Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope's $460.998 million (not counting inflation) to become the second-biggest domestic earner of all-time, trailing only Titanic's $600.788 million. The Dark Knight, budgeted at $185 million, stars Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman. [...]

[22.07.2008] Bei gibt es eine deutschprachige Kritik zu "The Dark Knight"...
[...] nicht nur das großartige Drehbuch weiß zu überzeugen - auch die Darsteller dieses absolut hochkarätig besetzen Films transportieren die Story überzeugend, am beeindruckendsten ist jedoch die Darstellung des Joker durch Heath Ledger. [...]

[02.07.2008] Bei CS! gibt es ein sehenswertes "TDK"-Poster...

[01.07.2008] Ein "The Dark Knight" Exclusive Trailer ist online !!! Und bei AICN gibt es eine "The Dark Knight"-Kritik von Moriarty...
[...] Chris Nolan accomplishes something that both WAR OF THE WORLDS and CLOVERFIELD tried to do, and with more grace and insight. Those films both used 9/11 imagery to resonate with viewers, and in both cases, the imagery is certainly arresting and upsetting, but to what end? Just to remind us? Just to tap into the fear we felt that day? Here, Nolan invokes 9/11, but he pushes past it to also deal with the fear that has stayed with us as a culture since that moment, and also the way it forced the world around us to change. This is the first mainstream movie to fully digest the events of September 11th and to deal with them in a way that starts to sort out who we are now as a result. Heady stuff for a movie about a dude wearing a bat suit who beats the shit out of criminals, but then... isn’t that the point? [...]
The action sequences are inventive and grand-scaled, but the character scenes and the quiet headgames are even more engrossing. The score by James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer is one of the year’s best, with the Joker’s themes coming across like razors being dragged across harpsichord strings. Wally Pfister’s photography is, as expected, stunning, and in particular, his work in IMAX is revelatory. [...]

[29.06.2008] Bei AICN gibt es mehrere Kritiken zu "The Dark Knight"...
[...] Christian Bales, Bruce Wayne is spot on, especially in showing bruces torment on how he has to handle the Joker. Aaron Eckhart did an excellent job as Harvey Dent/Twoface, his transformation was very well done, and the hints of his darkside were nice touches.
The movie is long, but never boring or slow, it keeps you interested until the very end. The way that Nolan is handling the reintroduction of Batman is very refreshing, he's telling the story the way that it should be, dark and real. [...]

[26.06.2008] sprach mit Michael Jai White über seine Rolle als Gamble... Ausserdem sprach mit Gary Dourdan über "Batman: Gotham Knight"... Und bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik...

[25.06.2008] Neue "The Dark Knight" TV-Spots sind online !!!

[17.06.2008] CS! berichtet über einen versteckten "Two-Face"-Clip...
Go to and check out the letters "HA" in "GOTHAM". See 'em moving? Yeah, now mouse over them and you'll notice something else.
Now click on them and a surprise awaits...

[16.06.2008] Bei Latino Review gibt es ein Interview mit Monique Curnen... Und bei CS! gibt es einen Setbericht...

[15.06.2008] Der "The Dark Knight" Alternate-Trailer ist online !!!

[12.06.2008] "The Dark Knight" TV-Spot #4 ist online !!!

[08.06.2008] Bei gibt es ein TDK-Video...

[29.05.2008] Bei Omelete gibt es sehenswerte Filmplakate... Ausserdem wissen wir um das Geheimnis von Batman: Siehe Body by Milk... ;-)

[17.05.2008] Bei gibt es ein sehenswertes Poster mit dem Joker... Ausserdem ist "The Dark Knight" TV-Spot #3 online !!!

[12.05.2008] "The Dark Knight" TV-Spot gefällig !?!

[05.05.2008] Den neuen "The Dark Knight" Trailer gibt es nun auch im HD-Format !!!

[04.05.2008] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit Aaron Eckhart, der ein paar Details über seine Rolle als Two-Face ausplaudert... SPOILER !!!

[29.04.2008] Bei Omelete gibt es weiteres "The Dark Knight"-Postermaterial zu bestaunen... Ausserdem ist der neue "The Dark Knight" Trailer als Bootleg online !!!

[25.04.2008] Bei CS! gibt es ein neues "The Dark Knight"-Poster...

[24.04.2008] Bei IESB gibt es Infos zum "The Dark Knight"-Websiten-Marathon... ;-)

[09.04.2008] Bei gibt es eine erste Kritik zu "The Dark Knight"...

[05.04.2008] Bei Moviehole gibt es ein paar SPOILER-Bilder aus "The Dark Knight" !!! Und via IESB kommt folgende Synopsis...
"The Dark Knight" reunites director Christopher Nolan with star Christian Bale, who returns to continue Batman's war on crime. With the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), Batman sets out to destroy organized crime in Gotham for good. The triumvirate proves to be effective, but they soon find themselves prey to a rising criminal mastermind known as the Joker (Heath Ledger), who thrusts Gotham into anarchy and forces the Dark Knight ever closer to crossing the fine line between hero and vigilante.

[28.03.2008] Bei SHH! gibt es Infos zu den zahlreichen Websites rund um "The Dark Knight"...

[25.03.2008] Bei IESB gibt es neue Szenenbilder im HiRes-Format...

[24.03.2008] Bei SHH! gibt es ein Interview mit Maggie Gyllenhaal...

[11.03.2008] Bei IESB gibt es einen Setbericht...

