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Archiv 2005

Die archivierten Nachrichten aus der Rubrik "Aktuelles"...

[30.12.2005] CS! meldet...
The evil mutant assassin Psylocke has joined the lineup of X-Men 3, which 20th Century Fox will release on May 26, 2006.
The Hollywood Reporter says the character will be played by Filipina actress Mei Melancon, who previously worked with "X3" director Brett Ratner in Rush Hour 2.
Psylocke, who has had several incarnations in the Marvel comic book series, is best known for her fighting and telepathic skills as well as an ability to transport herself and others through shadows.
In the film, she will fight against the X-Men as a member of Magneto's (Ian McKellen) Brotherhood of Mutants.

[16.12.2005] Bei CS! gibt es die X3-Charaktere in HiRes !!!

[14.12.2005] Moviehole meldet...
[...] Bruce Davison tells IF Magazine that he won’t be appearing in the next "X-Men" Instalment.
"I was nowhere near that one. I was in Africa and they were in Vancouver. I’m dead I think. I tried to convince Bryan [Singer, director of X-Men 2] that I went down a drain, show a shot of water running down a drain so that I could come up out of a bathroom fixture", says the actor, whose credits include "Apt Pupil" and "The Triangle". [...]

[06.12.2005] Der "X-Men 3" Teaser-Trailer und die Offizielle "X3" Website sind online !!! Und AICN ergänzt...
[...] It looks like FOX has registered - which seems a significant indicator that it may be titled: X3: THE LAST STAND... or even X-MEN 3: THE LAST STAND.

[05.12.2005] Bei USA Today gibt es die ersten X3-Bilder, u.a. Angel !!!

[03.12.2005] Bei CS! gibt es eine Beschreibung zum kommenden "X-Men 3" Teaser-Trailer, der im Vorprogramm von Peter Jackson's "King Kong" zu sehen sein wird...

[28.11.2005] meldet...
Recently discovered info reveals that Kelsey Grammer's BEAST will have one of the most interesting roles in X3. Not due to his blue fur or his amazing acrobatics, but due to his point of view in the film. Brett Ratner's X3 will really dig deep into the minds of mutants who are not blessed with 'normal' looks. [...]

[18.11.2005] meldet...
[...] "Two models have signed a deal with Marvel Entertainment to be in the X-men 3 movie (or a possible spin off of the film). Their names are Ashley Hartman (tv's The OC) and Mercedes Scelba-Shorte (tv's America's Next Top Model). Ashley and Mercedes both have acting [and modeling] credits. Neither of them are just extra's either. [...]
Mercedes is playing a mutant simply known as M. Ashley is portraying Emma Frost. They both signed for roles in X-Men 3 directed by Brett Ratner." [...]

[17.11.2005] meldet...
Brazilian magazine Herói recently interviewed Daniela Tose (international director of licensing) and Mark Rhodes (vice-president of retail development) at Marvel. They had the following pieces of information to offer based on the advertising campaign that they have planned for X-Men 3:
A full trailer for X3 will be released in February. It will be exhibited in theaters, on the internet and at various other big events (including the Superbowl Finals).
Hugh Jackman will make a special appearance on The Simpsons next year. This will likely coincide with the promotion of the movie.
There will also be some mention of X-Men in an episode of The OC next year as well. [...]

[12.11.2005] sprach mit Stan Lee über seinen Gastauftritt...
[...] In X3, Lee said, "It's not one of my biggest roles, I'm a little embarrassed to say. I'm a guy in the suburbs watering the lawn with a hose, and the water as you can imagine is coming out of the hose and going down on the lawn. Then one that has power to move things mentally" - Jean Grey, played by Famke Janssen - "she's driving, and she gestures at my house, and all of sudden the water goes up instead of down. And remember Sunset Boulevard, where Gloria Swanson says, 'I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille'? Well, it's supposed to be a big closeup of my face. And I say, 'What the f--k?' And every time I say it, [director] Brett Ratner said, 'Make it lower, Stan.' And at the end, I whisper it. So I don't know if it will come out at all."
Having Lee's profanity too audible could jeopardize the sequel's rating, so it's unclear whether audiences will be able to hear him in the final cut. Indeed, Lee said, "what really bothers me is if the movie is three seconds too long, I'm not sure that it will make the cut. Even if they don't hear me, my lips are definitely saying it. But that's what Brett Ratner told me to say. I just do these cameos, and I'm a slave to what they tell me to do." [...]

[16.10.2005] Die Offizielle "X3" Website ist online...

[05.10.2005] Bei HNR gibt es neue Bilder vom X3-Set...

[14.09.2005] Bei AICN gibt es Wolverine-Bilder vom Set...

[09.09.2005] Moviehole meldet...
According to The XVerse, the character of Gambit will not be in the next sequel, as rumoured. "Today, Ralph Winter (one of the film's producers) confirmed to The Xverse that there is no appearance by Gambit in X-Men 3 -- but that it might be included in "the next one". This indicates that despite any possible plans to end the series with a trilogy, people involved with production are open to future X-sequels", says the site.

[03.08.2005] Moviehole meldet...
Young up-and-comer Cayden Boyd, fresh from his starring stint in "The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D" has snagged the role of young Archangel in "X-Men 3", according to his official site.
Meantime, Sang Koo Kang, a skilled martial artist who has worked with Brett Ratner before, is chasing a role in the film, says The Los Gatos Weekly Times. Apparently Ratner has already recruited him for a role in "Rush Hour 3", which according to is kicking off it's shoot in November.

[28.07.2005] Bei AICN gibt es Neues zu X3... Und IGNFF meldet...
IGN FilmForce has learned that the role of Kitty Pryde in X-Men 3 will be played by fifteen-year-old actress Ellen Page (a.k.a. Ellen Philpotts-Page). Her credits include Hard Candy and the TV series Trailer Park Boys. Click here for more about Ms. Page. [...]

