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Matt ist ein Polizist, der im "Hive" auf das Kommando-Team trifft...

Eric Mabius, geboren am 22. April 1971, spielte u.a. in "Eiskalte Engel" und "The Crow: Salvation"...

Eric Mabius
The Black Circle of Eric Mabius

Vorsicht SPOILER !!!

[05.03.2002] Sci Fi Wire sprach mit Eric Mabius (Matt), der schon jetzt die (mögliche) Handlung des Sequels ausplaudert... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!
[...] This [film] brings us up to above ground in Raccoon City. I'm going to be Nemesis in the sequel. I'll be putting on 30 or 40 pounds and three or four hours a day in prosthetics. This guys has tentacles and all this crazy stuff going on." In the first film, Mabius plays Matt, a character who did not appear in any game. Matt gets infected with the T virus, and the evil scientists take him away, saying, "We want him in the Nemesis program." To play his mutated form in the sequel, Mabius said that he will study the game in which Nemesis appears.
"I prepare to an annoying extent usually, so I'll probably dissect every possible aspect ... of the character [...] Obviously, it will be predicated on where the character goes in the script, but I'll gather everything I can about the character [from the game]." Anderson denied that a script was completed. But Mabius suggested it was a done deal. "When Bernd Eichinger, the head of Constantin Films, saw an early cut in December, he wanted Paul to start writing the sequel... Based on some of the pre-sales alone, Sony is demanding a sequel already. It's pretty exciting and wasn't really anticipated."

[06.02.2002] Eric Mabius spricht im Presseheft über "Resident Evil"...
"I love playing characters who aren’t what they seem at first and Matt provided the perfect vehicle for that sleight-of-hand element. Matt has really strong and painful scenes in the scenario and their emotional honesty was a real surprise because I wasn’t expecting anything like it. Anyone who thinks the film will merely be a superficial adaptation of an awesome video game is going to be proved totally wrong.
The sequence where I have to cope with my sister Lisa dying in front of me is very upsetting and gave me a great deal to work with as an actor. It’s a great transitional arc in the script and Matt’s defining point. Matt starts off as a suspect, then a prisoner, and then Alice’s possible romantic interest. But seeing Lisa in a state of sacrilegious reanimation is so shocking that his tough veneer crumbles, his bravado façade collapses and he becomes an essential member of the commando group. Resident Evil is a taut, mean and lean genre piece with its frighteningly realistic and tender moments put together in an extraordinary way to create something unique."
"The Undead in Resident Evil have such a unique and terrifying diseased look that I can honestly say I wasn’t acting in those sequences. I was scared to death! In one particular scene the pipe breaks as we’re crawling along it and Alice is left dangling over the Undead. I’m trying to pull her up as her dress is ripping off and the Undead are trying to pull her down to her death. With all my might I’m trying to stop these creatures getting to her and both Milla and my body languages didn’t lie during the filming. I looked into Milla’s eyes at one point and could see how truly scared she was. Shooting the Undead scenes crossed the boundaries of fantasy into clammy reality and all of us were left shaken by their stark realism."

[23.10.2000] AICN hat eine Charakterbeschreibung veröffentlicht...
A tough, resourceful man with a deceptively fresh-faced look, he too is caught within the vast laboratory ruled by the deadly Red Queen computer. Matt calls himself a police officer, but the troops led by One think he's an impostor, and so they keep a very close eye on him; they clearly don't trust him at all. Matt, in fact, knows far more about the goings on at the lab than he's willing to reveal, and after One is slain by the Red Queen, Matt steps into the driver's seat, becoming determined to lead everyone out of the building before the army of the undead can close in...

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