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Die archivierten Nachrichten aus der Rubrik "Aktuelles"...

[14.12.2005] CS! meldet...
UK's What's on TV magazine reports that Hustle and The Day After Tomorrow star Adrian Lester will join Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst in Spider-Man 3.
"I'll be going straight from promoting 'Hustle' to filming 'Spider-Man 3'," he said. "I haven't even had a script yet. All I know is that I'm playing a research scientist who tries to cure the baddie of whatever badness he's got. I don't even know who the new baddie is!"
Might his character try to cure Sandman, played by Thomas Haden Church? Or perhaps a second villain that hasn't been revealed yet? [...]

[30.11.2005] GameFront meldet...
Activision gibt bekannt, dass man mit Spider-Man Merchandising, Marvel Entertainment und Sony Pictures Consumer Products einen Vertrag abeschlossen hat, wonach man exklusiv Videospiel-Umsetzungen zu Spider-Man-Filmen und -Fernsehserien bis 2017 weltweit veröffenlichen darf.
Eines der nächsten Projekte wird Spider-Man 3 sein, das auf dem gleichnamigen Film basiert [...]

[16.11.2005] AICN berichtet über die "Spider-Man 3"-Dreharbeiten der 2nd Unit...

[07.11.2005] Wie Cinematical gibt es ein erstes Bild von Thomas Hayden Church als Sandman...
[...] Sandman, whose alter-ego has the kickass name of "Flint Marko," is the Spidey-hater who, not surprisingly, can turn into "a sand-like substance." [...]

[06.11.2005] Wie AICN meldet, ist es jetzt offiziell: Thomas Hayden Church ist Sandman !!!

[13.10.2005] Moviehole meldet...
The "Spider-Man" franchise might be one foxy siren short, in the near future.
Kirsten Dunst, who plays Wet T-Shirt wearing Mary-Jane Watson in Sam Raimi’s web-busters, says "Spider-Man 3" will probably be her last stint playing Peter Parker's squeeze.
"Unless they pay me an exorbitant amount of money, this will be my last one," she tells "If there is more of a story to tell and (director) Sam Raimi is on board, and everyone is, then maybe. But this is what I am signed to do - three."
It’s believed Sony is indeed keen on carrying on with "Spider-Man" films, so maybe they’ll do a ‘love interest switcheroo’ for the fourth instalment?

[07.10.2005] Laut FDM gibt es Probleme mit den Kostümen...
[...] the costume design in Spiderman 3 is a disaster, just like Mr. Green Goblin in the first Spidey. Our scooper writes in, "If you thought the first 'Spiderman' was bad in terms of development, just wait until you see the next film. The first problem is with Venom's costume, which Spiderman wears first. Instead of being pure black, they took a bit from the comic and gave it a disgusting purple tint. In the comic the reason for the tint was to Venom stood out in the shadows, but in film there's no reason for this. Now I've actually seen the costume designs and they're terrible. The purple looks awful.
And yes it gets much, much worse. All I can say about the Hobgoblin outfit is "yikes"! He looks like a skateboarder or something." [...]

[27.09.2005] meldet...
Although the Internet has been abuzz with the supposed identities of the two "Spider-Man 3" villains to be played by Thomas Haden Church and Topher Grace, Sony and Marvel have kept the names under wraps.
Now Mary Jane herself has confirmed Spidey's latest nemeses.
"We have really great people though as the villains in this film, Thomas Haden Church and Topher Grace -- Venom and Sandman," says Kirsten Dunst while promoting her film "Elizabethtown."
"Maybe I wasn't supposed to say that," she says, checking with her rep, who assures her the information has already been released.
The "Interview with a Vampire" actress is a little shaky on the information at first, saying that Church would play Venom and Grace would take on Sandman, before reversing her claim when a journalist expresses disbelief. "It's the other way around. You're right," she concedes.
Dunst can be forgiven since she has yet to receive a script for the film that will begin shooting in January.
"But I know the general story," she adds. "There's a lot that they're trying to fit into this one."
For those like Dunst who are unfamiliar with the universe of Marvel miscreants, Sandman is a career criminal whose irradiated body can turn into a sand-like substance.
In the case of Venom, an alien symbiote that once masqueraded as Spider-Man's costume takes over ex-reporter Eddie Brock -- who has a beef with Spider-Man over a journalism-related embarrassment. The symbiote gives his body and hatred strength, creating a supervillain that looks like a black-and-white version of Spider-Man with a wicked smile.
After years of playing Lowell Mather on the aviation sitcom "Wings," Church returned to the spotlight with his Oscar-nominated portrayal of Jack in 2004's "Sideways." Grace is best known as the scrawny Eric Forman on "That '70s Show." He's received acclaim for his film roles in "Traffic," "P.S." and "In Good Company."
Dunst, who plays redheaded actress Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker's love interest in the first two "Spider-Man" films, will return for the third installment, which is scheduled for a Spring 2007 release. [...]