[20.07.2005] Comics Continuum zitiert den "X-Men 3"-Autor Zak Penn...
[...] Penn, who also worked on X2, said he was brought in to help with the continuity between films. He and Kinberg were originally working on their own -- much like Penn and David Hayter did on X2 -- before teaming up.
"Simon and I sat down on our own and realized that we were kindred spirits and both like the same things," Penn said. "And because of the accelerated schedule, we went into the studio and said that instead of having two competing screenwriters, which is kind of what we did on X-Men 2, let's work together. That's how we were able to write a script in a week and hand in a draft and say, 'Here's what X-Men 3 should be.' It seemed crazy, but we had two experienced screenwriters working on the same time."
Penn said that the accelerated pace -- X-Men 3 starts filming in three weeks for a May 26 release -- is not about " an evil overload at Fox saying, 'I'm going to destroy X-Men. Let's push the schedule up.'"
"We have 14 actors who are all extremely popular and all who are extremely famous and all who have really busy schedules," Penn said. "There is no way if we don't work on the schedule we're working on ... the center will not hold. We can't make the movie. It's not like Spider-Man, where you need Tobey Maguire. We need all those people to come back.
"Imagine if we said, 'Yeah, we're doing X-Men 3, but no Hugh Jackman, no Halle Berry, no Ian McKellen, no Patrick Stewart.' I mean, people would freak out. We have to work under the dictates of the reality of Hollywood. We want all these actors back. We want to be able to do it. The movie is crazy expensive; this is not a cheap film.
"We don't say in the production office, 'Gee, this isn't fair. I wish we had another year.' We say, 'This is what we have to do to get a movie before the fans.'"
The Beast is being introduced in X-Men 3, and Penn said he's "really proud" of how the character is being treated. Asked about the Hank McCoy cameo in X2, Penn said it's been to forget about it.
"X-Men is not a franchise where its parade of a cameos," he said. "It's not like it, 'Hey, I'm Beast. I'm here to save the day.' These characters have to live and breath in the same world that Nightcrawler lived in and the same world the other characters lived in."
Warren Worthington, reportedly to be played by Ben Foster, will be in the film, but Penn nipped a rumor in the bud.
"People keep writing that Warren Worthington Sr. is the evil corporate leader that is trying to destroy mutantkind, and it's totally false," he said.

[15.07.2005] Laut AICN wird Ben Foster (u.a. "Hostage", "The Punisher") in die Rolle von Angel schlüpfen... 100% !!!

[08.07.2005] Laut AICN wird Nick Stahl (u.a. "Terminator 3", "Sin City") Angel spielen...

[02.07.2005] Moviehole zitiert Avi Arad...
X-Men 3
That online script that was reviewed, says Arad, was something "verbally passed on. It wasn't even a script". Arad says he loves all his babies, but "rarely do I say this is the best script of them all". Arad says the script is getting better day by day, and "you re-write scenes while you're in production". He adds, "I tell you what really pisses me off about this stuff - is the ignorance to the comics, because if you know the comics at all, OK, lot of our leaders of the X-Men died and came back in one form or another".
Arad hints that Patrick Stewart's character, Xavier, may die in the movie. "He died [in the comic]. One of the most famous panels in the comic was his funeral. They all die and come back. We don't kill anyone just for the hell of it - [only] if it works for the story".
Onto casting and Arad confirmed that Maggie Grace ["Lost"] is out as Kitty Pryde, hinting that it had something to do with her TV schedule. So when do we hear who's replacing her? "Tuesday", he says. As for who is playing Angel, Arad says Mike Vogel was up for it - but his schedule clashed. "He decided to go with the Poseidon Adventure". And what happened to Alan Cumming, why isn't he back as Nightcrawler? "This film has like ten new mutants, and some of them are like mind-fucking characters", says Arad. "We have to move on. In our story bringing someone [in] who is not from the immediate leadership does not serve the story". Arad says there would just be no screentime for Cumming.
Third "X-Men" spin-off
Arad says he hasn't heard what that rumoured third "X-Men" spin-off - after "Wolverine" and "Magneto" - is. "I really don't know anything about it", he says, of the film that's apparently being penned by Zak Penn. "[So] I really cannot comment on it".

[30.06.2005] DH meldet...
Sexy blond hunk Mike Vogel ("Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants," "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre") has been rumoured for Angel.

[29.06.2005] CS! berichtet über ein weiteres mögliches "X-Men" Spin-Off...
Variety says that Zak Penn [...] is also expected to develop a film at the studio to direct, possibly a spinoff of the "X-Men" franchise.
The studio is already developing two of those, the David Benioff-scripted Wolverine and an origin story about the villain Magneto that Sheldon Turner is writing. Penn's would be a new movie.

[24.06.2005] XMF meldet...
[...] X3 director Brett Ratner has hired the highly rated Philippe Rousselot as director of photography (aka cinematographer) for X3! The French Oscar winner has worked on a wide variety of films including: Interview with the Vampire, People vs. Larry Flint, Remember the Titans, Antwoine Fisher and Tim Burton's Big Fish.
He also has experience in working on big budget films based on comic book material having photographed Constantine. He last worked on the upcoming Burton/ Depp film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. DOP Dante Spinotti who worked on three of Brett Ratner's movie's had already committed to a new project, preventing the start of a new collaboration. Rousselot is currently in prep and will start shooting on August 2nd.

[21.06.2005] sprach mit Avi Arad über die nächsten Filmprojekte...
[...] Stan Lee will likely make his next cameo in "X-Men 3," which recently landed "Rush Hour" director Brett Ratner along with a release date of May 2006.
"I've never seen a reaction like that," Arad says of the Internet buzz that erupted after the casting of Kelsey Grammer as Beast was announced. He also confirms that Vinnie Jones (Bullet Tooth Tony from "Snatch") will play Juggernaut and that the cast from the first two movies are "all coming back." Regarding Jean Grey's possible evolution at the end of the last movie, however, Arad says, "Dark Phoenix should not be the centerpiece of the movie."
Arad will also oversee two spinoffs from the "X-Men" series: one about Magneto ("It's being written. It's going to be a smaller movie, [but] very true to the origin") and a "2007/2008" film with Wolverine ("Totally different, just Wolverine's journey"). The Magneto film will star an actor much younger than the one we're used to seeing, but that doesn't mean that the man who originated the role for the big screen is on the outs.
"I will always want Ian McKellen," Arad says. "There's no way for me to think of not walking into the story through him - through something happening now, and then going back there. Ian is an ambassador for this, and he needs to be there." [...]

