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Die archivierten Nachrichten aus der Rubrik "Aktuelles"...

[18.05.2009] Die Herald Sun meldet...
[...] Director George Miller is gearing up to shoot the fourth film in the ground-breaking Aussie road warrior franchise, industry sources say.
Scouting for locations is under way for the movie, which many thought would never get off the ground.
It could go into production later this year.
But it's highly unlikely Gibson will be asked to take his leathers out of mothballs to revisit the role that made him an international star.
Two years ago, Miller said he considered the Hollywood heavyweight too old to play the avenging road warrior.
"It won't be Mel. He was 21 when he made the first one, now he's a lot older and his passion is for film-making and directing," Miller said.
"I don't think he is into acting and I don't think he would be interested in being involved at all."
Miller suggested he was considering a new, young star. [...]
News of Mad Max 4 marks a rise in the fortunes of the Australian film industry. [...]

[06.03.2009] Wie meldet, sieht es ganz danach aus, als würde aus "Mad Max 4" ein Anime werden !!!
[...] Unlikely as that last one sounds, some big screen animated "Max" action is shaping up to become a reality, according to George Miller, the writer/director of the previous three films. The catch? He doesn’t want Max himself, Mel Gibson, anywhere near the project.
"We’ll probably go a different route," Miller told MTV News about the potential talent voicing the lead role. The plot would be partly lifted from the script of the fourth "Max" film, which was set to shoot in 2003 until financing collapsed in the wake of the Iraq War.
Now Miller is resurrecting the idea as an R-rated, stereoscopic anime flick for theatrical release. It’s a curious undertaking, to be sure, but one made all the more certain to happen after the runaway success in 2006 of his computer-animated "Happy Feet" - not that the newest, ever-violent "Max" film will have much in common with that kid-friendly penguin party.
"I see myself as someone who is very curious about storytelling and all its various media," Miller said. "I’ve always loved anime, in particular the Japanese sensibility. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do."
The project is one phase of a "Mad Max" renaissance of sorts. Along with "God of War II" designer Corey Barlog, Miller is developing an action-adventure videogame based on the fourth film. Gibson won’t be participating in that endeavor, either.
For the anime release, Miller isn’t looking simply to mimic Japanese-style animation but rather to adapt it for Western audiences. "The anime is an opportunity for me to shift a little bit about what anime is doing because anime is ripe for an adjustment or sea change," he explained. "It’s coming in games and I believe it’s the same in anime. There’s going to be a hybrid anime where it shifts more towards Western sensibilities. [Japanese filmmaker Akira] Kurosawa was able to bridge that gap between the Japanese sensibilities and the West and make those definitive films."
It’s been 23 years since we last tasted some fresh "Mad Max" goodness, but neither the anime nor the game will be arriving soon enough to satisfy our hunger for the rage-filled Australian vigilante. "I’ve got a couple of years left," said Miller. "We’re in the early stages writing and designing. A really good game you need two and half years. And for good anime you need two years.

[03.12.2008] CS! meldet...
A representative from Kennedy Miller Mitchell tells us that George Miller did not appear on the "Sunrise Morning Show" let alone confirm anything about "Justice League" or "Mad Max." According to the representative, "The facts are indeed the complete opposite to what was reported" below [...]

[02.12.2008] DH meldet...
Appearing on Sydney-based morning talk show "Sunrise" this morning, Aussie filmmaker George Miller [...] admits that he'd like to work with Mel Gibson on something again and while Mel doesn't want to do the Mad Max script he wrote, he hasn't given up on that possibility just yet.

[14.03.2008] Bei Level Up gibt es ein 2-teiliges Interview mit George Miller...

[13.03.2008] Level Up sprach mit George Miller, u.a. über das kommenden "Mad Max"-Videospiel...
[...] Yesterday, we told you that God of War II director Cory Barlog--who'd left Sony Computer Entertainment last November partway through the development of God of War III--had formed a creative partnership with writer-director-producer George Miller. Today, we can finally reveal what they'll be working on first: a "Mad Max" action-adventure game, inspired by the "Mad Max: Fury Road" movie [...]

