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Blade Runner: Die Blu-ray Ultimate Collector's Edition im Koffer "Blade Runner" (1982) spielt in Los Angeles, 2019... Nieselregen und Smog tauchen die überbevölkerte Stadt in ewige Dunkelheit...

Ex-Polizist Rick Deckard, gespielt von Harrison Ford (u.a. "Star Wars", "Indiana Jones") erhält den Auftrag, vier geflohene "Replikanten" zu töten... Auf der Jagd nach den künstlichen Androiden, die von Menschen kaum zu unterscheiden sind, stellt sich ihm die Frage: "Wer ist ein Replikant?" und "Wer nicht?"... Auch über die eigene Identität stellt sich Deckard immer öfter Fragen...

Der geniale Roman "Träumen Androiden von elektrischen Schafen?" von Philip K. Dick (u.a. "Minority Report" und "Total Recall") liegt diesem Kultstreifen von Ripley Scott (u.a. "Hannibal", "Gladiator" und "Alien") zugrunde, der viele weitere SF-Filme inspirierte...

U.a. wirken mit: Rutger Hauer (u.a. "Batman Begins", "Sin City") als Roy Batty, Sean Young (u.a. "Ace Ventura") als Rachael, Edward James Olmos (u.a. "Battlestar Galactica") als Gaff, Daryl Hannah (u.a. "Kill Bill") als Pris, M. Emmet Walsh als Bryant, William Sanderson (u.a. "Babylon 5") als J.F. Sebastian, Brion James als Leon, Joe Turkel als Eldon Tyrell, Joanna Cassidy (u.a. "Ghosts of Mars") als Zhora und Morgan Paull als Holden...

Zum 25-jährigen Jubiläum brachte Warner Bros. Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner: The Final Cut" in die Kinos... Die neue Version feierte am 1. September 2007 beim Filmfestival von Venedig ihre Premiere... Die Firma Alcon Entertainment möchte "Blade Runner" als Franchise aufbauen - und Ridley Scott möchte seinen Teil dazu beitragen...

Blade Runner

"Blade Runner" auf Blu-ray Disc !!!
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[07.02.2012] Wie Deadline meldet, bestreitet Alcon Entertainment Harrison Fords Beteiligung...
[...] "It is absolutely patently false that there has been any discussion about Harrison Ford being in Blade Runner," Kosove told me. "To be clear, what we are trying to do with Ridley now is go through the painstaking process of trying to break the back of the story, figure out the direction we’re going to take the movie and find a writer to work on it. The casting of the movie could not be further from our minds at this moment." [...]
Asked point blank if Ford could resurface, Kosove said: "In advance of knowing what we’re going to do, I supposed you could say yes, he could. But I think it is quite unlikely."

[06.02.2012] Wie Twitch meldet, scheint Harrison Ford erste Gespräche bzgl. eines neuen "Blade Runner"-Films zu führen... Also doch ein Sequel !?!

[31.12.2011] CS! meldet...
Last week, The Playlist had a chance to speak to Alcon Entertainment producer Andrew Kosove and they got him to update them on a number of upcoming Alcon projects including a pair of remakes/relaunches the company is working on, one being a follow-up to Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, the other being a remake of Kathryn Bigelow's action-thriller Point Break.
Kasave told them that the Blade Runner project is a "high priority" for Ridley Scott, who is in post-production on the anticipated Prometheus (and already on record saying they have ideas for two more movies if it does well), and that project is "moving forward aggressively in development."
"Sometime in the first two months of the new year we'll announce who the screenwriter will be and whether or not it's a prequel or sequel. And then we'll be off to the races," he added. [...]

[08.11.2011] Speakeasy sprach kürzlich mit Ridley Scott...
[...] Scott said he is on board to direct a "Blade Runner" follow-up and has been interviewing writers who can help him with the screenplay. Scott says the new project is "liable to be a sequel." [...]
Earlier this year, production company Alcon Entertainment said it was planning a new "Blade Runner" project with Scott at the helm, but it didn’t reveal whether it would be a prequel or sequel to the original film.
"Blade Runner" devotees may not have to wait long for the new movie. "I think I’m close to finding a writer that might be able to help me deliver," Scott says, "we’re quite a long way in, actually."
The original film was inspired by sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick’s novel, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" and told the grim story of Rick Deckard, a "blade runner" who hunts down "replicants" - androids who long to live free lives. Scott says Dick, who he says was "stressed" when he met him, found a romanticism in his pessimism. And similarly, "Blade Runner" didn’t offer a romantic view of the future.
"That’s why I think I was so unpopular" when the film was released, Scott says, because at the core of the film is a story about mortality. "Even though people think it’s a cool Philip Marlowe film with Deckard played by Harrison Ford," he says, "the film is very much about humanity."
Scott says the new "Blade Runner" project is moving ahead "not with the past cast, of course." No Deckard? "No, not really," he says.

