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"Goonies" (1985) ist einer dieser Filme, wie sie nur Steven Spielberg produzieren und die man nie vergessen kann...

"Goonies" entführt in eine magische Welt, in der sich Seele, Ironie, Action, Gewalt und Läuterung ein munteres, im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes zauberhaftes Stelldichein geben. Kinder als James Bonds im Miniaturformat, die alle Gefahren meistern wie der einst Schlagetot Errol Flynn in seinen Mantel- und Degen-Filmen; Gangster, die Comicstrips entsprungen zu sein scheinen und die - wie die matronenhafte Ganoven-Mutter "Mamma Fratelli" - bei aller Gefährlichkeit ungefähr so viel Angst einflössen wie Captain Hook in "Peter Pan". Das alles ergibt ein mitreissendes Märchen für alle, die im Herzen jung geblieben sind.
Quelle: Westd. Allgemeine Zeitung

Steven Spielberg schrieb das Drehbuch gemeinsam mit Chris Columbus, dem Regisseur von "Harry Potter"... Regie führte Richard Donner (u.a. "Lethal Weapon 1-4")...

Goonies 2 !?!
Gerüchten zufolge sollen die Goonies als Trickserie wiederbelebt werden... Und man höre und staune, auch eine Fortsetzung für die grosse Leinwand wird nicht ausgeschlossen...

Hier zumindest der Plot aus einem älteren Drehbuch-Entwurf...
Mike(y) arbeitet als Historiker in der Stadt und stösst auf ein altes Dokument und eine Karte und erinnert sich an seine Jugend: Er entscheidet sich in seine Heimatstadt zurückzukehren und seine alten Kumpanen aufzusuchen. Mouth (Feldman) arbeitet mittlerweile mit seinem Vater als Klempner... Chunk leitet eine Pizzeria und Data ist eine Art Wissenschaftler...
Zunächst will keiner mit Mikey ein kindisches "Goonie Abenteuer" erleben, aber dann überzeugt er sie die Magie ihrer Jugend nochmal zu erleben. Das Abenteuer führt sie an der Küste entlang, in Höhlen, Tunnel, Fallen...
Angeblich ist die Story überraschenderweise "perfekt": Die Charaktere verfügen über den selben Charme wie im Original - mit dem selben Humor...
Hauptthema: Die Jugend nochmal erleben - ähnlich wie in Spielbergs "Hook". Die Actionelemente sollen angeblich besser sein als im 1. Teil, und auch die Fratelli-Brüder (ohne ihre Ma) tauchen wieder auf...


"Die Goonies" auf DVD !!!
Am 22. Februar 2008 kamen "Die Goonies" auf DVD zurück... Jetzt bei Amazon bestellen !!!

[06.02.2010] CS! sprach mit Chris Columbus, u.a. über "Gremlins 3D"...
[...] "'Goonies' would have to be the Goonies on their own as parents and their children doing something," he continued. "But as Steven said, 'How can you really be going underground finding another gigantic pirate ship filled with treasure? What can be the next adventure?'" [...]

[26.10.2009] hat kürzlich ein sehenswertes Video-Interview mit Ke Huy Quan aka Data veröffentlicht, bzgl. des "Goonies 2" meinte er, vor 4 Jahren wäre es kurz davor gewesen realisiert zu werden, aber Warner zweifelte an dessem finanziellen Erfolg... Wenn alle "alten" Goonies wieder mit von der Partie wären, wäre er sicherlich auch dabei...

[26.08.2009] "Goonies" Making Of gefällig?

