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Die archivierten Nachrichten aus der Rubrik "Aktuelles"...

[07.07.2002] sprach mit dem Drehbuchautor Scott Brick über seine Arbeit an "Rama"... Hier ein Auszug...
How much is mr. Clarke involved with the the Rama project?
Clarke is actually very much involved in the project, he's been giving us advice and providing clarification for quite a while now. Several times during the writing process I was trying to streamline the action so it'd fit into a two hour film, and I guess I was trying to fudge the physics of Rama a little bit. I'd send off a query, something along the lines of, "Would it be possible for them to do this particular thing a little quicker," or "Does it really have to take eight hours for this to happen...?" The answer was always, the way it is in the book is the way it happens in real life. His physics are impeccable. The technical advisors for the film just marvel at how precise the man is. So yes, he's very involved, and we're thrilled by that. He loves this story, and is ecstatic that we're bringing it to the screen. [...]
Are you still attached to the project?
Yes, there's been talk all along about writing various other Rama projects, everything from the Making Of book to the sequel films, should there be any. I know they're also interested in doing a series of articles, interviews with David, with Morgan Freeman and with Arthur C. Clarke, and because my background is in magazines, they'd like me to do them. But as for direct input on the script, no, that's Bruce's gig at the moment, so I'm just encouraging him to run with the ball. [...]

[30.03.2002] Aus dem Newsletter (März 2002) von Revelations Ent....
[...] Revelations is in heavy rewrites with "Panic Room" director David Fincher on "Rendezvous with Rama." Morgan will star in the Arthur C. Clark (author of "2001: A Space Odyssey") sci-fi epic.
Bruce McKenna is revising his own first draft with David. Revelations is currently awaiting the approved "Fincher draft" before going out to financiers.
Rama will be ground breaking and possibly even record breaking in its digital effects.
That is why we're taling to "all the usual suspects" for special effects bids.
We are also in serious negotations with Intel to become a major technology partner in the making of Rama.
Revelations hopes to launch Rama's previsualization phase sometime this spring! [...]

[15.03.2002] Drehbuchautor Scott Brick kontaktierte Coming Attractions und kam auf das Script-Review zu sprechen...
[...] Brick was out-of-town when the review went up on CA but soon learned of the review when his manager began receiving calls from people who read it online. Surprisingly, it also seems the producer and director of Rama found out about it...
"Word travels fast. Your review went up just before the start of an all-day meeting between David Fincher and Lori McCreary, Revelations CEO; by the time the meeting began, theywere already talking about it. In glowing terms, of course; they appreciated the nod as much as I did. And, although I haven't talked to him, I'm sure Arthur C. Clarke did, as well." [...]

[19.02.2002] meldet, dass die Effektefirma Hatch FX möglicherweise gerade an "Rendezvous with Rama" arbeitet... Die Webmaster vermuten, dass einige Szenen aus deren Demo Reel (Benötigt Apple Quicktime, 57.4MB) aus dem Rama FX-Test stammen !!!