[19.08.2011] Wie Deadline meldet, will Ridley Scott einen neuen "Blade Runner"-Film machen...
After revisiting his classic Alien with the upcoming 3D Fox film Prometheus, Ridley Scott is committing to direct and produce a film that advances his other seminal and groundbreaking science fiction film. Scott has signed on to direct and produce a new installment of Blade Runner. He’ll make the film with Alcon Entertainment, producing with Alcon partners Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove. This would be the most high profile project for Alcon since The Blind Side. They got control of the franchise earlier this year, but it's a whole different ballgame with Scott at the helm.
I’m not getting a clear sense at this point whether Scott intends to do a sequel or a prequel to the 1982 film that was loosely based on the Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Also unclear is whether they start fresh or reach out to Harrison Ford. The original took place in dystopian Los Angeles in 2019, in which organic superhuman robots called replicants escaped and are hiding somewhere on earth. Ford played Richard Deckard, a burnt out blade runner assigned to hunt them down. His tired life gets altered when he himself falls for one of the replicants and struggles to keep her from being destroyed.
The film was not a blockbuster when first released--it grossed $32 million in its original run--but the film has gained esteem over time. From the bleak but breathtaking visuals to the complex storyline and themes of mortality, Blade Runner became a classic. There has periodically been talks of doing a sequel but those never really went anywhere. After injecting state of the art 3D in reviving Alien, imagine what Scott can do with Blade Runner? Now, the filmmaker is ready to engage. Alcon has its output deal with Warner Bros, which remastered and released a 25th anniversary version on DVD and Blu-Ray in 2007. Warner Bros made the original film.
This is just the first step and the project will have to be written and it will likely evolve during that process. [...]

[05.03.2011] io9 sprach mit den Produzenten bei Alcon Entertainment über ihre Vorstellungen für die Weiterführung von "Blade Runner" als Franchise...
Will this movie be a prequel or a sequel?
We don't know, we just don't know yet. When we know, we'll let you know. We don't know yet it's too early. The only way to answer that is to say that we will have a process where we will hear hear different ideas from writers or from potential directors who we will bring in, in combination with the writers, before determining. We could be open to either a prequel or a sequel. [...]
Do you have any pie in the sky writers or directors that in a perfect world would sign on tomorrow?
Pie in the sky? Yeah our friend Chris Nolan who we did Insomnia [with] would be in the pie in the sky for us.
That's good to hear. That means you're going for the gritty realism that was in the original.
To be clear I think what Chris Nolan did — and to be clear, we cannot remake Blade Runner. As a legal matter, we have not bought the remake rights we have no interest in remaking it we can only do prequels or sequels. But I think the methodology that Chris Nolan brought to Batman is precisely what we aspire to whomever the filmmaker is, whether Ridley comes back and joins us or it's someone else. It's precisely what we aspire to with Blade Runner, that's the template for us.

