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Terminator Die archivierten Nachrichten aus der Rubrik "Aktuelles"...

[30.12.2007] zitiert den Produzenten Moritz Borman...
[...] Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins is set before the famous fighting machine has been built.
"We’re keeping the script under very tight security," Borman told Empire magazine.
"And one of the reasons is that we have a huge twist at the end, which we’re being careful not to reveal. Like with the last Terminator - we kept that under tight wraps so not even the crew got the last six or seven pages."
"I can tell you this much - this is the story everybody has been waiting for. Namely, we’re in the future. The part of it where Arnold’s character has not yet been built but is on the drawing board.
"And in the next two episodes we’ll get to the point where time-travel is more in the foreground. It’s the war against the machines, the start of Skynet taking over the world."
But Borman hinted that Californian governor Schwarzenegger could feature in two subsequent movies.
"It’s convenient that he hasn’t been built at this point of the story, as Arnold has more important things to do right now, but that doesn’t mean he might not re-appear later in the trilogy," he said.
"He knows the material and is very supportive of what we’re doing. There might even be hints of his character in this one."
Borman refused to be drawn on rumours that CHRISTIAN BALE is set to play John Connor.
"No comment. You can draw your own conclusions from that," laughed Borman.
"Everyone is assuming there is a John Connor and a Terminator in the script. Connor is in there along with another figure, but who is that figure?"
And on other casting whispers he said; "I’ve heard everything from SYLVESTER STALLONE to VIN DIESEL, and other ones. I can tell you that Vin Diesel is not somebody we’re currently talking to."
The cagey producer did confirm that Charlies’ Angels’ McG would direct the film and that shooting will begin on April 15 in Budapest.

[20.12.2007] Bei CHUD gibt es Details zum "Terminator 4"-Plot bzw. zur Rolle von Christian Bale - SPOILER !!!

[05.12.2007] sprach mit den "Terminator Salvation"-Produzenten...
[...] rumor was that Connor was only going to be a supporting role.
John Connor is an ongoing, very central character throughout the next trilogy.
VICTOR KUBICEK: Exactly. The mythology, really at the root of it, is the birth of the hero. John Connor is this modern-day, messianic figure that is going to lead our franchise forward.
ANDERSON: He's leading the fight for the salvation of humanity against the machines. So he's very important.
So he's the star?
ANDERSON: There's gonna be another major costar with kind of equal presence in this installment.
And that costar would play the Terminator character?
Yes.... Well, it's hard to say. It is a new character introduced in the mythology that's not replacing Arnold [Schwarzenegger]. It's not like he's stepping into Arnold's shoes. It's a completely new character. [...]

[03.12.2007] meldet...
Christian Bale, cyborg foe.
Thesp is closing in on the role of John Connor in Warner Bros.' reboot of the "Terminator" franchise.
Project puts Bale in two consecutive summer tentpoles for the studio: He will reprise his role as the Caped Crusader in "The Dark Knight" next summer, followed by "Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins" in summer 2009.
Bale will play Connor, now in his 30s, in the fourth installment of the "Terminator" franchise, to be set in the future. McG is directing the project, skedded for an April start in Budapest.
Bale has been rumored to be involved in the project for weeks, but there had been conflicting reports about his role.
Warners picked up North American distribution rights to "Terminator Salvation" in October. International rights are still open; Sony has first rights to those. Privately funded Halcyon is producing with former Intermedia CEO Moritz Borman; Borman, who exec produced "T3," teamed with Halcyon to acquire the rights to the franchise from ex-Carolco partners Andy Vajna and Mario Kassar.
Producers intend the project to be the first in a trilogy reinventing the franchise. It's not clear whether Arnold Schwarzenegger will appear in it. The Terminator role made him into a star, but he's now busy running the state of California; his role in "T3" was his last.
Bale, who appears as one of the Bob Dylan personas in "I'm Not There," toggles between tentpoles and more serious-minded fare. He's stepping into a role played by Nick Stahl and Edward Furlong (as a young Connor) in earlier installments of the "Terminator" franchise. [...]

[02.12.2007] meldet...
Christian Bale is in negotiations to star in "Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins," the fourth installment of the hit science fiction series. McG is directing the movie, which is being made by Halcyon Company and Intermedia, and will be distributed by Warner Bros.
The series, which originated from filmmaker James Cameron and made Arnold Schwartzennegar a star, centered on a robot from the future where machines wage war against humanity, whose goal was to kill Sarah Connor, the mother of the future leader of the human resistance. As the movies progressed, the son, played by Edward Furlong in "T2" and Nick Stahl in "T3," took a more prominent role.
"T4's" story, by David Campbell Wilson, John Brancato and Michael Ferris, focuses on John Connor, now in his 30s, as he leads what is left of the human race against the machines. [...]

[28.11.2007] Bei gibt es einen offiziellen "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" Poster-Wettbewerb...

[22.11.2007] Wenn man AICN Glauben schenken darf und/oder will, dann wird Christian Bale in "Terminator Salvation" die Rolle des John Connor spielen !!!

[17.11.2007] Bei gibt es sehenswerte Poster zu "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"... Und Moviehole meldet...
[...] One of our oldest Moviehole friends checked in a few minutes ago to let us know that those whispers about McG being in talks to direct the new "Terminator" movie - They’re no longer just whispers, and he’s no longer simply ‘in talks’. The "Charlie’s Angels" helmer is signed, sealed and delivered. He will direct "Terminator Salvation : The Future Begins". [...]

