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DVDDer Herr der Ringe
Die Rückkehr des Königs (2 DVDs)

Regionalcode 2
DVD & Video Erscheinungstermin: 25. Mai 2004
Auf der Offiziellen Website gibt es detaillierte Infos zur Doppel-DVD, die neben der Kinofassung mit einigen interessanten Extras aufwartet...

DVDDer Herr der Ringe
Die Rückkehr des Königs
Special Extended Edition

Regionalcode 2
DVD & Video Erscheinungstermin: 10. Dezember 2004
Erwarten Sie eine rund 50 Minuten längere Fassung, sowie umfangreiche Extras...

[20.12.2003] AICN-Downunder weiss mehr über die SEE...
- Word is that New Line are balking at the price for another Extended Edition, and may be farming out the FX to El Cheapo American FX House Inc rather than the high-quality excesses of WETA... our scooper (Toss the Dwarf) pointed out that this is strictly rumour-mill stuff, but remember who told you first.
- This one isn’t going to come as a surprise, but for the record: we’ll be seeing Gandalf and his Power Rangers confronting Saruman after the Helm’s Deep battle, followed by the multi-coloured one falling to his death.
- Merry will pledge his allegiance to Theoden in a scene similar to the Pippin/Denethor bit. Toss points out that shots from this scene have appeared in an early ROTK teaser, as well as a *very* early LOTR teaser from way back in the beginning.
- Following his acceptance of Anduril from Elrond, Aragorn uses the Palantir to reveal himself to Sauron. Sauron shows him a vision of Arwen’s sickness. This stuff was used instead during the dream sequence just before Elrond arrives at Dunharrow in the theatrical cut.
- From the horse’s mouth: ‘Remember the scene in which the Witch King is asked what he’s going to do with Gandalf, and he says I will break him? This pays off big time in a battle between the Witch King and Gandalf as Gandalf and Pippin ride to save Faramir from the pyre. At the end of the battle, the Witch King breaks Gandalf’s staff and then the Rohirrim turn up and the Witch King gets distracted. The beginning of this confrontation is one of the $$$ shots in the ROTK trailer: the Witch King’s fell beast landing on the ramparts in front of Gandalf and Pippin on Shadowfax.’
- ‘We see Gamling die on the Pelennor Fields theres a quick shot of Eomer bawling in the ROTK trailer.’
- ‘In the Houses of Healing, Aragorn heals Faramir, who then meets Eowyn and they fall in love. Aww.’
- ‘A disguised Frodo and Sam join a column of marching orcs on the way to Mt Doom. Their master is a ferocious orc captain with a whip. Remember the line heard over the sweeping shot of the orcs marching down through Mordor right after the Cirith Ungol sequence? That’s him, yelling Come on you slugs!.’
- ‘The Mouth of Sauron scene changes the emphasis of the entire final battle between men and orcs at the Black Gates. In the theatrical cut, Aragorn and Co. ride up to the gates, they open, and orcs come out to fight. In the extended version, they are greeted by the Mouth of Sauron (played by the Matrix’s Train Man, Bruce Spence), who has pointy teeth and a pointy helmet that covers his eyes (he doesn't need them, see? He's just a mouth). He rides out to show the heroes Frodos mithril vest, recently stolen by the orcs at Cirith Ungol, and to let them know that Frodo is dead and the ring is on its way to Sauron. Aragorn believes him, and the heroes despair. Going into battle at the Black Gates, the heroes have no hope at all it’s their last stand for sure, and Aragorn’s line for Frodo refers to his sacrifice, not to buying time.’

[13.12.2003] Bei SF Wire gibt es interessante Infos vom ROTK-"Schnitt"-Meister Jamie Selkirk...
[...] the final three-hour, 20-minute movie was trimmed down from an earlier cut that ran more than four and a half hours. [...]
This meant balancing three vital narratives, Selkirk said. "There was obviously the Frodo story we had to push through," he said. "Then there was the whole Minas Tirith battle and action with Gandalf. And then there was Aragorn's story, ... trying to get the army of the dead. So we had to try to mingle all those stories without staying too long on any one particular. [If] you're with Frodo for too long, you forgot about what's going on down the other way. And then you got stuck into the Minas Tirith battle, which was one of those sorts of battles that was very hard to get out of once you got in there, because the momentum was pushing it along all the time. So we had to pick really good moments when we could actually cut away from that to follow the other story."
After the film's climax, there is still a 20-minute denouement, which Selkirk thought was a first for Hollywood movies. "You normally get to the end, and that's the end, and you roll the credits," he said. "But we did have to tie up a lot of loose ends, and it was really tying up the loose ends of the trilogy, really. It wasn't just for Return of the King. You had to feel you knew what had happened to those characters. We could have put a lot more in it."

[04.12.2003] DH meldet...
[...] Newsweek magazine has details on two of the deleted scenes from "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" that we can expect to see on the DVD release - here's the breakdown (SPOILERS ahead):
"Scene 1: Scenes in the House of Healing, where Eowyn and Faramir recuperate after the battle. Aragorn heals Eowyn, she falls harder for him, Faramir falls for her. Jackson cut it because he felt the movie had strayed too long from Frodo.
Scene 2: Jackson had filmed scenes of Wormtongue killing Sarumon for inclusion in Two Towers, but moved it to Return of the King, but then felt it was "old business" slowing the movie".

DVDDer Herr der Ringe: Die Rückkehr des Königs - Special Extended Edition (Sammlerbox)Der Herr der Ringe
Die Rückkehr des Königs
Special Extended Edition (DVD Sammlerbox)

Regionalcode 2
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 10. Dezember 2004
Die Sammlerbox enthält u.a. ein Sideshow-WETA Modell von Minas Tirith, sowie eine Bonus-DVD mit der Dokumentation zu Howard Shore's "Herr der Ringe" Sinfonie...

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