[03.03.2011] Wie CS! meldet, Alcon Entertainment "Blade Runner" als Franchise aufbauen...
It appears that a sequel (or prequel) to Ridley Scott's Blade Runner could be on the way.
Alcon Entertainment has set plans to develop a franchise based on the original 1982 film and are in final negotiations to secure the rights for development as sequels, prequels, a television series, or all of the above (interestingly, the rights would not allow them to remake or reboot the original). The studio press release explains:
Warner Bros-based financing and production company Alcon Entertainment ("The Blind Side," "The Book of Eli") co-founders and co-Chief Executive Officers Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove, in the most significant property acquisition negotiations in the Company’s 13-year history, are in final discussions to secure film, television and ancillary franchise rights to produce prequels and sequels to the iconic 1982 science-fiction thriller "Blade Runner."
Alcon is negotiating to secure the rights from producer-director Bud Yorkin, who will serve as producer on "Blade Runner" along with Kosove and Johnson. Cynthia Sikes Yorkin will co-produce. Frank Giustra and Tim Gamble, CEO’s of Thunderbird Films, will serve as executive producers.
Alcon’s franchise rights would be all-inclusive, but exclude rights to remake the original. The Company, however, may produce projects based on situations introduced in the original film. The project would be distributed domestically by Warner Bros. International rights are yet to be determined.
Johnson and Kosove stated: "We are honored and excited to be in business with Bud Yorkin. This is a major acquisition for our company, and a personal favorite film for both of us. We recognize the responsibility we have to do justice to the memory of the original with any prequel or sequel we produce. We have long-term goals for the franchise, and are exploring multi-platform concepts, not just limiting ourselves to one medium only."
Loosely based on the 1968 Philip K. Dick novel, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", the original film is heralded as seminal cinematic achievement. The novel actually received three "authorized" sequels, written by K.W. Jeter, a friend of Dick's, entitled "The Edge of Human," "Replicant Night" and "Eye and Talon." David Peoples, the co-writer of the 1982 film, also stated his belief that his 1998 film, Soldier (directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and starring Kurt Russell) took place in the same canonical universe.
While attempts at a Blade Runner sequel have been made for decades, the latest iteration is likely on some level influenced by Scott's return to his first science fiction universe, that of the 1979 film Alien, in the upcoming quasi-prequel, Prometheus.
At this early stage, there is no word of Scott's potential involvement with the future of the Blade Runner property.

[10.10.2008] erhielt eine Mail des Drehbuchautors Travis Wright, der an einem Sequel zu "Blade Runner" werkelt(e)...
[...] let me just state a few facts. John Glenn and I were paid to explore a potential secret sequel from 03-05 and wrote several BR sequel approaches working with Bud Yorkin. We never went to script - a fact I mentioned at the q and a - and it wasn’t meant to be some big announcement. I’m proud of my work on Eagle Eye and I was there talking about screenwriting to an audience of aspiring writers about my experiences. Having worked on BR is no bs, as I have the contract and pay stubs to prove it. And since Jg and I were paid to write a script, I plan to write one at some point solo with or without anyone’s blessings. Whether anyone ever reads it or even cares remains to be seen. [...]
My only intention as a writer, in pursuing this project, is to help explore some of the questions Blade Runner raises that were the fodder for endless debate among my friends for two decades now.
What does it mean to be human? That’s the central question in life and the paramount question in Science Fiction. More pointedly: Is or isn’t Deckard a replicant? What happens to Rachel? What are the off world colonies like? What happens to replicants once Tyrell is killed by one of his creations? These are some of the questions we explored with Bud Yorkin for a few years and I believe are a great basis for a story many fans like me are dying to see. Working on them has been a dream. [...]
Bud and I have discussed informally about developing a ‘previs’ loosely based on one of my former BR treatments that’s set off world and explores the questions above. No deal is in place. Let me repeat, no deal is in place. JG may end up with a story credit depending on how much of any story work we did previously remains in the final approach. But that is years away and there are many hurdles between now and then, any one of which could kill the project moving forward. So far just keeping the conversation alive is like shark-fishing with dental floss. My fingers are bloody, but i’m convinced someday i’ll succeed. In the meantime, I’ve developed my own slate of original films [...]

[30.09.2008] berichtet über einen Autor, der mit einem Sequel-Drehbuch hausieren geht...
[...] "I recently attended a Q&A session with one of the writers of ‘Eagle Eye’ after a free screening organized by the magazine Creative Screenwriting. During the Q&A, the writer said that he and whomever it was that helped him co-write the ‘Eagle Eye’ screenplay were in the process of writing a sequel to Blade Runner, and had already contacted the producers of the original, etc., etc. This is probably a load of empty words/wishful thinking on his part, but I for one am appalled by just the notion of a Blade Runner sequel, and thought you’d be as well, so I thought perhaps you’d like to look into this yourself and perhaps use your soapbox to get some fanboys a little pissed, as well. [...]"

[03.09.2008] Moviehole kennt einen Regisseur, der gerne eine Fortsetzung machen würde...
[...] Variety profiled Halycon founders Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek (in their "10 producers to watch" feature) and as part of their piece on the hot young producers behind the upcoming Terminator Salvation, asked McG, director of the latter, for a few words.
McG mentioned he'd love to work with the boys again on something, remarking that he's made "'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?'", the Philip K.Dick novel that inspired Ridley Scott's cult masterpiece "Blade Runner" (1982), required reading on set, adding "That would be a good one", McG tells Variety.
Um, "a good one" to do with the boys!? What!?
McG says it as if "Electric Sheep" hasn't ever been made into a film - strange. Surely he's seen "Blade Runner", right? Suppose that's never stopped anyone from remaking a classic before- having not seen the original. [...]"