[05.11.2007] Bei CS! kann man einen Blick auf einen Terminator aus "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" werfen...

[04.11.2007] Der TV-Sender Pro7 zeigt heute um 1.30 Uhr "Terminator 3 - Rebellion der Maschinen"...

[29.10.2007] Bei IESB gibt es eine Behind the Scenes of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" Video-Featurette...

[20.10.2007] CS! berichtet über den US-TV-Starttermin der Serie "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"...
Again facing relentless Terminators that will stop at nothing until John Connor, the future leader of the resistance, is eliminated, Sarah Connor stops running and starts fighting back against fate and the machines that are out for her son in the highly anticipated new series "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" premiering Monday, Jan. 14 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox.
Unfolding where the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day leaves off, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" finds Sarah (Lena Headey) and her 15-year-old son John Connor (Thomas Dekker) alone in a dangerous world. As fugitives from the law, they are confronted by the ever-evolving technological enemy bent on destroying their lives, and perhaps the world. Balancing his inevitable fate as the possible savior of mankind and his current life as an ordinary high school student, John must learn what it takes to become the future leader of the people's resistance. His only friend is Cameron (Summer Glau), an enigmatic and otherworldly student at his high school who soon proves to be much more than his confidante she assumes the role of Sarah and John's fearless protector. Together, Sarah, John and Summer, all extraordinary in their own right, attempt to become a "normal" family. On their trail are not only threats from the future, but an intelligent and tough FBI agent, James Ellison (Richard T. Jones), who just may become a powerful ally.
"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" represents an exciting reinvention of the "Terminator" film franchise, in which the strong and intrepid Sarah discovers that protecting her son and stopping the rise of the machines is more difficult than she had ever imagined. [...]

[11.10.2007] meldet...
Warner Bros. has acquired North American distrib rights to "Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins," triggering an early 2008 production start for a film that seeks to reinvent the cyborg saga with a storyline to be told over a three-pic span.
WB plans to distribute "Terminator Salvation" in summer 2009.
The Warner deal dashes MGM's hopes of corralling distribution rights to the film. The Lion planned to pepper its slate with tentpoles such as "The Hobbit" and "Terminator," but neither project has worked out for the distributor.
Halcyon sued MGM in July in Los Angeles Superior Court, claming the distrib was interfering with its distribution plans on the fourth "Terminator" film on the basis of an MGM claim that it had acquired an exclusive 30-day negotiating window.
The "Terminator" pic franchise got a new lease on life in spring, when privately funded Halcyon and its co-CEOs Victor Kubicek and Derek Anderson teamed with "Terminator 3" exec producer Moritz Borman to acquire film, merchandising and licensing rights from ex-Carolco partners Andy Vajna and Mario Kassar. Kubicek, Anderson and Borman are producing the new film, with Peter D. Graves as exec producer.
WB had first right of negotiation for domestic theatrical and TV distribution rights because the studio played the same role on 2003's Jonathan Mostow-directed "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines." That pic posted a domestic gross of $150 million and a worldwide total of $427 million.
The producers said that the new film will carry the size and scale of "Terminator 3," and will have an event-sized budget. It will likely be less than the $200 million pricetag of "Terminator 3," which was saddled with extravagant costs that included above the line payouts, rights payments and heavy fees incurred through a complex financial structure.
Warner Bros. is also producing a smallscreen "Terminator" adaptation, "The Sarah Connor Chronicles," for Fox's midseason sked.
WB's commitment solidified the pic's financing structure and ensured a start date, producers said. They will now zero in on overseas distribution. Sony Pictures Entertainment, which distributed "T3" in most overseas territories, is expected to get first crack at a reprise. Several other territories are spoken for, including Japan, where Toho-Towa is expected to distribute once again.
A screenplay has been completed by "Terminator 3" scribes John Brancato and Michael Ferris, and the financiers and studio are close to locking a director. While industry buzz has "Charlie's Angels" director McG as the odds-on favorite for the assignment, the producers said no final decision had yet been made.
The first two "Terminator" films, directed by James Cameron, used contemporary settings to pit Sarah and John Connor against indestructible cyborgs. "T3" was also set in the present day and ended just as the machines initiated a nuclear apocalypse. "Terminator Salvation" was deliberately not given a number after its title, because Halcyon is eager to make it clear that the fourth film heads into an entirely different setting.
"This is set in the future, in a full-scale war between Skynet and humankind," Anderson told Daily Variety.
Borman said: "The third film was really the conclusion of what happened in the 'now.' You will find the most-loved characters, but the intention here is to present a fresh new world and have this be the first of a trilogy."
The producers said it wasn't yet clear whether Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back for his fourth appearance in the franchise that launched his movie career. "T3" was the last film in which he starred before becoming governor of California.
"We've left it open for him to maybe do a cameo," Borman said. "He has an important job, as we know, and the final decision will be based on his desire and availability, along with what the director wants."
The move on "Terminator" comes after Halcyon secured first-look rights to the literary works of sci-fi master Philip K. Dick.