[07.03.2008] sprach mit Aaron Eckhart über Harvey Dent / Two-Face...
[...] Does Harvey get scarred in this movie or will we have to wait until the next one to see that?
Harvey Dent turns into Harvey Two-Face in this movie. So that answers your question better. [Laughs]
Have you filmed a lot of scenes in makeup?
I have done scenes as Harvey Two-Face. It’s interesting. I won’t tell you exactly what we’re going for, but I think that I can say that it will use all of today’s technology to create this character. He’s going to be interesting, and I think that’s what makes this character important in the movie - you get to see him as he was before, as in the comic books. Harvey is a very good guy in the comic books. He’s judicious. He cares. He’s passionate about what he loves and then he turns into this character. So you will see that in this film. [...]

[01.03.2008] Bei plaudert Aaron Eckhart über Two-Face...

[23.02.2008] IESB meldet...
Newsarama has a very interesting photo from last weekend's Toy Fair; a Deathstroke action figure from the Dark Knight line.
Does this mean that Deathstroke will make it into the film? The answer is a definite maybe. There's a history in the action figure world of expanding movie-based lines to feature characters from outside the film. Way back when, children puzzled over the inclusion of a Robin figure in the Batman Returns line.
Still, there's something about this image...
Over at Superhero Hype, Edward Douglas claims that Deathstroke won't be in the movie but that the design got an okay from Christopher Nolan anyway. [...]

[20.02.2008] DH zeigt die "Two Face"-Actionfigur, die erahnen lässt, wie Aaron Eckhart's Charakter im Film aussehen wird...

[19.02.2008] CS! berichtet über die Toy Fair '08...
[...] One of the most anticipated movies of the summer is clearly Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight and with the license to produce toys based on the movie, Mattel will be going whole hog with dozens of toys that start rolling out around May 1. There are maybe a dozen different variations of Batman in different outfits, including a "battle cape," "stealth wing" and "Firefly Batman" (possibly inspired by the comic book villain). Noticeably absent from the display were any figures for his new arch-nemesis the Joker, probably out of respect for the family and friends of Heath Ledger, though we did get to see a few pictures. Mattel was even more secretive and careful about having any pictures of their figure for Two-Face on display, but one was listed in the materials as part of the first wave of action figures, as well as there being a new Scarecrow figure, confirming his appearance in the sequel. Instead of any of these, they had a "Gotham City Thug," one of the Joker's clown-faced henchmen, on display. Even more interesting were some of the vehicles on display including a look at the Batcopter and the Batpod, which is the new Batcycle, and something called the "Treadator, Ultimate Pursuit ATV" (that's "all-terrain vehicle"), which we may have to wait and see if it's actually a vehicle from the movie. The new "Dark Knight" toys also include a Zipline Gun and a Disc Shooting Jet, fairly typical toys customized for the movie, but the most interesting new toy might be the "Interactive Bat" which hopefully, we'll be able to see in action on Tuesday. You can check out pictures of most of the new "Dark Knight" toys here. [...]

[29.01.2008] Bei CS! gibt es neue "The Dark Knight" Bilder...

[28.01.2008] widmet sich den Problemen mit der Nachvertonung und Post-Production, die durch den Tod von Heath Ledger bedingt sind...
Mit Dank an Rico

[23.01.2008] CS! berichtet über den überraschenden Tod von Heath Ledger...
Heath Ledger was found dead in his Lower Manhattan apartment on Tuesday. He was 28. The Australian-born actor was nominated for an Oscar for Brokeback Mountain, where he met Michelle Williams in 2005. The two had lived in Brooklyn and had a daughter, Matilda, until they split up last year.
"Pills were found in the vicinity of the bed," New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne said, "This is being looked at as a possible overdose, but that is not confirmed yet."
Ledger appears as The Joker in the highly-anticipated summer 2008 comic book adaptation, The Dark Knight.
Ledger was found by a housekeeper who had gone to wake him for an appointment with a masseuse in the Soho apartment, Browne said.
He was declared dead at about 3:30 p.m., Browne said. [...]

[17.01.2008] IESB hat eine Liste der Charaktere in "The Dark Knight" veröffentlicht...

[16.01.2008] CS! meldet...
The Los Angeles Times talked to The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan, who says that "Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) is a tragic figure, and his story is the backbone of this film."
The Batman Begins helmer also mentioned that The Joker, played by Heather Ledger, "sort of cuts through the film -- he's got no story arc, he's just a force of nature tearing through. Heath has given an amazing performance in the role, it's really extraordinary."
He added that you shouldn't expect a lot of laughs. "It's a dark and complex story and the villains are dark and complex as well."

[07.01.2008] Bei sprach mit Maggie Gyllenhaal über ihre Rolle...
[...] Is your Batman character a damsel in distress?
There are moments of that. Chris Nolan, the director, would joke about how I had to resign myself to being a little bit of a damsel in distress but he pushed me in other ways to make her a powerful character. I play a lawyer and have real relationships with the people I'm interacting with in the movie. She's very smart and a real rounded person. Of course, if you're the girl in Batman, you're going to be a damsel in distress to some extent but she's a really great character. So many people I play are a mess; Rachel's really clear about what's important to her and unwilling to compromise her morals, which made a nice change. [...]

[17.12.2007] Der "The Dark Knight" Teaser-Trailer ist online !!!

[15.12.2007] Bei Omelete gibt es das internationale "The Dark Knight" Teaser-Poster... Und bei wirbt der Joker für das Sequel...

[10.12.2007] Bei CS! gibt es ein neues Bild von Batman...

[05.12.2007] Bei CS! kann man einen Blick auf das "The Dark Knight" Teaser-Poster werfen... Und bei UGO gibt es eine detaillierte Beschreibung der ersten 6 Minuten... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!