[11.03.2008] IESB sprach mit Tracey Vieira...
IESB: [...] Have you heard anything about Mad Max: Fury Road?
I know that that's George's pet project. My understanding is that it's still a little ways down the road. I know that the last time they were looking at getting it up, they were looking at Morocco rather than Australia but, again, I think that when they get to that film and they have the script exactly as they want it and they have the picture the way they're going to shoot it, then they would look at all of the things. Not just the story but the actors and the location and everything. [...]

[26.10.2007] Moviehole meldet...
After several false starts, one major budget blowout and a thrillion chuckles, George Miller’s "Mad Max 4 : Fury Road" is finally juiced and ready to go. Its production quarters re-opened at Fox Studios in Sydney this week.
One of Moviehole’s longest - not as in length (well not that we know of) but in terms of how good he has been to us over the years (setting up set visits.. basically giving us access to things we normally couldn’t have gotten) - friends called today from the lot to let us know that "Fury Road" has finally got a greenlight, with pre-production commencing immediately.
It sounds as if Miller will be working on this film, and "Justice League" concurrently - the latter is also set up at Fox Studios - as well as... "Happy Feet 2". [...]
Our colleague [..] speculates that ‘’Mad Max 4 : Fury Road’’ will be released before "Justice League" - but that’s a guess based on how fast the former seems to be moving forward (and no, he doesn’t have any information on "Justice League"). Of course, they have to find a new 'Mad Max' first - with Miller telling Moviehole recently that he won't be using Mel Gibson again, but a younger face. [...]

[19.07.2007] Heute erscheint "Mad Max 2 - Der Vollstrecker" auf Blu-ray und HD-DVD !!!

[20.05.2007] Der TV-Sender Pro7 zeigt heute um 20.15 Uhr "Mad Max 3 - Jenseits der Donnerkuppel"...

[18.05.2007] Der TV-Sender Pro7 zeigt heute um 22.10 Uhr "Mad Max 2 - Der Vollstrecker"... Die Wiederholung läuft um 23.55 Uhr...

[31.12.2006] AICN sprach mit dem Filmkomponisten John Powell...
SK: [...] What’s the status now on MAD MAX 4? Is he still on schedule to make it?
You know, I don’t know. I think so. I think George is just coming out of what was an incredibly hard process for him. He took this film on not knowing how he was going to make it and he had to figure out how to make it. It’s not like any animation film you’ve seen. It’s not produced or directed the same way. A large part of it is that it’s a live action director making an animation movie.
He probably just wants to have a sit down for a little while. I know he wants to make it. The script is incredible! I’ve read it. I hope it’s sooner rather than later but at the same time I think he needs a rest before we can ask him that question.
SK: Are you still officially on board to score MAD MAX 4?
You’re never really "official" but having been hired for it four years ago and then getting to the end of HAPPY FEET... I think George enjoyed the process of making the music. I think he felt that I was a collaborator who was almost worthy of him. I’d hope that he would come back to me with the idea of doing MAD MAX 4 when he does it. [...]

[14.12.2006] Moviehole sprach mit George Miller...
Trying to get an answer out of director George Miller about who’ll be replacing the deserting Mel Gibson for the next "Mad Max" movie - which has been in the works for a good five years or so, now - is like biting into a searing slice of pizza without getting the top of your mouth scalded: almost impossible.
It’s quite a thing then, when Miller decides to give us the scoop on who’ll be playing the Road Warrior without much arm-twisting at all.
"Magda will play Mad Max", jokes Miller, who worked with Szubanski on both "Babe" films and now, "Happy Feet". "There ya go - put that in the article. Her names already close enough to Max". Magda... so yeah. There’s a scoop!".
In all seriousness, says Miller - in town to promote his newest film, the family-comedy "Happy Feet" - he hasn’t got anybody firm in his mind for the role, but every man (or in this case ‘Max’) and his dog do seem to want to play the part.
"I’ve had a number of young well-known actors express a lot of interest", Miller, who was a practicing physician before leaving the world of medicine to join friend Byron Kennedy on a quest to make films; their first being 1971’s "Violence in the Cinema", says. "They have to want to push the limits - they have to be lean and hungry".
(A discussion follows about Paul Walker, reportedly interested in the role, and the fact that "he’s the real thing" when it comes to on-screen car stunts, being the car enthusiast that he is, so it’s possible that he might be in with a chance?).
Contrary to belief, Miller won’t have to re-write the character for a younger actor - because the film isn’t a prequel perse, but merely another chapter in Max’s life.
"It’s sort of how you balance the cast. I didn’t write it old", he says, being careful not to drop too many hints.
Warner Bros may not necessarily make the next "Max" film. "There’s a lot of appetite for it - there’s definitely been enquiries from more than one studio."
"Mad Max IV: Fury Road" was set to film in 2002, but due to "the war, and the American dollar collapsing, and ultimately losing over twenty-percent of our budget" it collapsed. It was then that Miller knew he’d never get Mel Gibson interested again if the film ever did get up again.
"He was just on the cusp of being too old five years ago. I mean, he was 21 when he first played Mad Max, and now he’s in his fifties - and it’s not about an old fading warrior - Max is a pretty lean and hungry guy. Mel didn’t really want to do it anyway. It was clear that he wasn’t that interested - he was basically saying that he’s done everything that he wants to do acting-wise. He’s got this fire to make films now, not act."
Instead of drowning his sorrows at the local when "Max" fell through, Miller dove straight into another project - the ambitious animated film "Happy Feet". [...]