[10.10.2007] Bei AICN gibt es eine detaillierte Auflistung der Änderungen in "Blade Runner: The Final Cut"...

[02.10.2007] Bei AICN gibt es weitere Kritiken zu "Blade Runner: The Final Cut"...

[03.09.2007] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zu "Blade Runner: The Final Cut", der auf dem Filmfestival in Venedig gezeigt wurde, u.a. gibt es eine Beschreibung der Änderungen des komplett digital überarbeiteten Films...
[...] In short, almost every scene in the film has been touched. The most noticeable changes are subtle. Objects and people added where they weren't before. This isn't a "new version" with never before seen footage but more of the old version update with today's technology. The super-structures never looked better. Lots of more flying cars. And familiar scenes with one or two extra seconds.
Pris's death was longer and more violent which I believe is the same as the International cut.
The Unicorn dream was there.
No voice-overs. Which I am in the minority where I say I disagree with that. I think the voice-overs really made it a film noir.
The single biggest change I caught was that all of the replicants including Rachael at some point had the same blank glare in their eyes that you see in the owl or what you usually get from a picture of a dog or cat.
What about the ending you ask? I wish I had news that there was some super new ending. Alas, it is the same as the directors cut where the film ends with the close of the elevator door. [...]

[28.04.2007] AICN meldet....
[...] For a long while, we’ve been hearing about the forthcoming mega DVD of BLADE RUNNER. We’ve heard all kindsa stories about what material the set would contain (like multiple versions of the film, including a new edit that addresses continuity gaffs, FX inconsistencies, etc.) But, we hadn’t heard much about just how extensive this undertaking might be.
Now we have a sense...
Joanna Cassidy (who played Replicant Zhora in the film - she’s the one Harrison Ford runs down on the street & shoots in the back) has just finished shooting new material for the forthcoming DVD restoration! [...]

[27.05.2006] meldet....
Zum 25jährigen Jubiläum wird Warner den SF-Klassiker "Blade Runner" 2007 ein weiteres Mal ins Kino bringen, und zwar unter der Bezeichnung "Ridley Scott's Final Cut".
Warner Home Video kündigt ferner für den September 2006 eine weitere DVD-Auswertung unter der Bezeichnung "Director's Cut (remastered)" an. Der Film von Ridley Scott entstand 1982, 1992 folgte ein Director's Cut, bei dem Scott für die Kinoauswertung 2007 ein weiteres Mal Hand anlegen wird.
Die DVD im September soll nur vier Monate im Handel sein, der im kommenden Jahr im Kino zu sehende "Ridley Scott's Final Cut" soll anschließend ebenfalls als DVD ausgewertet werden.

[09.05.2006] UGO sprach kürzlich mit Ridley Scott, u.a. über "Blade Runner"....
UGO: [...] You seem to be pushing the envelope now more than ever in your career. What motivates you today, as opposed to when you made Blade Runner and other projects earlier in your career?
RIDLEY: I think it's what I chose to do, my profession. I like to think of myself in that sense. I hesitate to use the word artist, but I think I've paid the price, and I think I am. I think the price at that time was certainly Blade Runner, which was, I think, quite large. People could see that it was an art movie. I was very happy about it at the time. I thought I really nailed it. Whatever it was, I nailed it to the wall, and then it was confusing to see that people didn't get it. It's taken a while now to do. Obviously, there is a certain amount of satisfaction there, but I think there's a lot of artist in me. I don't mean that in a complimentary way. I mean that in that it's almost a curse because you can't stop, you know, you've got to keep improving. You're constantly re-examining the canvas. You look at it thinking, "That's wrong. I've got to do it again" and "That's fine. That's good."

[27.08.2004] Die NZ meldet...
Der «Guardian» hat 60 Wissenschaftler über den besten Science-Fiction-Film abstimmen lassen. Bei Ridley Scotts «Blade Runner» waren sich alle einig.
[...] «Blade Runner» von Ridley Scott sei der beste Film, der je gemacht wurde, sagt der Stammzellenforscher Stephen Minger vom Kings College London. Dem Urteil schlossen sich auch die Kollegen an. Die düstere Vision von einem Leben, in dem Menschen sich nicht mehr von Androiden unterscheiden und «Blade Runner» Harrison Ford nach den «falschen» Menschen sucht, die man an ihren Erinnerungen erkennt, komme in vielen Dingen dem nahe, womit Forscher heute experimentieren, meint Chris Firth vom Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience in London. [...]