[04.10.2007] CHUD meldet...
It's a big day for scoops from trusted and reliable sources. The latest comes from Duckie, who has been hearing buzzing about a name that is sort of attached to direct Terminator 4: McG.
This doesn't mean McG IS directing Terminator 4, but that he's in talks about it. The film is being set up as a pre-striker; the script just got turned in last week and the good people at The Halcyon Company would like to get this sucker into pre-production stat. Some talk had the movie shooting in the summer of 2008, but that's right when the strike would start, so expect this bitch to be going before the cameras in the first months of the new year.
Terminator 4 is really the movie we've been waiting for and that Terminator 3 failed to deliver: it's after the apocalypse and John Connor is organizing the surviving humans to resist Skynet's army of robots. I imagine this would be the Terminator origin story - the first time a human looking robot is used to infiltrate the ranks of people. [...]

[27.09.2007] CS! meldet...
"The Sarah Connor Chronicles" producer James Middleton, who is overseeing the development of Terminator 4, has given an update on the fourth film, which is intended to be the first of three new movies.
Middleton told IGN that "T4" is happening at The Halcyon Company and will be written by Michael Ferris and John D. Brancato, the duo that wrote Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. No director is set yet. Halcyon would like to be in pre-production in October for a 2009 release.
The fourth film, which will be titled "Terminator" with a subtitle much like "Rise of the Machines," will follow the events of "T3" and be post-apocalyptic. While it's not known whether Nick Stahl and Claire Danes will return, John Connor and Kate Brewster are indeed in the script.
The movie will feature a new hero. Middleton said the new hero would be like how "Ben-Hur was influenced by Jesus Christ, but it was his story. Much in that way, this character will be influenced by John Connor."

[25.09.2007] meldet...
[...] Garret Dillahunt has joined Fox's drama "The Sarah Connor Chronicles," [...]
On "Sarah Connor," an offshoot from the "Terminator" franchise, Dillahunt will play a mysterious character named Cromartie. [...]

[08.09.2007] Der TV-Sender RTL zeigt heute um 22.25 Uhr "Terminator II - Tag der Abrechnung"... Die Wiederholung läuft um 1.40 Uhr...

[27.08.2007] Laut AICN wird Edward Furlong nach T2 wieder in die Rolle des John Connor schlüpfen...

[20.06.2007] IGN sprach mit dem Produzenten Josh Friedman über die TV-Serie "The Sarah Connor Chronicles"...
IGN TV: [...] What will the central plotline of The Sarah Connor Chronicles be? We know there's an evil Terminator in the pilot. Will he be pursuing them all the time?
Josh Friedman:
There will be Terminators. There will sometimes be pursuit. There will be Terminators in a lot of it, and there's also a Skynet component to the show. There's a detective; an FBI guy. Richard Jones's character will be looking for them. I have some really kind of big ideas that I'm not gonna share yet, but I think people who are fans of the series will really be excited about it. Stuff that I know people have been wanting to see for a few years I think we're gonna take a crack at, at some point. Some really cool stuff. [...]
IGN TV: Are you working within the continuity of the Terminator movies, specifically Terminator 3?
We're gonna go off on our own. I think the thing about T3 is, obviously there was just no Sarah Connor and that's something the fans were never happy with. I don't even think the people who made T3 were happy with that. It just wasn't a choice of theirs. You know, Linda Hamilton was going through some things and didn't want to be a part of it. They had a script at one point I know; there was a T3 that had Sarah in it. I've never read it. I don't know anything about it. But I know that they did and they wanted to do that. They wanted it to be kind of her trilogy, and it never could be. So I think that my feeling was this TV series to me sort of serves as the third act to that trilogy - what could have happened had we followed that after T2. So I almost think of this as T3. To me it takes the place of T3. But also I think that sort of in the spirit of Terminator, it's an alternate timeline. I know a lot of people get very worked up about the continuity and the canon and all that stuff. What I try to do is stay very, very true to the first two movies and then sort of take it from there. But always remain true to the spirit of everyone's intent and again, take some time with this woman and explore what maybe would have happened. [...]
IGN TV: [...] I think one fear fans have is that every week there will be another Terminator coming after them, and at a certain point you have to wonder how many times can they do this?
Not gonna happen. Not gonna happen. I think the fear from fans is either there's no Terminators or there's too many Terminators, you know? And I think that's a legitimate concern, but one that I was also concerned with, and the show is not set up to be that. Obviously there are Terminators in the show, but it's not gonna be a Terminator of the week. That's not how we're gonna do it. I read online and I know people's feelings about this. Some people are excited, some people are dubious, and all I ask is people come and watch the show for... 13, 17, 22 episodes, and then make up their mind. [Laughs]. Just give me a year! You know, you watch a lot of crap on television, and I think this is gonna be good. [...]

[31.05.2007] CS! meldet...
[...] The male model Marcus Schenkenberg was on a Dutch tv show and mentioned he went to Cannes last week and booked four new movie roles. One thing that stood out was Terminator 4 and he also mentioned that Schwarzenegger would have a 30-sec cameo. [...]

[12.05.2007] Bei AICN wird bereits fleissig über die kommenden "Terminator"-Filme diskutiert...
[...] The new backers see "T4" as an attempt to reinvent the franchise with new cast and plotlines, ploys that worked for Batman and James Bond, and is being attempted with "The Incredible Hulk," which has Edward Norton as its new star. [...]