[20.06.2005] Moriarty von AICN kommentiert Alan Cummings Abwesenheit in "X3"...
[...] This news strikes me as a bit odd. I've been talking more with people involved with the film in the last week, and Nightcrawler is included in the script, or was in a very recent draft. Not a huge role, but I like where and when he was introduced, and it seemed like at least he'd show up in the film. If this is true, then that's a shame. [...]

[19.06.2005] CS! meldet...
Alan Cumming has announced on his official website that he will not be returning as Nightcrawler in 20th Century Fox's X-Men 3:
EX X MAN!! Alan will NOT be appearing in X3. Fox has not picked up his option to play Nightcrawler for a second movie.
The third installment starts filming in August for a May 26, 2006 release date. The rest of the original returning stars are expected to return, and the cast is bolstered by Kelsey Grammer as Beast, Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut and Lost star Maggie Grace as Kitty Pryde (aka Shadowcat).

[15.06.2005] Bei CS! gibt es das "X-Men 3" Teaser-Poster...

[14.06.2005] Bei AICN gibt es harte Worte von Moriarty und ein ausführliches "X3" Script-Review... SPOILER !!!
[...] It seems the new presidency is much more accepting of mutantkind. But here we see what is both one of the strengths and one of the weaknesses of this script as a whole. The parallels to the first two films don’t go away. In fact, we see more of the exact same. In both the first two films, we had interesting and hearty character interactions and rapports, a well-developed villain in Magneto who is more greyly shaded than many realize, and some fun intros and boisterous second acts. Again, we have some interesting character introductions (heck, with such a plethora of good characters to choose from, it’d be hard not to get most of these right), and I’ll get into both Beast’s and Angel’s effective scenes in just a bit. But the villainous sidekicks always seem to get reduced to near Bane-like levels of idiocy (Sabretooth in X1, Lady Deathstrike in X2, and in X3 we have a listless Juggernaut, who is nothing more than a henchman among Magneto’s Brotherhood.) Also, the second act in X3 doesn’t cook nearly as much as the Military vs. the School of Mutants in X2, and it’s more discombobulated, like some of the scenes out of X1. We need one X-Men member to shine in the second act and basically take over the show (like Wolvie did in the school), but we’re not given that here.
Also, the main arching plot in these films is always some lame attempt by someone to change mutants to humans, humans to mutants, or kill one or the other. It’s no different in this script, too, as the plot consists mainly of Worthington Sr.’s plan to de-mutant the collective homo sapien superiors of the world by injecting them with a de-mutant serum. That’s right. A frikkin’ de-mutant serum that glows blue. What is it with the writers for this series and their fascination with serums and machines that alter genetic make-ups? So no, there is no Apocalypse. There are no Sentinels. What we have here is a good ol’ fashioned serum of death as our enemy of choice. [...]

[10.06.2005] CS! meldet...
Seed Productions, the newly named producing venture headed by Hugh Jackman and John Palermo, has made a first-look deal at 20th Century Fox, reports Variety. It calls for Seed to steer a David Benioff-scripted spinoff film that Jackman will topline after X-Men 3 wraps.
Jackman and Palermo will produce Wolverine with Lauren Shuler Donner and Marvel's Avi Arad.
While Jackman hasn't produced a film yet, he has participated in the behind-the-scenes on "X3." He got a taste of crisis management when helmer Matthew Vaughn abruptly departed and Brett Ratner was hired to replace him.
"It got to be a roller-coaster ride there, but I wasn't worried because the script is so strong," Jackman said. "Matthew had his reasons but helped make the movie better before he left. Brett has come in with a lot of enthusiasm and full understanding of the franchise. It has been a real learning curve, as has been putting together the script on 'Wolverine.' That project is a good start for me as producer, because I have intimate knowledge of the character."
Palermo, who's an executive producer on "X3," said Benioff will turn in his first draft shortly.

[09.06.2005] DH meldet...
In an interview with MTV, Brett Ratner spoke about taking over the reins of the "X-Men" franchise and the difficulties of getting it all done with the very limited timetable he's got. "It's not going to be easy, but we're definitely going to hit it" says Ratner who claims "Bryan Singer left ['X-Men 3'] because he didn't like the material" and insists "I don't think this movie is tainted; I think it is fantastic and the script is amazing"
Not everyone, however, considers Ratner quite so blessed. "[They think] I'm the antichrist!" he laughed when asked about what many diehard fans are posting on popular movie-discussion Web sites. "I don't think about it." Ratner acknowledges that comic-movie heroes including Superman and Batman both went horribly wrong after new directors took over the franchise for the third installment.
"I'm not Joel Schumacher. I'm Brett and all I know is what I know, what I can do and what I have to work with...I want to stay true to the franchise and true to the characters, but I think it's elevated ... I don't want to be pompous and say I'm going to take it to the next level. I think the script that Simon Kinberg and Zak Penn wrote gives me a tremendous amount of confidence."
Ratner insists that the "X-Men 3" script is up to snuff, that production will commence in Vancouver, British Columbia, in eight weeks, and that series stars Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, James Marsden and Rebecca Romijn will return.

[06.06.2005] CS! meldet...
20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment set Brett Ratner on Friday night to replace Matthew Vaughn as the director of X-Men 3, reports Variety. Shooting will start in August for a Memorial Day weekend 2006 opening date.
A comic book enthusiast, Ratner was among the helmers considered to direct the first X-Men. The job went to Bryan Singer instead. Ratner then spent a full year developing Superman Returns, the film that ultimately prompted Singer to drop out of directing "X3."
The trade adds that the "X3" budget is locked, and Fox and Marvel brass consider the script by Zak Penn and Simon Kinberg to be at least as strong as that of the first two installments. The original returning stars have been signed, and the cast is bolstered by Kelsey Grammer as Beast, Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut and Lost star Maggie Grace as Kitty Pryde (aka Shadowcat).
Fox's hiring of Ratner also means that Rush Hour 3 will most certainly miss New Line's projected fall start and summer 2006 release dates. Ratner directed the first two films in that series and seemed certain to make the third, but Chris Tucker's unwillingness to sign his $20 million deal in timely fashion scotched those plans.

