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Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis

Marvin ist ein Roboter der Sirius Cybernetics Corporation mit "echt menschlicher Persönlichkeitsstruktur"...

Allerdings war er der Prototyp und ist manisch-depressiv geraten: Er nörgelt an allem herum und es macht ihm selbstverständlich alles überhaupt keinen Spass...

Pures CGI !?! Nein !!! Der kleinwüchsige Darsteller Warwick Davis (u.a. "Willow", "Star Wars"-Saga) schlüpft in ein Roboter-Kostüm, um Marvin menschlicher wirken zu lassen... Das Video vom Kostümtest gibt es in der Rubrik "Trailer" !!!

MJ Simpson, Autor von "Hitchhiker: A Biography of Douglas Adams", berichtete am 17. Januar 2004 über Marvin...
The very first piece of design from the movie has slipped out accidentally onto the net - and it’s terrific. It’s this prototype costume for Marvin the Paranoid Android, which is now confirmed as the role being played by Warwick Davis. The picture was spotted by a fan who innocently looked at a site which turned out to be producer Nick Goldsmith’s blog! The blog should of course have been password protected and as soon as the mistake was spotted, it was taken down. However, the picture is now in the public domain.
This is not a hoax - there was in fact a short video clip on the blog of Warwick trying the costume on, which I don’t have the technology to show - but it should be stressed that this is not the final costume, merely one of several prototypes developed by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop last September. A reliable source at Henson’s has confirmed that several other prototype Marvin suits have been produced - though they’re all about three feet tall! - and a final selection has not been made.
The voice of Marvin remains uncast, despite what the Inaccurate Movie Database says, but Stephen Moore has not been discounted. It should be stressed that such casting news as has leaked out - Bill Nighy, Martin Freeman and Warwick - has not actually been confirmed by the producers because contracts have not yet been signed. [...]

Marvin MJ Simpson, Autor von "Hitchhiker: A Biography of Douglas Adams", sprach am 29. Januar 2004 ausführlich mit Nick Goldsmith und Garth Jennings über die Verfilmung...
Jim: Talking of things that are out there, a short video of a test of Marvin appeared on the web. Is that real or is it fake like that Roswell stuff?
Garth: "Is it a fake test? No, it’s real footage of when we were testing a prototype at Henson’s. It was a bit of a blow that that got out because it’s just test stuff. But we’ve been working with Henson’s since about July, quite a long time now, and as you can imagine there are an awful lot of elements to the film. As they’re on board to do all that type of stuff, we’ve had to test and test and test again. I’ve spent most of today testing all kinds of things. And that was one of those tests."
MJ: The reaction to the Marvin costume has been very, very good, but some of the more cynical fans are saying, ‘That looks like it will make a really nice toy.’ A big movie like this makes a lot of its money from its merchandising; how much of a factor is merchandising on the design and the whole ethos of the movie?
Nick: "It’s a very good point and absolutely, we’re working with Disney on this. I have to say though that with the designs of all of the characters, the idea of toys did not influence them in any way or form. All our thoughts as far as designs of characters go, we always go to the book, go to Douglas for reference. We read a lot of the descriptions and also the ethos behind some of them. So with Vogons being very bureaucratic and that whole thing, we actually went back to something else. One of the references is a satirical cartoonist called James Gillray; he’s been a big influence on us. But none of it has been merchandise-related in any way. The fact that we’ve come up with designs that could make great toys is a huge added bonus but it definitely wasn’t the thinking behind them." [...]

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Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis



In einer Ecke kauerte ein Roboter, sein auf Hochglanz polierter Stahlkopf baumelte zwischen seinen auf Hochglanz polierten Stahlknien. [...] obwohl er schön gebaut und poliert war, sah er irgendwie so aus, als passten die verschiedenen Teile seines mehr oder minder humanoiden Körpers nicht richtig zusammen. In Wirklichkeit passten sie perfekt zusammen, nur irgendwas in seiner Haltung legte die Vermutung nahe, dass sie vielleicht noch besser hätten zusammenpassen können.

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