[10.05.2007] CS! meldet...
The Halcyon Company announced today the acquisition of all the "Terminator" franchise rights. These rights include the right to produce any future "Terminator" films, as well as all future merchandising and licensing rights, certain future revenues derived from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, as well as certain rights in the television project "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" and the sole right to produce all future "Terminator" projects in any new or existing media.
The Halcyon Company is a recently formed, privately financed, film development, production and financing company, headed by co-CEOs Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek. "The 'Terminator' franchise represents by far the most popular and successful franchise not owned by a major studio," said Mr. Kubicek. "While we have several other projects in the works, we see this global franchise as a cornerstone of Halcyon's future business plans."
Terminator 4 will be based on a script by John Brancato and Michael Ferris and is envisioned to be the first film in a new "Terminator" trilogy. Halcyon plans to immediately begin pre-production on the new film. While as yet no distribution agreement has been set, Halcyon anticipates that "T4" will be ready for release in the first half of 2009, if not earlier.
Moritz Borman, the Executive Producer of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines as well as the then-CEO of Intermedia Films (the co-production financial partner for "T3"), is slated to produce the new Terminator 4 film as well as being an integral member of the branding and licensing team. Kubicek and Anderson will co-produce.
Moritz Borman stated, "With 'T3,' we included many incidental details and plot points that, along with the main narrative, set the stage for an entirely new set of inter-related stories covering the future adventures of John Connor and the Terminators. This new 'Terminator' trilogy will build upon the already huge worldwide Terminator fan base, which was both revitalized and expanded with the global success of 'T3.'"
Anderson said, "We also plan to maximize the potential of the 'Terminator' franchise by entering into strategic relationships with world class merchandising and licensing partners. By quickly pursuing and finalizing these new opportunities, we are confident that all of these ventures can be completed in time to fully maximize their value by coinciding with the first of the new 'Terminator's' release."
Anderson continued, "In addition to Moritz Borman, Peter D. Graves, who will be an Executive Producer on the film, was an integral part of the acquisition team. He will also continue to provide executive consulting services to The Halcyon Company as well as spearhead all aspects of the 'Terminator' marketing program. Alan Schwartz, Randy Paul and Vincent Chieffo of Greenberg Traurig represented Halcyon in the transaction and were critical to its successful completion. Alan Schwartz and the Greenberg Traurig firm will continue to provide ongoing legal counsel to The Halcyon Company."
The most recent film of the multi-billion dollar "Terminator" franchise, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, was released domestically by Warner Bros. Pictures and internationally (excluding Japan and Korea) by Sony Pictures. This film generated over $450 million in worldwide box office, breaking numerous box office records around the world. The film went on to even greater success in its ancillary markets worldwide.
The Halcyon Company is a recently established, privately funded, independent film development, production and financing company founded by Victor Kubicek and Derek Anderson. Anderson and Kubicek plan to produce a portion of Halcyon's future output with the balance of the company's pipeline, expected to be produced in conjunction with other established producers and production entities in the industry.
Kubicek and Anderson both come from financial and creative backgrounds. Prior to co-founding Halcyon, Anderson was the founder and creative director of In the Mix, a boutique marketing and advertising agency, which was sold in 2000. Kubicek began his career in finance as a member of The American Stock Exchange and produced The Halcyon Company's first feature film Cook-Off!, which recently won an HBO Aspen Comedy Festival award.
Moritz Borman has produced more than twenty films, most recently including Oliver Stone's World Trade Center and Alexander. Until 2005 he was Chairman and CEO of Intermedia Films, which he took public in 2000.
Peter D. Graves is one of the top industry marketing consultants. Formerly President of Marketing for PolyGram Films, Graves has been directly responsible for, or consulted on, the marketing and release of over 200 titles including "Terminator 3"; The Perfect Storm; Braveheart; Fargo; The Score; Elizabeth; The Game; Dead Man Walking; The Usual Suspects; and Four Weddings and a Funeral.

[19.03.2007] CS! berichtet über eine Pressekonferenz...
[...] Lena Headey mentioned that she has wrapped shooting the pilot for Fox's The Sarah Connor Chronicles and that they'll know in May whether it will go to series. [...]

[06.03.2007] meldet...
Lena Headey, who stars in the the Fox SF drama pilot The Sarah Connor Chronicles, told SCI FI Wire that the show will begin with a confrontation between Headey's title character; her son, John Connor (Heroes' Thomas Dekker); and two new Terminators: a female model, played by Serenity's Summer Glau, and a male one, which she called Cromartie, played by Owain Yeoman. One is good and one is bad; she didn't say which is which. (Glau's character is named Cameron, an apparent nod to Terminator franchise creator James Cameron.)
The pilot, which picks up the story from the end of the feature film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, begins in the desert, and "it ends with them landing in L.A., having run and escaped. Or maybe not," Headey said in an interview at WonderCon in San Francisco on March 3.
"We just finished [shooting]," Headey (300) said. "We were in Albuquerque [N.M.] for a month. And it was very intense, because TV is crazy. I mean, it's long days. It's like boom, boom, boom. You don't get any respite. But ... I think it's going to be great. I don't know if its going to be picked up, because it's only in pilot stage right now. But I learned to shoot many weapons and how to recognize a Terminator. So it was a good experience."
The pilot "begins, and it's them basically running, hiding, trying to live," Headey said. "Trying to carve out a normal life for themselves, but always being watched and trying to locate Skynet, trying to stop [it]. But there are many, many issues in their way."

