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Men in Black II Die "Men in Black" verhindern, dass wir Normalsterblichen bemerken, dass die Aliens längst unter uns sind... Selten zuvor wurde Science-Fiction so durch den Kakao gezogen...

"Es gibt ca. 15.000 Aliens auf diesem Planeten. Die meisten leben in Manhattan und versuchen einfach, über die Runden zu kommen", erklärt Spezialagent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) seinem neuen und erstaunten Jungpartner Jay (Will Smith). Tatsächlich betreiben die Aliens ganz alltägliche Geschäfte...

Unsere beste, letzte und einzige Verteidigungslinie gegen den Abschaum aus dem Universum wurde in "Men in Black 2" wieder aktiv: Diesmal geht es gegen ein Unterwäsche-Model (Lara Flynn Boyle), das in Wahrheit ein böses kylothianisches Monster ist und nichts anderes will als einen bösartigen Zerstörungsplan zu verwirklichen. Aus diesem Grund nimmt es gleich die ganze Zentrale der MIB als Geisel. Einzig Kay könnte helfen. Doch der ist inzwischen Postbeamter und weil er nach dem letzten Abenteuer geblitzdingst worden war, kann er sich an nichts erinnern - auch nicht an Jay. Und so muss Jay in einem Wettlauf gegen die Zeit alles tun, um Kay davon zu überzeugen, dass er die Welt retten muss - und vor allem: retten kann...

"Men in Black III" (in 3D) soll am 24. Mai 2012 in die deutschen Kinos kommen...

Men in Black

"Men in Black" auf Blu-ray Disc !!!
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"Men in Black" auf Blu-ray Disc...

[27.03.2012] Bei CS! kann man in den "Men in Black 3" Theme Song "Back in Time" von Pitbull reinhören...

[26.03.2012] Bei gibt es mehrere Bilder der diversen Aliens in "Men in Black 3"...

[24.03.2012] Wie CS! meldet, wird Pitbull für den "Men in Black 3" Theme Song sorgen...

[17.03.2012] Der japanische "Men in Black 3" Trailer ist online...

[08.03.2012] Bei CS! gibt es u.a. Infos zur Viral-Website

[07.03.2012] Bei gibt es "MIB III"-Szenenbilder...

[05.03.2012] Der neue "Men in Black 3" Trailer ist online !!! Und die Viral-Website bietet neues Material...

[02.03.2012] Bei Yahoo! Movies gibt es "MIB III"-Szenenbilder...

[23.02.2012] Bei CS! gibt es ein neues "MIB III"-Poster...

[22.02.2012] Bei CBM gibt es ein paar neue "MIB III"-Szenenbilder...

[26.01.2012] Die Viral-Website bietet zwischenzeitlich neues Material...

[08.01.2012] Bei CS! gibt es ein neues Szenenbild...

[13.12.2011] Der "Men in Black 3" Teaser-Trailer ist online...

[09.12.2011] Collider zeigt u.a. einen "MIB3"-Aufsteller...

[30.11.2011] Bei CS! gibt es zwei Teaser-Poster, die den Hinweis auf enthalten...

[28.09.2011] STYD sprach mit Rick Baker über das Alien-Design in MIB3... Spoiler !!!
[...] Before landing in Austin, he told us he was in New York plugging away at Men in Black 3 which will feature an eclectic array of all-new alien FX. "The thing that's cool is there is a time travel element [to the story]. Where I had fun is that we go back to the Men in Black headquarters of the '60s. The first thing I said is that we should have retro aliens, not aliens of 2012. More based on B-movies of the '50s and '60s. So, a lot of the aliens are based on that. Space suits with fishbowl helmets and ray guns." [...]

[13.09.2011] CS! meldet...
IMAX Corporation and Sony Pictures Entertainment today announced that the action comedy Men in Black 3 will be released to IMAX theatres simultaneously with the film's worldwide release on May 25, 2012. Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, Men in Black 3 is the first in the franchise to be released in IMAX.
Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back in black in Men in Black 3. Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld from a screenplay written by Etan Cohen, based on the Malibu Comic by Lowell Cunningham, the film is produced Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald and executive produced by Steven Spielberg and G. Mac Brown. The film also stars Josh Brolin, Jemaine Clement, and Emma Thompson.
"Releasing a film in IMAX 3D signals an event release, and 'Men in Black 3' on Memorial Day weekend certainly qualifies in a big way. We couldn't be more excited about how MIB 3 will look and sound in IMAX theatres," said Rory Bruer, president of Worldwide Distribution for Sony Pictures Releasing.
"Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Barry Sonnenfeld have made the 'Men in Black' franchise a fan favorite and we're excited to feature the return of this iconic title in IMAX," said Greg Foster, Chairman and President, IMAX Filmed Entertainment. "'Men in Black 3' is another strong addition to our 2012 film slate and we're looking forward to continuing to work with the talented team at Sony Pictures."
The IMAX release of Men in Black 3 will be digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX 3D Experience with proprietary IMAX DMR (Digital Re-mastering) technology. The crystal-clear images coupled with IMAX's customized theatre geometry and powerful digital audio create a unique environment that will make audiences feel as if they are in the movie.