[03.06.2005] Laut AICN sind derzeit zwei Regisseure für "X-Men 3" im Gespräch: John Moore (u.a."Behind Enemy Lines") und Brett Ratner (u.a. "Rush Hour")...

[01.06.2005] AICN meldet, dass Matthew Vaughn als Regisseur von "X-Men 3" zurückgetreten ist... Ein anderer Regisseur scheint bereits gefunden... Evtl. Joss Whedon !?!

[19.05.2005] Moviehole meldet...
The gorgeous pair of legs belonging to Maggie Grace (Shannon on TV's "Lost") might be strutting their way to Professor X's abode.
According to Variety, the blonde beauty is in talks for "X-Men 3". She'd play the role of Kitty Pryde, a lass who can walk through walls.
Meanwhile, "Frasier" himself, Kelsey Grammer, has jumped abord the super-sequel. He's agreed to climb into the blue-furry suit belonging to 'Beast'. Funnily enough, in the comics, Beast and the Avengers joined The X-Men to fight off Dark Phoenix. Hint, Hint?

[17.05.2005] AICN meldet...
[...] Apparently, An American actor named Scott Madej will be playing a younger version of Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier. The report went on to say that the Studio nor Director Matthew Vaughn confirmed whether it would be a flashback sequence. [...]

[13.05.2005] DH meldet...
[...] Mike Elizalde, the makeup effects supervisor for "Fantastic Four" has confirmed he's on for "X-Men 3" according to Latino Review. Meanwhile, Geoff Hubbard has signed on as the art director according to Xmen Films. Matthew Vaughn confirmed the script took just six days to complete according to an interview with CHUD [...]

[04.05.2005] Unter gibt es die Bestätigung...
[...] Vinnie is going to film X Men 3 in America in August, and 4 & 5 if they make them. He plays the character Juggernaut. [...]

[03.05.2005] Bei IESB gibt es den letzten Stand in Sachen "X-Men 3", u.a. eine Wortmeldung von Rebecca Romijn...
[...] I took a few minutes to ask Rebecca about the X-Men franchise and her thoughts on Bryans departure from X-Men 3. She was quick to say that she will miss Singer as the director and that she has now been given an August 1 start date.
When asked about the script she mentioned that last she heard it was not done yet and that there has been plenty of changes from the first drafts. The early reports that the storyline would revolve around the Dark Phoenix may no longer be accurate. Part of the problem that Fox is having is that they currently don't know what character the third movie will focus and revolve around.
It is believed that the third movie would not revolve around Logan/Wolverine since that was the premise of the last two films and Vaughn has referred to parts of the Dark Phoenix story as a mess. [...]

[01.05.2005] Laut DV-H! ist David Anders ("Alias") im Gespräch für die "Angel"-Rolle...

[22.04.2005] Bei CS! gibt es ein lesenswertes Interview mit dem "X-Men 3"-Regisseur Matthew Vaughn... Und SneekPeekTV meldet...
Toronto is prepping for "X-MEN 3", the third feature in Fox "X-Men" movie franchise, based on Marvel Comics mutant super-hero characters.
Although the first "X-Men" film was shot in Toronto, the second, "X2: X-Men United" was filmed in British Columbia.
Both Toronto and Vancouver may be used for locations this time around.
Start Date is July 15, 2005 with a release date of May 26, 2006. [...]

[21.04.2005] AICN meldet...
You may remember the story that Quint posted regarding Ray Parks appearing at a convention in New Zealand claiming that he was in negotiations to appear in X3. Well, not according to the team making X3. The TOAD is nowhere in X3 and there are no plans to insert his lilypad either. Now, does this make Ray delusional? Not necessarily - in this business sometimes people are told what they want to hear, with no real basis in reality. Seems this is the case here, as he or his management are not negotiating with Fox or the Production Team behind the film. So it seems Toad won't be croaking after that lightning strike afterall.

[19.04.2005] Laut einer Meldung bei AICN, besteht die Möglichkeit, dass Toad in "X-Men 3" wieder auftauchen wird... Ausserdem greift AICN einen Artikel aus "The Sun" auf...
[...] "Tough guy Vinnie Jones is set to play a super-powered villain in X-men 3
The ex-footballer will play Hulk-style baddie Juggernaut in the movie. Vinnie, 40, will wear a four-stone latex suit to boost his muscles for the role - Juggernaut is 7ft tall and weighs 65st. He will star along side Sir Ian McKellen, Rebecca Romijn, Halle Berry and Hugh jackman.
Filming starts later this year. A source said: "Vinnie thinks it's a great laugh and can't wait to get into the suit."

[17.04.2005] Newsarama zitiert aus einem Interview mit dem "Wolverine"-Drehbuchautor David Benioff...
[...] Promising his story will be a "bit darker and a bit more brutal", Benioff says he’s writing an ‘R’ script and that Marvel Studios and director will have to decide where to go from there.
Finally, Benioff tells CBG that his script and vision stays away from the more "fantastical" elements associated with the X-Men franchise.
"I’m going to stay away from the ‘Four Riders’ kind of stories and the science fiction stories where he was battling aliens or demons", says the writer. "I’m sticking with something more realistic. Of course it is kind of hard to talk realism when you’re speaking about a guy who has adamantium claws popping out of this hands. But my concept of him for this movie is the one I grew up with: He’s a gritty character, a tough, working-class Canadian guy who was born with certain special powers and granted more through a series of brutal experiments - for more that’s my Wolverine reality. I’m not going too far from that." [...]

[09.04.2005] Bei Moviehole gibt es ein Interview mit dem "X-Men 3"-Drehbuchautor Simon Kinberg...
[...] Will "X-Men 3" be about Dark Phoenix?
I’m not allowed to say, but your guess is... it was set up pretty well in the second movie. So, that’s part of the third movie, but there’s a new plot that’s the story of the film. [...]