[26.11.2006] Der TV-Sender RTL II zeigt heute um 20.15 Uhr "Mad Max 3 - Jenseits der Donnerkuppel"...

[05.11.2006] Moviehole sprach mit George Miller...
[...] After devoting the last several years to "Happy Feet", it is not surprising that Miller will take some time off to spend with his family, recharge his batteries, before working on what he describes "as a much smaller film." That will be followed by the long awaited "Mad Max IV", but without Mel Gibson. "Though I think there will be another Mad Max; the time has gone where Mel can be in it. I think the last opportunity was about four years ago and you know the character’s lean and hungry. He was twenty one when he first played Mad Max and he’s now in his fifties Also I think he’s much more interested in what’s happening behind camera than in front. It needs a lean and hungry actor and he's not into acting so much anymore and I think he just loves producing, writing and directing. But I think if fates allow there will be another Mad Max though it is certainly two films away for me, but the time’s gone when Mel can run around the wasteland anymore." [...]

[31.10.2006] Moviehole meldet...
Those seemingly assiduous plans to relaunch the "Mad Max" franchise have come to an abrupt end. In an interview with IESB today, Mel Gibson said the long considered "Mad Max: Fury Road", has bitten the dust.
Though Gibson always suspected he may have been a little too old to reprise his role as the post-apocalyptic warrior (at one time joking that the character should be renamed "Fat Max"), director George Miller had convinced him to come onboard the fourth film a couple of years back.
The $100 million dollar film suffered some setbacks though (some say it was due to Mel’s reluctance to do it, others say it was due to security concerns related to trying to film in Africa while the United States and many other countries have tightened travel and shipping restrictions), and just when it was deep in pre-production, was pulled.
Gibson says it’ll never happen now.
"They were talking about making one, I think you just watched it", he laughs, "but, you know, I don’t know. I’m gettin’ a little long in the tooth for that one."
Miller told the press recently that he’s now considering doing the film without Gibson, saying, "There's a real hope. The last thing I wanted to do is another Mad Max, but this script came along, and I'm completely carried away with it." [...]

[15.11.2005] CS! meldet...
[...] As Miller was about to be swept away by his producer back into meetings, Garth and I couldn't help but ask "The Question" - what's up with Mad Max 4. Miller told us that the drop in the dollar after the war suddenly caused them to lose a major percentage of their intended budget. Thanks to the bad exchange rate, they found that they didn't have as much money to film as they needed. I joked that he should ask Mel Gibson to chip in some money since he has extra these days and Miller laughed at that. But he said that while it's on hold, it's not dead and it's not going away. They apparently all intend to make Mad Max 4. [...]