[01.03.2007] CS! meldet...
MGM Chairman and CEO Harry Sloan said in Boston this week that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger may do a cameo appearance in Terminator 4.
"Yes, we will need a new actor," Sloan said about the title role. "But Arnold may do a cameo. I think it's in his contract." [...]

[13.02.2007] AICN berichtet über die neue Generation von Filmplakaten, bei gibt es ein sehenswertes Video eines "T2"-Hologramm-Posters...

[14.01.2007] ProSieben zeigt heute um 20.15 Uhr "Terminator 3: Rebellion der Maschinen"... Die Wiederholung läuft um 1.00 Uhr...

[08.12.2006] Moviehole meldet...
Actor Thomas Dekker (sounds like a villain from a Paul Verhoeven movie), currently seen on TVs "Heroes", has suddenly made an enemy in screw loose Eddie Furlong.
Dekker has snagged the role of rebel tyke John Connor - previously played by Furlong in 1991’s "Terminator 2: Judgement Day", and more recently by Nick Stahl in "Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines" - in "The Sarah Connor Chronicles", the new "Terminator" inspired TV series set to air on FOX next year.
Lena Headey ("The Brothers Grimm") has already been cast to play Sarah Connor, the character’s mamma. The series - believed to have a link with the next series of "Terminator" movies - will explore what happened to Sarah Connor after the end of "T2," when the character went on the run.

[26.10.2006] CS! meldet...
MGM chief operating officer Rick Sands talked about the studio's upcoming projects during a ceremony for Sylvester Stallone at the Orlando World Marriott Center on Tuesday. [...]
The Hollywood Reporter says Sands is packaging the fourth "Terminator" film -- it will be titled "Terminator blah blah, not Four," Sands joked -- with a new star likely to fill the Arnold Schwarzenegger role. "It's like the 'Batman' or 'Superman' franchise in that it lends itself to having different actors in the roles," he said. [...]

[19.10.2006] CS! meldet...
Terminator 4 co-writer Michael Ferris has given Entertainment Weekly a hint about what we can expect from the next installment. First, however, he addressed the questions on whether Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back.
"'Terminator 3' kind of closed the book on Schwarzenegger, as did his gubernatorial career," said Ferris, who wrote the fourth film with John Brancato.
Another missing element is producer Gale Anne Hurd, who worked on the first three films and is not involved, and "T3" director Jonathan Mostow has yet to sign on (he'll be busy adapting Marvel's Sub-Mariner for a while).
As far as plot points, Ferris offered this tease: "You will learn about Skynet and what that postapolyptic future is like."

[11.09.2006] Bei CHUD gibt es ein Interview mit Josh Friedman, dem Drehbuchautor der kommenden TV-Serie "The Sarah Connor Chronicles"...
[...] The Sarah Connor Chronicles takes place between Terminator 2 and Terminator 3, which has left fans wondering what the heck is this show going to be about anyway? Is it just going to be Sarah and John Connor as mom and son, sort of an Alice with rocket launchers instead of Mel’s Diner? Will there be any Terminators in the show? Friedman was as cryptic as possible, but did let loose some tantalizing hints.
"I would like to be able to explore as many different avenues of Terminator mythology as possible," he told me. "I think to do a show that is a completely Terminator-less environment would probably not be, in the long run, a wise move or the most interesting thing."
Ever since the success of 24 and Lost serialized dramas have been the networks’ latest fascination. Friedman says that while he likes long story arcs, he’s not bringing the show in that direction. "I always go back to The X-Files, which I think did a good job of balancing close-ended stories with mythology stories," Friedman said. "The show will certainly not be a close-ended, procedural adventure of the week show. I would say it’s going to be a hybrid. It’ll be somewhere in between - it’s not going to be a Terminator of the week show, but it’s also not going to be soap opera."
And Friedman knows you're paying attention to this show, and he has only one thing to ask of you. "I read the talk backs, and people are pissed. They don’t want you to mess with it. The internet has a love/hate thing with the properties they love - they want more and they want it done well, but they hate it if Cameron’s not involved. All I ask is that people withhold judgment until they see it. I think it’s pretty fucking cool." [...]

[30.08.2006] Moviehole meldet...
[...] "Smallville" veteran - in fact, he's done the pilots for a heap of good shows - David Nutter has inked a deal to direct the pilot for "The Sarah Connor Chronicles", a TV spin-off of the money-spinning "Terminator" film series. As a result, FOX, who previously only made a put pilot commitment to "Connor" last fall, has officially greenlit the series.
The series, set to be produced by the films’ producers Andy Vajna and Mario Kassar, will be shot in New Mexico early next year. Casting will begin immediately.
"It's important for me to live up, as best I can, to the bar that Jim Cameron set," Nutter, who actually directed the pilot for Cameron’s series "Dark Angel", told Variety. [It] has to carry as much of a punch" as possible, even on a TV budget.
Josh Friedman’s script revolves around robo-warrior Connor and her savior son, John Connor. C2 senior veepee of development James Middleton, who's a producer on the project, said last fall that "Connor" will explore what happened to Sarah Connor after the end of "T2," when the character went on the run.
"She has the weight of the world on her shoulders, and she also has to raise a 14-year-old son who may be the salvation of the world," he said.
Nutter said his involvement with "Connor" began after he bumped into Friedman at a screening, and Friedman told him about the project. Not long after, Nutter spent four days at Comic-Con, and that prompted him to request a copy of Friedman's script.
"It really expanded the characters and did what any good movie-to-TV script should do, which is send them in directions you wouldn't expect," Nutter said.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong won’t be involved in the project - but we’re guessing one of them, at least, wishes they were.
Reports say the new TV series will link in with a new "Terminator" film series. The impending "Terminator 4" - which according to the grapevine, might not feature Arnold Schwarzenegger - will pick-up and reference subjects that arise on the TV show.