[03.12.2007] CS! berichtet über den ersten Trailer...
[...] In just two weeks, on December 14, Warner Bros. will release the teaser trailer for Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight in standard theaters with I Am Legend. As was previously announced, the studio will be showing the 7-minute opening scene of "Dark Knight" before the screenings of "Legend" in IMAX. [...]

[02.12.2007] Bei AICN bzw. gibt es mehrere Promo-Bilder, in erster Linie vom neuen Joker...

[02.12.2007] Bei CS! gibt es ein weiteres Bild vom Joker...

[27.11.2007] Bei CS! gibt es den Joker im Ganzkörperformat...
Mit Dank an Matze

[24.11.2007] Bei gibt es eine "The Dark Knight"-Featurette...

[12.11.2007] IESB plauderte mit Heath Ledger über seine Rolle als Joker...

[11.11.2007] Bei AICN gibt es Bilder der Hauptdarsteller in Hong Kong...

[09.11.2007] Latino Review verrät, wie der Joker in "The Dark Knight" auftritt... SPOILER !!! Und CS!meldet...
The AFP reports that The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan said Friday a planned scene in which Batman dived into Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor was cut because of script changes and not the water's severe pollution.
"That was my decision, nothing to do with pollution. It was simply a script decision," said Nolan, "Once you see the finished film, you will understand why. As far as the pollution question goes, I honestly have no problem dumping movie stars in it."
The film will use Hong Kong's spectacular skyline during several days filming there, Nolan added.
Bale said he was excited about climbing to the top of some the city's highest buildings "and jumping off of them."
Speaking alongside co-star Morgan Freeman at a packed press conference, Bale said he would be shooting on the top of Hong Kong's tallest building, the 90-storey IFC2.

[06.11.2007] meldet... SPOILER !!!
Batman may have a body of steel, but the caped crusader is no match for the pollution in Hong Kong's iconic harbor.
The latest installment of the Batman series will start filming in the territory this month, but already the movie has hit several snags. A scene in which Batman was to drop from a plane into the harbor has been axed after the movie's producers found the water quality could pose a potential health risk, the South China Morning post reported in its Sunday edition.
"The plan was for Batman to be seen jumping into the water and then climbing up some bamboo, or something similar," the Post quoted an unnamed production official as saying.
"But when they checked a water sample, they found all sorts of things; salmonella and tuberculosis, so it was canceled. Now the action will cut to inside a building." [...]

[24.10.2007] zitiert Produzent Chuck Roven und Regisseur Christopher Nolan...
[...] im zweiten Comic-Abenteuer mit Neu-Batman Christian Bale wird der Fledermaus-Held erstmals seine Heimatstadt verlassen und in Hongkong auf Gangster-Jagd gehen, wie jetzt am Set von "Dark Knight" in Cardington bei London bekannt wurde.
"Wir filmen die betreffenden Szenen sogar direkt vor Ort in Hongkong", verriet Produzent Chuck Roven. "Leider darf ich aber noch nicht verraten, warum Batman dorthin reist." Dafür hatte Roven andere spektakuläre Neuigkeiten: Die ersten fünf Minuten des Films sollen vorab in Verbindung mit Will Smiths neuem Alien-Kracher "I Am Legend" gezeigt werden, möglicherweise aber nur in IMAX-Kinos. Erzählt wird darin die Vorgeschichte des Jokers, der in "Dark Knight" Batmans großer Gegenspieler ist.
"Das Ganze ist aber kein 'Joker Begins', weil wir nicht erzählen, wir der Joker zu dem wurde was er ist", präzisiert Regisseur Christopher Nolan. "In diesen fünf Minuten wird gezeigt, wie der Joker vom Kleinganoven zum meistgefürchteten Gangster der Stadt wird - es ist also mehr ein "The Rise of the Joker - der Aufstieg des Joker".
Hauptdarsteller Christian Bale darf sich indes über eine neue Spielerei in seinem Batman-Anzug freuen. In "Dark Knight" kann er wie eine Fledermaus auf Sonar-Ortung schalten, dazu schieben sich aus seiner Maske weiße Linsen über die Augen - was dem dunklen Rächer ein absolut gespenstisches Aussehen verleiht!

[15.10.2007] Bei Moviehole gibt es einen Setbericht...

[06.10.2007] Der TV-Sender RTL2 zeigt heute um 20.15 Uhr "Batman Forever"...

[17.09.2007] Bei gibt es ein Video-Interview mit Heath "The Joker" Ledger...

[06.09.2007] Wie Cinema Blend berichtet, sieht es so aus als würde Catwoman eine Rolle im Sequel nach dem Sequel spielen...
It may seem a little early to be worrying about a third Batman movie while the second one is still filming, but if Batman Begins has taught us anything about Christopher Nolan it’s that he plans ahead. Batman Begins set the stage for The Dark Knight, with references to the appearance of the Joker in the next film. It’s likely that Nolan will do the same thing with The Dark Knight in setting up a third Batman sequel, and we have a surprising bit of information on who may show up in it.
One of our most reliable, long time scoopers just sent us the following tidbit: "Word is that Heath Ledger could be coming back in the next sequel which will have Two Face as the main villain." In Batman Begins, the movie’s main bad guy was dead by the time the film was over. Ledger plays the Joker in The Dark Knight and if this is true then it means that he may end up surviving to torment Batman again. Assuming Heath is any good as Mr. J, I like the idea of Joker sticking around in the background of future film, making life miserable for Bats. He is after all, his chief nemesis. It makes sense for him to keep haranguing Bats.
Even more exciting than the idea that we may get the Joker in more than one movie is the identity of another villain who may be in Batman 3. According to our source, "it could also include a certain female feline as well." Bear in mind that the script for Batman 3 hasn’t been written yet, so it’s all just talk at this stage. But if this really is something Nolan is kicking around for a future Batman project, then don’t be surprised to see a few hints at the future arrival of Catwoman in The Dark Knight.