[06.07.2005] Moviehole meldet...
[...] George Miller's one-time full-speed-ahead plans for "Mad Max 4", are back on, the veteran filmmaker tells Australia's Empire Magazine.
Though the film's production office - at Sydney's Fox Studios - has been vacated, and Mel Gibson is far from a lock, Miller says he still plans on doing the film.
"Yeah, there's a real hope", Miller says, when asked whether he thinks the sequel will be resurrected.
Miller doesn't think he has to live up to people's expectations with it, he'll just make the best movie possible. "You don't sit there saying, "Oh, I better make this film better than the last one". You say, "is this a great story"?
So, is it? "The last thing I wanted to do is another Mad Max, but this came along, and I'm completely carried away with it. We were about to do the film, but the war came and the American dollar crashed and it was almost impossible to ship vehicles to our location. We had a deadline, and we couldn't meet it. We also had a deadline on Happy Feet [his next movie], so we said, "It's one or the other". So it's happy feet".

[04.05.2005] Moviehole meldet...
It's seemingly about as dead as highway-crossing roo' but actor Bruce Spence - Jedediah in "Mad Max 3", and The Gyro Captain in "Mad Max 2" - tells Empire that he's still keeping everything crossed that "Mad Max 4 : Fury Road" gets up again.
"Yeah, I think I would", says Spence, asked if he'd like to see it come to fruition. "I'd be blessed once again if they found a part in there for me. The script was kept pretty much under wraps when George [Miller] was looking at doing it, and I don't think I was in it - I wasn't approached about it anyway".
There's always the chance of wearing a new guy's shoes. "Maybe I could drive a submarine or come over the sun-dunes driving a huge tractor".

[08.06.2004] Laut einer Meldung bei AICN soll George Miller gesagt haben: "Mad Max isn't happening" !!! Abwarten... *g*

[14.02.2004] Moviehole sprach mit Mel Gibson...
[...] Gibson talks about the future of the "Lethal Weapon" and "Mad Max" franchises and it doesn't sound like he'll be playing either Martin Riggs or 'Mad' Max ever again - which will especially annoy those anxiously awaiting for the recently postponed "Mad Max 4 : Fury Road".
He laughs when asked how much money he still gets offered for a new "Lethal Weapon". "Ah, good question. I’m too old and I can’t deal with the action stuff anymore."
That also tends to rule out the much delayed Mad Max 4. "It’s getting to the point where they’ll start calling it Fat Max," but hopes, at the very least, to work again with Weir and Miller. "Those guys are masters so of course I’d love to work with them again. The trouble is, will they want me?"
Sounds like Gibson's kissed "Mad Max" bon voyage.

[20.11.2003] Der Sydney Morning Herald sprach kürzlich mit George Miller...
[...] Confirming his plan to make a fourth Mad Max after finishing Happy Feet, Miller said the rising value of the Australian dollar would affect the budget.
"When we started on Mad Max, the Australia dollar was 52 [US cents] ... It's 72 cents now.
"That's a massive blow-out in your budget, which is another problem for Australia.

[24.06.2003] Music from the Movies meldet...
John Powell now joins the ranks of Brian May and Maurice Jarre: the popular Mediaventures composer has been signed to write the score for the new Mad Max movie, Mad Max: Fury Road. [...]

[03.06.2003] Moviehole meldet...
There’ve been rumours that "Mad Max 4" might be pushed back even more, and now with an announcement in The Hollywood Reporter that Director George Miller is about to start work on a different flick altogether - it seems almost certain. According to the trade, Miller will direct the Brittany Murphy CGI comedy "Happy Feet". The latter, being of two movies Murphy has just signed on for, the other being "Major Movie Star" [...]

[26.05.2003] Moviehole meldet...
We might soon have our first cast member [next to Mel that is] for "Mad Max 4: Fury Road". Moviehole can confirm that Australian actress Georgie Shew is indeed in talks for a role in the forthcoming Mel Gibson headed blockbuster. Shew has taken several meetings with casting agents for the film in the past couple of months, but as for which role, it’s unsure. Australian TV audiences would best recognize the pretty 23 year old actress for her role as Katy Turnbull on the high-rating series "Always Greener".

[22.03.2003] Moviehole sprach mit Heath Ledger...
[...] what of the rumours that he might star as Mad Max’s son in the upcoming "Fury Road: Mad Max 4"? "No", he laughs. "I did say to [Director] George Miller I’d do a walk-on role in it and have Mad Max shoot me in the head. It’ll be cool just to be part of a Mad Max movie, I certainly wasn’t up for the Son role though". [...]