[07.04.2006] CS! meldet...
Terminator 4 producer Andy Vajna tells the AAP that the fourth film could be shot Down Under.
"We were thinking about Australia. We have been looking at the Warner Bros Studios down there but it is early days," Vajna said from the set of his current film, Children of Glory, in Hungary. "That would be probably early next year."
He added that the script by John Brancato and Michael Ferris is ready to go. "We have the script ready and we are now looking for a director and figuring out what the next step is," said Vajna.
Regarding whether or not Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back, Vajna added, "We would like Arnie in it as a cameo. We want to go on with the Terminator and turn it into a real sci-fi picture and there is a very interesting role for Arnold if he decides he wants to do it.
Arnold's return will depend on his political career, says Vajna.

[23.03.2006] Moviehole meldet...
He actually didn’t say he’d ‘be back’ last time - though I was pretty quick smart out of the theatre after "T3" from memory, if only to save myself a nice fat car fine, it’s possible he muttered it after the end-credits? - So nobody’s really expecting Arnold Schwarzenegger to don the ray-bands and leather duds for a fourth "Terminator" are they? (Especially considering rumours that they’ve actually written the Austrian Oak’s character ‘out of’ the next instalment).
Seems something’s changed - incongruously, this coincides with the decline of Arnold’s regard as the Californian Governor - because according to producer Mario Kassar, "Terminator 4" is waiting in the wings, they’re just waiting for a free spot in Schwarzenegger’s calendar. Yep, the big man will be back... again.
"T4 does have a script and all we need is Arnie to finish his term and step in front of the camera and play his trademark role", the producer, currently promoting "Basic Instinct 2" in Germany, told TV’s Extra.
It’s not known whom else of the original band would be returning to the stage, but chances are, since John Connor is a central figure in the story - Nick Stahl may be asked back. Claire Danes, who played his chum Kate Brewster in "T3", might not be though, recently stating that she’s not involved.
It’s looking more and more likely that Schwarzenegger will indeed only be serving the one-term in office, with rumours already circulating that he’s eyeing a return to film next year. Besides "Terminator 4", he has a number of projects he’s being pestered to do - including Warner’s third "Conan" film.

[04.03.2006] Heute um 20.15 Uhr läuft bei ProSieben die Free-TV-Premiere von "Terminator 3: Rebellion der Maschinen"... Die Wiederholung läuft um 1.20 Uhr...

[03.12.2005] Moviehole meldet...
It’s confirmed. Jonathan Mostow will dust off the towering terminator for a third sequel. Mostow, who directed "Terminator 3", was confirmed for the "T4" gig in today’s Variety.
Unfortunately, it’s a long ways off yet though (which could be good news for Schwarzenegger fans - because what I’m hearing is that the current draft of the script is a restart for the series, and doesn’t feature Arnie’s red-eyed cyborg, but maybe if he’s available, they might be able to write him into it?) because Mostow has committed to direct "Tonight, He Comes", which Columbia has been trying to get cooking for quite a while , which he will direct in L.A next Summer. [...]

[10.11.2005] Moviehole berichtet über eine geplante TV-Serie im selben Universum...
Sounds like the chaps behind ‘The Terminator’ franchise have found a way to milk the baby without sneaking into the Governor’s office, plonking a dark blanket over Arnie’s head, and forcing him to stand in front of a camera.
According to Variety, Andy Vajna and Mario Kassar's C2 Pictures, the WB and and writer Josh Friedman are in the early stages of getting a "Terminator" TV-series off the ground, one that would feature solely on the character of Sarah Connor. Linda Hamilton, who played the heroic rebel in the films, will not be returning to reprise her role.
"The Sarah Connor Chronicles" would centre on Sarah and her young son, John, and pick up at the end of "Terminator 2 : Judgement Day". "She has the weight of the world on her shoulder and she also has to raise a 14-year-old son who may be the salvation of the world," he said.
Friedman said his "challenge is trying to figure out how to reinterpret (Connor) for television." He adds, "The last thing I want to do is take a title and exploit it," Friedman said. "The show needs to stand on its own while still being respectful of the franchise."
A "Terminator 4" is still in the works too, says the trade. It’s likely going to be the start of an all-new trilogy. (Read : No Schwarzenegger)

[04.11.2005] Moviehole meldet...
[...] Rumours that James Cameron would return for a fourth "Terminator" movie are untrue, according to an interview the directing great has done with The Times.
Cameron, who also rules out a "True Lies 2", was, according to the grapevine, being coaxed back to the director's chair for a final Terminator instalment. Not so, Cameron tells the stone tablet.
On a better note, Claire Danes, someone who originally wasn't going to be returning for another, has signed on for "Terminator 4". Danes will reprise her role as Kate Brewster.
Jonathan Mostow is said to be returning as director.
Though - naturally - the studio would like Arnold Schwarzenegger to return, writer John Brancato has a 'back-up' plan in case the Governor can't - and I can't see how he could - find the time.