[30.06.2009] Via SCI FI Wire kommt ein Lebenszeichen...
Every few years, someone gets our hopes up for a sequel to the beloved 1985 fantasy adventure film The Goonies. The movie became a cult hit, continuing to play in revival houses to this day, but a sequel always seemed like its own kind of fantasy, even when the cast reunited for the DVD release and started talking about plans.
That fizzled when reality set in about scheduling the likes of Josh Brolin and Sean Astin, not to mention cast members who have long since retired from acting.
But Chris Columbus, who wrote the script to the original Goonies, now says that he has received word that director Richard Donner might actually be re-assembling the cast. Columbus is currently directing Goonies cast member Joe Pantoliano (he played Francis Fratelli) in Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief.
"[Pantoliano] said that Richard Donner talked to him about six months ago about the sequel," Columbus said. "I think the only way it could be done is if the kids are now the parents, and their kids have become the Goonies. I still think the two brothers are still alive and well, so they could still be in the movie. So it's a matter of whether or not they could re-create that concept."
The Goonies centered on a group of kids who lived in the the Goon Docks together. They would play outside and go on adventures. The film chronicled their quest for the pirate treasure of One-Eyed Willie in the caves under their town. Perhaps the biggest hurdle for a Goonies 2 would be believing that modern kids would play outside.
"I don't know if that's possible anymore," Columbus said. "Maybe if all the parents in the new Goonie movie forbid their kids to play on the Internet, that's gotta be the plot. You can't go anywhere near a computer or cell phone. I guess the adventures are online."
Columbus added that he believes there's a new, younger fan base for the original movie that could bolster a sequel. "Most of the 20-year-olds or 23-year-olds I work with - particularly on Percy Jackson - they do have this love of the '80s, this obsession with the '80s, and they're really convinced that the '80s are this magical time," he said. "I guess part of it is what you're saying, that you could hang out and go on an adventure."
In the meantime, fans can re-watch the original Goonies and see the cast reunite for the upcoming 25th anniversary. For their part, Pantoliano and Columbus plan to celebrate it. "The first thing he said to me [was], 'You gonna go to the Goonies reunion?'" Columbus said. "I said, 'I didn't know there was one.' It's a year and a half from now, and they're getting everyone together, because I think it's the 25th anniversary of the film. I said, 'Yeah, I'd love to see everybody.'"

[09.08.2008] Wie Clint von Moviehole meldet, wird die "Goonies"-Fortsetzung nun wohl doch realisiert...
[...] A very, very, very good source - if I revealed his name, you’d know straight away this was a solid bit of news - informed me a few days ago that "the sequel Corey Feldman has been telling media will never happen", one "Goonies 2", is indeed... happening. (And I don't blame the Felddog for assuming it's never going to happen either - this one's been rumoured longer than the talking fridge).
Now I don't know when it's going to happen, because it has been on the drawing boards for a good decade now ("Star Trek" and "Transformers" scribe Robert Orci told me today that he was involved in a draft in about 1998), but it does seem to be inching forward.
So what have I been told? well, Warner Bros are finally going to give it the respect it deserves - this will be a large-scale theatrical release.. a tentpole. It will not be a direct-to-video release.
(A source at Warner Bros has since confirmed this - saying they are developing it as a major movie, but won't share anything other than that. Nothing we didn't already know though)
We've been told that there are writers on the project - and they're being paid rather nicely for their services too - so it’s doubtful the script will be used as merely a place mat to hold Alan Horn’s sandwich. But god I hope they don't fuck this bitch up - "The Goonies" is one childhood memory I don't want butt-assaulted.
I’ve no idea what the script is about, nor do I know how far into the script the writers are, but we're told that it’ll apparently involve some of the original cast - I doubt Josh Brolin will return though; and even if he was keen, would Warner want to pay him the hefty fee he now gets? Doubtful - and some new cast members. I can’t imagine ‘all’ of the original "Goonies" coming back, can you? I’d think Corey Feldman, Sean Astin and, er, Short-Round would be the most likeliest recruits for a reprise... if only because they haven’t disappeared off-the-map (Martha Plimpton where art thou? Keri Green... does she still act?). You never know, ‘Chunk’ might even get a call too - but he’s not very ‘Chunky’ anymore (dude dropped half his weight!), so Jonah Hill will probably step into that character’s shoes. Hollywood - gotta love it.
But there you have it, after years and years of rumours - and even some attempts to get the film up by original director Richard Donner - "The Goonies 2" will soon be a reality. [...]