[06.03.2003] Moviehole meldet...
While doing an interview for a sports magazine I write for, I learned some rather interesting news about "Mad Max 4" this morning. Extreme Sports enthusiast and Bike Champ Jono Porter tells me "Some of my friends - who are riders - just got picked up to be in the new "Mad Max" movie ("Mad Max 4 : Fury Road"). They’re going to South Africa". Porter told me they will be part of a large group of actors cast as Max's warrior enemies. "You know in the previous movies how they’ve got all the warriors on bikes and that in the desert, we’ll that’s what they’ll be doing this time. There is six of them, all playing warrior dudes. I was asked to be in it. They wanted me to do a back flip in one section of the film, but I just couldn’t fit it in time wise. But they seem to be hiring a lot of Australians for the movie, which is great". Sounds like a nice return to the feel of the first "Max" movies folks.

[27.02.2003] berichtet über die verschobenen Dreharbeiten...
FILMING of the Mad Max movie 'Fury Road' seems to be back on the rails, with shooting now set to start around September.
A one-sentence press release issued by Fury Road Productions yesterday stated: "We are pushing the start of principal photography for Fury Road from summer to late fall."
News that the US$104 million movie starring Mel Gibson would be postponed indefinitely sent shockwaves through towns at the coast on Monday.
Many jobs and contracts have been lined up for the filming which was originally set to start in May.
Angela Phillips, Production Manager of Moonlighting, said yesterday she did not have more details on the decision.
She could also not say whether the 50 Australians and South Africans who were already in the country working on pre-production would pack up to return later in the year, or whether they would remain to finish the work already started.
One option would be to mothball everything and store it until production starts again.
Apparently a lot of production material has already been shipped to Namibia.
At a huge workshop at Walvis Bay, heavily guarded by security officers, work has started on building special vehicles to be used in the movie, while many other Namibian service providers have been approached for their services.
Residents have been offered jobs ranging from personal assistants and drivers, to employment in the art department.
Many others have tried signing up as extras.

[24.02.2003] CS! meldet...
Kennedy Miller Productions, producer of Mad Max: Fury Road, in which Mel Gibson will reprise the role he created in 1979, have decided to film on location in Namibia, Africa rather than outback New South Wales, says Variety.
Panavision Australia topper Dennis Noonan says he believes they chose that African locale because they can accommodate the cast and crew much closer to the desert than is possible in Australia.
Noonan still hopes Panavision will get the chance to service the production in Namibia. Also, there's unconfirmed talk that "Fury Road" may shoot some interiors Down Under.

[07.02.2003] DH meldet...
Second unit cameras are rumoured to have been rolling in Antarctica since before Christmas and will run till late February.

[30.01.2003] Moviehole meldet...
The Australian Newspaper reports Pre-production auditions have begun for stunt crews for "Fury Road", the third sequel to the "Mad Max" series. A spokeswoman for The Stunt Agency, which provided stuntmen for the first Mad Max film in 1979, confirmed yesterday the Kennedy Miller group began auditions last week when more than 30 stunt motorbike riders descended on the Stockton sand dunes near Newcastle. Yesterday further auditions were held in gyms in Sydney and on the Gold Coast for "physical" stuntmen who would be used for fight scenes, while in Sydney today there would be car auditions.

[28.01.2003] DH meldet...
Things are moving fast as production gears up to start very soon on the fourth 'Max' flick and 'Drew' handed in this report: "Thought you might be interested in the fact that on Thursday last week, around 30 stunt motorbike riders were put to the test in Newcastles Stockton Sand Dunes. The sand dunes have been the backdrop for a few movies including past "Mad Max" movies and also "Bootmen", the remake of "Sahara" and also for the TV show "Farscape". A spokeswoman from Kennedy Miller said she couldnt comment on anything except that they were there to look for talented riders 'who can handle themselves in this terrain'. Security was pretty tight around the area also, with numerous 4WD utes bordering the area where they performed".