[31.08.2007] Bei AICN gibt es kostenlose Explosionen... ;-)

[29.08.2007] Bei CS! gibt es ein Interview mit Morgan Freeman...

[17.08.2007] Bei Just Jared gibt es einige sehenswerte Bilder aus "The Dark Knight" !!! Beeilung, sonst sind sie weg... ;-)

[13.08.2007] Bei AICN gibt es einen Bericht über die "The Dark Knight"-Präsentation auf der Wizard World, inkl. Beschreibung der gezeigten Szenen...

[15.07.2007] meldet...
It’s official. Batman’s definitely got more than one Joker to tangle with in "The Dark Knight." Of course we all know that Aaron Eckhart is playing famed Gotham City district attorney Harvey Dent in the upcoming flick, and of course we’ve all hoped that means an appearance by one of the caped crusader’s most cunning adversaries, but now we know for sure.
"I play Harvet Dent. Harvey Two-Face. They are both in the movie," Eckhart revealed exclusively to MTV News. Getting much more out of the "No Reservations" star wasn’t easy but he did acknowledge that his favorite scene has yet to be shot.
"There are a few scenes I am dying to do. We’ve done a few... but the scene that I really want to do is in October." So who appears in said scene? Is it Harvey or Two-Face? We coyly asked Eckhart if he’ll be in heavy make-up that day and, responding with a grin, he said, "I don’t know. There might be anger involved. There might be tears. It might be a cathartic day. It might be a lot of love." [...]

[10.07.2007] Laut film ick wird "Two Face" ebenfalls einen Auftritt in "The Dark Knight" haben...

[03.07.2007] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit Christian Bale, der u.a. eine Andeutung zum 3. Teil machte...
[...] "The script leaves room for a very interesting follow-up, too," Bale says of the potential for a third film. "I think we could take it somewhere else." [...]

[29.06.2007] CS! meldet...
Melinda McGraw (CBS' "Center of the Universe") and Nathan Gamble (Babel) have joined the cast of Warner Bros. Batman sequel The Dark Night, reports Variety.
McGraw will play the wife of Gary Oldman's character, Lt. James Gordon, while Gamble will play their son.
They join Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Eric Roberts, Anthony Michael Hall and Nestor Carbonell in the Christopher Nolan-directed film, coming to theaters on July 18, 2008.

[28.06.2007] SHH! sprach mit Christian Bale über das Sequel...

[25.06.2007] Bei /film gibt es einen kurzen, aber sehenswerten "The Dark Knight" Fan-Teaser...

[23.06.2007] Bei AICN gibt es einen bebilderten Setbericht...

[22.06.2007] Wie SHH! meldet, wird es offensichtlich einen Überraschungsgast in "The Dark Knight" geben... SPOILER !!!

[20.06.2007] Bei CS! gibt es HiRes-Bilder vom Batpod...

[19.06.2007] Bei gibt es Bilder von den Dreharbeiten in Chicago... Und bei CS! kann man das neue Batsuit im HiRes-Format bestaunen...

[16.06.2007] Bei CS! gibt es das neue Batsuit im Detail...

[01.06.2007] Bei CS! gibt es HiRes-Versionen der kürzlich veröffentlichten Bilder...

[29.05.2007] USA Today meldet...
All directors promise that their sequels will be bigger and flashier than the predecessors'. But Christopher Nolan doesn't mess around.
The director's sequel to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, will become the first feature film to be partly shot in the IMAX format, an expensive and cumbersome process that typically is the province of documentaries and short films.
Nolan will shoot four action sequences - including the introduction of the Joker, played by Heath Ledger - on IMAX. [...]

[22.05.2007] meldet...
"Dead Zone" star Anthony Michael Hall reports the plot of the latest Batman saga, "The Dark Knight," is so secret he's forbidden to even say what character he's portraying.
"I signed a confidentiality agreement, and I can't say which part I'm playing because it affects the story," says Hall. "I can't give away the suspense - it's a $200 million surprise, and I don't want to be the guy to ruin it." [...]
"It's really a great role. I'm in throughout the whole movie, and I'm really looking forward to working with Christian and Morgan and all these real Hollywood heavy hitters." [...]

[21.05.2007] Bei CS! gibt es das ersehnte Bild von Heath Ledger als The Joker...

[20.05.2007] Bei AICN gibt es Infos zu Warner's Online-Werbekampagne: und !!!

[19.05.2007] meldet...
Eric Roberts ("Heroes") and Nestor Carbonell ("Smokin' Aces") have joined the cast of Warner Bros.' "The Dark Knight." Roberts will play a Mafia kingpin and Carbonell the mayor of Gotham in Christopher Nolan's "Batman Returns" sequel.
Roberts' recent credits include "The L Word." Carbonell's been seen on "Lost" and stars alongside Jimmy Smits in "Cane," a CBS drama picked up for fall. [...]

[18.05.2007] GameFront meldet...
Pandemic (Mercenaries 2: World in Flames PS3/Xbox 360/PS2) soll angeblich an einem neuen Batman-Spiel arbeiten. Das behauptet PS3IGN unter Berufung auf Projekt-nahe Quellen.
Der Nachfolger zu Batman Begins soll The Dark Knight heißen und wahrscheinlich von Electronic Arts vertrieben werden.
Weder Elevation Partners, Pandemic noch EA haben die Meldung bislang bestätigt oder ein neues Batman-Spiel angekündigt.