[29.12.2007] RTL II wiederholt heute um 15.55 Uhr "Die Goonies"...

[28.12.2007] RTL II zeigt heute um 20.15 Uhr "Die Goonies"...

[24.10.2007] Empire Online sprach mit Ke Quan aka Data über die kommende "Goonies"-Trickserie...
It seems that, after approximately 4,867 years of rumour, a live-action sequel to The Goonies is not going to happen. But the recent rumours that an animated sequel series may get the go ahead are apparently very much true. Corey Feldman (Mouth in the movie) recently told MTV that he'd been approached to return as an older version of his character for a cartoon series, in which the original Goonies would be all growns up and with adventuring kids of their own. And now Jonathan Ke Quan has told Empire exclusively that he and Jeff Cohen (Chunk) have been asked to lend their talents too.
"We were approached a few months ago by Warner about doing it and asked if we would be interested," said Ke Quan. "They even showed us character designs. It looks very cool".
Though Cohen now works as an entertainment lawyer, he could be persuaded to come back. "I spoke with Jeff," continues Quan. "All of us are very interested, if the story is right. I am sure whatever Steven (Spielberg) and Dick (Donner) think of will be good enough for us Goonies to come aboard".
If the Goonies are to return, this sounds like a pretty good way to do it. It's encouraging that Spielberg and Donner are involved and kudos to Warners for wanting to get the original team back together, rather than getting new actors to fill the voice roles. [...]

[11.10.2007] Im MTV Movies Blog steht zu lesen...
Back in August, the "Goonies" rumor mill went into overdrive when Corey Feldman revealed to MTV News that talks had resumed for a possible animated sequel to the classic 80s flick. Now his co-star Sean Astin has weighed in, exclaiming that as far as he’s concerned, "Goonies 2" is an "absolute certainty."
"The writing’s on the wall when they’re releasing the ["Goonies"] DVD in such numbers," enthused the fan-favorite actor, who garnered acclaim in such films as "Rudy" and "The Lord of the Rings" and is now appearing in the baseball epic "The Final Season."
According to Feldman, numerous plotlines are floating around, with his favorite involving the children of the original Goonies embarking on an adventure of their own. That idea’s a home run for Astin, who says the real-life growth of the actors should factor heavily into a "Goonies 2."
"Steven [Spielberg] and Dick [Donner] and all the powers that be . they really feel like the thing that made the movie strong was that it was about kids, so they really want to make the next movie about kids - the next generation of Goonies. And they’ve had a hard time tackling that."
Like Feldman, Astin sees the passing of the torch concept to be a logical progression for the franchise. "I have three children," he said, "and Corey’s got a kid now [too]. So as we now all have kids who are coming into the age that we were when we made the movie, it’s more likely to me that they’ll figure out how to design a story that will satisfy the older audience in terms of connecting with the original 1985 Goonies, and then [also] create this new thing."
While Astin admits it’ll be difficult to recapture the magic, he’s confident that the "creative lightning" will strike that allows the project to move forward. "I remain as open-minded and willing to participate as I have ever been," he declared.