[11.10.2005] meldet...
Creature-effects supervisor John Rosengrant of Stan Winston Studios confirmed to SCI FI Wire that he has met with director Jonathan Mostow recently about the possibility of a new Terminator movie, but nothing is a go yet. "It's too early to figure out what a new Terminator would look like, or anything like that," said Rosengrant, who was the creature-effects supervisor on the upcoming film Doom, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. [...] Rosengrant said it is too early to figure out what a new robot from the future would look like if the franchise were to continue. "You usually don't do that kind of thing," Rosengrant said about designing a new Terminator. "You see the script and what spark comes from that, [talk] with the director and see what the vision is. It does no good to dream it up unless you write a treatment and try to get out there and sell it yourself."
Mostow, who directed Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines, has said he was interested in a fourth Terminator film and commissioned a story written by Terminator 3 screenwriters John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris. Nick Stahl, who starred as John Connor in the third film, is signed for two more sequels.
"I know Jonathan Mostow said he had a script idea for it, and I did talk to him, and he did say that, but I don't know," Rosengrant said. "I keep hearing that there's going to be a Terminator 4. That's all it's been, just rumblings."

[16.06.2005] CS! meldet...
Jonathan Mostow [...] is also awaiting a Terminator 4 script from "T3" screenwriters Michael Ferris and John Brancato.

[02.05.2005] meldete kürzlich...
[...] our informer tells us that T4 will definitely not be released before 2007 or 2008, at least. Rumours have also been flying around, about the movie being filmed in Hungary, Vajna's home country. This is all speculation and gossip.
No pre-production has been started on T4 at all. The script is being worked on, however it's nowhere near a finalised version at the moment.
All of the rumours about the T4 cast is untrue. Until Arnold makes a decision about his political ambitions, we will know nothing. It's still possible that we can see T4 with Arnold in the lead role. [...]

[20.02.2005] Die T4-Gerüchteküche brodelt: Laut TAF und FDM soll Michael Biehn in T4 nochmals Kyle Reese mimen, und statt Jonathan Mostow soll Kurt Wimmer (u.a. "Equilibrium") Regie führen... Und bei gibt es folgende Gerüchte...
[..] According to Bild, Ralph Moeller is in talks of portraying the Terminator in the next sequel. [..]
You will also remember that Claire Danes and Nick Stahl will not be returning. And as much as we would like to see Arnold back he will not have a major role. There is talk of a cameo but thats it.
The Terminator 4 movie will start shooting in November of 2005. The script has been completed by John Brancato and Michael Ferris.

[09.02.2005] Bei TAF gibt es folgendes Gerücht...
[...] Some weeks ago I heard in local news, that some people are building a film studio here in Hungary, precisely at Etyek (and not in Budapest, as it was mentioned at one place) and Andy Vajna also has a big part (financially) in that project! They said it would be bigger, than any other now existing studio, and they would inaugurate it by filming Terminator 4 first there, immediately after finished building in 2006. [...]

[02.02.2005] SF Wire meldet...
Nick Stahl, who played John Connor in 2003's hit Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, told SCIFI Wire that neither he nor T3 co-star Claire Danes will appear in a proposed fourth Terminator movie. "I'm not going to be in T4," Stahl said in an interview while promoting his latest film, the upcoming Sin City. "None of the cast is coming back." Stahl said that the producers' current plans may not even include original Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is now the governor of California.
Stahl added: "The [T4] story is changing conceptually. I believe it's a jump to the future, so my character will be quite a bit older. That's all that I know. So I'm not coming back, which is a drag. I don't know much more than that." [...]

[21.01.2005] meldet...
[...] Entering his second year in office, Schwarzenegger has largely dropped references to his movie career and has taken on a more serious, gubernatorial tone. But Hollywood is still calling.
The governor said he had been approached about making a brief appearance in "Terminator 4,'' but has told producers "they will never see me for one second in the movie" unless the film is made in California. It's planned to be shot in Budapest.

[06.11.2004] IESB meldete kürzlich...
[...] I just did some pre-vis for Pirates of the Caribbean: Treasures of the Lost Abyss lst mth. Nothing to share sorry - just a rumor debunking : Orlando Bloom. He's not going to do "Terminator 4".
I read it on a few sites a while back. It's not happening. Not sure if it was even offered. Bloom - who is going to rock in 'Treasure' - is stapled down for the next year. He's got PR for Elizabethtown to do, and then another 'Pirates' after this's a no-go considering T4 shoots next year. [...]
'T4' is a different crowd, but I know that DigitalScape are prepping the effects and that they're waiting for Schwarzenegger's availability [he'll only be available for a few days but they will spread him out across the film] before it rolls. From what I can gather it'll essentially still be a 'Schwarzenegger' picture.