[13.05.2007] Unter gibt es einen kleinen Vorgeschmack auf das "Batman Begins"-Sequel...

[02.05.2007] Moviehole meldet...
[...] Firstly, the man behind the cowl, Christian Bale, talked to about just how different "The Dark Knight" will be than "Batman Begins".
"I got Chris Nolan, whom I’m working with for the third time now. He ain’t going to be making a movie if he’s not going to do something very different with it", Bale, who doesn’t start shooting his scenes for another fortnight, says. "Actually, I’m very much liking the idea because I’m having the pros playing the role before. So I know it already and obviously there will be progress. We got a great cast, and Chris and I work very well together, so I know that we are going to find an awful lot to add to it. It’s certainly not the last thing is treading water, but what we have now, we were confident before in what we wanted to do but other people didn’t know, it was untested now other people support us too so we have all of that extra support behind us to sort of let rip and take it through."
Bale says he’s looking forward to working with the new Joker, Heath Ledger.
"Absolutely, he is a great choice for it. I like it personally. Heath has a really crazy take for playing that role. He’s going to do something really different with it."
Meanwhile, Rutger Hauer tells IGN Movies that he won’t be back to play William Earle in the sequel - not as far as he knows anyway.
"I have not gotten the call yet," he said.
Thirdly, and as you may have already read, are reporting that Sarah Michelle Gellar is not part of the "Dark Knight" cast - despite rumours suggesting she was. Seems it was the wishful thinking of an over-eager fan.

[29.04.2007] FDM berichtet über explodierende Vehikel... SPOILER !!!

[26.04.2007] Laut wird Eric Roberts in "Dark Knight" einen Mafiosi spielen...

[24.04.2007] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere Joker-MakeUp-Studie...

[23.04.2007] Bei SHH! gibt es ein Video von den "The Dark Knight"-Dreharbeiten... Und AICN liefert weiteren Gesprächsstoff in Sachen Joker... ;-)

[21.04.2007] Bei SHH! gibt es erste verschwommene Bilder vom Joker... Und Moviehole meldet...
[...] "Prison Break" star William Fichtner, has joined the cast of Warner’s uber-expensive "Batman Begins" follow-up, "The Dark Knight".
According to Batman On Film, Fichtner - whose film credits include "Armageddon" and "First Snow" - will play a bank manager in the super sequel.
I assume Fichtner's going to have 'something to do' in the sequel as opposed to just playing 'guy dressed as bank manager' - it'd be a waste otherwise - but that's all there is at this time.

[20.04.2007] Bei SHH! gibt es Bilder vom "The Dark Knight"-Set...

[04.04.2007] MSNBC sprach mit Heath Ledger...
[...] As the Joker in the new "Batman" movie, have you tried on the mask yet?
Metaphorically, yes. I've been bouncing around like a lunatic for four months. I definitely have a different take on him, but I've yet to do a proper makeup run. It's on the agenda.
Do you walk around the house all day practicing your laugh?
I'd be lying if I said I haven't been. [...]

[10.03.2007] Laut AICN wird sich Batman in "The Dark Knight" ein neues Batsuit überstreifen...

[09.03.2007] CS! meldet...
Maggie Gyllenhaal is in final talks to star opposite Christian Bale in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, reports Variety.
She'll play the role of Rachel Dawes, played by Katie Holmes in Batman Begins. Holmes dropped out of the project earlier in the year.
The cast also includes Heath Ledger, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Aaron Eckhart.
Nolan is set to start filming in the late spring or early summer. Warner Bros. Pictures is eyeing a July 18, 2008 release. [...]

[28.02.2007] Moviehole meldet...
New Gotham City resident, Aaron Eckhart, had a blab to MTV about the role he's just snagged in the forthcoming "The Dark Knight".
"I am excited. Christopher Nolan is an amazing director," he said. "It's another movie that's a dream come true."
He's of course playing Gotham's youngest-ever D.A, Harvey Dent - the chap who will later become Two-Face.
"Batman is a complex character, and Two-Face comes a little bit from the same world," Eckhart insisted. "But [at the same time] he's apart from it."
Eckhart reported that the key to playing Two-Face, then, is finding specifically how he mirrors - and where he differs - from the Caped Crusader.
"I'm looking for the tension between the two, the similarities between the two," Eckhart said of his portrayal. "I want to find what's similar to Batman and then find what's opposite to him."
Eckhart suggests he'll be - as rumours have stated - be playing Dent in this chapter, and then Two-Face in the film to follow.
"Yeah," Eckhart said, before reconsidering after a brief pause, "Well, I'm Harvey Dent ... then I go into Harvey Two-Face."
"I think I'll be killed [if I comment on that] - I'm not even sure I can say as much as I have," Eckhart joked as a wicked, Dent-ian smile broke across his face. "There are snipers looking at me right now!". [...]

[24.02.2007] meldet...
Could Frank Miller’s classic The Dark Knight Returns be up for a possible feature film adaptation? The question was asked at this year’s New York Comic Con and Batman producer Michael Uslan gave his glowing endorsement.
When asked about Miller’s involvement as a director in a future Batman franchise movie, Uslan responded:
"I believe in Frank Miller 100%... I think the sky’s the limit in terms of Frank’s talent."
While nothing is clearly in the works publicly, it seems like a possibility.

[17.02.2007] CS! meldet...
Aaron Eckhart is in final talks to play Harvey Dent/Two Face in The Dark Knight, Warner Bros. Pictures' sequel to Batman Begins, says The Hollywood Reporter.
In Batman lore, Dent is the district attorney of Gotham City and an ally of Batman. After half his face is disfigured by acid, Dent becomes the insane crime boss known as Two Face. He chooses to do good or evil by flipping a coin. Tommy Lee Jones played the character in 1995's Batman Forever. [...]