[09.01.2003] FilmJerk berichtet über die "Casting-Couch"...
The new Mad Max film, "Fury Road," begins shooting June 1. Director George Miller appears to be sticking with the storyline he created with "Beyond Thunderdome," as the production is looking for a number of teenagers. The girls will be beautiful, splendid, capable, humorous and refined. The boys, young warriors and street punks, will be athletic, lean, tough, strong and physical. All are humorous and full of life.

[31.12.2002] DH meldet...
In an interview with First Magazine, Director George Miller spilled out the details on the film's current status: "We're almost done on the script, and we hope to get filming early in the year. Yes Mel's back on board (in response to his payment) He's worth every cent. I mean would you watch a Mad Max film without Mel?". In terms of casting - "We've a bit of a way to go there. But Mel has an idea to put Robert Downey Jnr - who I adore by the way - in a role, and I myself would love to see some of the faces from the earlier films return be it Tina Turner, Emil Minty...".

[27.12.2002] meldet...
Ein Darsteller des Films "Mad Max IV" hat Berichte dementiert, laut denen der Hauptteil des Films in Suedafrika gedreht werden wuerden. Angeblich habe der entsprechende Reporter Aussagen des Regisseurs George Millers falsch verstanden. Tatsaechlich wuerde der Hauptteil des Films wie auch schon bei den anderen Streifen der Serie in Australien gedreht werden berichtet die "Herald Sun".

[25.12.2002] meldet...
Geruechteweise soll Robert Downey Jr. eine Hauptrolle im kommenden "Mad Max IV" uebernehmen, moeglicherweise soll er den Boesewicht im Film darstellen berichtet "Dark Horizons".

[20.12.2002] meldet...
Dimension Films hat offenbar den Regisseur Kevin Smith ("Dogma") fuer die Ausarbeitung des Drehbuchs fuer "Mad Max IV" verpflichtet berichtet "E! Online".

[14.12.2002] Moviehole meldet...
The Herald Sun is reporting that the recently announced "Mad Max 4" won't be filmed in Australia after all - but in Namibia.
The publication states that a combination of suitable desert locations, lack of Australian studio space and financial incentives will lure the $200 million plus production to the southern African nation.
Fox declined to comment but will confirm Mel Gibson's $50 million dollar paycheque and a May start date. [...]

[11.12.2002] Laut NZ erhält Mel Gibson 25 Millionen Dollar, wenn er noch einmal in die Rolle des "Mad Max" schlüpft... Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
[...] Der Regisseur und Koautor der erfolgreichen Filmreihe, George Miller, schreibt bereits seit vier Jahren an einem dritten Sequel der erfolgreichen Filmreihe. Fox plant, das Big-Budget-Projekt mit dem Arbeitstitel "Fury Road" im Mai 2003 drehfertig zu haben. Miller hatte die Rechte an "Mad Max" 1997 von Warner erworben, die die ersten drei Teile in die Kinos brachten.

[30.09.2002] Moviehole meldete kürzlich...
[...] After months - make that years - of rumours and speculation, the film is a 'go picture'. An insider tells us that Fox Studios in Sydney have just made a deal with George Miller to have the film shot there in March of 2003. Negotiations are still underway between Icon, Fox and George Miller to iron out further aspects of the deal.

[05.09.2002] meldet...
George Miller hat in einem Interview gemeint, dass er einen vierter "Mad Max"-Film erstmal nicht in seiner Planung hat. Zwar habe er eine Idee, aber bisher sei nichts konkret, zudem muesse erstmal Mel Gibson sein okay geben berichtet das Magazin "Empire".

[29.07.2002] SF Wire zitiert Mel Gibson, der gerne wieder mit George Miller in "Mad Max 4" zusammenarbeiten würde...
[...] "I mean, George is somebody I have always wanted to work with again... I wouldn't miss that opportunity. I'd even work with him if we were just doing a shaving ad." [...]

[23.04.2002] Die Herald Sun zitiert Mel Gibson, der doch gerne in "Mad Max 4" mitspielen würde, sofern die Studios dies zuliessen...
[...] "I don't know what I'm meant to say," about the project that launched him on the world stage. "George has a big family and he'll come and get me," he laughed. "He put a gag order on me for a long time."
But now the cat is out of the bag, Gibson conceded he was familiar with Miller's script although "there's a lot more factors involved than just saying yes.
"I mean, I want to and George wants to but there's a lot of wrangling and weirdness that I can't even begin to explain in the business world of studio financing." [...]