[27.10.2004] Moviehole meldet...
According to Variety, Jonathan Mostow, helmer of "Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines", is in talks to direct the fourth instalment of the naked-Austrian-hunts-Hamilton series. Previous reports suggested that Mostow was involved in helping develop the film’s storyline, but it was unknown whether he was eyeing off the directors chair again. Considering the Austrian Oak worked well with Mostow, there’s a chance the Governator might appear in the flick - if even briefly - should Mostow return.
Recent rumours have hyped "Lord of the Rings" blondie Orlando Bloom linked to the film. We hope, for the fans sake, he’s not being pencilled in to play a new Terminator?
"Terminator 4" is still a while down the track though, with the trades also reporting today that Mostow has signed to helm a new comedy [...]

[24.09.2004] CS! meldet...
Terminator 4 is ready to start production in 2005, but will Arnold Schwarzenegger be back? Variety reports that Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines writers John Brancato and Michael Ferris have completed a draft of a script that was developed under the supervision of "T3" director Jonathan Mostow.
The trade adds that C2 partners Mario Kassar and Andy Vajna are returning as producers, and "T3" financier Intermedia, which has underwritten development so far, will begin the process of setting up the budget for the picture.
Mostow is expected to next direct an untitled thriller he wrote for Paramount. Intermedia will open formal negotiations shortly for a deal that would make "T4" Mostow's next directing job. Intermedia will also meet soon with Warner Bros. Pictures and Sony Pictures, who distributed "T3" domestically and internationally, respectively. Both of the studios have an option to serve the same roles in the fourth film.
Schwarzenegger's availability is the big question mark, since he is the governor of California. There's already been talks for Arnold to return, but it would likely be in a limited role. Variety adds that the expectation is that "T4" will break in a new terminator model.
There's no word yet whether or not Nick Stahl or Claire Danes will return.

[19.09.2004] Bei AICN gibt es Infos zu Produzenten-Gebrabbel bzgl. T4...
[...] Not sure if you have watched the Red Heat special edition DVD, and if you have, this may not be news. But I thought it worthy to report. If you watch the documentary, East Meets West, Carolco and Red Heat (or something like that), they briefly mention that they are in the process of putting together Terminator 4. They also jokingly mention that as Governor of California, Arnold gets two weeks of paid vacation and that they would love for him to come down and put in for a cameo appearance. That made me believe that they are definitely moving forward with this and have already decided to replace Arnold. Hopefully this puts it in the future. [...]

[14.07.2004] Latino Review sprach mit dem T4-Drehbuchautor John Brancato...
[...] Can you talk about writing the Terminator story around his [Arnold Schwarzenegger's] model? Knowing, at best, he'd only be available for a cameo.
John Brancato: We did have to think about a new franchise character. He couldn't carry the movies anymore. So that caused us to have, I think, a pretty novel approach about what the new terminator would be like. What directions would it go in. Again, they made me actually sign things that I would not leak. As much as I would like to brag about the script, I can't really tell you. [...]

[06.06.2004] Moviehole meldet...
[...] 'Anonymous' says "T4 will not be the last Terminator film. In fact, Mario Kassar and Andrew Vajna have already signed Jonathan Mostow to write and direct Terminator 4 and will try to woe James Cameron himself for the last film in the Terminator franchise, Terminator 5. Afterall, Mr. Cameron loves a great sequel and Mario and Andy are going to make him an offer he can't refuse".
And is there any truth to the rumours that The Rock's going to appear in one of them? "The Rock wants to star in Terminator 4 only if Schwarzenegger is in the film."
According to the insider, "T4" is pencilled to open in theatres in either 2006 or 2007.

[18.05.2004] Bei TAF gibt es neue, vielversprechende Infos zu T3.5 !!! Und laut sieht es ganz so aus, als würde Arnold ab 2006 wieder Filme drehen !!!

[11.05.2004] DH meldete kürzlich...
[...] Regular action film scooper 'ABKing' has his own informants, one of which dropped in this quote from producers Mario Kassar and Andrew Vajna when asked about their future projects - "We are gearing up for some very huge projects! We are focusing all of our energies on Terminator 4! We have an amazing idea that will make sci-fi movie goers cheer. It stays true to the Terminator universe says Vajna. Arnold will be back for this one, but for how long he will be in the film is the question right now.
We also want to make another Rambo movie [...]

[05.05.2004] Bei TAF gibt es Infos zu T3.5 - dazu gibt es auch eine Petition !!! Und Moviehole meldet...
[...] as Moviehole reported last week, there are whispers that a "Terminator 4" might be setting it’s sights on shoot date of first quarter 2005, with Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly contacted about making an appearance near the film’s ‘end’. And no, The Rock apparently won’t be headlining it - it’ll be a Stahl/Danes affair. A second source confirmed this rumble this week, saying that whilst it's again 'only talk' there are rumours that Arnold might be freeing up some time in the New Year to do a couple of days work for the film. I'm with y'all - a "T4" with only a sequence or so featuring the big guy, just doesn't sound that enticing does it?

[04.05.2004] Bei X-Tream gibt es erste Konzeptzeichnungen zu Terminator 4... Sofern es sich dabei nicht um gut gemachte Fälschungen handelt... ;-)

Weitere Meldungen gibt es im "Archiv 2003"...

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