[15.02.2007] Wie Latino Review meldet, wird Maggie Gyllenhaal die neue Rachel Dawes...

[03.02.2007] Latino Review weiss mal wieder mehr über die Besetzung in der Fortsetzung...
[...] We've learned that the leading contender for Harvey Dent is Thank You For Smoking's Aaron Eckhart.
Great choice because Aaron physically fills up a suit well and he has the chops.
Who's now up for Miss. Dawes? Let me rant a bit before I get to who's now up for the role.
Last week, we broke that Katie Holmes was indeed kicked to the curb and would not be back to reprise her role as Rachel Dawes. She tried to save a bit of face by going to The Wall Street Journal and plead her case for leaving. But c'mon now! The Wall Street Journal?!?! Why them?!?! Probably because Variety and HR wouldn't let her in the door with her "Entourage."
OK, on with the news.... Batman On Film has been on the ball with their casting news regarding Rachel McAdams and Cinema Blend chimed in with Emily Blunt (both are indeed in the running).
Now added to the mix is Maggie Gyllenhaal. [...]

[01.02.2007] Cinema Blend meldet...
[...] Obviously Chris Nolan is actively looking for someone to take over Katie Holmes’ Rachel Dawes character in the new Batman film. Earlier this week rumor had it that they were considering Rachel McAdams for the part, but according to one of our regular scoopers, they may end up going with Devil Wears Prada star Emily Blunt. Word is that the folks behind the Batman Begins sequel are impressed with her, and may bring Blunt in to read for the role.
Our same anonymous source insists that Katie didn’t leave the project, but was dropped. [...]

[31.01.2007] CS! meldet...
The Chicago Tribune reports that Warner Bros. Pictures will shoot Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight in Chicago for 13 weeks:
After Vince Vaughn and company wrap shooting of "Fred Claus" here on Friday, the city gets a break before Universal Pictures brings "The Express" to the Windy City in April for three months of filming. It's the life story of Ernie Davis, the first black college football player to win the Heisman Trophy. Once "The Express" is done, Warner Brothers will be in Chicago for 13 weeks for its next "Batman" project, starring Christian Bale.
The studio is targeting a July 18, 2008 release date for the anticipated film.

[26.01.2007] Latino Review weiss mehr über die Besetzung in der Fortsetzung...
[...] It's official (no surprise), HARVEY DENT is in THE DARK KNIGHT. Matt Damon passed on the role. The filmmakers met Josh Lucas and there is an interest in Jamie Foxx and Ed Norton. I'm pretty sure there are other actors that I'm not aware of up for the Harvey Dent role.
Now the big news is that the character of RACHEL DAWES is back in THE DARK KNIGHT but Katie Holmes won't be playing her!
No surprise there.
She is being replaced and the filmmakers are looking for that actress now. Let the speculation begin...
Some other minor roles...
Eastern European Heavy - tough bad guy mobster, 40s-50s
Female Cop - Latin, 30s. Elizabeth Pena type.
Asian Accountant - male, 40s
Sounds like a lot of diversity in the sequel!
Also according to Production Weekly, the film has been in pre-production as of January 11th.
Lastly there is no Oswald Cobblepot AKA The Penguin in THE DARK KNIGHT. [...]

[15.01.2007] Bei kann man einen Blick auf den neuen Joker werfen... Ist zwar nur ein Fake, aber weitaus sehenswerter als das 1000ste Joker-Besetzungsgerücht, oder !?!
Mit Dank an Azzraeel

[15.10.2006] CS! sprach mit Christopher und Jonathan Nolan über das Sequel "The Dark Knight"... Ausserdem gibt es bei CS! ein Interview mit Christian Bale...
[...] Apparently, Bale hasn't even read the script yet, or at least so he claims. He's an actor, so who knows whether we should believe him when he told us, "I've spoken to Chris about it. I haven't read anything yet. I trust him completely. I'm sure he's been coming up with something improved upon our first one. [...]

[04.10.2006] IGNFF sprach mit Christopher Nolan...
[...] IGN got the chance to ask Chris Nolan if The Dark Knight would delve further into the themes established in Batman Begins, specifically the idea of justice vs. revenge and the exploration of Bruce Wayne's father issues.
"I haven't finished the script yet. I'm supposed to be doing it right now," Nolan admitted, sparking laughter from the crowd. "It does, absolutely. It's a pretty direct continuation of where the last film left off, and the last scene of Batman Begins suggests a strong direction we wanted to take the story in. It absolutely carries on with a lot of the thematic concerns and hopefully takes it someplace new."
When we asked if District Attorney Harvey Dent - a.k.a. Batman's future nemesis Two-Face - would indeed be in the film, Nolan replied, "I don't want to go into too many specifics. Yes, he is."
IGN caught up with Nolan as he was exiting the event and asked if Dent had been cast. "Not yet." Would that actor be an American, an Aussie or a Brit? "You'll see," Nolan promised. [...]

[19.09.2006] Moviehole meldet...
Its always been speculated that Guy Pearce might be involved with one of the new "Batman" movies one day - because of his association with "Memento" director Christopher Nolan, who helms the "Bat" blockies - and now, according to Batman On Film, said speculation might be spot-on.
Pearce is said to be the new favourite - Now that Live Schrieber is apparently no longer in the running - to play Harvey Dent, Gotham D.A, in "The Dark Knight". Dent’s a good-guy that teams up with Batman to bring down The Joker (Heath Ledger) in the next pic. Later on though, Dent himself goes a little screwloose, involuntarily transformed into the disfigured menace, ‘Two-Face’. [...]