[31.08.2007] Im MTV Movies Blog steht zu lesen...
It might be true that Goonies never say die, but a long-rumored follow-up to 80s classic reeks of life support, laughed Corey Feldman, and may in fact have permanently flatlined. At least as a live-action film, teased "The Two Coreys" star.
"Right now they are talking about the idea of doing it as an animated series," Feldman revealed.
An animated "Goonies" follow-up? Count me in. But, then, you could count me in for just about any type of sequel. And there’s been plenty that have gotten started but never finished, said Feldman (see concept art here).
"There’s been so many," he sighed. "The one that I heard that worked the best was all of us were now grown up, and have [our own] kids. And those kids get into some trouble and end up stumbling across some link to our past. They discover who we really are and what we went through. And, simultaneously, the Fratelli brothers find out that the kids have found out - so they’re out to get the kids and the kids are out to save their lives and their families."
"At one point [another script] had me working in Vegas as a lounge guy, a Vegas shyster guy," Feldman continued, laughing as he thought about what happened to his character, "The Mouth." "Then there was another one where I was a trial lawyer."
But all belong to the scrapheaps of never were, a despondent Feldman insisted - because a Goonies movie will probably never get made.
"I would like to say that there’s a great writer on it and it’s coming soon [but] I have nothing for you," he declared. "It’s a film Spielberg very badly wanted to make [and] Richard Donner very badly wanted to make. All of us [the cast] really, really wanted to do it. It’s come to the point of the script got ordered, and then the ball got dropped. For whatever reason, Warner Bros. doesn’t see it as a profitable venture. It’s a very sad, unfortunate story."
"But they just decided to make ‘Lost Boys 2' after 20 years," he countered, suddenly hopeful. "Anything’s possible!" [...]

[14.05.2007] Moviehole meldet...
[...] Warner Premiere - the WB’s new direct to video sequel arm; the crowd prepping such sequels as "Space Jam 2", "Beetlejuice 2" and "The Lost Boys 2 : The Tribe" - have been toying with the idea of introducing 80s adventure icons "The Goonies" to Blockbuster stores, in the form of a direct-to-video sequel.
Richard Donner, director of the original film and someone whose been doing his hardest to get a theatrical sequel to the film up for years, tells that the direct-to-video rumours are true; and he doesn’t sound too happy about it.
"There’s talk that Warners are doing a Goonies film - for 12 days - just to go right to DVD", Donner tells the site, adding that they’ll probably spent about eleven dollars on making the movie.
The filmmaker says that the only reason they’re able to now do a direct-to-video sequel - one without his blessing - is because "Twenty years is up, the rights have run out". (What that means is that so are the rights on the "Gremlins" series... so you can expect a direct-to-video sequel to that any day now, too).
Donner had been trying to convince Warner Bros to make a sequel - a pricier sequel, one that would hit theatres - for several years. In 2002, he said "We’re trying desperately. e’re just trying to get Warner Bros., who owns it, to say yes.
Donner's sequel would've reunited the original cast, which included Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, Josh Brolin and others, with a new bunch of suburban kids, Donner said.
"The new group is called the Groonies, because they happen to live in a town where [Data], the Chinese kid, lives - and he’s got an electronics repair shop and all the kids hang out at his shop. He has this Chinese accent and he calls the Goonies the Groonies, and so the new kids call themselves the Groonies, until they get into a situation where the old Goonies have to save the new Groonies, or vice versa."
God knows what the current sequel will be [...]

[07.02.2007] Moviehole meldet...
Was having a chat to a trooper over at Warner Bros today about the "Gremlins 3" talk that arose this week. While my source isn’t based at Warner Premiere - the newly reformed direct to DVD arm of the Burbank boys - he can confirm that there has been a bit of talk about another "Gremlins" film in recent years at Warner, and believes the project may have been suggested as a 'Warner Premiere'.
"The talk has been going on for quite some time", the WB source says of a third "Gremlins" film, which many speculate will utilise CGI rather than puppetry. "I think that’s all it is at the moment. Talk. I know [name removed] has a pretty full slate over at Premiere - they’re looking at doing direct to video sequels to Scooby Doo and The Goonies [...]
Backtracking here... "Scooby Doo 3", that I know of, but "Goonies 2"? The long-planned sequel to the 80s hit? The one that Richard Donner [and the original cast] have been trying to get off the ground since Lindsay Lohan grew tits? And now, they’re going to slap Dick in the face (bad choice of words) by doing a direct-to-DVD sequel? Like that week old spaghetti I just ate, that don’t sit will. [...]

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