[07.04.2005] CS! meldet...
Since most of the primary cast of The X-Men only signed up for two movies originally, the pot had to be sweetened to get them to do the third movie in the series starring the Marvel Comics characters.
It was already announced that X-Men 3 would be directed by Matthew Vaughn, who helmed the British crime film Layer Cake, which comes out May 13.
Variety now reports that Famke Janssen and Hugh Jackman have both signed their deals to return as Jean Grey and Wolverine respectively, and that Halle Berry, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are still in negotiations, but will likely return as well. [...]

[29.03.2005] Moviehole meldet...
Thought it has been rumoured more times than mutterings of a a second commercial Television network in Australia, IGN FilmForce have confirmed that Dark Phoenix (Famke Janssen) will indeed be the villain of the next, Singer-less "X-Men" sequel.
Apparently Dark Phoenix - the new alter ego of X-Gal Jean Grey, who, in the comics had the power to destroy the entire Universe. But in the end, good triumphed and she destroyed herself to prevent such an occurrence - will be the - ahem - Rogue of "X-Men 3", but that doesn't mean she'll be the only focus of the film. She's a mere slice off the fat block of cheese it seems.
Rumours that 'The Sentinels' would be the villain-to-pop in the second sequel have seemingly fallen flat. They won't be seen this time around either it seems.
According to the abovementioned site, "X-Men 3" will, in addition to the 'Dark Phoenix' yarn, largely concentrate on Wolverine's (Hugh Jackman) continuing growth as a vital member of the X-Men.
Meantime, Marvel big-wig Avi Arad helped Empire Online clear up some of the other rumours about the super sequel.
Firstly, is 'Angel' going to be a girl? "It won't be a female Angel," Arad told the site. "I don't know where that came from. Maybe it's because he looks angelic."
Probed whether Gambit and Beast, as rumoured, will be involved this time - Arad kept mum. "[There are] interesting characters that will be introduced. It just has to move forward", he said. "Obviously, we have Wolverine and Magneto, Professor X, Storm, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Rogue, all these characters. But then you need to freshen up the story and make it new".
And yes, James Marsden - whose busy with a role in "Superman" - will be back it seems - but his character, Cyclops, will be spending most of the pic on the sidelines.

[25.03.2005] DH meldet...
Sources for IGN FilmForce report that Anna Paquin is signed to return as Rogue and that the Danger Room will be seen in the upcoming "X-Men 3".
Their insider reiterated that a male Angel will be in X3, along with Beast and Gambit. They also denied that the Sentinels will be in X3, as was reported yesterday online.
The source refused to comment on the site's other claim that the film's villain will be Dr. Bolivar Trask. Oddly enough, Trask was the creator of the Sentinels (giant mutant-killing robots).

[23.03.2005] CS! meldet...
Variety has confirmed that Layer Cake helmer Matthew Vaughn is set to direct X-Men 3 for 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment. Filming is scheduled to start in early summer with many of the cast from the first two films expected to reprise their roles.
Hugh Jackman is set for Wolverine, and Fox is in talks with Halle Berry, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart to return.
Alex Young is overseeing X-Men 3 for Fox, which is aiming for a Memorial Day May 26, 2006, release date.

[21.03.2005] IESB meldet...
[...] Ever since Singer abandoned the mutants in favor of a pair of blue tights the internet has been buzzing with rumors of threats from the Marvel camp towards any X-Men actor that decides to go work with Singer on Superman Returns. Case in point, James Marsden has been cast as Richard White and was assumed to be out of the X-Men franchise.
However, Avi Arad told the audience at Wizard World today that he hopes to have James Marsden reprise his role as Cyclops in the next installment of the mutant series. Arad says that James Marsden called him and said that he read about this on the internet and said, "what are you doing...I told you I'm in." [...]

[17.03.2005] AICN hat mehr über die Charaktere in "X-Men 3" in Erfahrung gebracht...
[...] Seems that Professor Xavier is adding three new team members this time out. Personally, I think I’m happiest to hear that BEAST will be joining the X-Men. I love that blue furry bastard, and it sounds like he’s going to serve the same role in these films that Morpheus did in THE MATRIX.
All of you Cajun fans can finally rest easy. GAMBIT will indeed be part of the film this time around, and expect them to cast a fairly big name in the role.
Now... what would a bit of superhero news be without some controversy? Ready for this one? ANGEL will be in the movie. But ANGEL... will be a girl. [...]

[14.03.2005] Moviehole meldet...
[...] it's now almost a certainty, Matthew Vaughn, the Director of "Layer Cake", Producer of "Snatch" & "Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels" & incredibly fortunate husband of Claudia Schiffer is all set to helm "X-Men 3". [...]

[09.03.2005] Moviehole meldet...
It's hardly news that Halle Berry's not exactly hankering to come back for another "X-Men". She basically feels that her character, Storm, gets shoved into the background too much - and well, believes her talents deserve much more than that.
Talking to Yahoo! News today, Berry said she is in talks for "X-Men 3", but it's still not a done deal.
"Storm has been a little shortchanged," Berry says. "If we go back and do one more, which we're all in talks of doing, it will be paramount that Storm rise up and be the true warrior and woman that she is in the comic book, which was why I got involved in the first place."
Meantime, CHUD has been leaked a casting call for the film - which will apparently star Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Famke Janssen, Alan Cumming and Daniel Cudmore - that says the movie will film in Texas.

[09.02.2005] Moviehole meldet...
There was a question-mark hanging sketched above Famke Janssen's name in regards to whether she was going to return for "X Men 3", or switch parties to Bryan Singer's "Superman" - which she was rumoured to be having a meeting on.
Good news for those hankering for a bit of Phoenix again in "X Men 3" - Janssen's confirmed she'll be back.
This morning on Australian TV Show "Today", Janssen confirmed that "she has finished working on Nip/tuck and her next project is X3".