"Blade Runner - The Final Director's Cut"
[24.09.2001] Laut einem Bericht bei AICN erwartet uns mit "Blade Runner - The Final Director's Cut" eine weitere Fassung des Kultfilms...

Blade Runner 2 !?!
[09.06.2001] Moviehole sprach mit William Sanderson: "Bladerunner 2? happening? Yes!, because I remain optimistic about the film but pessimistic about being in it."

Deckard ein Replikant !?!
Die Fans diskutieren seit langem... In einem Interview mit "BBC" bejahte Regisseur Ridley Scott die Frage...

Blade Runner 2 !?!
Die Internet-Gerüchtesammelstelle "Coming Attractions" berichtet... Es scheint aber eher unwahrscheinlich, dass die Nachfolge-Romane von K. W. Jeter verfilmt werden...

Blade Runner
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Der legendäre "Blade Runner" in der von Regisseur Ridley Scott ("Alien") autorisierten Fassung... Als der Director's Cut 1993 veröffentlicht wurde, wunderten sich viele Kinogänger, warum das Studio diese Version nicht schon 11 Jahre zuvor in die Kinos gebracht hatte. Diese neu geschnittene Version ist viel besser, vor allem, da Unnötiges eliminiert (z.B. die Kommentare aus dem Off sowie das "Happy End") sowie wirklich Wichtiges erneuert wurde (die Charaktere werden ein bischen schärfer gezeichnet und es gibt eine kurze Traumsequenz, in der ein Einhorn auftritt)...

Blade Runner

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Blade Runner - Blade Runner
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Blade Runner

Philip K. Dick
Blade Runner
Romanvorlage zum Ridley Scott-Kultfilm
221 Seiten (1998)

Träumen Androiden von elektrischen Schafen?
Kurz vor dem Ende des neuen Jahrtausends ist die Erde in einem desolaten Zustand. Immer mehr Menschen verlassen den verpesteten Planeten, um in den Weiten des Weltraums eine neue Heimat zu finden. Ihnen zur Seite stehen Androiden, menschenähnliche Roboter, die nur durch komplizierte Tests von ihren Besitzern zu unterscheiden sind. Ihre einzige Schwäche: der Wunsch, selbst menschlich zu sein.
Vier Androiden vom Typ NEXUS-6 meutern gegen ihre Herren, töten sie und kehren zur Erde zurück. Untergetaucht in einer von Millionen Menschen bevölkerten Alptraum-Stadt haben sie nur einen Feind: die BLADE RUNNER, eine Spezialeinheit der Polizei. Einer dieser Cops ist Rick Deckard - und er weiss: die Jagd beginnt!
Gebundene Ausgabe...

K. W. Jeter
Blade Runner - Die Rückkehr
650 Seiten (Juni 2004)

In den in diesem Band versammelten Romanen "Blade Runner 2" und "Blade Runner 3" setzt K.W. Jeter die Geschichte des Androidenjägers Rick Deckard fort, der sich auf die Suche nach dem verschollenen sechsten Replikanten macht...

K. W. Jeter
Blade Runner 2
Originaltitel: The Edge of Human
316 Seiten (1999)

"Rick Deckard muss noch einmal nach L.A. zurückkehren: Es warten vernichtende Neuigkeiten auf ihn. Ein mysteriöser sechster Replikant ist nie gefasst worden, und Pris, die er getötet hatte, war gar keine Replikantin..."
Die düstere Geschichte klärt einige Sachverhalte um den Blade Runner und erweist sich als sehr lesenswert, was bei Fortsetzungen bei weitem nicht immer der Fall ist...

K. W. Jeter
Blade Runner 3: Replicant Night
Englischsprachiges Taschenbuch
368 Seiten (1997)

Blade Runner

Blade Runner
Audio CD
Erscheinungstermin: 3. Juni 1994

12 Titel: Blade Runner (Main Titles); Blush Response; Wait For Me; Rachel's Song; Love Theme; One More Kiss,Dear; Blade Runner Blues; Memories Of Green; Tales Of The Future; Damask Rose; Blade Runner (End Titles); Tears In Rain

Blade Runner

Blade Runner
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