[01.06.2011] Bei CS! gibt es neue Bilder vom "MIB III"-Dreh...

[27.05.2011] Im Faded Youth Blog gibt es neue Bilder vom "MIB III"-Set...

[11.05.2011] Bei CS! gibt es Bilder vom "MIB III"-Dreh, u.a. Andy Warhol...

[04.05.2011] Bei gibt es Bilder vom "MIB III"-Set, u.a. Will Smith inmitten der 60er Jahre... ;-)

[13.04.2011] Bei CS! gibt es Bilder vom "MIB III"-Set: Will Smith als Agent J und Josh Brolin als junger Agent K...

[18.02.2011] Deadline meldet...
When Men in Black III re-starts production next month, Alice Eve will play the younger version of Men in Black Agency head Emma Thompson in the time travel storyline. The British actress plays Olivia, hired as secretary for the Agency in 1969. While it appears she was given the job because of her looks, Olivia is actually whip smart. Sure enough, in the contemporary storyline, Thompson runs the place. Will Smith's Agent J character is forced to travel back in time to team up with the young Agent K (Josh Brolin) to save the world. Eve just completed production on The Decoy Bride and starred with John Cusack in The Raven. She's repped by Untitled, UTA and Artists Right Group. MIB III has extended a pre-planned holiday hiatus. With a skeleton staff in place, the filmmakers are taking extra time to hone the script. Director Barry Sonnenfeld has already assembled the footage shot so far, and insiders said that the film is still on track for its May 25, 2012 release by Sony Pictures.

[17.02.2011] Inside Movies meldet...
Production on Men in Black III, which was scheduled to resume this week after nearly a two-month break, has been further delayed until March 28. According to a Los Angeles Times report, an unfinished script was the root of the problem. A source close to the production tells EW that Sony agreed to give director Barry Sonnenfeld more time to prep the last act of the film after viewing a promising cut of the first act, which was completed before the holidays. Jeff Nathanson (Catch Me if You Can) had come aboard to work on the script for four weeks, but Etan Cohen (Tropic Thunder), who authored a previous draft, is now back writing. The delays won’t impact the availability of the cast (Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin), says the source, and the film is still locked into its Memorial Day 2012 release date.

[19.11.2010] Bei CS! gibt es Bilder vom "Men In Black 3"-Set...

[18.11.2010] 24 Frames meldet...
[...] After a postponement of roughly a month, Will Smith's upcoming sci-fi comedy "Men In Black 3" will begin shooting tomorrow in New York. But in an unusual move for a big-budget Hollywood film, the production will take a nearly two-month hiatus from filming when it wraps for the holidays.
Two sources close to the 3-D production say the plan is for the film to shoot through the week of Christmas, then shut down until the middle of February, when it will resume.
The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of sensitivities around the big-budget 3-D movie, say that screenwriter Jeff Nathanson, whose credits include "Catch Me If You Can" and "Rush Hour 2," has also been brought in to begin work this week on a new draft of the film's script. Nathanson will specifically work on the story's time-travel component that sees a leap back to 1969, when Josh Brolin appears as a young Agent Kay (the character made popular by Tommy Lee Jones, who also reprises the role in this film).
"Tropic Thunder" writer Etan Cohen authored the first draft of the screenplay.
The shoot that begins this week will focus on the film's present-day events, while the production that picks up in mid-February will be centered on the 1969 storyline, the sources said.
The schedule likely won't affect the planned release of the film, which is scheduled for May 2012. But production shut-downs are very rare, especially on bigger-budget films, as they tend to drive up costs (the crew must continue to be paid during the shut-down).
The film's producer confirmed the hiatus but said it was not the result of creative disagreement but rather part of a plan conceived months ago that would allow the production to begin in 2010 but allow parts of the movie, which is set in the summer, to shoot in a more temperate climate.
"We had to start shooting this year to take advantage of New York State tax incentives, but we also needed to be able to shoot certain exteriors in warmer weather," producer Walter Parkes said. "So back in July we had the idea to keep the start date but build in a hiatus so we could essentially extend the production to late spring.”
A Sony spokesman on Monday echoed Parkes' statement. [...]

