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[09.03.2007] CS! meldet...
Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III star Sam Neill tells the LA Daily News that he's not involved with Jurassic Park 4.
"I know nothing about it. I haven't heard from anyone," says the actor, who played Dr. Alan Grant in the films. He adds that any reports that say he is attached to star are false.
The last news about the Universal sequel was that Joe Johnston would return to direct the film, written by The Departed screenwriter William Monahan. Johnston helmed the third installment of the franchise.

[20.01.2007] Heute um 20.15 Uhr zeigt RTL "Jurassic Park III"... Die Wiederholung läuft um 23.55 Uhr...

[06.10.2006] Moviehole meldet...
According to Variety, "Jurassic Park 3" director Joe Johnston is set to return to the cockpit for "Jurassic Park 4".
The film, based on a script by William Monahan ("The Departed"), is rumoured to fix on the character of Lexie (played by Ariana Richards in the first film) and her grandfather, Dr.Hammond (Sir Richard Attenborough).
The news was mentioned in an article in which George Lucas confirmed that Lucasfilm are getting out of the film business - though first, they’ve got an "Indiana Jones" sequel and a film about to do - and are concentrating on TV instead. [...]

[18.07.2006] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit Steven Spielberg...
Awalt: [...] Online, there’s been talk about Breck Eisner on ‘Jurassic Park IV.’
Spielberg: That’s not true. Joe Johnston is standing by.
Awalt: First dibs on it?
Spielberg: First dibs on it, and Joe is my go-to ‘Jurassic’ guy now.
Awalt: There’s been talk about Joe Johnston that says he took the negative flack about ‘Jurassic Park III,’ and said in public that any faults with the film are his faults. There was talk that you didn’t care for the film, but it was profitable, and I’ve never heard you badmouth it in public, and I doubt you would, but...
Spielberg: Oh no, I don’t feel that way at all! I think the film is witty and clever, and I think Joe did an amazing job putting together those battles. And I think those battles Joe put together... I was jealous of the spinosaurus attack on the airplane! That scene where the spinosaurus attacks the airplane and the passengers inside the airplane was every bit as good as I thought the main road attack in ‘Jurassic Park’ was. So I’m a huge fan of Joe’s, and he’s the right guy to do the fourth one. [...]

[20.04.2006] Empire Online sprach mit Frank Marshall...
[...] Is Jurassic Park 4 still going to happen?
Jurassic will happen next year as well. I’m sure there will be some quirky characters in the movie. It’s always attractive, people love to be in those movies.
Have they started writing the script yet?
No. They have an idea. That’s why it’s going to take a while, that’ll be the end of next year probably.
Will Michael Crichton be back on board?
No. He created it, but he won’t be writing it.
Will Spielberg directing it?
No, he’s gonna be busy doing Indy 4. He puts his name on everything - just in case!

[11.03.2006] meldet...
[...] The good news for superproducer Frank Marshall is that he has two high-profile franchises at his disposal, and they both will likely make the increasingly common jump from trilogy to four-part series. The bad news is that he faces fan inquiries about them every day. " 'Jurassic Park 4' is coming to life," he proudly reported. "There's a script, we're getting a director and we're going to get going probably toward the end of this year." Referring to the director of "Park 3," Marshall added that "Joe Johnston could be back. We want to get the script right before we go forward, which is exactly what's [happening with what] your next question is going to be about, 'Indy 4.' " OK then, Frank: What is going on with the next Indiana Jones movie? "We're getting the script right, we're working on it. It's not one of those things that's on the back burner." Grinning, Marshall added that he might try to get both films made by simply combining them. "Indiana Jones goes to the island," he said. "Indy versus the raptors. Get him with that whip." [...]

[21.02.2006] CS! meldet...
Director-producer Frank Marshall tells the London Free Press that they have a script for Jurassic Park 4.
He says Jurassic Park IV "has a good script now, so we should have that one up and running next year for release in 2008."
He previously mentioned that they would start on the fourth installment in the dino franchise after the fourth "Indiana Jones" is completed.