[12.09.2006] Moviehole meldet...
Bob Hoskins tells IESB that although he hasn’t been offered the role, he definitely wants Christopher Nolan to know that he’s keen on playing cinema’s next ‘Penguin’ in Bat-sequel "The Dark Knight".
The actor, currently starring in "Hollywoodland", admitted his fanaticism to play the villainous Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin when asked about rumours linking him to the role. Although the Brit downplayed the rumours, he did express an interest in such a role, if it ever did come his way. [...]

[09.09.2006] CS! meldet...
The Toronto Sun talked to Heath Ledger, who mentioned The Joker in The Dark Knight:
Come January, he starts playing the Joker, in Christopher Nolan's next Batman film The Dark Knight. "It's definitely going to stump people. I think it'll be more along the lines of how the Joker was meant to be in the comics, darker and more sinister."
The Toronto Star also got a quote from Ledger about the role:
I wouldn't have thought of me, either. But it's obviously not going to be what Jack Nicholson did. It's going to be more nuanced and dark and more along the lines of a Clockwork Orange kind of feel. Which is, I think, what the comic book was after: less about his laugh and more about his eyes [...]

[30.08.2006] Bei CS! gibt es ein Interview mit dem Regisseur Chris Nolan...
[...] Nolan said he was very surprised by Batman Begins' success, "for the simple reason that I felt we had really poured our hearts out in making a good film and that on our own terms we had succeeded. I never really expected to satisfy critics and Batman fans and regular audiences equally. I mean I thought maybe we'd get two points on the drawing board if you like, but the fact that all three seemed to respond well, that was a big surprise to me. I mean it felt like you were going to lose one aspect or someone... I think we were very fortunate in that regard, it's very gratifying."
Talking about the follow-up, in which Heath Ledger will play The Joker opposite Christian Bale, he mentioned that they're changing things up. "I think what people responded to well about 'Batman Begins' is how different it was from their expectations so I think we would be foolish to not recognize that and to [try to replicate that now predictable blueprint]. I think we'll be doing something very different for the sequel. I certainly wouldn't have any interest in trying to repeat experience or the formula we've made, because particularly being the origin story, it's a very unique thing, a very singular experience. My interest would sort of be to move on from that and to do something quite different." [...]

[21.07.2006] Laut gut unterrichteten Quellen von Latino Review wird Heath Ledger die Rolle des Joker spielen !!!

[08.07.2006] Moviehole meldet...
[...] Now that "Superman Returns" has made quite a bit of cabbage, and everyone’s interested in knowing where Kal-El goes from here, Singer said he might like a shot at directing the long-gestating "Batman Vs. Superman" project. I stress ‘might’.
Initially, director Wolfgang Peterson had planned to make the film - based on a script by "Se7en" writer Andrew Kevin Walker - but he eventually pulled out (because of numerous reasons, including the inability to find a fitting Superman and Batman) to make swords ‘n’ sandals epic, "Troy". This was long before Warner decided to greenlight "Batman Begins" and "Superman Returns".
Today, Singer tells MTV that he’s considering the "Batman Vs. Superman" film - but not before The Man of Steel has a couple more singly adventures.
"I've thought about it for a long time - even a longer time ago, actually," the director revealed. "But I don't know who would be the villain. I guess Batman would be the villain, but then he can't be too bad, because he is Batman".
In Andrew Kevin Walker’s script for "Batman Vs. Superman", Lex Luthor and The Joker are the villains. In the story, the crooks team up. Batman’s lover is killed. Channels of communication are mixed. Fingers are pointed. Bam! Suddenly Batman and Superman are duking it out.
Wolfgang Peterson said at the time that the "plot is structured in a way that these two very different sides basically of the same coin have to clash at some point because they handle situations totally differently. ... For a large portion of the thing they are at each other's throats. But then, of course, because they are both crime fighters, they join forces again and fight evil."
The script wasn’t too bad - but I don’t know that it would quite fit the current incarnations of Batman and Superman. And, judging from his comments, Singer doesn’t plan on using that script.
But anyway, as Singer stresses, it’s - "not quite yet. ... I think Superman needs to have his own movies for a little while before that happens."
Brandon Routh, the new Man of Steel, actually once tested for the planned "Batman Vs. Superman" movie. He tells the site that he’s not real keen to do the team-up movie.
"I don't think we should go toe-to-toe, unless one of us is deranged somehow by some mind-altering drug," he laughed. "We shouldn't be fighting each other; we should be combining forces."
And Routh had this word of warning for Bale: "I don't think Batman really, really wants to go and mess with Superman."...
Personally, I don’t see the film happening anytime soon - if at all. It’s been stirring in it’s cinematic juices for too long... and Warner has no real reason to do it at the moment, especially with both "Superman Returns" and "Batman Begins" making enough money on their own. Teaming the characters up might see their profits split - no, it would see the profits split. After all, there would only be the one movie. [...]