[18.02.2002] Bei Coming Attractions gibt es ein erstes "Rendezvous With Rama" Script-Review von Patrick Sauriol...
[...] Adapted by first-time screenwriter Scott Brick, last I heard this November 1999 screenplay is still the one Revelations is working from. In fact, last year at the San Diego Comic Convention Smilin Jack Ruby bumped into Andrew Kevin Walker, the guy who wrote Seven and did some work on The Game for Fincher, and who was also rumored to be helping with Rama. When SJR asked Walker about the Rama script, he said that he wasn't doing a Rama rewrite because he heard Brick had nailed it. (Anmerkung von MOVIEFANS.DE: Laut Revelations Entertainment stammt das Drehbuch von Bruce C. McKenna... Hmm !?)
I'm happy to report that Scott Brick didn't just nail Rendezvous With Rama; he hit this mother right out of the ballpark. This has the potential to be the mainstream sci-fi hit that eluded Clarke when 2001 first came out in theaters. Rendezvous With Rama the movie promises to be a "hard" science fiction film filled with tension, action, thrills and above all else, a profound sense of wonder. In the hands of Fincher, this promises to be an absolutely amazing sci-fi picture, one that will live up to fans of Clarke's novel as well as audiences who don't know who the hell he is.
[...] I can hardly wait to see how the world of Rama is created. In addition to being a talented writer, Brick is obviously a big fan of the source material and sci-fi in general. When Captain Norton, after entering Rama and finding himself facing a door that opens into a featureless black void, throws a flare into the darkness, Brick's description of what we'll get to see is simply jaw-dropping. I'd love to print it for you to read for yourself, but that would be copyright infringement and a world of hurt would arise. If you get to see it on the big screen, this one scene would rank right up there with the Mothership descending over Devil's Tower in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Brick's adaptation of Rendezvous With Rama is filled with these kinds of visual epiphanies, like when the ice breaks across the Cylindrical Sea, or the first appearance of the Biots, or the first glimpse of Rama as the Endeavour approaches Jupiter. Amazing eye candy awaits.
But in addition to being able to adapt Clarke's grand imagery from prose to script, Brick did a favor for the science fiction grandmaster. I've read almost all of Arthur C. Clarke's novels (Childhood's End being my favorite), but one complaint I've had of his writing is Clarke's characters. In many of Clarke's books his characters are secondary and could be interchanged with any of the other characters from the author's other books. While Clarke injected a little more humanity into his Rama characters than, say, Dave Bowman or Heywood Floyd from 2001, Brick manages to add to that and give his Rama movie characters a little more flavor. I consider it a very wise move, especially when adapting a hard science fiction project like Rama. Yoy get the sense as to why Captain Norton is a hard-ass when it comes to following rules and regulations on his ship, or why Jimmy Pak, the team's hazardous environments officer, likes to play it fast and loose. I also liked the small touch of including a crewmember who was devoutly religious and who also offered his own ideas as to why Rama has come to Earth. The Endeavour crewmembers all get their opportunity to become three- dimensional, living, breathing characters, and that's precisely what James Cameron did with his space marines in Aliens.
One thing that did take me by surprise is the amount of action contained in the script, especially the second half. Once Norton and his crew start venturing deeper into Rama and into the southern hemisphere things start really happening. There seems to be more opportunity for the movie to have action sequences than I remember from the book's story arc, but I write that off as part of the financial necessities of adapting a novel into a mainstream cinematic story. As for the mysteries of the Rama ship, the screenplay does solve some of them but leaves a good many enigmas unresolved upon its conclusion, including an interesting final scene that differs from what I recall of the book's ending. I hope that this will also be the case with the final product; too often everything gets explained in movies, especially in the sci-fi genre. Again, using Close Encounters as an analogy, it was better when Steven Spielberg didn't show what happened to Richard Dreyfuss' character when he walked inside the Mothership. It would be nice to end the show with some of the mysteries still a mystery. I'm hoping that with strong creative forces like Freeman and Fincher involved with the project, that will be the case.
There'a also a nice homage that fans of the original Star Trek TV series would enjoy: the three probes used to map and explore Rama are named after a certain captain and his first officer and chief medical officer!
Rendezvous With Rama needs to get made. Revelations has all the ingredients to make the new century's first science fiction classic; I think it could be a twenty-first century Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I'm dying to see David Fincher's approach to this kind of sci-fi story. I'd love to see how the interior of Rama can be realized using today's computer graphics. And Morgan Freeman is the perfect guy to play Captain Norton; this project is tailor made for his commanding voice and presense and I can see why he bought the film rights to this book. It's about time another movie was made from an Arthur C. Clarke novel, and between this project and Kimberly Pierce's Childhood's End, I'm starting to get excited. [...]

[25.07.2001] Woooow !!! AICN hat ein "neues" Bild von der "Rendezvous With Rama"-Website veröffentlicht... Dieses Bild befindet sich bereits seit 2. Mai 2001 online... *g*

[14.07.2001] Auf der überarbeiteten Website von Revelations Entertainment gibt es jetzt auch das Poster zu "Rendezvous With Rama"...

[03.05.2001] DavidFincher.Net sprach mit Produzentin Lori McCreary: Es sei eine 20-minütige IMAX-Fassung von "Rama" geplant... Der Film wird umfassend vermarktet werden: Bevor der Film 2003 in die Kinos kommt, soll alleine online 18 Monate lange geworben werden...

[02.05.2001] Die Offizielle Website gibt etwas mehr preis... Neben der Vermarktungsstrategie und neuer Concept Art, gibt es auch das Video zur COMDEX-"Rama"-Präsentation (Benötigt Windows Media Player)...

[18.04.2001] hat einen Link zur COMDEX-"Rama"-Präsentation (Benötigt Windows Media Player)... Schnell vorspulen bis 43:30...

[08.04.2001] Coming Attractions berichtet...
On 4/4/01, Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary appeared onstage in Chicago at Comdex (for an Intel presentation) to show the audience samples of the computer-generated cylinder-world and the spider-like monster. They can rotate it and zoom in from hundreds of feet in the air. Freeman crossed his fingers and said it would be released in 2003.

[18.01.2001] Bei TNMC Movies gibt es nähere Infos, zur Realisierung... Produzentin Lori McCreary meinte, der Film würde kein vollständig computeranimierter Film, wie Final Fantasy. Die Darsteller wären eine Kombination aus "Motion Capture", "Facial Capture" und "Digital Film". Dies klänge zwar sehr vage, aber genauer liess es sich momentan noch nicht beschreiben... Ausserdem meinte sie, Andrew Kevin Walker (u.a. "Sieben", "8MM", "Sleepy Hollow") überarbeite Scott Bricks Drehbuchentwurf und Intel werkele eigens an einem neuen "Digital Effects System"...
Mit Dank an Elborn...

[11.01.2001] Auf der Offiziellen Website gibt es erste Infos in Form einer Slideshow...

Die US-Spieleschmiede Sierra veröffentlichte 1996 das PC-Spiel "Rama" (dt.: "Rendezvous im Weltraum")... Bei gibt es Kritiken zum Spiel...

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