[05.02.2005] MSN Movies meldet...
[...] According to my sources, 20th Century Fox nixed the idea of up-and-coming [Shawn] Ashmore starring in Warner Bros' new Superman feature. Fox is telling actors who have options for the third, untitled X-Men film that it will begin shooting June 20th. That conflicts with "Superman Returns'" spring shooting schedule, which is anticipated to go through July 30. Ashmore is one of the few actors in the X-Men franchise that is contractually obligated to two sequels (one already being in the books). The other actors locked in include Alan Cumming (Nightcrawler), Aaron Stanford (Pyro), Anna Paquin (Rogue) and Rebecca Romijn (Mystique). Cumming confirmed the June 20th start date while speaking to the press for "Son of the Mask" over the weekend. My sources also say that Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), who did not have a third sequel option, has agreed to a new contract for the movie and has approval on the new director for the series. Unless a miracle occurs, James Marsden has already been removed from consideration as Cyclops after he took a smaller part as Perry White's son in "Superman Returns." We'll see if Marsden's loyalty to Singer was a smart career move.
The whole situation reeks of bad blood on Fox's side. The idea that Ashmore's shooting schedule for a minor part in "Superman" couldn't be negotiated so he could participate in both movies is ludicrous. Studios work together to coordinate conflicts like this all the time. It's good business. Marsden's schedule could also be worked out, though I personally feel an actor with more range wouldn't be a bad idea. More importantly, there is neither a finished script nor a director on board for this new X-Men flick. Just last week, Zak Penn, who has a story credit on "X2," was brought on board to start a whole new draft. Does Fox really believe "X3" will begin shooting in five months? No. But after Singer spurned them for "Superman Returns" and a production deal with WB, they aren't going to do him any favors.
What about the rest of the mutant crew? Expect Ian McKellen (Magneto), Patrick Stewart (Professor X) and Famke Janssen (Jean Grey) to return for the right price. Yes, Jean Grey 's character died at the end of the last flick, but as any fan of the comic knows, a "Phoenix"-like resurrection should occur. And Halle Berry? Well, the gossip rags published numerous stories about her contentious relationship with Singer and unhappiness with the small roles in the previous films. The gossip was pretty much on the mark. However, Berry's celebrity helped "X2" achieve its massive box office (do you recall whose image was second biggest on the poster after Hugh?). And with Singer out of the picture, it's up to Fox as to whether they want to pay enough to bring her back. Considering the "Catwoman" fiasco, she'd be smart to meet them halfway.

[30.01.2005] CS! meldet...
Alan Cumming, who stars as Loki in the action-comedy Son of the Mask, told that he expects to start shooting X-Men 3 this summer. Cumming played mutant Kurt Wagner (aka Nightcrawler) in director Bryan Singer's X2: X-Men United.
"I signed for two films, so I'm going to. The last I heard is that we're starting on the 20th of June, but they don't have a script or a director yet so that may be pushed a little bit. But they have to release it in May of 2006 for some reason so it's gonna be shot in the summer," Cumming said.
"And it's one of these things, I kind of just want to know I'm going to do it cause it affects your whole life. You can do other things cause you know that it's a large amount of time; I'm going to a show on Broadway which I moved to January of next year just to make sure I finished X-Men... Every film you do you have to tell them just in case they're going to get it together really fast. You're under some options; it's quite weird."
After directing the first two "X-Men" films, Singer has moved onto Superman, but Cumming is surprisingly not disappointed. "No. I'm not disappointed; I cannot deny that. I think he's really talented and I'm very proud of the film and I think it's a great film. I didn't enjoy working with him on the film."
Cumming didn't really have any suggestions for a new director though. "No. My mom? It's a really hard act to follow."
He had to go through hours of makeup to transform into Nightcrawler for the last film. "I have this brilliant idea," Cumming added, "I want some kind of fabulous, crazy, terrible thing-some terrible accident happens to Nightcrawler and his face turns white." [...]

[15.01.2005] meldet...
Sheldon Turner is currently working on bringing the mutant known as Magneto to the big screen in his spin-off film tentatively titled: MAGNETO! The screenwriter previously talked to the folks over at Entertainment Weekly Magazine last month about the premise of the new film in development:
Turner's intent for the film is to examine Magneto's "psychological roots". The plot will also deal with the character's friendship turned sour with Charles Xavier. The man who went on to form the team known as the X-Men.
"It's going to take place from 1939 Auschwitz up to 1955 or so," says Turner. With that in mind, that would make the film, MAGNETO a 'period prequel' to the X-MEN movies.
Since a major bulk (if not all) of the film will take place during this period, it is doubtful that actor Sir Ian McKellen will return for the film, though there are still possible ways of having the actor in portions of the film. The film will chronicle the character's early life, and what turned him against humans.
No tentative date has been given for the project in development. X-MEN 3 is still currently set for a 2006 release, and WOLVERINE is set for a tentative 2007 release, according to executive producer/ producer, Avi Arad.

[10.01.2005] CS! sprach mit Famke Janssen über "X-Men 3"...
[...] Asked whether or not she will be back, Janssen said, "Don't know quite yet, but probably... I've heard things and they're developing the script right now, Dark Phoenix is part of that script."
Bryan Singer, who directed the first two "X-Men" movies, won't be back for the third as he's preparing to start filming Superman in March. Janssen says she'll miss him this time around. "I would, yes. I think he made those movies."
Janssen also addressed which cast members may return. "Some people are because of signed contracts, and some people can renegotiate. So I'm sure it has to do with a lot of different things. I'm not contractually obligated. I wouldn't want to do a sequel for the sake of a sequel. Hopefully there's a good director involved or the character is fun to play."
There have been rumors that the third story will involve her character's transformation into Dark Phoenix. "I've heard things like that," she adds, "but at the same time I'm realistic about knowing that they're going to have to give a bunch of people a good chunk of the movie for them to want to come back. And then there's going to be new characters introduced, so it's always a little tricky. If it's anybody's movie ever, it's going to be Wolverine's movie because that's the number one X-Men character. But we'll see. From what I've heard? Yes, she's a big part of it."