[30.01.2006] AICN meldet...
[...] Jack Horner confirmed what I had read previously, involving genetically engineered dinosaurs that ended up looking very human-like. He gave us the example of the concept of the troodon-human, an idea in paleontology that if the dinosaurs had not died, they would have evolved to become more human-like. This is the only picture I can find of it right now ( Troodon ). He told us that the reason JP4 had not moved forward sooner was that Steven Spielberg had rejected the screenplay that he and Joe Johnston had written. He then said that he was working on a new screenplay with Joe that he thinks Steven would like better.
He then mentioned that he is currently working on a feature length, fully 3D movie that would be a tour of Montana 75 million years ago, going from the ocean to the mountains. I asked if this would be shown at IMAX theaters, and he said that it could be, but was intended as one of the early releases for the new 3D theaters being built across the country, and that they were working on making the JP movies into 3D. I had heard of this project with the Star Wars franchise, but I didn't realize it was going to be so widespread so soon. [...]

[10.01.2006] IESB sprach mit Frank Marshall...
[...] Jurassic Park 4 - Will begin directly after Indiana Jones [...]

[11.11.2005] Development Hell berichtet über Steven Spielbergs Äusserungen bei einem Besuch an der USC...
[...] He is working with writers on the script to Jurassic Park IV and says that there is going to be a big dinosaur sequence where a pack of motorcycles are forced to out run a bunch of Raptors. Spielberg said that just with the other films in the series, he‘s going to "cherry pick" certain scenes he loved from the books and include them in the new film. [...]

[09.09.2005] Moviehole hat Material zu JP4 ausgegraben...
Judge these for yourself. Here you'll find a supposed teaser poster for the third sequel, and here's the script.

[04.07.2005] Auf Dan's JP3 Page gibt es eine angebliche Insider-Meldung...
[...] "Universal is planning on getting their act together for JP4 very soon," he says. "This announcement will coincide with the announcement of a new BIG Jurassic Park attraction at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure. These plans of course may change (as they usually do!) but it sounds like things are coming together!" [...]

[25.05.2005] Dan's JP3 Page meldet...
To those who still don't believe that the JP4 script that AICN's Moriarty reviewed back in August was legit, writer John Sayles wants to let you know it was real -- and that it also was stolen. "It amazes me that people are that obsessed with reading Steven Spielberg’s mail," he tells the New York Observer this week. The paper reports a hacker "intercepted" the script, which they describe as an early version, and offered their opinion of it before sending it on to AICN. The article also mentions that JP4 is "on hold", a sentiment we've seen echoed before.

[11.04.2005] DH meldet...
[...] a bit from the latest issue of Cinemania magazine in which effects whiz Stan Winston was interviewed, and gave a little update on the progress of the seemingly extinct (at least news-wise) Jurassic Park IV:
"It's definitely going ahead. There will be a Jurassic Park IV. We're all very excited at the prospect of working together again, because doing a Jurassic movie is like a big family reunion. Everyone pretty much knows everyone else, so it's a lot of fun. I also enjoy the challenge of once again raising the bar and bringing the world something extraordinary.
Admittedly things have somewhat slowed on the development of the film, as Steven [Spielberg] wasn't very enthused with the first couple of screenplay drafts. I think he felt neither of them balanced the science and adventure elements effectively. It's a tough compromise to reach, as too much science will make the movie too talky, but too much adventure will make it seem hollow. So we're sort of on hold at the moment, just waiting for the written word to be in place, and then it's full steam ahead, baby!"

[08.10.2004] Wenn man dem Artikel bei trauen darf, tragen die Dinos in JP4 ein Federkleid...
[...] the discovery of feathered dinosaurs at Liaoning is trickling down into popular culture. The first Jurassic Park film featured mainly scaly reptiles, Norell says, "But from what I've seen of the first shots of Jurassic Park IV, all the dinosaurs now have feathers."

[20.09.2004] sprach mit John Sayles, u.a. über JP4...
BSW: Speaking of Spielberg, is it true you're writing Jurassic Park IV for him?
Sayles: I'm working on it right now. I've been doing some drafts on it; I wasn't the original writer. And it's fun. I've worked for both producer Kathy Kennedy and Steven years ago, and I've done alligators and werewolves and giant cockroaches--if it eats people, I've done it. So dinosaurs are a nice addition. I'm a screenwriter for hire, and there's only a few genres I don't like; I'm not a big fan of slasher movies or vampire movies or hitmen movies, so I haven't done one of those. But pretty much every genre, there's movies I like within them. So my criteria for taking a job is: Is there a cool movie that could be made of this that I would like to see, and who are the people I'm dealing with? And I've gotten to work with really, really cool people. That's part of the fun of the job. And very few directors get this. Directors meet one another on panels and at festivals and stuff like that, but they rarely get to work together. And whether the movies have gotten made or not, I've gotten to work with some really, really interesting directors and gotten that little window into how they think about story and prepare a movie. It's always kind of a nice fly-on-the-wall thing. [...]