[06.11.2010] Marc Malkin schhreibt via Twitter...
[...] Just talked to betty white. She said she is NOT going to be in Men in Black 3!!!

[30.10.2010] CS! weiss mehr über die "MIB III"-Besetzung... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!
Actress Betty White and singer Nicole Scherzinger have been confirmed to appear in Men in Black III, reports E! Online. [...]
E! Online confirmed the casting with Scherzinger herself, who told the outlet that she will play a woman named Lilly.
"She's like a small villain role," said Scherzinger, "I'm so excited because I get to die. I make an appearance. I say a couple of lines and then I die."
Though White's role is not named at this time, she will join the franchise returning stars, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, as well as newcomers Josh Brolin, Jemaine Clement, Emma Thompson and Alec Baldwin. [...]

[15.10.2010] CS! meldet...
Pajiba reported a rumor yesterday that Alec Baldwin, Gemma Arterton and Sharlto Copley are in negotiations to join Columbia Pictures' Men in Black III.
We've done some checking of our own and have learned that out of those three names, Baldwin looks most likely to be joining the cast that also includes Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Jemaine Clement and Emma Thompson. We're not sure about Arterton and Copley's status, but those two are definitely not yet on board.
The site said that Baldwin would play the head of MiB in 1969. Thompson is playing the boss in modern day.
Filming was recently pushed back slightly to November 18 for a May 25, 2012 release in 3D and 2D theaters. [...]

[10.10.2010] meldet...
[...] Actor Will Smith and executive producer G. Mac Brown were at the Kennedy Space Center recently, checking out the area, as they develop story lines for "Men in Black 3."
Space Coast Film Commissioner Bonnie King said they were there on a "fact-finding mission."
King said she hopes the makers of "Men in Black 3" select Brevard County to shoot some of their scenes, but added that "nothing is written in stone" on that prospect. The 3-D movie is expected to begin overall filming later this year [...]

[01.10.2010] CS! meldet...
Emma Thompson is confirmed to be in talks for a role in Men in Black III.
Thompson would play Oh, the head of MiB. It is unclear whether her character will serve as a replacement for Rip Torn's Zed, who appeared in Men in Black and Men in Black II. Recent legal issues may prevent Torn from returning to the franchise.
Thompson would be joining previously-announced cast members Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin and Jemaine Clement.
Men in Black III is expected to go into production shortly with a script from Etan Cohen and David Koepp. Barry Sonnenfeld will return to the franchise as director. The film is being planned for release on May 25th, 2012.

[02.08.2010] CS! meldet...
[...] The studio's Men in Black III, however, is scheduled for filming in New York starting in September. Barry Sonnenfeld is directing the May 25, 2012 release, starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin and Jemaine Clement.

[13.06.2010] meldet....
Men in Black III-D (aka Men in Black 3, MIB3D) will be the third installment of the film’s franchise. It will be released in 3D by Sony Pictures and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, who directed the first two installments. The third was originally based on a script written by writer Etan Cohen, who has penned popular movies such as Tropic Thunder and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. Sony confirmed that David Koepp would serve as an additional screenwriter, joining Cohen. Koepp is currently rewriting a new draft of the script, which takes place primarily in the year 1969.
It was initially announced that Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith would reprise their roles as Agents Kay and Jay, respectively. Both had previously expressed interest in reprising their roles back in 2008.
While Smith has officially signed on to return as Agent Jay, Jones is in advanced negotiations to return as Agent Kay. Josh Brolin is also in talks to play the younger (1969) version of Kay. Others rumored to have parts in the film include Sacha Baron Cohen and Jemaine Clement. It was later confirmed that Clement had landed the role of Boris (formerly named "Yaz"). Production of the sequel is tentatively set to begin during the 2010 Fall season and will welcome back producers Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald. Steven Spielberg is also set to return as executive producer.
In a Sony Insider exclusive, we have very short footage of Will Smith (in 3D, hence the blurriness) in his black suit and slick shades teasing us about his upcoming role. The clip debuted at an exclusive Sony 3D TV launch event at Sony Pictures Studios.