[29.12.2004] SuicideGirls sprach mit dem Drehbuchautor David Benioff, u.a. über "Wolverine"...
DRE: I read that you pitched 20th Century Fox for you to write the Wolverine movie, then you got it and you also pitched Warner Bros on Troy. You must be pretty good at it.
BENIOFF: Well with Wolverine it was easier because Troy was already being done. For Troy it was a leap of faith because I had only done a $12 million Spike Lee movie. With Wolverine the story is already there so the people at Fox and Marvel know everything about Wolverine. That meeting was just showing them how passionate I was about this character. I’ve been reading Wolverine comics for 23 years.
DRE: What was the first Wolverine comic you ever read?
BENIOFF: I think it was the issue of X-Men that a friend lent to me when I was 12. I believe it was a really early issue of X-Men that Chris Claremont wrote.
DRE: Can you talk about what the story of the Wolverine movie will be?
BENIOFF: I’m not allowed to talk about it. Fox is pretty careful about that. It’s not even totally finalized what story we are doing. What I can say is that in the X-Men movies we’ve seen a lot of the sweet Wolverine so I think it’s time to mess him up a little bit because all the fans know that he’s the best there is at what he does but what he does isn’t very nice. Also getting to write "Snikt" in a comic book is the coolest thing.
DRE: Did Bryan Singer leaving change your timetable at all?
BENIOFF: He had already left before I came on. But I did get to meet Hugh Jackman the other day which was pretty cool.
DRE: Any Japanese stuff going into the Wolverine movie?
BENIOFF: [laughs] I can’t talk about it. Nice try though.
For what it’s worth that’s definitely the best Wolverine saga, the whole Lady Mariko and The Hand storyline. I went back and reread the Chris Claremont and Frank Miller miniseries and the Barry Windsor Smith Weapon X.
DRE: Have you been catching up on recent Wolverine comics to prepare?
BENIOFF: Yeah I hadn’t read any of the recent stuff so I’ve been catching up with the Grant Morrison X-Men comics and some of the new Greg Rucka stuff. One of the coolest things about this job is that I can call up Marvel and say send me whatever X-Men and Wolverine I want. It makes my 12 year old self so happy. [...]

[20.12.2004] Moviehole meldet...
A year or so back Halle Berry was getting about saying that she'd only do an "X-Men 3" if her character, Storm, got some fatter lines. has talked to a Fox rep about the forthcoming sequel - rumoured to be filming in Sydney - who says Storm is still being written into the tale. They're covering their bases though - just in case the "Catwoman" star decides to give the project the middle finger.
"The role is being written with the idea that it can easily be switched out for another character under the circumstances that actress, Halle Berry cannot return", says the site. "Should the actress return, the role will likely be expanded to that equal of the other main cast members, in future drafts of the screenplay. It is also possible that the role could possibly remain small for a cameo appearance. Or could the role be recast? This is still being worked out, and won't conjeal until main cast members are asked to return".
Seems FOX are pretty keen on milking this franchise for all it's worth too. On top of the news that both a "Wolverine" and "Magneto" spin-off are in the works comes a rumour from the site that Mystique (played by Rebecca Romijn-Stamos) and Storm (played by the aforesaid Berry) might be about to spin-off.

[14.12.2004] DH berichtet über das "Magneto" Spin-Off...
Twentieth Century Fox has picked Sheldon Turner to draft "Magneto," an action-thriller spin-off based on the villainous character played in the first two "X-Men" films by Ian McKellen according to Variety.
This would be the third "X-Men" movie project currently in development alongside a third "X-Men" penned by Simon Kinberg and a separate "Wolverine" spin-off by "Troy" scribe David Benioff. Turner recently scripted the Adam Sandler remake of "The Longest Yard," rewrote "The Amityville Horror" and drafted a prequel to "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre."
The film will be a prequel as such to the first "X-Men" film and start off around that film's prologue which showed him as a child being led to a concentration camp by Nazis. As the character will be young, it's not clear whether McKellen will be in the film at all.
The storyline will heavily involve Professor X who was a soldier in the allied force that liberated the concentration camps. The professor meets Magneto after the war, and while they bond over the realization that they are alike in their special powers, their differences soon turn them into enemies.

[08.12.2004] Cinescape weiss mehr über das "Wolverine" Spin-Off...
[...] We've heard from a trustworthy source that UNDERWORLD director Len Wiseman has been approached about directing the WOLVERINE movie. How long ago Wiseman was offered the job, whether he's the only director being offered the gig and what his answer was (or even if one has been given by Wiseman) all remain unknown. All we know is that he's been asked. [...]

[23.11.2004] CHUD sprach mit der Produzentin Lauren Shuler Donner, u.a. über "X-Men 3" und das "Wolverine" Spin-Off...
[...] On Joss Whedon: "I'm a huge fan of Joss'."
On why Joss won't be directing X3: "Nothing is certain yet."
On the plot of X3: "It will follow the Dark Phoenix thread, with new storylines and characters." [...]

[15.10.2004] DH meldet...
Ultimate X3 has a rather interesting update on the proposed "X3" and "Wolverine" films. First up, a representative from 20th Century Fox has released the following statement which talks about the directorial position on the project:
"As you may already know, the studio has hired a great writer by the name of Simon Kinberg to pen the script. As with most films, expect the script to go through possible re-writes, especially as soon as the studio signs a director. Regarding that, we are working VERY hard to find the perfect director to do X3. The studio has it narrowed down to a few good men, and talks are being held often between both parties.
Two of these three men have worked with Fox Studios before, and have been suggested by not only the head of the studio, but executive producer, Avi Arad. It's getting quite close, and a final decision should be made shortly after final presentations are made to the studio. Cast members (besides a few) are not signed as of yet, but deals will be made beginning in 2005"

[10.10.2004] CHUD meldet...
We know that hirsute mutant Wolverine will be briefly parting from the X-Men for a just-announced solo flick from the laptop of novelist/screenwriter/Devin mancrush David Benioff (Troy, The 25th Hour), but there haven't been any details offered on what everyone's favorite meat slicer might be up to on his adventure.
But he might have some company. I have no idea how reliable is with its information, but they have Anna Paquin also listed as part of the cast (along with Hugh Jackman, natch). So whether Benioff plans to concatenate various Wolverine comic book stories or come up with a completely original storyline, it seems as though lovely power-leech Rogue is scheduled to be along for the ride, continuing their Platonic relationship established in the X-Men movies. [...]