[09.09.2004] Dan's JP3 Page berichtet über JP4...
A report from ol' DJP3P friend Nate this morning, who attended a recent Q&A session with JP series special effects guru Stan Winston. "We made it through the entire night without any mention of JP4 until they very end," Nate says. "A guy in the back row yelled out, 'Hey Stan, whats the deal with JP4?'", to which Winston replied "The script is a few weeks out".

[18.08.2004] Moriarty von AICN begutachtete den letzten JP4-Drehbuchentwurf, der reichlich überdreht wirkt... SPOILER !!!
[...] I’m pleased to report that this second Sayles draft of JURASSIC PARK 4 sees him working in full exploitation mode. I’ve talked to a number of people about this draft, and it seems to radically divide them in terms of reaction. Some people adore the premise and get excited as soon as they hear it. Some people (including the person who gave it to me) are convinced it’s the worst thing they’ve ever read and a signpost on the road to Hollywood Hell. Personally, I think it’s well-written and certainly inventive, but I also think it just might be the single most bugfuck crazy franchise sequel I’ve ever read, and I’m not sure we’re ever going to see this thing onscreen. It just doesn’t seem possible that Universal would make something this vigorously whacked out. [...]

[30.06.2004] Bei CS! gibt es Insider-Infos bzgl. JP4...
[...] First of all, for the fans worrying about it not making it for Summer 2005 - it won't. The plan now by the big execs is to release the film Winter 2005 or Spring 2005. Between December-April. The script is being rewritten by John Sayles, but is based on an earlier draft by a man called William Monahan.
I can't tell you much about the plot, in fact, I really can't tell you anything. You will be glad to hear a majority of the animals will be marine reptiles.
Sam Neill is not returning for this movie, but Jeff Goldblum and Richard Attenborough are. The rumours that scenes have already been filmed are false. There is not even a director signed to the project yet. However, I hear one may be a man by the name of Alex Proyas. I think he made the Crow several years ago. He's still in discussion.
For some people the following news is very bad - the Spinosaurus is back! I know a lot of people weren't fond of her, but she'll be badder in this version. The raptors are also back, apparently.
Last thing - the Pinewood filming is true except that it is March 2005, not January. James Bond has booked most of the studios so it won't be able to film until then. They also need time to build a massive tank for the aquarium scenes.

[18.06.2004] Bei CountingDown gibt es ein Interview mit Sam Neill bzgl. JP4...
John: What's up next for you, Sam? You're doing another Jurassic Park, is that right?
Sam: Yeah. I couldn't say exactly when, though. They're still trying to nail the right script, so I don't know. The premise is there, it's just a matter of getting the script absolutely right, which is very important.
John: Now there's been three of these movies already. I was surprised they could even stretch it that far! What could possibly happen in a fourth one?
Sam: Well, uh, all I can say is there's lots of nasty dinosaurs in it, including me! (They all laugh)
Ross: Actually I read a report on the internet, when I was researching for this interview with you, that said Jurassic Park IV was going to feature dinosaurs being trained to, uh, carry military weapons, like rocket launchers or something?
Sam: (chuckling) Wow, that's the first time I've heard that one!
Ross: It's not true? Phew! Looks like Hollywood isn't as desperate as I thought! (laughs)
Sam: No, no. Don't worry. That's not the idea for the film. Not at all. Not from what I've been told, anyway. I believe there's alot of wacky stuff that one can read on the internet. Who knows where it all comes from?

[05.03.2004] The Latino Review sprach mit dem JPIII-Regisseur Joe Johnston...
Are you going to direct "Jurassic Park IV"?
Joe: Nobody has made me an offer yet. I know that there is a story now that is being written that is - it takes the franchise in a completely new direction. Away from the island and away from the t-rex and all this, it's a great story and I sort of hope Spielberg will direct it.
You haven't been involved in the development?
Joe: No I haven't. I've been told the story, and--but no. [...]

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