[28.06.2006] Moviehole meldet...
Insiders have started muttering Robin Williams' name in connection with that of The Joker in the "Batman Begins" sequel. While it's too early to say if Mork from Ork will indeed be the one picked to thrash it out with the Dark Knight, one thing's for sure - the actor is definitely interested.
Speaking to IGN FilmForce, Williams - next appearing in the thriller "The Night Listener" - says he'd "love to do that one" when asked about the "Batman" rumours.
If director Christopher Nolan - who Williams worked with on "Insomnia"- gives him the nod, he says he'd like to play the role as a mesh of both nutty and nasty.
"Well, you want to do a different Joker. You know, if they do Arkham Asylum, it would be amazing. Arkham Asylum is one of the greatest, nastiest comic books ever. It's truly, it's like the Marquee de Sade on that level, and wonderfully damaged and quite tragic, in terms of when you realize [what happened to] create these characters..."
"You can go both [over-the-top and dark]," Williams said. "As in madness, there's a lot of ways to go. I think you can really explore how bright and how nasty-funny he is, just like I guess what Kevin [Spacey] did with Lex Luthor, made him really funny, but yet still damaged... As evil is, accessible and yet still horrific". [...]

[28.04.2006] Bei Moviehole gibt es den Rundumschlag in Sachen "Wer spielt möglicherweise die Rolle des Jokers im nächsten "Batman"-Film" !?!

[21.03.2006] In einem IESB-Interview bestätigte Wolfgang Petersen, dass er noch immer Interesse an einem "Batman vs. Superman"-Film habe... Moviehole schreibt hierzu...
It was all set to go a couple of years ago, it just never, excuse the pun, took off. Talking of course about the much talked-about "Batman vs. Superman" - the script of which, has been widely available on the internet longer than Frank Castle’s been The Punisher - which director Wolfgang Peterson was set to steer into production, before he got a woody for swords and swords and went and done "Troy" instead.
You remember the one? In it, Batman and Superman have a bit of a skirmish. Capes fly, as they say. Everyone from Jude Law to John Travolta (priceless!) to Colin Farrell was apparently in talks to take part in the production. At the end of the day, Warner decided to ditch the idea - for the meantime anyway - and relaunch the solo adventures of Clark and Brucie, respectively.
There are rumblings that the Superhero teaming will happen at one stage, but not until after a couple of solo efforts for the new "Batman" and "Superman", which would make sense. Having said that, it’s a shoe-in that both Brandon ‘Superman’ Routh and Christian ‘Batman’ Bale will reprise their roles for the two-hander.
IESB caught up with Peterson and asked him whether he was still interested in bringing "Batman Vs.Superman" to the big screen still - even if it is in twenty years time - and though he reminds that it’s "on the shelf right now", he did confirm that "at one point" he might do it.
The script for "Batman Vs.Superman", by "Se7en" writer Andrew Kevin Walker, sees an aged Bruce Wayne - who lost Robin, the boy wonder, some five years before - retired from Batman duties and retiring with new fiancee Elizabeth. Unfortunately, Batman's old foes return just after their wedding - namely, The Joker - and Elizabeth is murdered. Hell-bent on getting revenge, Bruce dons the cape again in a mission to destroy the clown prince of crime. Superman, fearing Batman is about to cross the line and become a murderer like the criminals he chases, ends up clashing with the Caped Crusader over his motives - and the heroes are set on a violent collission against each other. Unbeknownst to the heroes, their actions are falling in line with a villainous plot by Lex Luthor, who is responsible for the resurrection of the Joker. [...]

[15.02.2006] Moviehole meldet...
Screen legend Vanessa Redgrave might be mixing it up with Batman. reports that the "Camelot" and "Howards End" star is being linked to a role in the forthcoming "Batman Begins" sequel, playing a "female character close to Bruce Wayne and Alfred". [...]
Already touted for roles in the film - besides returning stars Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Katie Holmes and Michael Caine - are Jake Gyllenhaal as D.A Harvey Dent, Paul Bettany as The Joker, Brad Dourif as Dr.Arkham, Emily Watson as Dr. Harleen Quinzel , and Bob Hoskins as mob boss Sal Maroni.
The film is quite a spell off yet, so anything and everything is likely to happen before then though.

[30.01.2006] CS! meldet...
Paul Bettany is trying on the villain role in 2006 with the upcoming releases of two high-profile films: Firewall and The Da Vinci Code. Could the role of the Joker in the next "Batman" movie be far behind?
Responding to rumors on the Internet linking his name to the role, Bettany told, "Nobody has rung me up officially and asked, 'Would you like to be in it?'" In fact, the only information Bettany has heard has been from friends who have told him they've heard the rumor too.
Asked if he was flattered about the rumors connecting him to the Batman Returns sequel, Bettany said, "Well, I'm just wondering if my mother started the rumors." [...]

[11.01.2006] DH meldet...
Batman Begins 2
Josh Lucas confirmed he has not been approached about playing Two-Face, but if approached he would love to do it - "that would be totally great. I love Batman Begins, it was magnificent".

[10.01.2006] Moviehole meldet...
The Pianist wants to play a packed-audience in the Gotham City Music Auditorium.
Oscar Winner Adrien Brody, currently mixing it up with well-heeled ape "King Kong", is interested in playing The Joker in the next "Batman" film
Brody tells USA Today that he loved "Batman Begins" and hopes to be considered for the role of the jovial assassin in the next chapter.
"I would love to play The Joker. I think he would be deformed and creepier", says the actor, whose competition for the role includes Aussie Lachy Hulme and Brit Paul Bettany.
Meantime, Josh Lucas ("The Hulk") has responded to rumours that he’s up for the role of D.A Harvey Dent - who later becomes Two Face - in the next film.
"You are the second person [to ask about the Dent rumor] -- I heard that yesterday, that would be cool," the actor told the IESB site. The actor said that he hasn't been approached, "but that [getting offered the part] would be totally great".
Batman-On-Film says there might be more roles to fill too - they’ve heard that mobster Salvatore Maroni, Gotham P.D officer Sarah Essen, and Roman Sionis/Black Mask might be in the next film too. [...]

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