[13.09.2005] sprach mit Danny Elfman über die Tatsache, dass er den "Spider-Man 3" Soundtrack nicht komponieren wird...

[10.09.2005] Moviehole meldet...
Many have been speculating/guessing/assuming what characters Topher Grace and Thomas Haden Church are playing in "Spider-Man 3". Most recently, the majority agreed that one - or possibly both, which would make sense? - will be donning the name-tag 'Chameleon'. Not so, says Freeze Dried Movies, who have got to the bottom of the 'which villains are they playing?' conundrum.
According to the site, Grace will play the character of 'Venom', and Haden Church will be playing 'Sandman'. Done. Finished. All-Clear. The puzzle be solved, y'hear?
In addition, there's a third villain in the film. James Franco, who plays in the previous films, transforms into Hobgoblin (not the Green Goblin II, as he was in the comics) sometime in the next instalment.

[05.09.2005] Moviehole zitiert Topher Grace...
[...] Grace told the paper a bit about his role as a villain - rumoured to be 'Chameleon', says the paper - in "Spider-Man 3".
According to Grace, the film will be released - this is a joke, you see - "in about 2020".
In prep for the role, the young actor has to "lift weights and I hate it", he says. "I'm in New York seeing friends and I have to go off and lift weights for two hours. I'm not exactly in great shape. Your body hurts every day, but that pain is good, I suppose".
Grace says his commitments to "Spider-Man 3" will take up about twelve months. When it's done, he'd love to come and promote it Down Under. It's his "No.1 destination spot", he says. [...]

[26.07.2005] weiss mehr über den S3-Bösewicht... SPOILER !!!
[...] A source close to the production of Spider-Man 3 confirmed for me that the main villain played by Mr. Thomas Hayden Church will in fact be the Chameleon.
Church plays Dmitri Smerdyakov, who goes by false name Dr. Turner at Peter's college. The Chameleon also has a brother in this film, which will set up Kraven the Hunter for a future sequel I'm told. Le'ts just say that the Chameleon will use his powers of performance and identify theft to bridge a gap between MJ and Peter Parker in this film.
The producers and Raimi have a big publicity event right before production starts to make this announcement. Look for it after Thanksgiving, with production to start this winter. This will begin the hype for Spider-Man again. They will also start issuing a new animated DVD featuring the Chameleon right before the new movie hits theatres.
Also, Harry does become the Second Green Goblin, but only at the very end. He's kind of like Anakin in Episode III -- growing evil throughout the film, and not donning the full mantle of recognizable villain until the climax. [...]

[02.07.2005] Moviehole zitiert Avi Arad...
Spider-Man 3
Arad says there may be 4 villains in the next "Spider-Man" sequel. "Maybe five", he jokingly adds. "Obviously I cannot tell you, but I can tell you that we're on our way to the biggest of the three". What about the rumours that Tobey Maguire wants out as Spiderman and that Jake Gyllenhaal might be bought in to replace him for number 4? "It's all too premature", says Arad, "we have to get to May 2007 [first]".
"Spider-Man" spin-off's
Arad says he's urging Marvel to do film spin-off's for a couple of the characters from the "Spider-Man" series. It sounds like he could be keen on giving the villains - Hobgoblin maybe? - their own show.

[21.06.2005] sprach mit Avi Arad über die nächsten Filmprojekte...
[...] While insisting that rumors of a simultaneous third and fourth "Spider-Man" movie shoot are simply "not true," Arad did confirm that Dylan Baker will return for the third film - a noteworthy nugget for comic fans who recall that Baker's handicapped character, Dr. Curt Connors, went on to become Spider-Man nemesis the Lizard in the comic books. Although Thomas Haden Church and Topher Grace are set to play the main, as-yet-unnamed villains of the third film, the seeds are apparently being planted for Spidey to also someday take on a superhumanly strong, green-scaled monster. [...]

[20.05.2005] meldet...
Topher Grace has joined the cast of "Spider-Man 3," which Sam Raimi is directing for Columbia Pictures. Producing are Laura Ziskin and Marvel Studio's Avi Arad. The studio said Grace will play one of two villains but declined to give further details. Grace joins returning cast members Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco, all of whom starred in the first two films. Thomas Haden Church also has been cast. "Spider-Man 3" was written by Alvin Sargent and is scheduled for release May 4, 2007. Sargent received sole screenwriting credit for "Spider-Man 2."