[20.03.2002] Cinescape meldet...
[...] "I don’t know if my joints would be up to it," Gibson said. This is the most recent in a string of less-than-outright-no’s Gibson has offered on the subject. Given the last MAX film came out almost 20 years ago, and the TV version went nowhere a few years back... kids, it’s time to lay this one to rest. It hurts to say, and I’m sure hurts to read, but this looks less likely with every Gibson interview.

[20.02.2002] AICN meldet...
The radio station here 6MD - Merredin talked to a second unit director who has some news on Mad Max 4 you might be interested in.
They said George Miller will film in Africa this time - not Australia. They also said Max is in the script, but Heath Ledger has agreed to play the main part, and if Gibson decides not to return for the cameo as Max they might even ask Steve Bisley to play the role as sort of a thankyou for his time on part 1.

[15.02.2002] Dark Horizons meldet...
Victorian radio is indicating Africa will be the location for shooting on the fourth MM film. Max has a small role in the script and if Gibson won't return, they may try for Aussie actor Steve Bisley (who was in the first film) for the part.

[13.02.2002] Laut einem Bericht bei AICN wird angeblich in Afrika nach Drehorten für "Mad Max 4" gesucht...
MAD MAX producers are said to be scouting for desert locations in Africa because the Australian ones apparently aren't 'attractive' enough. It has also been said that Mel will be passing the torch to Heath Ledger but will be making some kind of cameo in the film.

[12.02.2002] Bei Dark Horizons gibt es ein Interview mit Mel Gibson...
[...] And as for the much-rumoured Mad Max 4, Mel has no idea if he wants to reprise the character that turned him into a star. "Hey, they have to come up with something to show me, I guess." Mel DOES hope to return to Australia at some point to star in a film in his adoptive homeland. "Why not? We have a production company up and running there and we're going to get some stuff going." [...]

[23.11.2001] Bei Coming Soon! gibt es weitere Statements von George Miller bzgl. "Mad Max 4"...
- He's looking at casting now, and the one kid he likes out there at the moment is an actor called Brendan Fehr (u.a. "Final Destination").
- needs lot of space.
- Mel Gibson wants in, even on a limited scale, with possibly Fehr taking lead.

[21.11.2001] Urban Cinefile meldet, dass George Miller das "Mad Max 4"-Drehbuch fertiggestellt hat... Die Dreharbeiten, die 2002 beginnen, werden voraussichtlich nicht in Australien stattfinden...
In top spirits, Miller told the site he was pleased with this final draft and casting was "in process" but wouldn't be drawn on details. "Unfortunately," he said, "we won't be able to shoot in Australia, although I'd dearly love to. We need some real big stretches of desert where the cars don't get bogged; those deserts in South Australia would do but it's not practical for the cars. So we'll have to shoot elsewhere."

[08.10.2001] Bei gibt es den Casting-Flyer... "Mad Max 4" - Endlich geht was !!!

[06.10.2001] Laut einem Bericht bei AICN hat das Casting zu "Mad Max 4" begonnen !!! Es wird auch Zeit... ;-)
They are casting at a nightclub in Sydney called Hybrid on the 20th-21st October between 10pm and 1:30am. The club is a B&D one so you can see what type of extra they are after.

[04.10.2001] Dark Horizons hat einige Infos zu "Mad Max 4"...
I also asked him about Mad Max 4, for which Brendan spent two years in Sydney, writing and designing with the genius George Miller!!! In a way, he says, it is the true follow-up to "Mad Max 2, Road Warrior", a "serious, savage, sexy, surreal sequel...We looked at every action-car-biker movie going. Pretty much all of them have dated badly. Except Road Warrior. That's our competition...Gulp! I'm confident with George directing, that we will deliver the goods. A raw, kinetic assault that will take you to that great world of manic Mad Max mayhem. Sorry, I sound like I've got alliteration poisoning, but it's just that I really, really love what we've done on this film... you've got a great movie barrelling down the freeway at you in a few years time." Asked about Mel Gibson, Brendan confirmed he'd met him a while back, and hoped that Mel would step into the leathers again.