[02.10.2004] sprach mit Lauren-Schuler Donner über "X3", während CS! meldet...
20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios are moving forward with X-Men 3, hiring screenwriter Simon Kinberg to write the script, says The Hollywood Reporter. For the studio, Kinberg also wrote Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and did rewrites for Elektra and Fantastic Four.
Kinberg told the trade that the storyline is still being hammered out. "I'm a religious reader of the ('X-Men') comics, and I loved the first two movies," Kinberg said. "I had a great experience with Fox and Marvel on the other projects, and when they came to me and asked me if I had any interest in 'X3,' I was ecstatic. I grew up on them, and I love these comics, and it's exciting to take a whack at making the third the biggest and best in the trilogy; it's our 'Return of the King."'
The film's producers are targeting a Summer start and are starting to meet with directors to replace Bryan Singer, who helmed the first two "X-Men" movies. Deals have yet to be worked out for the actors to return, but they are all expected to reprise their roles.
Kinberg has also written XXX: State of the Union for Sony and is developing The Lost Years of Merlin for Dimension Films.

[17.09.2004] meldet...
Sigourney Weaver in a white PVC bustier and thigh-high boots?
It almost happened. So explained X-Men 2 screenwriter Dan Harris at a press conference to promote his Toronto International Film Festival entry, Imaginary Heroes. [...]
Harris, who wrote and directed Heroes, said when it looked like there was going to be a third instalment of the popular comic book franchise, Emma Frost was written with Weaver in mind.
"We were going to do X-Men 3 for a little while and our big secret or coup was - and it's not going to happen so it's OK - we wanted to have a character that was Emma Frost, a famous X-Men character. She's called the white queen," said Harris, whose next project is helping write the much-hyped Superman script.
"We were going to ask Sigourney to be it. She was an empath in our version of the movie which means she could control people's emotions."
Looking surprised at the thought of herself as a superhero, Weaver replied: "I try to do that."
"You could look at someone and make them cry on cue or hate you or be lonely," answered Harris, who looks like he's barely out of college. [...]

[03.09.2004] Bei kann man einen Blick auf "Sentinel"-Skulpturen und Produktionskizzen werfen...

[30.08.2004] HNR meldet...
[...] Our sources say Joss Whedon is set to Write and Direct X Men 3 with the start date now pushed back to the Summer of 2005. [...]

[18.07.2004] Wenn man AICN Glauben schenken kann, dann kümmern sich Bryan Singer, Michael Dougherty und Dan Harris erstmal um "Superman Returns", statt um "X-Men 3"... *g*

[12.07.2004] The Daily Telegraph sprach mit Rebecca Romijn-Stamos...
[...] She confirms she'll return as Mystique in X-Men 3. "I know because I signed on for a third, beginning in May, is what I heard," she says. [...]

[10.07.2004] Moviehole meldet...
Newly confirmed "Dukes of Hazzard" star, Jessica Simpson, might be well and truly on her way to a career in film.
The "Newlyweds" ditz is now apparently being sought by the producers of "X-Men 3", says Dark Horizons, to play the character of Dazzler.
"Producers were impressed with a small audition tape that the singer-actress sent them upon request, and will possibly give her a small rolein the 3rd "X-Men" movie as a lounge-singer, to introduce the character of Dazzler, in hopes to extend the character's role in future films".
Dazzler/Alison Blaire wanted to have a career in music, but her mutant abilities - she would glow and sparkle - got in the way. She has the ability to switch sound energy into light energy, which can be released and manipulated at her will. Professor X helps her hone her abilities. [...]

[18.05.2004] Wenn man AICN Glauben schenken kann, dann sieht es tatsächlich so aus, als würden "X-Men 3 & 4" in einem Rutsch gedreht !!!

[06.05.2004] Comics Continuum meldet...
Hugh Jackman, who played Wolverine in the first two X-Men movies, said he isn't locked into an X3 yet.
"I don't want to sound ungrateful, but first of all, I don't know what the script's going to be like. I don't know what it will be like," Jackman said at the recent press junket for Van Helsing, which opens Friday.
"But I would find it very, very hard to watch someone else play the role of Wolverine, you know. But, you know, I've had a really great go of it for two movies, so you never know. They may want to move it in different directions, so we'll see what happens in it."
Jackman said a third X-Men film doesn't feel gratuitous.
"I can see there being complete validity in doing X-Men 3, if not more," he said. "I mean, I think it (X2) cemented what was a really interesting world."
Marvel Studios is targeting X3 for a May 3, 2006 release.

[05.05.2004] SF Wire meldet...
Patrick Stewart told syndicated columnists Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith that a third X-Men movie is gearing up. "There are stirrings at Fox now in connection with X-Men 3," Stewart (Professor X) told the columnists.
Stewart added that it's likely he'll return in his role as the psychic paterfamilias of the mutant superheroes. [...]

[09.03.2004] DH meldet...
Hugh Jackman recently spoke about the possibility of returning as Wolverine to Horror.Com and it all sounds good: "I'm contracted for another Van Helsing, but I'm not contracted for any more X-Men. But, would I like to do it? I'd find it hard to see someone else play the role, yeah. I love both of them. If I hated the movies and had to come again, it would be a terrible situation".

[26.02.2004] Cinescape weiss mehr über die kommenden Sequels... SPOILER !!
[...] Among the facts dropped in the mag are: the idea by Singer to shoot X-MEN 3 and X-MEN 4 at the same time; how many primary characters are currently in the X3 treatment (which includes Beast); which actors are likely to reappear in the second sequel; other filmmakers that Singer has been meeting with regarding the latest breakthroughs in filmmaking technology; and spinoff movies using Wolverine and other X-Men characters.
Perhaps the biggest news is the revelation of what the general premise of X-MEN 3 will be about -- or is, at least at this early stage of the game. According to Singer, the idea behind X3 is what would happen if humans and mutants went up against evolution itself. [...]

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