[17.05.2005] zitiert James Franco...
[...] "I've met with (director) Sam Raimi a few times and we're planning on filming in January. . . . I thought the second one was better than the first, and I think this one will be better than both."

[14.05.2005] Now Playing Mag sprach mit Sam Raimi über die S3-Effekte... Und AICN ergänzt...
[...] Griddlecake Troutwater, whom's eyes are all over Stage 20 on the Sony lot. According to him that Stage is finishing up construction on the areas to house Costume & Wardrobe Department... but not just for SPIDER-MAN 3... the current rumor on the lot is Raimi is going to be shooting 3 & 4 together. Now, amongst the tests Spidey crew have been shooting during the last few weeks, well they've used alot of SAND I hear. Sand being blown around. [...]

[06.05.2005] meldet...
Spider-Man director Sam Raimi told SCI FI Wire that Sony Pictures plans to make six of the comic-inspired films, and that he'd consider helming them if he feels as strongly about them as he does about the upcoming third installment. "I've heard Amy Pascal [chairman of Sony's motion picture group] say she wants to make six Spider-Man pictures," Raimi said in an interview at the Saturn Awards in Los Angeles. "So I think she's a woman of her word. And if she says there'll be six, there'll be six. ... If they were to ask me, and if I felt as passionate as I feel now about the character and had this great hunger and desire to tell the story, which I really do now, you couldn't keep me away from it."
Raimi said the upcoming third Spider-Man film will in part chart Peter Parker's (Tobey Maguire) interior journey as he deals with his feelings about the death of his beloved Uncle Ben.
"The task that I had was to try and understand where he was when we last left him ... at the end of Spider-Man 2, trying to figure out what he lacked as a human being, as far as where he was immature and what he had not learned," Raimi said. "And certainly there's so much for that kid to learn. He really has been denied a social life. He's just been focused on being this do-gooder. And never really even dealing with the death of his uncle, just paying down his guilt with every criminal he brings to justice, never really addressing his own guilt that he feels in his heart and coming to terms with it. He's never really looked inside himself. So I think this picture ... he's going to have [to] look a little more inside himself and recognize and deal with some of the deficiencies that he has as a human being."
Thomas Haden Church (Sideways) will play a new as-yet-unidentified villain who is appropriate to that emotional journey, Raimi added. "We had to choose a villain that represented a proper obstacle in the path of that growth," Raimi said. "And so, though I'd rather not say who Thomas Haden Church is playing just yet - because Sony likes to make a proper presentation to the fans along with Avi Arad from Marvel Comic books - he was chosen because he represented that proper obstacle to ... Peter Parker's growth." Spider-Man 3 is in preproduction now.

[15.04.2005] Latino Review meldet...
[...] 'Anonymous' tells us the following: "Yes the Sandman will be in Spider-Man 3 but he's not the only villain. And no it isn't Black Cat like some people were suggesting. It will be SANDMAN AND HOBGOBLIN"
In Spider-Man 2, director Sam Raimi wanted two villains but chose not to, maybe he will in Spider-Man 3. The question is will HOBGOBLIN be Ultimate Hobgoblin? As you may or may not know the ultimate incarnation of the Hobgoblin is Harry Osborn (Played by James Franco), son of Norman Osborn. Harry accuses Peter for stealing his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson and killing his father. And it was left wide open at the end of Spider-Man 2 once Harry discovered his father's lair. Sam Raimi had also spoke about the possibility of Harry coming back. But like any rumor take this with a grain of salt.

[30.03.2005] Harry von AICN meldet...
[...] Multiple spies at Sony have confirmed that Thomas Hayden Church will indeed be playing SANDMAN. There's a ton of Sandman conceptual art all over the Spidey-offices! I have to admit, as much as I love Sandman - he really did have the best episode of SPIDER-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS... that scene of him on the beach tormenting Parker is still one of my all time fave Spidey images... I also was kinda wishing for the whole Kraven / Lizard story line that McFarlane did that I absolutely fucking loved. [...]

[27.03.2005] Bei gibt es eine Kritik zum Spiel "Spider-Man 2" für Nintendo DS !!!