[19.05.2010] Heat Vision meldet....
"Flight of the Conchords" star Jemaine Clement is in final negotiations to play one of the villains in Columbia's "Men in Black 3."
Will Smith recently signed his deal to return as the alien-chasing government agent, as did returning director Barry Sonnenfeld.
Most of the action is taking place in 1969, with Josh Brolin playing a young Tommy Lee Jones, who will bookend the movie.
Most of the new casting will be the villains, whose identities, look and super-abilities are being kept under lock and key. It is known that Clement is playing a villain named Boris, who is described as being charmy and creepy at the same time. (The name Yaz was used as a filler name, and since the script is still being polished, there is a chance the name may change again.) [...]

[08.05.2010] CS! meldet....
Columbia Pictures announced today that Men in Black III will be released in 3D on May 25, 2012. Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald are returning to produce and Barry Sonnenfeld, who directed the first two installments of the blockbuster franchise, will direct the film from a screenplay written by Etan Cohen, based on the comic book by Lowell Cunningham. Steven Spielberg is set to executive produce.
Deals are set for Will Smith, Sonnenfeld and the producing team to return to the blockbuster franchise with the intent to begin production by this fall and the studio is in advanced negotiations with Tommy Lee Jones to reprise his role as Agent Kay. Josh Brolin is also in talks to star as a young Agent Kay.
Commenting on the announcement, Jeff Blake, Chairman of Sony Pictures Worldwide Marketing and Distribution said, "Sony's summer of 2012 will get off to a red hot start with an incredible new 3D adventure for the Men in Black. We couldn't be more excited that the original filmmaking team responsible for the first two worldwide hits is reuniting for this third installment. We love where the story is taking Agents Jay and Kay and know this new chapter will deliver a fresh fun twist for fans of the franchise while also introducing the Men in Black to a whole new generation of moviegoers."
The first two "Men in Black" films, which were released in 1997 and 2002, went on to become two of the most successful films in Columbia Pictures history, taking in more than $1 billion combined worldwide. The first film in the franchise won an Academy Award® for Best Makeup and was nominated for two other Oscars®.

[22.04.2010] Roger Friedman schreibt bei
[...] Director Barry Sonnenfeld tells me that "Men in Black 3-D" is ready to roll. Will Smith has signed on, Tommy Lee Jones is in, and a script is awaited.
Yes. I did say 3D. "Men in Black 3? will be in 3D. Sonnenfeld says it is so. Why not? Everything else is, and this is one movie that might be cool in the process. [...]

[24.03.2010] meldet....
Will Smith is pondering which ship he'll captain next.
It's down to two choices: Sony's "Men in Black III" or 20th Century Fox's fantasy-adventure "The City That Sailed."
Each project has particular appeal for the actor. [...]
The "Men in Black" franchise, of course, has been a box office goldmine for Smith, and Sony. First film, released in 1997, grossed $587.8 million worldwide. The 2002 sequel earned $441.8 million globally.
It's been a while since Smith graced the bigscreen. His last film, Sony's drama "Seven Pounds," was released in December 2008. [...]
Insiders, however, offered this nugget: One of the two will be Smith's next film.

[09.12.2009] Hero Complex meldet....
Josh Brolin could be going from "W." to K.
With "No Country for Old Men," "Milk," "W.," and, of course, "The Goonies" on his resume, Brolin's filmography speaks for itself. Now he may be adding "Men in Black 3" to that estimable list.
The actor is being considered for a role that would have him donning the black suit and shades for the third installment of the sci-fi comedy franchise. His exact part is a matter of discussion, but in recent days there's been chatter in Hollywood development circles of a few possibilities: He could play a new single-monikered government agent, with Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K passing the baton to Brolin's character. Or he could play Agent K as a young man. Or something else entirely.
Whatever the part, Brolin could be playing against some star power: Will Smith is expected to return in the new "MIB" as Agent J.
It wouldn't mark the first time J ran missions with someone else. In the second film, his character briefly chased aliens and erased memories with other partners before Jones' Agent K came out of retirement.
Sony is currently contemplating a production start for the picture in 2010 (though it has yet to be greenlit). The film, which is based on a script by "Tropic Thunder" writer Etan Cohen and which tentatively has Barry Sonnenfeld coming back to direct, could shoot at least partly in New York.
One issue that still needs to be worked out: scheduling. [...]

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