[02.10.2001] "Aussie Car Imports" hat u.a. "Mad Max"-Autos im Angebot... Cooooool !!!

[29.08.2001] "Welcome To Wherever You Are" scheint eine durchaus interessante "Mad Max"-Dokumentation zu sein...

[24.08.2001] 13th Street berichtet, dass Regisseur George Miller & Co. Mel Gibson noch einmal in der Titelrolle sehen wollen...
Without mentioning too many names, we're told that the current plan is to try and woo Mel Gibson to return for one last time as the Aussie road warrior. After all, the Mad Max 4 screenplay is written right now for the original character and not the first appearance of the son of Max that director George Miller has as a back-up plan. Miller wants Gibson for the picture, and the small group working on the project are "confident" that Mel would don his old leathers for one last go-round. The script was written very much in the feel of The Road Warrior: all-out road action with bad guys against the lone hero.
Of course, this all depends on Gibson's future plans. Scripts have been written before for stars, who then decided not to do the part. Still, that's the working plan for Mad Max 4 right now; now it remains to be seen if Gibson wants to play road warrior again.

[21.06.2001] Dark Horizons berichtet...
Encore reports that George Miller's assistant Belinda Johns has quashed recent reports that production on the fourth "Mad Max" installment has moved up. Johns says "George is still writing the story, so nothing is for certain yet, but when it happens, it will happen quickly". The script is looking likely to be completed by year's end for shooting to begin early-mid 2002, Gibson's involvement as either actor or producer is unknown, and a location for filming is also unknown (thus striking out the Morocco location rumour).

[14.06.2001] "AICN" berichtet... "MAD MAX 4... yeah... but not quite yet"...

[12.06.2001] AICN berichtet über einen Artikel in der australischen Zeitung Herald Sun...
"PRODUCTION has begun on Mad Max 4 but mystery surrounds who has taken the lead roles.
Those hoping to see Mel Gibson might miss out. Film sources said Gibson, whose stardom was launched by Mad Max, may take position behind the cameras, possibly as a producer, and will not act.
Rumours continue as to whether Heath Ledger, who had expressed interest in the film, is to star. Gibson and Ledger last partnered in The Patriot.
It is understood Mad Max 4 is now being shot in Morocco, and will also use South Australian sites at Coober Pedy and the Flinders Ranges.
Mad Max 3, Beyond Thunderdome, was filmed at Coober Pedy in 1985.
Mad Max 4 is in pre-production and writer/director George Miller had been searching the globe for locations.
The film's story line re mains a secret."

[06.04.2001] Dark Horizons berichtet...
"[...] Anyway, during our conversation, things turned to what they would be working on next and.... drum roll please ... it is none other than....MAD MAX 4.. that's right our post apocalyptic anti hero is set to return! and although they said due to legal reasons they could not tell me whether the story would feature Mel Gibson reprising his role as Max, though it seems likely that while he will be in the movie, he won't necessarily be the main character.
In regards to the plot all they could say was that despite speculation the story is not centered on the feral kid as an adult, although if you were to imagine the child as an adult, someone like Russell Crowe would be about the right age, and does bear a striking resemblance. It would in fact be the final chapter of the Mad Max character but not necessarily the death of Max, nor the end of the franchise."

[25.02.2001] Back 2 The Max feiert vom 13.-15. April 2001 das "Mad Max 2 - 20th Anniversary"...

[16.01.2001] The Z Review hat einige Infos zu "Mad Max 4"... "Well I have it on record that the movie is NOT set 300 years after Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome and WILL NOT star Max's son. It will however be getting back to the machismo and sheer nastiness of Mad Max 2." - Und AICN hat den passenden Kommentar dazu...

[03.01.2001] Gerüchte besagen, dass Mel Gibson mit Regisseur George Miller über einen möglichen Auftritt in "Mad Max 4" gesprochen hat - laut denen spielt er einen älteren Max zu Beginn des Films... Nun liess er in einem Interview mit Cinecon folgendes verlauten:
Cinecon: Are you going to be doing another "Mad Max" film? There have been rumors...
Mel Gibson: No.

[02.2000] Diamond Comics hat einige Bilder von Action-Figuren zu "Mad Max: The Road Warrior"...

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