[23.03.2005] Moviehole weiss mehr über die S3-Bösewichter...
The villains for "Spider-Man 3" will be Venom and Man-Wolf, at least according to a report on the website.
I do know that Venom is supposed to be a part of the next movie, and since Daniel Gillies is coming back to play John Jameson/Man-Wolf (he told me he's returning for sure), I guess it's safe to say that Thomas Haden Church, who they announced yesterday for a role, will be suiting up to play Venom. So everything in the article seems to be on the money.
Special-effects worker Tim Phoenix, who worked on Doc Ock for "Spider-Man 2", has been hired to work on both Venom and Man-Wolf for the next sequel. "It's super cool stuff and I am in my element here for these particular creations," he tells the abovementioned site. "I am living in 'the dream' out here. It is just so surreal." [...]

[22.03.2005] Blickpunkt:Film meldet, dass Thomas Haden Church Spideys neuen Erzfeind in "Spider-Man 3" spielen wird... Bei AICN wird derweil gerätselt, wer den dieser Erzfeind sein wird... Evtl. Sandman oder Mysterio !?!

[18.03.2005] Black Cat als Bösewicht in Teil 3 !?! NY Daily News sprach mit Chloe Sevigny...
[...] "I'd love to be in 'Spider-Man 3!'" Sevigny says. "There's a villain in it who's a blond, buxom girl, and I'm trying to get it!
"That [may] surprise people, since actors are always thought of as their last film or who they were. I think I'll always be drawn to films more difficult to watch, but I don't want to be a snobby cinephile." [...]

[13.03.2005] Heute um 20.15 Uhr zeigt ProSieben "Spider-Man" als deutsche Free-TV-Premiere...

[04.02.2005] CS! sprach mit Sam Raimi und Rob Tapert, u.a. über "Spider-Man 3"...
[...] I am starting to work with my storyboard artist now. A lot of the guys that worked with me on the last two Spider-Man pictures, coming up with the visuals, starting to design some of the action sequences. I'm having the first discussions now with Sony Pictures Imageworks on how to create some of these different characters. What improvements, for instance, would we do to Spider-Man. They'll be subtle and the audience probably won't even be aware of them but to that character specifically, how will we improve his style of movement, his density, the sense of weight? How can we take the next step? Where did we fail and what should we do about it to bring it to the next level? I'm really trying to shoot for a level of reality that we haven't yet achieved yet with Spider-Man films. [...]

[02.02.2005] Now Playing Magazine sprach mit Sam Raimi über den "Spider-Man 3"-Bösewicht...
[...] "Alvin Sargent is writing the screenplay right now," Raimi says. "I’m not supposed to [talk about the villain]. When Sony Pictures decides to release the villain they do it in conjunction with Marvel Comic books. Avi Arad is the president there and my producer, and they’re really the ones that decide how they’re going to present this to the fans of the comic and they love doing it with a lot of drama and a big splash. So they consult with me, but it’s really something... they really want to please the fans and do it in a very particular way." Raimi comes across as a nice enough guy, so it’s easy to let such doubletalk pass, but a bit more persuasion from Now Playing’s editors did get the filmmaker to discuss how he decided on the villain for the next film - whoever that villain may be. [...]
A lot of fans have high hopes that the villain in Spidey 3 will be Venom, a more modern foe for the wallcrawler than the first two films’ Green Goblin and Doc Ock. Of course, Raimi isn’t saying whether we’ll see the symbiote-suited Venom in the next film or not, but he does explain that the choice of villains also comes down to a balance between character and the cool visual aspect that modern special effects allow (and that would surely make for an amazing Venom, by the way).
"Absolutely we wanted to have a villain not only who would fulfill the character needs but somebody who could entertain the audience on a visceral level and provide great visuals, something we haven’t seen before, and create a real challenge and great foe for Spider-Man and his unique spidery, spider-like powers," says Raimi. [...]

[14.01.2005] CS! meldet...
Sony Pictures has made a seven-figure deal for Alvin Sargent to write Spider-Man 3, with an option to write the fourth movie as well, reports Variety. He has already begun work on the third film, which has a tentative release date of May 4, 2007.
The trade says Sargent is widely credited with whipping a problematic Spider-Man 2 script into shape, but he has evolved into the voice of the franchise.
Sargent got sole screen credit on the sequel but also did uncredited rewrite work on the first film, which was penned by David Koepp.
Sargent was brought on to polish the original film by his wife, Laura Ziskin, who produces the "Spider-Man" films with Marvel's Avi Arad. Koepp took a crack at writing the first draft of the sequel, followed by Smallville creators and scripting team Alfred Gough and Miles Millar and then author Michael Chabon. Sargent then was brought back and wound up with sole script credit.
The studio has not yet disclosed the storyline or villain for Spider-Man 3, but the story has already been crafted by Sargent along with director Sam Raimi and his brother, Ivan Raimi.

Weitere ältere Meldungen gibt es im "Archiv 2004"...

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